Discreat dating

Discreet Dating Affirmation is an online dating scam. It is one of the highest risk sites that I have come across in my investigations. I will explain why it is so high risk shortly. Update: The site has renamed itself to Guarantee Date, Because multiple readers have alerted me to this site, I thought a specific article was needed. Further, all members of this dating site MUST be 18 years or older. Discreet Affair is part of the dating network, which includes many other general and cheater dating sites. As a member of Discreet Affair, your profile will automatically be shown on related cheater dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge. AshleyMadison is one of the oldest dating websites around, period. It has been around since the early days of 2001. Since it’s creation, it has provided its users with a safe, fun, and discreet place to find some potential fun on the side. Welcome to Secret Affairs, Britain's No. 1 confidential and discreet dating website for people looking exclusively for an affair. Secret Affairs is the fastest growing website of it's kind covering all major towns and county in the country and providing adventurous and like-minded people a discreet and confidential way to meet. Welcome to Discreet Cheaters Discreet Cheaters is a site for Discreet Friendships , Meetings , Affairs or Encounters. 100 percent anonymous website. Whether you are married , attached or just looking for a discreet relationship. Find others who are looking for discreet relationships. Now college dating service is also help for dating affairs. Unless of course, you get sites that really on a married women, then you know that those who want to be with only in order who are married. How these pages claim to confidential, discreet and effective, is as you your links certainly all up to you. Women Looking Men for Extramarital Affair A Dating Guide For Hooking Up With Any Married Women In this guide you will learn the best tips and tricks on how to have dates as a married person and NOT get caught. Because there is nothing that is easy about keeping dating from the one you are married to, this is the guide that will help you through the secrecy maze. Married Discreet Dating is Accessible. Most likely, you’ve been looking for discreet affairs online, and it’s only natural to look for it on dating websites. At Seniorstodate.com, you can easily get discreet sexual encounters with naughty hotties and no strings attached. We help you in your hunt for the perfect person for no strings affairs. Looking to spice up your life with a marital affair? FindNewPassion is the #1 stop for those married and looking. Use our discreet services to kickstart your married dating lifestyle. Popular Affair Dating Community for Married Men & Women seeking Passion, Friendship & Romance with Like-Minded Committed Individuals.

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2019.03.10 18:22 EldritchVulpine The Creepiest Case I Ever Worked-In Which I Almost Died. Sort Of.

So, a few days ago, I started to tell all of you about the creepiest damn case I'd ever had the displeasure to be a part of. I promised that I would continue to explain this, and after a few days to get my throughts together and keep myself calm and collected when talking about this. As you can imagine, despite being- humorous about all this- it's not exactly a fun memory. But that's kind of what you have to expect after a bit, in our line of work. Things aren't always nice, or pretty, or easy, or fun. Sometimes, they're hard and scary and suck, and sometimes you feel...well. Really Goddamn small, when you know what's really out there.

So after we finally got outselves home and went our own seperate ways, I started doing a little more looking into Tantalus. There didn't seem to be anything more to the legend then what I remembered, except for one small detail that I realized might not have been so small, exactly.

Y'see, Tantulus was punished in the way he was because he was Zeus's favorite, and what he'd done was essentally a betrayal, taking advantage of the fact that he was favored by the head honcho.

I bit my lip, rubbing the back of my neck. That- that was a tiny detail but it could give us so much. If it went off of the myth, then in theory, these people were being punished for something. For some type of betrayal?
My mind pretty much instantly jumped to cult. It wouldn't be the first time we'd dealt with one; cults are more common then I think anyone wants to acknowledge, they're generally just very good at hiding and disguising themselves. Letting out a slow breath, I picked up the phone that was sitting beside me.
Hey, Vik, I texted, to my absent lover, I'm alive, if you care.
There was no reply, before, terse- I could practically hear the ice in it-
That's not fair.
I let out a slow breath. It wasn't, really.
You know anything about the Tantalus myth?

A much longer pause followed, and then he replied again.

