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Auto Libgen Book Downloader.

2020.08.31 11:16 reader6886 Auto Libgen Book Downloader.

Hello all,
I am looking for a script or efficient/productive workflow to automatically bulk download books from libgen with the following guidelines:
a.The wanted books list are in a text file.
b.I have the fully updated libgen desktop installed with up to date db dumps. Directly using the online libgen portal would be fine either.
c. In case there is more than one macth for the book . I want the latest book (recently published) downloaded.
I am sure someone knows a script/idea/way/solution to achieve this smoothly and in time saving manner.
Thank you all.
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2020.08.11 20:45 saiman010 AITA for Telling my ExGF that i am not coming over if she gets a dog and keepth myword.

Sorry if my grammer is bad english is my thrid language.
Now this happen a few years back me with me (23M) and ExGF(22F) were still together. We had been dating for around 8 months and had no plans of getting married. As my partner belived it was a waste of time and if anything happens there would no legal trouble.
We had our troubles like any healty relationship but always come to an understanding. That was until the topic of her wanting to get a dog for her place. Now we didnt live together and was not planing to get married so i said sure you can but that means that i will never comeover again.
She gave me a blank looked and ask why not. I told her about my minor allergy too dogs where i would sneaze uncontrolaby to dogs hair and i had a phobia to dogs as when i was a child around 8 to 10 a large wild mut chase me around later i found out that that dog had rabies and from that dogs have been a big nope to me since.
My ExGF was sadden by fact and understood but still insisting of getting a dog for her place as this dog was special to her. I dont remmember the bread or name of the dog but i know that this thing has been living with her familiy back in her hometown for 5 years and is practicly family to her.
There was no way for me to ask her to get rid of that dog as that is her bond her treasure and since we have wernt planning on getting married and remain eternal GF and BF. What was the problem right.
Well looks like her ExGF family didnt like that i hated dogs from my tone of voice. Which i accepth as i dont really like dogs because of my health issues and past trauma and tried to "fix it" by hosting añ event at her place.
Which i responde with saying i will only go if that dog is not there. And they always said that the dog would be locked in a room upstairs. Which they didnt as they (ExGF parents) blantly brough the dog to front door and orderd me to pet and play with it to "fix my sickness" as to them being alergic to dogs and my phobia is phathetic and i need to man up and get over it.
Well i told them no and GTFO. Later i found out the event was for that mutt in celebrathing of her giving birth to 1 to 4 litters i dont remember the number. I went balistic on my ExGF and this time i keep my word and never came back to her place again. And several months later we broke up. which sucks but hey this shows that we were never meat to be.
We still stayed friends for years after the break up as we still had fun hangging out together minus the fun night activitys. And around a week ago she ask me if we still has a chance. I said yes but i am never coming back to her place ever again because i knew she still had that dog.
Her parents still PM that i am a horrible partner and not a good macth for her daugther as i hate dogs and refusing to come to her place anymore. Well if hating dogs makes me an AH than i will accepth that. But what about me not coming over again that was not clear.
So am i the AITA here?
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2019.11.16 20:40 lovedbol Is it possible to get girls/matches unless you are 10/10 Perfect Chad?

In America, I'm 6 foot 2, White, lean and muscular body, goodlooking face, have a good job, my own place, funny, outgoing, sociable, easygoing, normal guy etc....
1 match on tinder In my entire city of 100,000+ people and out of hundreds/thoasands of women, and she hasn't replied.
My tinder is absolutely dead with no messages and messaged dozens of girls on the second most popular dating app in my area, pof, no replies, made a bumble no matches.
Girls in public are always busy/focused on what there doing and don't pay attention to me and I don't like approaching women(as it is rude and creepy.) I feel like I lierally need to be a perfect chad on tinder to get macthes.
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2019.04.30 22:41 perspica NY Junior Girl; Chance/Reverse Chance Me

White Female New York; Upper Class
Large public school; high Hispanic demographic and pretty bad test scores as a result (significant percentage of elementary school bottom 5 percentile for state) EDIT: What I meant was a significant portion of kindergarteners do not speak any English at all and as a result, standardized testing is abysmal. A handful of Harvard acceptances over the years, one recruited Princeton athlete, one recruited Stanford athlete, about 3 Cornell acceptances a year.
99.5 GPA weighted, 96.1 unweighted (no maximum GPA; honors weighted 1.05 and AP 1.1)
Ranked 16/575
My GPA- based stats are an interesting case. I was very unmotivated 8th grade (took highschool courses and received poor grades) and freshman year, so I'm not where I'd like to be. That being said, past two years I have had either the highest GPA of my class or the at least top third highest (8th grade-92, 9th grade-99, 10th grade-103.5, 11th grade-106.5 (pretty much unweighted 99.8))
I expect to graduate with a 102 weighted GPA and probably ranked 8/9th.
1560 SAT (770 eng/790 math)
First SAT was a 1510 if it matters; current score was second attempt and school record
760 World History
650 Chemistry (taken unprepared after Honors chem, didn't realize Honors did not cover 5 topics; will either retake or not send)
Planned: Bio and Math 2 (will most likely be doing well and sending these, I'm pretty good at standardized testing)
8th Grade (GPA: 92): Algebra, Earth Science, Spanish, Studio Art (all highschool classes);
9th Grade (GPA: 99): English H, Geometry H, Global History H, Living Environment H, Spanish, Law and Legal System, Web-Design/Java, Sports Marketing,
10th Grade (GPA: 104): Algebra 2 H, AP Comp Sci A, AP Seminar, AP World History, Chemistry H, English H, Spanish,
11th Grade (GPA: 107): Advanced Data Structures (Comp Sci), AP Bio, AP Stats; Precalc H, AP Lang, AP Research, AP USH, Corporate Class;
12 Grade: AP Physics, AP Chem, AP Lit, AP Gov, AP Calc BC, AP Comp Sci, Health;
Most rigorous courseload except for science sophomore year ("promising" students in middle school were placed into Honors Chem freshmen year and AP Chem soph year; I was placed into Living Environment Honors freshmen year and Honors Chem soph year)
To be quite frank aside from that one class, I have taken on the most challenging courseload possible and will be making up for it senior by doubling up AP Physics and AP Chem. I doubt course rigor is an issue.
