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Part 1. Fix PS4 Corrupted Database. The PS4 database is an organized collection of data related to your device. When you want to access, edit, or update data, you get it done via the interaction between your operation and the database. This project gives you an opportunity to apply the skills from Intermediate Python for Data Science. The dataset used in this project was scraped and polished from Wikipedia. It is made up of three CSV files, one with game data, one with TV data, and one with halftime musician data for all 52 Super Bowls through 2018. The Data Game is a revolutionary AFL content series that generates huge interest among the hardcore footy fans looking for an edge in their tipping of Fantasy games, or those just drawn in by the weekly hook. What marketing strategies does Gameshows use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Gameshows. Data shows what's hot on Steam game platform. ... GameDataCrunch is a project by Lars Doucet that aggregates stats about the Steam game platform (with data from the Epic Store and GoG to come). The data looked terrible though — I kept reminding Nick of how poorly the contestants fared when giving an answer for $50,000, rather than walking away with $30,000. The best picture oscar goes to smarter data analytics. Finding the next blockbuster movie is a challenging game that destroys more careers than it creates in Hollywood. For decades Hollywood execs have used test screenings to collect data about what an audience likes or hates about a movie. Let's Make A Deal is one of the more fun, upbeat game shows — and that's saying something — as every single member of the audience is usually in some sort of costume and constantly jumping or screaming (or both). The show consists of host Wayne Brady trying to make deals with the contestants to win or lose prizes and often results in the players winning extravagant prizes. It’s taking Big Data and analytics and bringing it all together in a very unique prescriptive way and as a result, Watson is an embodiment of a new era of computing.” Since rising to fame with the infamous Jeopardy! win against all-time champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, IBM sent Watson to medical school to get a job as an oncologist. 7. “Pictionary” pulls no punches. Pictionary was one of the more mild-mannered game shows of the 1990s, with contestants guessing words and phrases based on drawings.

Patch #1 Megathread – Aug. 12, 2020

2020.08.12 12:20 byPaz Patch #1 Megathread – Aug. 12, 2020

Edit 2: Patch is out now
Edit: The patch has been postponed until tomorrow, August 13.
Hi FallGuysGame!
please use this megathread to discuss everything about the first patch for Fall Guys dropping later today. Don’t forget to check the FAQ below before asking your questions.


ETA: out now
Download size: 260 MB (PS4) / 13 MB (PC)
Patch notes:
  • New level - Jump Showdown (video preview)
  • Lowered the weighting for Royal Fumble to add more final round variation
  • Fixed crash at launch with certain regional calendars set in the operating system
  • Improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors
  • Fixed physics behaving erratically at high framerate on levels like Tip Toe
  • Fixed crown in Fall Mountain not being grabbable in rare situations
  • Addressed some collisions in Block Party allowing players to bypass the blocks
  • Fixed Parties sometimes failing due to too many requests
  • Addressed some special characters causing display issues in player names
  • Fixed Big Tease Achievement not unlocking in specific regions
  • PC only - Fixed certain game controller models not being detected on PC

Updated subreddit rules

This megathread is also a good opportunity to inform you about our new subreddit rules 7 and 9. Please check them out on the sidebar or in the pinned comment below.