Tantalus? You're certian that's what this involves? What happened?

It's sort of a long story, I sent back. Coming home soon?

Tell me now.

And so I did. I knew Viktor; and he didn't get curt like that without good reason. He also didn't much enjoy texting, so I knew even more something was up. I explained the situation in detail- the dead family, the odd chant, the way Saorise had picked it up. It didn't translate well to text, to be honest- fuck, it barely translated well to words when I was typing it down earlier, for you guys.

I was about half-way through explaining when I noticed my lights flickering and dimming. I paused, lifting my head and stilling my hands on the phone's keyboard.

"What the fuck?" I whispered, barely aware I was speaking. The light stopped flickering, but settled in a sort of- dimmed, half on state, as if someone was holding the switch halfway between on and off. I froze, taking slow, deep, steady breaths.

Like I said before, I don't actually panic easily or often, and it's pretty hard to generally fluster me. But this entire case had me- well. It had my hackles up pretty hard. It all felt wrong and tense and like something in that house had noticed us and me.

Like I'd been followed.

Shit knows it wouldn't have been the first time.

I live pretty far away from most anything or anyone else; and thank God for it, generally. That meant when trouble did happen, it usually kept innocent people from getting involved. Now- now I sort of wished I wasn't quite so isolated.
Viktor. Something's here with me.

..get out of the house. It came back almost instantly. Find someplace public.

Christ, I know, I'm not stupid. I shoved my phone in my pocket as the lights flickered again. My laptop, too, but when I got to my door I found that the handle was cold as ice and my door- wouldn't open.

"Shit." I hissed, shaking my hand out- it was so cold it had burned slightly. I took a deep, calm breath, and tried my phone again.

It wouldn't turn on. Instead, it simply popped up Tantalus at me, over and over, from a number I didn't know. I turned my phone off, competely. I knew better then to try and contact the number back in any way; that would just make me a bigger target.

The lights dimmed again, flickered, and I thought I heard- faintly, from somewhere in my house-


It echoed, bounced off my walls, bounced off the inside of my skull. "They are all traitors." It seemed whatever it was was kind of- pissed off I'd turned my phone off, and had decided to take a more direct route.
"Yeah, yeah, okay, I get it. You're pissed at them for something. Why are you telling me?" I hissed, even though I shouldn't have asked.

Silence fell, all at once, and my lights went off in one fell swoop.

I froze. Most of my protective items were upstairs; I wore a few necklaces, and I, of course, had protective charms inked into my flesh among the other, more traditional tatoos; but if this thing wanted to hurt me, it would find it's job a lot easier right now then any other time.

To my absolute surprise, though- it stopped. Nothing happened. At all.

I let out a slow breath as my lights came back on in waves, brow furrowed in confusion. "What the hell was that about?" I whispered, trying to turn my phone back on. It wouldn't go. Fuck.

Letting out a breath, I turned and tried my door again. This time, it opened, and I bolted out into my own front yard. Panting, gasping for air, I noticed that my little adventure wasn't over.
The street lights were going out, and they were going out in a specific direction.
I swore again, throwing my useless phone into my truck and jumping in after it. I roared out of my driveway, and, in possibly the stupidest move I have ever pulled, followed the vanishing lights.

The mess lead me directly into the more suburbian area a few miles down from my own house; and it was leading me, I couldn't shake the feeling now. It stopped- right at the doorway to someone I knew.

Someone I knew, but didn't like. I'd had a couple of run-ins with this woman before; she was a walking unpleasent sterotype and I found her in my way more often then any mundane person could or should be.