AP Scores- Global (5), AP Seminar (4), AP Computer Science A (4) (no one passes this and I was one like one of 5 people to do so last year)
To be taken this year + predicted scores- AP USH (5), AP Bio (4/5), AP Stats (5), AP Lang (hard to predict, 4), AP Research (hard to predict, 3/4)
Next year: Calc BC, Physics, Chem, Lit, Gov, Comp Sci Principles
Robotics: Secondary software leader (not main code, I do like lights + vision); Outreach ("chairmans") Leader + Team Presenter (host STEMinars for Girls, volunteer at coding clubs at middle school, host international teams); awards detailed below;
Model United Nations: basic MUN stuff, I chair so I suppose that's leadership;
Academic Team: JV Captain; next year Varsity Captain, we're trash but it's fun;
Science Olympiads: Team started this year; founding member; at our first comp was one of two partnerships to medal. No leadership this year; may be president next year. This year's vice president is running for president, but it's based on vote and I have nerd clout with underclassmen due to being friendly with them through other "nerdy" EC's, the random clout I got for SAT, and my boyfriends popularity with freshmen boys for some reason. I also have my medal; honestly I could maybe get president;
Corporate Club/Class: Club that's also a class grade for some reason; honestly I hate it but I like the opportunities; host multiple events with local small businesses; shadowed at local hospital and won $3000 award in resulting competition (I wasn't an original team presenter because I kinda try to minimize my interaction with the club as much as possible, but on the day of the presentation no one really knew what they were doing so I learned the presentation + stepped in + am credited with saving the saving the team and securing the bag; honestly not trying to flex but I'm considered integral to team's success); will be getting neurology internship through club;
PTSA: School's PTA but with students involved; community service;
Honors Societies;
Will possibly be teaching local girl scouts about computer science (details in awards section);
Rowing: Most of my extracurriculars end in spring so I joined a rowing club; major time commitment (1 hour away and 2.5 hour practice); since I'm older + just started I am not really competitive for recruitment (that being said, same team is very competitive and had a girl my height join the same time last year and end up getting recruited so who knows); may do over summer;
NCWIT Rising Star: in recognition of being female and active with computer science; pretty low-level but allows for me to run program with local organizations teaching younger girls compsci; will probably teach local girl scout troop;
(don't know if team awards count but I was very involved with this) Regional FIRST Robotics Engineering Inspiration + Chairmans Award: Both in recognition of community outreach/STEM initiatives; team lead on this + Chairmans is most prestigious robotics award;
9th in Regional Science Olympiads for Anatomy and Physiology: I know this isn't that impressive but it was our team's first year;
Freshmen: One of two students selected for camp under federal judge to learn about legal system;
Sophomore: Community College class;
Junior Year: TBD.
I'm waiting to hear back from a national lab research opportunity. My school has a good history with placement + I know comparable students who have gotten in; I have a very solid chance. However, it's not known to be outrageously prestigious and I honestly don't know if I want to do it if I get in.
My rowing team also has 5 hour practices every day. I really like the team + sport, plus the coach has indicated if I really put in the work over the summer, I could maybe get some college prospects. I will probably go with rowing, not even because of college but because I really enjoy it.
I am the first student my APUSH teacher has ever had to maintain a 100 average year round. We joke a lot, and I am acknowledged as a class leader;
TBD. I have had my Bio teacher for 3 years for various classes (Seminar, Research, and Bio), and have done well. However, I am not particularly exceptional. My Honors Chem teacher will most likely be my AP Chem teacher, and he really likes me (and my boyfriend was one of his favorite students and he's really happy we're dating which is really weird but *shrug*), but he's also a school favorite/ may be swamped/ I may not have him for AP Chem
Looking at / for
I will probably ED to Cornell.
My second choice would be Dartmouth.
I will likely be applying to several t20's.
However, I am also looking for safeties.
I greatly prefer rural areas; I really love Northern Forests, the Pacific NorthWest and the Colorado region. Any school with a focus on the outdoors is really appealing to me. I really like UC Boulder, and am definitely looking for similar school's!
I will definitely be applying to my state schools. My counselor has nominated me for RPI's "The Medal" (apparently meant for most promising math/science student in each class), however, I know RPI is having some issues currently.
The class above mine's admission season was really... weird. It was the strongest class the school's ever had (the top five students all had a higher GPA than the past several valedictorians, many had national awards, national merit, regional leadership positions, prestigious summer programs, a TON of research, basically CC's wet dream), but surprisingly, most did NOT do well. A couple dark horses got Cornell ( no hooks; 2 while males +1 Asian).
I'm a very similar applicant to those who got into Cornell, however, many other similar and better students got rejected. Only one applied ED, however, and he got in.
Not to be overconfident but I'm pretty well situated compared to my peers.
Am looking to be psychiatrist so probably either a Bio or Psych major (leaning towards Bio).
edit for those curious: cornell ED as a health policy major in humec :)
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2018.07.19 13:16 CrocowithWings Is Hachiman caring about a woman's physical appearance?

Title says it all. I actually wandered if this was something Hachiman would take in consideration if he decided one day to choose a girl to date.
Personnaly i believe he would, somehow, maybe not on a beauty standart, but more on a ressemblance with the women of his life that he admires : Komachi? Hiratsuka? His mom? ...Haruno... ( yeah this one isn't obvious )?
Plus, i think he would never be able to date a girl who macthes perfectly beauty canons of High school such as Yumiko...
Finally, according to what he says and thinks, what would be 8man's type of girl? ^^
Watcha think?
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2018.05.19 15:59 Quoth666 Reading exact match from CSV file

I've been working on a way to use Alexa to read information from a CSV file, as part of a project to post news to a former colleague, who's lost most of their eyesight, about their old customers so they can just ask Alexa questions.