FAQ with replies from Mediatonic

If you're seeing Disconnects please open a customer support ticket here. We're going to be ansering them as quick as possible, so any additional info you can add (location, connection type, etc,) will really help us narrow down the causes quickly.
Rewards are coming! Our reward processing is backed up in a way we've never seen before from our betas/scale tests. If you play you WILL get your rewards, just not instantly.
We think this is going to be particularly bad as lots of new players play the game, but over time people will learn the intricacies of the see saws! The worst offender is definitely the split checkpoint, and we're looking into tweaking the level to fix this. In regards to the auto-swinging see saws, we don't feel like this is in the spirit of Fall Guys- those moments of having to team up/ work together are what make Fall Guys unique. See Saw is definitely somewhat of a divisive round and we're going to be monitoring it, but so far the feedback has mostly been positive (although some people definitely feel otherwise). Generally people really love those moments of traversing see saws together, and so most likely we're going to be looking for ways to create more of those fun moments, and less moments of players just getting stuck with nowhere to go.
We're hearing people loud and clear on this, and are looking into ways to make Fall Mountain a bit harder, but also a bit fairer too. Keep an eye out for patches post launch!
We're working hard to try and bring new maps and variations to the game ASAP!
We're discussing it a bit but it's a huge undertaking- we just use Unity to build our levels so it's not like there's a tool we can just sent to players unfortunately. There are also lots of complexities around things like curating that content, figuring out how to surface the best stuff, etc so we'll likely be working on it for a while (if we choose to start it) it's a really exciting idea though and I'd love to do it one day.
Long text, please check out the link
This is on our list of things to get fixed ASAP
Ouch, yeah this is super rough and not at all the experience we want. We're looking into it but it's not a simple fix. Latency means that players can be in different positions on different clients, so making it 'easier' to grab tails risks making the grab distance for players grabbing you even worse than it currently is. That said, I'm not an engineer and so can't speak to the complexities of this issue. All I can say is that we know it's a bit busted and are going to do our best to fix it!
Hey, thanks, we know. We have anti-cheat measures but we're still tuning them as we get more data from launch!
Why do you lot have to do this to me... (fix coming soon, you cheeky lot!)
Passed onto the dev team. Don't you DARE start doing this on purpose.
We've already started working on this feature!
We hear you loud and clear and are looking into performance improvements post launch to address this!
We're fixing this right now! Expect it to land in a hotfix pretty soon
So we have to be careful because a) we don't want parties pub-stomping matchmaking, and b) large parties can grief and do all sorts of things we don't expect (blocking finish lines etc.) It's frustrating but with this type of thing you really have to think of the worst case scenario and work backwards from there.
That said, I could see us upping the party size slightly one day. It's probably not our highest priority feature but it's definitely something we'll be looking into once launch settles down!
This is probably our most requested feature (after working servers of course). Coming very soon!
We used to have it in the game but it got cut due to complexity (alongside a lot of other things, I'm sure you're all learning!). Would love to bring it back one day!
Can confirm we're definitely looking to bring cross play to platforms but it's a pretty complex chunk of work. Having players join games together etc. is actually not too hard, but it's all the other stuff that comes with it; inviting cross platform, reporting cross platform, etc. That's where all the work is so we can't give a time frame at this point.
We hear people wanting this feature but need to be careful that: a) we don't create that k/d anxiety seen in other games. Fall Guys isn't supposed to be about min-maxing everything and we don't want to reinforce that behaviour too heavily b) we don't create something that we feel doesn't match the tone of Fall Guys. We don't want to go super stat/ UI heavy and it's a bit dry for a gameshow, but we have some ideas for how we can let players track their stats in a way that feels more aptly Fall Guys. Our equivalent of 'strange weapons' from TF2 would be cool... That all said I totally hear ya, I'd love to know my total crowns, total wins on each round etc.!
submitted by byPaz to FallGuysGame [link] [comments]