A big woman, she always was too loud, wore too much makeup and perfume, and screeched every word she could ever say in her smoker's voice. She always smelled like dog pee and smoke masked by cheap perfume, and she was known in town for trying to steal and scam from damn near every business she could; she was banned from three stores and, while fast food places wouldn't ban her, knew her for doing anything in her power to scam free food out of them.
Somehow, she cracked into me in more then one hunt or case; screeching at me about my car, or my tattoos, or trying to make conversation about some inane nonsense I was too polite to ignore.
What on earth could something like this want with her?
The lights in her house flickered, dimmed, and went out.
I swore again.
I bolted from my car- fuck stealth, fuck discreation; I pounded on her front door, bellowing her name as the lights in the living room went black. Shit, shit, shit- I could hear her, confused, inside. In her backyard, her dogs were barking- at me, at the thing attacking, I didn't fucking know. I reared back and aimed a kick at the hinges of the front door.
Now, let me tell you a thing.
The movies lie.
Kicking in a door, especally a well made door, is not easy. And a lot won't break at all. It depends how strong they are and how strong the hing is, among other things.
This one? Didn't. What did happen was I hurt my fucking foot and looked like a stupid, hysterical kangaroo for a minute, swearing and yelling and hopping on my uninjured foot. Growling, I limped my way around to the back gate; her cat streaked past me, towards the neighbor's house, and her dogs barked and growled louder as I came into veiw.
I knew at least one of these fuckers was a biter; he'd tried to take a chunk out of me before. The others were all pretty small and mostly harmless; there was one large one besides the biter, but she always went with the husband on the road. He was a trucker. He wasn't home; I stopped for a minute.
The last attack had happened when they were all home. To the entire family. But he wasn't home. So-
No time.
I burst into the backyard, aiming kicks at the small, yapping dogs, and found her back door was unlocked. Her back door was unlocked?!

"Gloria!" I yelled, as I burst through it. "Gloria, hey, are you okay?"
"Oh, dammit." I stood, in the dark of her living room, my heart pounding in my ears . The dogs had gone silent- or, no, wait. That wasn't right.
I couldn't hear anything. The silence was a sound, and it was so loud.

The hair on the back of my arms stood up as the tempeture in the room started to steadily drop, just as before. "Not me." I muttered. "You don't want me."
Nothing. The silence just- sat there, heavily, for a long moment more.
Then there was one, long, shrill scream from upstair. Just one, and it cut off like it had been a tape and someone'd turned it off.

"Traitor." Came the whisper on the air, and I felt- I shit you not- something put something in my hand.

I nearly dropped the damn thing; I'm not sure if it was my own nerves or the fact that I was too wary to move that kept me from doing so. I could hear the dogs again, now, and the sound of neighbors; voices. The scream had gotten attention. I had to leave. I couldn't be here.

So I bolted.

I ran to my car, and didn't go home; I went instead to where I knew someplace safe was. Cross and Saorise lived across town, and while it took me a good hour to get there, I knew I wouldn't be turned away when I came pounding on their door. I wasn't. Saorise was irritated and sleepy, his firey hair mussed, his face slightly squashed from sleep; Cross, though, had been awake.

I couldn't say I was surprised. I don't think he'd slept well in years.
"Erylle?" Cross asked, surprised and flustered. "What are you doing here?..."
"I need a hole for a while. Dead woman in my town; I was there." I slipped inside as he moved to let me in.
"Anyone see you?" Saorise asked, pulling his long hair back into a sloppy tail.
"I don't think so. I know they'll be prints and shit, but I don't think the cops are going to nail this on me." They wouldn't know what to pin it on, just like the last time.

"Ok. Okay, you can stay here as long as you need." Cross replied, and I pretended not to notice the way Saorise wouldn't look at me at the thought.
Fucking awkward ass old relationships. Don't date your coworkers, kids, no matter how hot they are.
"I'll call Vik in the morning." I said. "I'll need someone's phone. Mine got fried."
"He's probably worried. I'll text him." Saorise's voice had gone robotic, his face turned off and cold. But he pulled his phone out to do so, anyway. I sighed softly; we would need to face this situation one day, but now wasn't the time. I felt like an idiot. Worse...I felt like a whore. Like some dumb teenager in a romcom flick caught between two guys when she should have known better.
We had bigger problems now, though.
And they were about to get a whole ton worse.
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