The reddit user ekt1701 has been amazing with their python code shared here that's allowed me to copy their work and make small changes so I can adapt if for my needs (I have not used python before using their code).
The one problem I have is when searching, if there were two names such as 'Brown' and 'Browning', searching for Brown also brings up the result for Browning. So I'm looking for a way in this scenario to just search for Brown and just get results for Brown(i.e. an exact macth)
The original code from ekt1701 I'm using is:
def getInfo(intent, session):
session_attributes = {}
card_title = "Get info"
namelookup = intent['slots']['Info']['value'].lower()
name = str(namelookup)
today = (time.strftime("%m/%d/%Y"))
url = ''
response = urllib2.urlopen(url)
contents = csv.reader(response)
element = ""
for row in contents:
for element in row:
if name in element.lower():
title = row[0]
description = row[1]
date = row[2]
date_format = "%m/%d/%Y"
summary = str(description) + " on " + str(date)
temp1 = '. '.join(records)
speech_output = str(temp1) + " What else do you want to remember?"
reprompt_text = "Can you repeat your request"
should_end_session = False
return build_response(session_attributes, build_speechlet_response_without_card(
card_title, speech_output, reprompt_text, should_end_session))
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2016.11.09 00:15 audiotjradio The Foreign Stars Of Lucha Libre - Part Two: CMLL and It´s Long History (1933-1970: Part 1)

Mr. Salvador Lutteroth one day saw wrestling during a time in USA and did everything on his power to bring lucha to Mexico on a regular basis. They were some exhibitions and shows, but never was established until Mr. Lutteroth set up his first show on September 21th 1933 at Arena Mexico under the Empresa Mexicana De Lucha Libre, being the longest running wrestling company in the world, never stopping and with a bussiness model that sometimes can be seen as outdated tacticts, but proved effective in building and sustaining an empire that still make stars and leyends.
Now, will be listing the stars from other countries that have been figured at EMLL with some interesting sidenotes:
-Bobby Sampson is the first wrestlers to have a match in the first Arena Mexico against Yaqui Joe. He was wrestling in the west coast mostly and har various runs in Mexico at least for the next 10 years.
-Leung Tin-Kit was introduced in the first card as Chino Achiu to marketing reasons. The man was a staple of the first year of lucha in Mexico. He had a lot of runs along all USA and Canada territories of the time.
-American wrestler Cyclone Mackey was billed here as irish and also became a staple of the early times of lucha. Later he would also masked himself as Maravilla Enmascarada and his influence is still felt, as he was the first masked wretler in the country. He donned a lot of masked gimmicks during his career in all the areas he wrestled. As a sidenote, there was a version of Masked Marvel in the 70´s in the UWA and a masked Ciclon Makey in the 90´s at indie shows.
-Doctor Millikin was another wrestler that had some matches in the first days, there is not much information.
-Walter Lacore was one of the first heavyweight wrestlers to wrestle at the old arena. He was around the second year of EMLL. He also worked at California, billed as Frenchy Lacore.
-Jack Morgan, also billed as Tigre Morgan came to Mexico and had a very intense feud against mexican hero Charro Aguayo, going as far to have a superlibre match (no rules match). He wrestled mostly in US in areas like Georgia, Illinois and Memphis.
-Tug Wilson is reported on some shows. I don´t know if this man is the british boxer that once fought John L. Sullivan. And also, i also did not find if he was related to a british wrestler from World Of Sports with nthe same name. But surfaces as a wrestler of the first era of lucha shows.
-Leroy McGuirk is best known to some as promoter of the Tri-State area that later was Mid-South, but before this, he was a well regarded amateur wrestler that went into being a champion and a great wrestler. He also headline some shows at the first Arena Mexico.
-Jim Loft also appears at some shows, i tried to find something, but maybe he was billed under another name.
-Pietro Chiandoni came as an italian immigrant and was also a boxer. He had a nice main event run. From poverty, he began a bussiness, an ice cream parlor very famous called Chiandoni in Mexico City, that still is open till this day. He became a very prosperous bussiness man living in the country till his death in 2003.
-After Masked Marvel, the next masked man to come was Enmascarado de Chicago (the masked man from Chicago) he was a sensation too. He main evented that shows against Jack Gordman.
-Charlie Heard was also billed in other places as Eddie Long had runs for some years getting some good wins.
-Billy Hallas, also Jim Hallas was a wrestler that had some good runs at Amarillo, Texas. He came to had a match with one of the earliest mexican masked luchadores, El Enmascarado Rojo.
-Some of the wrestlers that came, some main eventing, others on the undercard were Ali Kaba Shaba, Ernie Arthur Poluet, Lee Metcalf, Tommy Kaiser and Abe Ross.
-Dangerous Danny McShain is regarded as one of the greatest lightweight wrestlers of all time, being a 9 time Lightheavy champion. He mostly worked as a tough nonsense brawler who was very stiff and violent. He also at some point, main evented at old Arena Mexico.
-Ibeen Seleem was also another man that came and had a small run.
-It is said that the first time ladies wrestled in Mexico was on a show main evented by Louise Francis and Mae Stein. Also on the card were showcased Dot Apollo, Teddy Meyers, Natalla Vazquez and Katherine Hart.
-Matty Madsuda was a japanese wrestler that is said to be promoted by Strangler Lewis all around the territories and was famous for being the first man that did the dropkick, influencing mexican wrestlers to adopt it.
-Ray Ryan was billed as The Tiger and as a diference of the scientific marvels with holds and counterholds that amazed in the first year of mexican lucha libre, here comes a man that was a brute, punishing his opponents to bloody pulps and inciting riots. He is called the godfather of rudos. He is called a reason that lucha was able to survive at the time, because of his drawing power.
-German wrestler Stephan Berne was billed as a strong man and because of that was called "the man with the steel forehead".
-Sanson Gruber was billed as a hebrew technical wrestler thet had a good run. Buddy O´Brien had also some good run and russian Eric Boulouff was famous because after his career ended he was a referee and worked longtime as a promoter with the UWA.