2020.08.11 21:17 WritingThrowItAway Timeline question

Anyone have a decent timeline? Joe is 20 at the start of book 1 (or was that how old he was when he joined?) But they commonly mentioning being out on missions for years.
Year 12CD
Ashakai stored by earth cryo storage around pluto
Year 2BCD
Joe enlists at 18
Year 0-
Begin book 1
October - Columbus day
Ruhar raid ships pursued by jeraptha attacks - Ruhar ghost ship lost in space
November - camp Alpha, promotion to Sargeant
December- bosforoq send ship to spy on thoranin activities near earth - is stranded on earth end when wormhole closes
Year 1
January- Paradise
Transferred to Fort Arrow after Lizards get the big mad
February- promotion to colonel, Joe refuses illegal orders and is in prison.
March - escape from paradise, travel to aquire wormhole thingies
Earth meeting with prez (says Colorado is chilly which matches March) 2-3 days
Skippy leaves a submind on Earth's internet Launch
Begin book 2
UNEF on paradise surrender as POW$ to Ruhar. People stop using birth control and get they swerve on.
Skippy puts the krustang troop ship on timer and jumps it away after they leave
April Three weeks going after random blue star. Broken bones needing 2 weeks recovery in week 3.
Ruhar take out dissenters with rail guns. Jesse and ski move to Fort richovski
Month travel to next location for the dutchman
May - location 1. Two days there, 10 days to next location Earth breaks Skippy's submind left there
Paradise humans resettled to LaMuria
June- location 2. 12 hours scouting at location 2 plus 7 hours recon. Location 3. Desei says SCM will take a month 9 plus several days of messing with controls at location 4.
Begin book 3.5
Chickens hatch in fort richovski on paradise
July- Goldilocks planet - start 5 weeks to location 5 but reduced to 10 days. 9 days research
August - location 6 destroyed planet. 7 days practicing flying in atmosphere and bio research. 2 weeks to location 7 plus 5 days. Thoranin battle. Travel to Newark to repair.
Corn expected to be ready to harvest on paradise
September - projected to be on Newark for 5 months Supplies for 8 months Skippy makes a decoy and has Sims hide it
October - discovery of life on Newark Kristang ship expected in 60-80 days
Year 2 February - US, China, Europe India and Japan begin effort to recover krustang ship Skippy jumped to mars
April - back on the dutchman. Thoranin expected at earth by September year 3
Begin book 3
Joe prepares to die abord the drop ship alone. Talks with Skippy and parents will get 1 mil when in year 5 if decalred dead.
May - battle with thoranin ship. Return to earth.
Joe spends 2 weeks at Patterson afb
Kristang ship Glory attacks paradise. Paturna intends to hand humans and Paradise over to Kristang.
So far 40 humans pregnant and 17 children born on paradise.
Earth economy flights resume
June- Joe visits his parents in Maine.
Ruhar begun negotiations with Kristang to trade away paradise
Skippy makes Joe's birthday jokes
Kristang troop Carrier moved from mars to the moon and renamed Yu Kishan
July - back abord Dutchman next mission expected to last 4-6 months (but doesn't) before returning
Skippy leaves submind on earth, creates cult
Ruhar inquire if human alliance would be accepted
Wheat planted on paradise Dutchman assaults relay station.
Shawna, sky, cornpone and Perkins get together held for 7 weeks
August - Nukey
September - Perkins questions why they are being held
October - Dutchman returns to paradise - expect to be there for a while.
Perkins team takes 4 days for each of four mazer cannons Airbase attacked on paradise
November - attack on asteroid to get broken power tap to hide on paradise - time dilation around neutron star so takes very little time
Planet jumbo
December - Ard ship arrives at jumbo
Year three
January - Kristang abandon paradise after failure. Ruhur find a third com node on paradise begin book 3.5