-Buck Davidson also billed on other names in his different runs at all the areas like California, Tri-State, New York, buy mostly in the Pacific Nothwest. He came around 1935.
-Gabino Camino was a spanish wrestlers (one of the first that toured Mexico). In reality, he was a boxer that wanted to have a shot at lucha, but his feud with another former boxer called Firpo Segura, had him using the gloves again for a boxing fight against his hated rival.
-Zimba Parker came as a sensational agile wrestler billed from Africa. Maybe, he was the first black man to wrestle in Mexico and filled to the roof the old Arena Mexico. Under various names, the man known as William Parker wrestled all over US territories as a good draw.
-Tuffy Cleet (his name was a play on Toughey, being also billed sometimes like that) came in 1936, as a foil for Zimba Parker, but was regarded as a main eventer. He had lengthy runs all over US and Canada. Also was part of team called The Arkansas Scufflers with Dopey and Sleepy.
-Gus Kallio was a wrestler from Finland that had a reputation since the 20´s as the World Middleweight Champion, until recognition came from the National Wrestling Association as the official champion. Mr. Salvador Lutteroth got his EMLL a membership in the association and secured that the champion came to Mexico, which was breeding lighter wrestlers, so it was fit that the championship was defended here. Kallio in February of 1939 came and drop the belt to Octavio Gaona, the first mexican world champion that was a big deal at the time. The belt was a permanent fixture for lucha, recognized later by the current NWA in 1952 and became the top championship in EMLL.
-Sugi Shindo was from El Paso, Texas but his rugged oriental look had him billed as Japanese in most places he wrestled. He had some matches against Douglas Henderson and Octavio Gaona. He was a well traveled wrestler with some championships on these trips.
-Ed Williams was also known as Alfred Williams AKA Lefty Hank Williams AKA Arkansas Plow Boy. He had some matches also here.
-Joe Dorsetti was a canadian wrestler that in other places was the first man billed as Gipsy Joe. He had a run with the NWA World Lightheavyweight Title before the merger of the championship recognized by both NWA organizations. He was a fixture in the Midwest and Georgia. He came very young for a short run.
-Also, one of the first oriental wrestlers registered as having matches in Mexico is Tetsuda Higami.
-Rowdy Pat O'Dowdy also came. He was later famous as a long time promoter in Texas, but also was a tag team partner of Gorgeous George. He was billed as being one of the first bad guys in wrestling and also was a great amateur wrestler. He had his cup of coffee with EMLL at some point against Andy Tremaine, who was from Arizona and was billed as The Tucson Thunderbolt. He was a fixture at the west coast, from Canada to California, but also wrestled at Tri-State with a lot of championships in his way.
-Chicago born Bobby Bruns was also featured by EMLL. He also was one of thr american top lightheavyweights with some belts conquered at Central States, Hawai and Iowa, among other places he wrestled. He came featured to challenge then star Yaqui Joe in a losing effort.
-Of note: some mexican wrestlers like Yaqui Joe, Black Guzman (older brother of El Santo), Gorila Ramos and a few others, were mostly wrestling in US even before the first show in old Arena Mexico, so they were well traveled and some of them big draws, like Guzman in Texas. Joe did also a lot of native gimmicks in a lot of areas with some success. Also, in the earlier days because of lack of depth in mexican professional wrestlers, they were bringing a lot of foreign wrestlers ro fill out the cards.
-Jerry Markus has been a kind of a mythical figure in lucha history. What is known is that he came for a date at least in 1937, but he was influential of one move, La Palanca de Markus, which is a kind of armbreaker that since has been a staple of old school lucha.
-Eddie Kettler is a wrestler that does not have a lot of information, but i can find him wrestling around 1937 in a losing effort against Puma Balderrama.
-There is a wrestler billed as Oklahoma Kid, but maybe is a billing from someone else, because there´s a wrestler under this name, but in the 60´s. Herman Branish is another man wrestling.
Also, some of the early stars in lucha libre were Jack Mandell, Larry Kasabosky, Tex Bell and Lee Metcalfe. They were Texas wrestling stars of the era.
-Red Dugan was a wrestler billed with a lot of other names in his runs in other places. He also was featured on a EMLL show. He was more popular later as a referee, Red Shoes Dugan at the Grand Olympic Auditorium during the LeBell era.
-Tiger Bull McEuin was billed as Cowboy McEwen when he came for EMLL. He was featured on the west coast, winning the Pacific Coast Jr. Heavyweight belt.
-Toshi Kodiack also was featured, but no much info is founded of this man.
-Californian Scotty Williams also was featured at least on one match. He toured all the possible territories available and was also Pacific Coast Jr. Heavy champion at some point.
-Canadian Duke Ruppenthal came and at least had one match, a heated one against mexican hot tempered top star Firpo Segura, who got DQ´d. He also was a fixture on the Northwest, winning the Montana and Canada titles.
-Mike London was a bearded wrestler that at the time, had the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship that was based in Hawaii, but was billed here as the world champion. He came and wrestled rising mexican star Gorila Ramos. He later had his own company MLS or Mike London Sports in the 60´s around New Mexico.
-Billy Canny also known as Golden Fish came for at least a match. He had good runs, winning tag team titles at Mid-America alongside Carlos Rodriguez and Buddy Knox.
-Texas star Tex Hager came around 1940 and came winning a match against Miguel Najera. He became a promoter and booker in the Tri-State Area.
-Rough man Sailor Jack Adams also had his own mexican adventure. He was DQ´d in a match against the man known as Black Guzman. The Sailor was already a veteran when he came, but was still tough to beat him. He was well traveled around US and also Canada.
-Canadian Otto Luger also traveled to some areas, including EMLL, where he was showcased against two of the rising stars, Bobby Bonales and Ciclon Veloz, losing both matches.
-A man by the name of Bobby Rood, was featured in a undercard and later in a main event match. I don´t have any information if we was...glorious.
-Some of the foreign stars of the time, were also Cowboy Murphy, Sam Carbin and Tony Felleti.
-Doug Henderson was a Texas wrestler that also was known to moonlight as a bullfighter. He wrestled at EMLL featured as a star and very well liked, but also at other independent arenas.
-Leon Kirilenko was a wrestler that billed himself as russian all around USA, also wrestling in Canada. He was one of the first "evil russians" in wrestling.
-Gardenia Davis was another groundbreaking wrestler at the time. Billed in Texas as Dizzy Davis, he came as Gardenia doing a Gorgeous George like gimmick with a valet (later longtime referee Guero Rangel) and was the first well known exotico wrestler. He had feuds with the top stars and left an big influence still followed at this day. Fact: He lost in Amarillo a hair match against Dory Funk Sr. Kurt Rossen was brought as his tag team partner at some point.
-The first superheavyweights that were featured in EMLL, where Hipopótamo Wiggins and Globo Humano. Globo came first for a handicap match that he dropped, but a year later he had some big backup. There were so huge, that a royal battle was featured to showcase their power and also because it was seen dangerous putting them at matches with underwhelmed opponents. They had some dates around Mexico later. At least, there is some info that Globo was heavily touring as an attraction in all the US territories that could bring him.
-Of note: At this point, a new arena was needed, so, the Arena Coliseo was built and was the new principal arena for EMLL action with some other lesser shows in the older arena. This was the arena were wrestlers like El Santo, Blue Demon, Gory Guerrero, Cavernario Galindo and Black Shadow, among others, reached superstar status.
-Charlie Layden was another wrestler that had some EMLL action. He was featured in Texas and some other areas.
-Joe Parelli was italian and had a run as masked wrestler Red Mistery, wrestling with top stars like Gory Guerrero and Bobby Corona. had a nice run in US, winning the World Middleweight and Lightheavy titles along the way.
-Jack Kennedy was another midwest star brought to main event a Arena Coliseo show.
-The Atomic Blonde Mel Peters was well traveled also in the west coast and was at one point Lightheavywight Champion in Mid-America. He had at least one match drawing against Whitey Wahlberg, who was another lightheavyweight american star who also had his territorial experience.
-Jimmy McDonald came as a foe for mexican wrestler Joe Grant. He has in his record matches in Germany, where he had some of the bulk of his career and also had runs at Canada. Tazan Zimbo is also appearing featured in some cards.
-Wolf Rubinski came from Argentina. A tough rudo with a sinister smile that like to pulverize opponent. Was spotted by movie producers because of his rugged good looks and went into acting, first as a comedic villian, but he got better and later was landing roles in theater in monologues and at plays like A Streetcard Named Desire with great reviews. He also was a magician and served a term as President of the Lucha Commision, but was mostly as a figurehead because he was not at all into lucha since he retired. One of those bigger than life characters.
-Pedro Godoy was a cuban wrestler that had a good run as a midcarder. Karl Zieger, Marius Marier and Morris Nelson also had some matches around here.
-One of the greatest ladies wrestling champion of all time was Mildred Burke and she had a showcase at Arena Coliseo against Anita Lavergne as she was touring around the world introduced as the top star at the time. Betty Garvey was also a opponent, after she had a match against french Susan Paul who beat her up to a DQ win.
-Jim McDonald and Mike Kelly also were featured at some point in undercard matches.
-German wrestler Martin Hutzler also has some dates around here. As a young scientific star, was featured against evil Murcielago Velazquez a man that when he went to the ring was known to hide in his cape animals sush as bats and snakes, throwing them at opponents and the crowd. Another well traveled wrestler with worldwide stints.
-Bulgarian Pete Pankoff was brought when the NWA (Association) in 1946 allowed Mexico the rights of the World Welterweight Championship and a one night tournament was held in Arena Coliseo. Pankoff had a good showing into the finals, losing to El Santo, who was the first champion of the division. Red Gadner was also part of the tournament. This belt had permanent rights to EMLL that in 1952 where also recognized by the current NWA.
-The Lion Leo Newman was a crazy madman that was brought for a match with another violent man, Gory Guerrero. he was featured in Portland and had a run as Texas Champion.
-Texan wrestler Jack O´Brian (sharing the name with a giant of a man that also came before as far as i know) was one of the top stars, even winning mexican championships. He also wrestled later as a independent and still is well regarded as a fixture of lucha history.
-Tuffy Truesdale was quite a wrestling man, he trained and wrestler bears and alligators, including the legendary Victor The Wrestling Bear. He and brother Jack were brought to Arena Coliseo to have a big feud with The Atomic Couple: El Santo and Gory Guerrero.
-June Byers was one of the top wrestlers at the time , having stints in Georgia, Stampede, Texas and also in the AWA. She came for two stints, first defeating Ida May Martinez, who wrestled at Stampede and then, dropping a match against Evelyn Wall. Because of the later Mexico City ban on womans wrestling, they would not be featured back until 1986.
-A then young british wrestler by the name of Harry Fields came to challenge the great hall of famer Tarzán López for the NWA World Middleweight Championship. He also wrestled at France and Germany. He got a latter revenge on a match with Lopez, humillating him in only 35 seconds.
-Toro Todorovich was brought to challenge Gory Guerrero in his most known match. Bob Frechette, Ed Reid, Baryck Rivers and Rick Bouloutt had some undercard runs.
-Kid Vanegas was a cuban wrestler that had his midcard run, but legend says that he helped and trained Che Guevara, Raúl and Fidel Castro prior to them going back to Cuba and end Fulgencio Batista reign.
-Bobo Salvaje, Ted Ballantyne, Cyclone Cobb and John Smith Herman also were part of some cards.
-Ángel Frances was Maurice Tillet, a scary looking wrestler that had the same health issue as Andre The Giant. He was a draw in the 40´s for Boston´s AWA. He was born in Russia from french parents and had a shot at wrestling being succesfull as The French Angel. He was brought in 1952 when his health was fading, but filled Arena Coliseo to a sell out. It is said that he was the inspiration behind the look of Shrek. Great Van Dike came as the opponent for The French Angel in his Arena Coliseo debut.