Jesse and ski in paradise arctic
Dutchman expected back at earth bit obviously doesnt
February -krostabf expected back at earth in one year
begin book 4
Perkins on the gang assigned to the island on paradise
March - begin movie nights refueling missions
April Aquire two dead krustang ships to use in Ruhar feint Travel to Ruhar data module
Dutchman attacked by virus - Joe takes Skippy on a drop ship - food for a month up to six weeks at most 17 hours, make q ship 5 days to wormhole jump drive due to fail in may
Shawna nukes island on paradise
Skippy predicts earth will have spaceage tech in 80-300 years
Dutchman obtains Glory
Glory attempts to disrupt negotiations
May-plan B
Drop on kobamick
SAS team insane drop on Kristang city
Phase 2 of op with King Kong
Skippy lost during phase 3
seven weeks to alternate rendezvous point
July - Joe meets up with Nagatha on the Dutchman
Begin book five
Heeeeey Skippy's back! Joe is homesick visiting dwarf star
Discuss barsoom newRk destroyed 2.7 million years ago. Barsoom destroyed while elders where there target alpha
August - target bravo ship chase Skippy invents math and breaks the ship
September - Supply ship to visited alpha planet expected
Travel to roach motel- 19 days scary elder tech run away!
Dutchman near roach motel- due to swing too close to star for nine weeks. Guardians keep pinging and Skippy will run out of excuses in months travel to plant by drop ships will take 43 days at soonest - 13 days to plan
November on gingerbread
December - five and Joe back aboard drop ship bye bye gingerbread
Name planet gingerbread
Year four
January Joe is board after a month on condor in junkyard. People on gingerbread make site (it's summer winter in 4 months ) and beginning to plant crops. 4 days to next ship . Choteck plans a golf course. In a nmonth chteck will start moving to new site. Discover dead sentinel 12 days to zero hour 5 days to sentinel
February - ship due to emsrge from behind the star
two months spent chasing down Dutchman and hanging out in junk yard three weeks on gingerbread to reexperience gravity rinse and repeat
Sometime April to november - chotck picks up Romeo and Juliet. French team not medically sound to handle radiation until at least June but chteck is a dick and expects giraud to fly him . Romeo and Juliet killed by thoranin
November - Dutchman is operational again. Everybody off gingerbread
Movie nights again aboard durchman
Food aboard will run out in 12-14 months
December - maxhulx shop detected outside roach motel- system 2 days chill after bluff 7 plus 8 days dealing with it. Capture kitty in drop ship
Year five
January/feb - kitty commits suicide. Visit Kristang relay station. Earth safe, according to Skippy, for 20 years.
Begin book six
Dutchman loses power
Adams promoted to gunny
Skippy needs 4 days to power drain ship
(Beef in 6 months on paradise)
(Humans self-sufficient on paradise in 2 years)
(Kristang civil war to continue 3-4 years, take 2-5 years to rebuild before reattacking Ruhar and torgula)
Capture keepers
Earth due to be discoered by thoranin planet within 60 years
March - Skippy creates vaccine
Depart for earth
Mavericks welcomed home to Paradise
Dutchman Pitt stop at relay station near paradise. Update on vaccine on paradise
Begin book 7
May- Dutchman back on earth Skippy reabsorbs cult submind
Joe at right patt gets grilled for 8 days
Timeline discrepancy - Dutchman arrives back at earth "two months after expected by UNEF" which would put them at February/March of year three, not year five. C. A. lost two years somewhere. Is there a time disparity? Is earth timeline moving at a different rate?
2 weeks home in maine - Joe + Stacey
Skippy reveals his cult
Another timeline issue - Joe takes ferry from Boston to Provincetown which is only open from May to October changed timeline to fit since I forgot transport time from paradise to earth