-Jorge Allende was a Madrid, Spain born wrestler that came and was here to stay. He had a long feud with El Santo, dropping his hair two times to the silver legend and as some of his countryman, went into acting. He also was a promoter. A very well respected character in the bussiness.
-Gene Ditton was brought, he was at least, training and wrestling in Australia. Andres Lambrakin, also had some matches.
-Tough Tony Borne came as a top heel with a disregard for the rules. He went after Blue Demon, who challenged him into a rare mask vs. beard match that saw Borne had his trademark beard shaved. He was a great star for Portland and his son was the late Matt Borne, who also had success.
-As a goodwill sign and to see the strentgh of the EMLL-NWA union, Lou Thesz had a World Heavyweight Championship match against a challenger of choice at Arena Coliseo in 1953. The pick was Gory Guerrero, who despite being a great wrestler, he was no match for the bigger champion. He came back to Arena Mexico in 1965 teaming up with Black Shadow and with El Santo in Guadalajara as a dream team. He came back later, but now in a working agreement with rival company UWA.
-Halcon Negro was a spanish rudo that got a nice run and became a heated enemy of El Santo, who unmasked him. He was announced as Manuel Quintana. He was killed in a senseless brawl in a bar, something that was a sad trend for a while in mexican wrestling, as mexican stars El Gladiador and Espanto 1 died the same way.
-Buddy Jackson, sometimes billed in other places as Black Bean Jackson was a agile wrestler that was brought to wrestle another international star Samar Selem. Pierre Martell also came to do some shows, as well as Jean Michaud.
-Rayo Pampero was fron Cordoba, Argentina. He was most known in US as Amazing Zuma or Argentina Zuma, wrestling sometime at WWWF and the NWA territories. He was brought under the Rayo name, mostly for marketing and spelling reasons. He tagged with the amazing Tarzan Lopez defeatong the savage team of Cavernario Galindo and Carlos Moreno.
-Also at the time, Dr. Edward, Gordon Williams and Ed Saxon had some matches around here.
-Tito Kopa was a polish wrestler that had a solid rudo run and still is remembered. He also was a lot aroung of the territories and was well traveled around the world, billed sometimes as The Turk or Ali Bey. He still was around in Central States winning the top belt in 1979.
-Of Note: At this time, the new bigger and more modern looking Arena Mexico was running shows. In this arena in 1965 made his debut Mil Mascaras and groomed the next list of legends and modern day stars. At least to the start of this decade, EMLL run a small spring, a longer summer and a small autumm season of Friday and Sunday shows at the arena, while the rest of the year they go back at Coliseo, which still run Tuesday and Sunday shows. They had a circuit to tour in Guadalajara (Tuesday and Sunday), Puebla (Saturday, Mondays for UWA), Acapulco (Wednesday), Cuernavaca (Thursday), Cortijo (Sunday) and Pista Revolucion (Thursdays for UWA, Saturday and Sunday). The UWA, let me be clear, begin to run shows in 1981, when the tensions cool down between the two companies.
-Al Kashey was recognized as the NWA World Lightheavyweight Champion by the Association and was brought to give a title shot to young jamaican sensation Dorrell Dixon, who upset the more seasoned opponent and had recognition from the Alliance. The Association awarded total rights of the title to EMLL, so, it was agreed by all parties and Dixon had total recognition as the only champion.
-Yasuhiro Kojima was a japanese young wrestler that came in 1960 on a training trip, even to study under ultimate lucha maestro Cuahtemoc "El Diablo" Velasco. He had some macthes before going to USA to greater fame wrestling, managing and teaching under the name Hiro Matsuda, who was rough teaching the craft, as it was the way he was taught.
-Benny Galant was a spanish heel that had a good run, wrestling at main events and having some big apuesta matches, like a shocking hair match win against Cavernario Galindo, but losing his hair with El Santo and Mil Mascaras. He had a run also as NWA World Middleweight Champion. Still well remembered and regarded.
-Bassil Battah was another wrestler thet had at least, one match for EMLL. He had some runs at El Paso, Texas when Gory Guerrero was promoting and also, around 1975 had a WWWF TV run as a midcard star.
-Marco Brando, Tomas Blanca, Julien Bais, Igor Onyshkiewich and El Relampago Cubano had some small runs.
-Antonio Posa was a spanish middleweight that had some success. Antonio "Toro" Montoro also came from Spain with a nice midcard run.
-Roger Kirby, yes, Nature Boy Roger Kirby who wrestled at Central States, AWA, Georgia and other territories, wrestled at Arena Mexico, even losing his hair against Espanto 1.
-The Mistery was a wrestler from Florida that lost his mask, there is not much information.
-Bobby Shane who was a young upstart in the AWA, Florida and Georgia, wrestled here for a brief time. He was billed a future big star before his untimely death in 1975.
-Dominican wrestler El Bizarro had a run here. He later billed himself as Sunny War Cloud and had runs in mid-70´s at UWA and Monterrey, coming back with a short main event run in 1979.
-Jerry London was a canadian wrestler that had a feud with both Rene Guajardo and Karloff Lagarde and even won the NWA Middleweight Championship. He took Lagarde`s hair but was shaved by Guajardo. Years later, sadly, he commited suicide after a show.
-Featured in some shows are Tiger Steiner and Akio Yoshihara. From Spain was featured tecnico Vento Castella, who won the NWA Middleweight Championship at one point.
-A young american baby faced wrestler called Bobby Nichols had a good run, losing his hair to a then rudo Black Shadow.
-British wrestler Sir Dudley Clemens comes to Arena Mexico billed as Steve Clemens. He has a feud with Karloff Lagarde. he tag with a wrestler called Terry Jow. Carlos Moll was a spanish rudo that had a very good run in EMLL, teaming with Manuel Poulman. Billy Rogers was a undercard face that also had his run.
-Pancho Pino was a spanish wrestler had a first run under his name, but then came back using the gimmick of El Angel Exterminador, based of a Luis Buñuel movie. He lost his mask to Angel Blanco and resumed his run under his own name.
-Argentinian wrestler Coloso Colosetti came here and was pushed hard as a main eventer rudo and NWA Lightheavy Champion and had a good run until he went to the UWA and later had a run back as masked man El Internacional, before going to the independent scene and came back for a last hair match dropping it to Perro Aguayo.
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2016.10.19 13:10 xX_FF_Xx Paisti ATXIV recap story

I am posting following on behalf of our alliance tournament team captain Gilrael Galathi because his reddit account is under 2 days old:
Hello people, I am Gilrael Galathi captain of Paisti at team. Here with a writeup on how our journey to top 8 under guidance of our eternal allaince leader lacco.
Preparations: We stated our planning in june when lacco gave us order to start building and readying our internal test wormhole for practice. Practice was fierce and not many made it trough our hard exercices. We decided to keep practice fully internal to not leak any setups beforehand. We practiced so hard during summer and even harder when the date of first macth came closer that we lost our sov and our sandcastles on tq. Even our alliance broke apart and we lost many people to lacco's strict training rituals. Not a single mistake was allowed to be made. We also decided to not send fozzie our details to use on thunderthome because we wanted to stay secret in our wh on serenity to keep maximum covert operations. We had to have fistn pay our entry plex because we had no money but they collapsed under strickt rule of lacco and left the alliance after some easier time in a wh allaince.
Metagame: We used a golem setup for most of our matches and it brought us far. We had been makin some major training with flagship bhaal setups with battlecruisers but unfortunately we had no money to submit a flaship so we had to go and use angels ratting golem in order to be able to play. We used bombers because lacco told us bombers are best way to kill the enemy 2 wawes of bomb will wipe out all hostiles! so thats why we had them with golem. next year we have best fit with loot from bni flagship!!
In the end we lost to nc. even we had trained so hard we had allaince break and lost all our sov and having used spy to calculate that our rapid light setups kills any logi and somehow it did not work should have listened to lacco and not trust spy.
Aftermath: thanks for all our practice partners. eve_nt for streaming our games. CCP for organizing this tournament.
See you next year when lacco will be back
Match recaps:
Macth 1 Paisti vs Brothers in arms Easy enemy, confessors noob and die
Match 2 Paisti vs Mercenary Coalition Tactic: shoot enemy until it die - tactic fail Enemy win
match 3 Templis CLASF Camel noob die fast, hard match easy game from fw noob
match Rote kapelle wrong barghest fit pilot off the team easy game
matc 5 Paisti vs Brave metagame win - brave shiny ship was kill many damage in setup easy kill from brave noob
match 6 paisti vs dream fleet easy barghest no move barghest tackle astare noob die easy game
match paisti vs villero accordoe easy barghest kills only ram easy game
final match Paisti vs NCdot wtf logi no die going bar
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2016.07.08 18:23 08072016 My [20 M] best-friend [19 F] broke contact with me after a misunderstanding/miscommunication that I thought had been resolved, what did I do wrong and what do I from this point on

Known each other since Middle school but were never really "friends". Had classes together in HS, ended up going to same university (different degrees).
Reconnected late last year and became really close. So close that people began thinking we were dating and that led to some friction between us as she didn't want that impression and thought it bothered me (?). I thought it was clear we were just best buds. We'd even talk to each other about flings with other people and texting each other right after hooking up with someone else like an over the airwaves "fuck yeah bro/girl" so we kinda would just start ignoring it and would sometimes even joke with each other by calling each other "sweetie, babe, honey" etc
Some people would tell me she likes/liked me but from everything I saw our feelings were mutually platonic
  • Monday on 4th of July she was going to a diff party than me and my friends (same neighborhood though). On the metro ride to the area she calls me to say the party we're going to is dead and to go to the one she's at and I say "okay we'll see", she gets mad and hangs up but she gets volatile drunk so I don't think much of it.
  • Keeps calling though and gives address and I say we're coming. Cue texts every 3-4 minutes "where are you" "You're taking too long" "are you coming or not" "you're so slow omfg" etc
  • We finally get there and me and my boys are walking down the road and see a mass of people and realise it's the party. Her and her friend emerge from the crowd and here's where shit starts getting murky. I swear that I remember saying "Hey Happy Fourth!" and opening my arms for a hug, but she and her friend kind of skirt around our group and say "going for a pee" so we keep walking and my friends even start joking that "did you guys break up or something why didn't you hug". Suddenly it starts downpouring so we peace to get inside a mall about 10-15 mins after first getting there.
  • She texts me asking where we went so I reply with what happened and get "K fuck you bye" as a reply. A lot more aggro than her normal drunk so I send some hearts and say we'll meet up later thinking that'll diffuse i t and get some more "nope byes" in return
  • Evening goes on we watch the fireworks and go into the club. Around 1am we step out for a smoke break and my phone explodes as it gets service again. Jist of it was: "youre full of shit, fuck you, I deserve better than this, youre a fucking asshole" I start to reply but my friends wrestle my phone from me and say to deal with it tomorrow so as to not spoil the rest of our turn up (good call on their part). At not point in time did I ever send her anything rude or insulting at all. No bias when I say this was for sure a one way street
  • Next day comes and I try and blow it off and ask when she's gymming and get some curt replies back and realise that for the first time it has carried over and she's still upset at me sober. Sends me screencaps of texts with her friend who was with her where they claim that I ignored them and made no effort to say hello or hug them or whatever (?????????????????).
  • I message the friends I was with who were sober at the time and ask them to tell me a breakdown of what happened, no prompts of leading questions. They recant back that I tried to hug and she dodged around. I send that to her and we have a full blowout. Some bullshit about how I can never be wrong, she thinks I just used her to get the address of a better party. (Apparently unable to piece together that if that were true we wouldn't have left the party come the rain and would've taken shelter in the house instead of mall.)