Williams leaves duty because he has a daughter now he made he's never met who is now almost two
Sunrise just after 0500 in Maine -either may or July. Month confirmed.
Research team aboard you Kishan prepare to leave
Mutiny on Dutchman by US troops. Skippy loses man cave
Yay! Intro Katie Fray and groodsian and nunnelly (pistol to Smythe) Porter back plus noob edwards
Skippy uses his decoy from year 1
Data drones states maxolx ship willdepart in 1-6 months
Discussion PQSI (pixies) and beta site
June - Nuke bosforoq moon
15 days to pixie pickup on detroit 3 days to drop package in cavern
Joe time travels Pixie pickup
27 days to ship launch maxholx
fly around nowheresvikle for 2 days
Shippy needs to make repairs for 18-20 days
July - beef on Paradise - one step closer to cheeseburgers
Nagatha contacts Joe 12 days into repairs (a 14 day repair cycle) to talk about Skippy being deceitful.
Elder found in cavern near nowheresville
Skippy runs for office - fails Travel to far end of wormhole - couple days
Maxholx will need a lot longer than two months to travel to earth end of wormhole through normal space to investigate Fiddles with wormhole for 2 days
Chase maxhoulx ship Boom
Back to earth but Pitt stops to check out possible beta sites
Skippy discovers two super wormholes
August -back to earth
Begin Homefront
Apparently the president is a dude now (lady prez from first landing didn't get reelected I guess)
Nuke on Dayton? Wtf
Ice cold dagger to the heart around pluto wtaf
Wtfwtfwtf Homefront is horrible. I can't believe I'm forcing myself to listen to make this damn timeline. This better get gilded.
Yu kishon now in low earth orbit tugged down by Brock steals mega tech company
3 weeks of repairs in earth orbit [Apparently C. A. has death trap as the next on his site before Homefront. After that clown show, hearing an audio book with a blessedly silent background is like Neosporin for my poor eardrums. Thank the almighty Skippy Asyermoney. My cult dues have already paid off]
Begin Mav1: death trap Not sure if this timeline will line up with Joe arriving to earth or starting after he arrives to earth so I'm using months - turns out with a month for M squad to get positioned after, this likely began around August year five. Busy year all around it seems - Month 1 Paradise vaccinated
Perkins sent out 2 days to prep
Fight /
Clear asteroids two weeks find power tap
Evac of Fresno so far evac will take 3mos to year drop ships only hold 40 if I recall correctly so depending on how many drop ships, 5,000 total trips. 1500 soldiers including logistics and command to transport so likely no more than 60 drop ships, which would mean 83 months. 3 air support ships with more expected in a month Leave in 12 days
Mavericks spend time in lamuria to train others in skinsuits
September -
Kristang gladiator fights in 5 days but Kristang attack early. Big fail when daddy jeraptha gets mad.
Perkins negotiates a trip to earth with J squad. Four starships will need to be sent. Reveals maxhoulx ships Joe sploded going to earth to Perkins
5-7 days to repair kishon, fan transport to take 8 days 2 days before dagger intercepts
Dayton incident
Nagatha sacrifices herself
Begin book 8
Two weeks of congressional hearings regarding Dayton incident
Nagatha rebooting - 3x
Keshon will be modified for transport to beta site for a year
Dutchman autjoriZed for a six month mission scouting beta sites
Japan, Algeria, Peru diplomats along with chocula to be Joey's new bosses
Chang/Adams back after 4 months on earth
Joe busted back down to Sarge but same day back to colonel
Timeline issue - desei says third mission took almost two years but on my timeline it had to take three. Unless she's not counting the detour to destroy the M ships
Travel to super wormhole
October -
Six days waiting for info around burst station three days til rest of control stations report