  • I kind of tones down a bit but I give space until Wednesday when she messages me asking when Im going to the gym, times dont macth up so she herself suggests meeting for lunch Friday (today), then suddenly Thursday night out of the blue
"Cancelling on tomorrow // Sorry // No it's not because I'm mad at you, I'm just kind of done with people right now and I think I want to be alone for the rest of the summer // cya around at the gym if we run into each other"
  • Haven't replied to that and don't have plans to be honest.
From 200-300 texts per day right until we're both in our beds texting each other "night" "no I get last word, good night" "nah don't think so, peaces, night, etc" ---> to this
What the fuck happened
I know some might say "if you actually didn't do anything than drop this girl and find a new friend she's being immature" but we were so tight and worse shit has happened that I don't think the event/incident above is the only cause for this.
I am absolutely shit at detecting hints but we had a point blank convo one day where we both said we're just friends and that we could never date each other. So I don't know what to think
tl;dr: My best friend that happens to be a girl who some suggested even liked me and others thought we were dating suddenly is going MIA on me after what is in my opinion just a misunderstanding blown 100x out of proportion. Was sent insulting drunk texts and had a blow out while sober the next evening and then when I thought we maybe had gotten past it all, she proceeds to cut contact
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2016.02.02 19:54 Drenser [Request] Edit epic loading frame from season 2.

I didnt know where to ask for this, but since Reddit is my only source and i have seen many requests that have been taken care of, ill post it over here.
Since the season 2 ended and i reached all my fantasy points to achieve the Epic Loading Frame, i would really love to show all the other player my stats when i have the diamond skins, like Kills, Wins and Assists like the other frames.
But as long i can see is the VS (Versus) with no teams on them, and is it possible that you guys can put the name in the correct field instead of outside the frame at top? i mean, in my opinion the KILLs information would be nice in the actual VS row and the name could be in the actual date/hour from last season macthes row. Im not sure if u can get my point.
In other words, i would like to show off that frame with my god STATS like all the other normal frames. And remove the VS from the frame since its useless cuz theres gonna be another season ticket.
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2015.10.09 02:45 SpringRairakku Fake My Scheming Masks?

Hi everyone! I've got a question and I would really appreciate your help or any feedback you can give me.
I've purchased from an online retailer a box of my Scheming Masks "Mask Book - Chapter II" and the manufacture and expiration date printed in the box is different from the one printed individually in each mask. All the different types of masks have a different manufacture date, some of 2014 (but different months) and a few 2015, and the box has a 2014 date. I've checked the code in the box in their site and it says is original. I've also tried to compare the box to other photos online and it all seems to macth from the embossing to the silver finishes. Should I be concerned I bought fake masks or not?
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2014.08.25 00:24 dinaanyadhiv Bengals vs Cardinals Live Stream Swearinger brushed off a taunting incident with Peyton Manning on Sunday matchup Info

Bengals vs Cardinals Live Stream Swearinger brushed off a taunting incident with Peyton Manning on Sunday matchup Info
-Bengals vs-Cardinals Live Stream NFL - Craigslist zurich.craigslist/res/4635258553.html 19 mins ago - LIVE NFL-Bengals vs-Cardinals Live Stream LIVE***NFL-Cincinnati Bengals vs-Arizona Cardinals Live Stream DATE: Sunday, 24th ... 2014 (NFL)!! Cincinnati Bengals Vs Arizona Cardinals Live ... basel.craigslist/res/4635264407.html 15 mins ago - NFL~FOOTBALL[24-08-2014]Watch Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals Live Stream Online NFL Preseason Week-3 On SunDay August ... ESPNBengals vs Cardinals Live Stream NFL - Basel basel.craigslist/res/4634375115.html 15 hours ago - Cardinals vs Bengals Live Stream preseason 2014 week-3 ...13 hours ago - Cardinals vs ... ™ Bengals vs Cardinals Live Stream FRee Online NFL ... zurich.craigslist/res/4635182695.html 1 hour ago - Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals Live Streaming NFL on PC now, Just click our HD TV Link and Enjoy Cincinnati Bengals vs... Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals Live Stream basel.craigslist/res/4635181086.html 1 hour ago - Watch Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals Live Stream Online Free NFL Football Week 3 Game 24-08-2014, Watch Cincinnati Bengals vs ... News for bengals vs cardinals live stream bengals vs cardinals live stream CBSSports {}Bengals vs Cardinals Game 2014 Gilroy Dispatch ‎- 51 minutes ago This Sunday is a important day for NFL Preseason 2014 San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers Game. Are you a Football lover? Bengals vs Cardinals live stream, radio, start time, TV info ... FanSided‎ - by Josh Sanchez‎ - 10 hours ago More news for bengals vs cardinals live stream Cardinals vs Bengals Live Stream preseason 2014 week-3 ... 1 day ago - Cardinals vs Bengals Live Stream preseason 2014 week-3 previews,predictions,Tv schedule watch Bengals vs Cardinals Live Stream. Cardinals vs Bengals Live Stream Free All Macth of ... - Reddit 12 hours ago - ESPNBengals vs Cardinals Live Stream NFL Cardinals vs Bengals Live Stream preseason 2014 week-3 ... Cardinals vs ... Cardinals vs ... FREE®™Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals Live ... nuance-community.custhelp/posts/4f1ced2461 33 mins ago - I think, your are surfing internet for get your favorite teams Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals live stream NFL 2014 Preseason Week 3 ... Arizona Cardinals vs Cincinnati Bengals Live Streaming nuance-community.custhelp/posts/7522d460e8 15 hours ago - 4 posts - ‎1 author Watch Arizona Cardinals vs Cincinnati Bengals Live Streaming NFL Online.Lady's & Gentleman!!Watch Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona ...
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  1. Online Dating Guide For Women (How to Land a Quality Man ...
  2. Match Me Cards® — An alternative to online dating - YouTube
  3. Free Dating App & Flirt Chat Match with Singles Beat ...
  4. Match & Rebel Wilson: Try Match Today
  5. Dating Advice: Internet Dating Help
  6. Review: Features of Gay Online Dating Site
  7. i Match Dating App - Meet Interesting Singles around you ...
  8. Match - YouTube
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