Back on Dutchman
2 days of arguing
maxholx network to reboot and upgrade in 17 days
Travel to slingshot
4 days waiting on info
Movie night
Voyage to next wormhole
Unpack at beta site, (week plus two days?)
Avalon has enough food for 16 months
two week travel to earth on the way, Skippy reveals Perkins got a ride to earth. Maxholx are sending a full battle group to earth. 2 days sleepless nights 2 weeks to earth but now we gotta take a pit stop
4 days to wrugalan station, need to top off fuel tank several days, heading to paradise, jow thinks up a plan 2 days
Jump to new brunssomething to collect bosforoq pieces, depressurize for a day.
Whack a mole to destroy debris
Info will reach location in 9 days, jump to plant space, day to reposition
Movie nights then taco Tuesday wait 10 days
December -
Maxholx due to receive info implicating bosforoq
Hit up a wrugalan station. No news [5 days from max area info transfer - 19 days info from bosforoq hit]
Dutchman expected back at beta site
Year six
January- 8 days to receive bosforoq confirm 4 days to hear about ceasefire. Travel to bosforoq system to snoop for days.
Will take 10 days to go get stars team and come back so they won't. Back to bosforoq relay station instead.
Maxholx resending battlegroup to earth in one month.
3 days stalled before going to paradise to transport to Avalon (5 days) bavm to wormhole
Take out one of four destroyers
February- maxholx ship to depart for earth
Waiting outside wormhole to wait to pluck ships (maybe a week?) False alarm - Plus 3 days
Conflict with ship - two days to recover and repair
Big conflict time - 4 days til next extinction ship
Last shop to take over
Building second ship -VALKRIE YAAAS
Yay cappuccino makers
VPM library assault planned
8 days later Reed and Joe prepare drop ship to maxhoulx planet
March -
Valkyrie chapter 38-41
Dutchman expected back at earth at the latest
Maxholx medical equipment to be adapted to humans
Update maxholx library
Jump Dutchman away - Skippy drunk dials Joe
Dutchman low on food
Adams and Joe make Oklahoma burgers
Arrive at target maxholx for VPMs
Stars team attacked. Follow ship that got away to protect secret
Death of desei, giraud, others
Adams in coma cannot have treatment for 8-10 days, fray injured, Smythe in come
Probes around max world go dark
Star team down to six capable, and nine injured
Travel to wormhole to ship maxholx to another galaxy, full day messing with it.
Maxholx ship group to arrive at second to last wormhole before earth one destroyer sent off on the way, ends up in another galaxy Maxholx will take 3 days to study wormhole and one ship to check out earth) Ai Attempts to fix files but can't.lost to dies and rest of group follow the all clear signal. Adios mfers.byw bye battle group.
Smyth wakes up from medically induced coma.
Jeraptha told kitties won't be taking them to earth and they're cool with that.
Day of downtime to recalibrate to trick Ruhar monitoring of goalpost.
Fool Ruhar around goalpost
Go through goalpost alternate exit point.
Begin book 9
Less than 27 crew members alive aboard Valkyrie and Dutchman.
Demon sheets aboard Valkyrie
Smythe is awake fully - will take 5 months to regrow legs, several weeks for bionic legs, gets quality pre-owned spleen
Killer sheets rained down on dutchman 4 days scrub
Adams due to begin woking up from coma but doesn't for an additional 3 weeks due to brain damage
Smythe gets bionic legs on
Begin heading back to Avalon
Fray cleared to return to duty
Maxholx will be alerted to disappearing ships but aren't because of some mission Joey did (can't remember which)
Vortan investigating star
Maxholx investigation on moon pirates blew up conclude bosforoq people did it with side mysteries
April -
Arrive back on Avalon - rerecruit on Avalon - 3 days to get off Avalon - Joe invokes order to appoint king choteck over avalon
Head back to milky way
Smythe walking
Skippy fully in command of Valkyrie - simulated manouvers
Smythe bionic legs ready to go
Skippy finds first target
Skippy tries cracking his memories
Skippy plans west side story
Joe tries to wake Adams from coma be with Skippy. No dice. Adams wakes up with fray but Skippy puts her under again
38 simulations on attacks on kopadru
May- seevely injured 3 from maxholx ship acquisition expected to be okay
Smythe fully medically cleared.
Practice for planet of the monkeys
Attack on kopadru plus second attack
Two months screwing with kitties.
June -
Voltan snoop kitty ships destroyed by bagel slicer and discover human dna
Bosforoq base waits 43 days before planet destroyed
Skippy repairs battle damage while Joe aboard Dutchman
Adams struggles with therapy. Nanobots making things harder. Turning them off will delay recovery a month. Adams gives Joe a black eye.
July - Adams back in the gym. Maggie and groodsian make Joe the big sad.
Find out about tasty 13th target which will be a trap.
August - 13th trap massive failure. Jump into gas giant to escape. Wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey issue. 8 days on gas planet.
Nagatha and Dutchman freak out while waiting
Climb out of gas planet
Repairs and upgraded on Valkyrie
Decide on evac route plan - two weeks load, 48 days travel, 2 weeks unload.
Head to sleeping beauty - finds out it's broken but Skippy can move wormholes to shorten transport from earth to avalon that takes 12 days and 5 days to load and 3 to unload. Now one round trip will take 32 days.
Bishop gets advice from Nagatha and Skippy. Skippy's gameshow discussed. 5 days to get to backstop
Staff meeting about wormhole move plan. Smythe with double canes.
Skippy moves backstop and disables Gateway.
8 more wormholes
September- kishon expected to be ready to help bring colonists to beta site
Severely injured 3 from maxholx ship takeover expected to be fully recovered.
Peanut butter brainstorm about pixies
Skippy reveals the Vortan has discovered the story false but maxholx have not taken her seriously. Drop by star to burn off DNA.
October -
Waiting for target to plant pixie. Adams not yet cleared for duty.
Fight at planet voodoo
Maxholx discover blank pixie and reconfigured pixie drop. Take the bait. Dismiss rindiloo therapy of iliath. Back to hating bosforoq
Learn about 182 kidnapped humans (48 adults/134 kids) on rikers
Go to kidnap spec ops team.around paradise system. Sims and Muller engaged. Capture 18 humans, Ruhar, and jeraptha
Training at club Skippy - two clans plan to capture rikers in 9 days according to Skippy's relay info pickup
4 days to rikers with shortcuts, 12 without, Joe asks for 6 day path
November - Thoranin arrive early on riners
Drop on rikers
Wait for pickup of Dutchman
Big fail bye bye Skippy
[Begin Mavericks book 2 not sure when this starts so I'm doing months
Month 1: Irene and Derek on Planet Jalexico/jellybean evac 8 days
Train new recruits
Kikrondo kidnapped by Perkins and atchakai
Make achakai fleet after stealing wrogolan ships
6 days at asteroid field to pick up power tap
Month 2
Travel to planet to do stuff, then travel to squidworld
Kikrondo fleet to be ready (20)
Thoranin to pick up humans on rikers (22)
Year seven
January - paradise expected to be self-sufficient
March- Avalon will run out of original food supplies
June- Maxholx will be alerted to missing battle group. (Originally March but delayed to June when they had to restart after first attempt failed)
November - return assault from maxholx for lost battle fleet
Year eight
January - Kristang civil war possibly through now.
Year ten January - Kristang civil war guarenteed over and reengagement with Ruhar and paradise likely within four years.
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2020.08.09 19:20 byPaz Questions Megathread, How to Report Hackers & FAQ with Dev Replies

Hey FallGuysGame,
often requested by the community, so let’s do this:

Questions Megathread

Please use this post to ask questions about the game that you think don't deserve a post on the subreddit and discuss them with the community.

How to Report Hackers

It is no longer necessary to report hackers to Mediatonic. Please don’t create posts about hackers on the subreddit as the mod team will remove them.

FAQ with Dev Replies

FAQ with replies from Mediatonic employees. Any posts on this subreddit about these questions will be removed from now on to keep things clear.
If you're seeing Disconnects please open a customer support ticket here. We're going to be ansering them as quick as possible, so any additional info you can add (location, connection type, etc,) will really help us narrow down the causes quickly.
Rewards are coming! Our reward processing is backed up in a way we've never seen before from our betas/scale tests. If you play you WILL get your rewards, just not instantly.
We think this is going to be particularly bad as lots of new players play the game, but over time people will learn the intricacies of the see saws! The worst offender is definitely the split checkpoint, and we're looking into tweaking the level to fix this.
In regards to the auto-swinging see saws, we don't feel like this is in the spirit of Fall Guys- those moments of having to team up/ work together are what make Fall Guys unique. See Saw is definitely somewhat of a divisive round and we're going to be monitoring it, but so far the feedback has mostly been positive (although some people definitely feel otherwise). Generally people really love those moments of traversing see saws together, and so most likely we're going to be looking for ways to create more of those fun moments, and less moments of players just getting stuck with nowhere to go.
We're hearing people loud and clear on this, and are looking into ways to make Fall Mountain a bit harder, but also a bit fairer too. Keep an eye out for patches post launch!
We're working hard to try and bring new maps and variations to the game ASAP!
We're discussing it a bit but it's a huge undertaking- we just use Unity to build our levels so it's not like there's a tool we can just sent to players unfortunately. There are also lots of complexities around things like curating that content, figuring out how to surface the best stuff, etc so we'll likely be working on it for a while (if we choose to start it) it's a really exciting idea though and I'd love to do it one day.
Long text, please check out the link
This is on our list of things to get fixed ASAP
Ouch, yeah this is super rough and not at all the experience we want. We're looking into it but it's not a simple fix. Latency means that players can be in different positions on different clients, so making it 'easier' to grab tails risks making the grab distance for players grabbing you even worse than it currently is. That said, I'm not an engineer and so can't speak to the complexities of this issue. All I can say is that we know it's a bit busted and are going to do our best to fix it!
Hey, thanks, we know. We have anti-cheat measures but we're still tuning them as we get more data from launch!
We've fixed this internally! Coming soon to a Fall Mountain near you.
Why do you lot have to do this to me... (fix coming soon, you cheeky lot!)
Passed onto the dev team. Don't you DARE start doing this on purpose.
We've already started working on this feature!
We hear you loud and clear and are looking into performance improvements post launch to address this!
We're fixing this right now! Expect it to land in a hotfix pretty soon
So we have to be careful because a) we don't want parties pub-stomping matchmaking, and b) large parties can grief and do all sorts of things we don't expect (blocking finish lines etc.) It's frustrating but with this type of thing you really have to think of the worst case scenario and work backwards from there.
That said, I could see us upping the party size slightly one day. It's probably not our highest priority feature but it's definitely something we'll be looking into once launch settles down!
This is probably our most requested feature (after working servers of course). Coming very soon!
We used to have it in the game but it got cut due to complexity (alongside a lot of other things, I'm sure you're all learning!). Would love to bring it back one day!
Can confirm we're definitely looking to bring cross play to platforms but it's a pretty complex chunk of work. Having players join games together etc. is actually not too hard, but it's all the other stuff that comes with it; inviting cross platform, reporting cross platform, etc. That's where all the work is so we can't give a time frame at this point.
We hear people wanting this feature but need to be careful that: a) we don't create that k/d anxiety seen in other games. Fall Guys isn't supposed to be about min-maxing everything and we don't want to reinforce that behaviour too heavily b) we don't create something that we feel doesn't match the tone of Fall Guys. We don't want to go super stat/ UI heavy and it's a bit dry for a gameshow, but we have some ideas for how we can let players track their stats in a way that feels more aptly Fall Guys. Our equivalent of 'strange weapons' from TF2 would be cool... That all said I totally hear ya, I'd love to know my total crowns, total wins on each round etc.!
submitted by byPaz to FallGuysGame [link] [comments]

2020.07.11 21:14 freespinsbonus MEGASLOT Casino 100 free spins bonus on slot machines!

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Banking and Cashouts

Our Megaslot casino review revealed a number of different payment methods available. Choose from classic Visa options to other popular payment methods like Qiwi and ecoPayz. Whatever your preference, you’re guaranteed to find a payment method you’re comfortable with and which is also available in your country. Our team also found that the Megaslot casino payments page goes into great detail when it comes to accepted currencies, payment provider fees, and minimum/maximum deposit/withdrawal amounts.
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2020.06.23 01:51 bhishma-pitamah Bangtan Daily Updates 220620

-Bangtan bomb - stretching classes
-Stay Gold Performance on CDTV Live Live
-BTS x UNO mobile game (google store link) and link for apple user
-Save Me mv 500M YouTube views
-Black Swan 130M Spotify streams
-BTS & BH won 2020 UNICEF Inspire Award for their Love Myself campaign
And Lee Kichul, UNICEF Korea chief, said, “@BTS_twt’s message that love for others begins w/ loving themselves is creating positive change around the world. I think this award is the result of #BTS' good influence to convey courage and comfort to children and teens in the world.As a Korean, I'm really proud that fellow Koreans (won this award), and I'd like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude once again to @BTS_twt and @BigHitEnt, which always actively support UNICEF's #ENDViolence Campaign.”
-1 Month with D-2
-Learn Korean with BTS EP 16
-BTS to perform "Your eyes tell" (song JK composed) on 13/07 and more details
-Spring Day charting on Melon Weekly Chart for 175 weeks now
-Special story message by BTS on "This Is BTS" Spotify playlist
-John Oliver mentioned Jungkook and BTS
-Ordinary people on IG about BangBangCon costumes
-(EN/JP/IND Sub) 창이공항 LDF 오픈 BTS축하영상! BTS's Celebration of Opening new LDF branch of Changi Airport! and IG link
-Singer Kim Yohan mentions BTS's V as his role model "I want to resemble BTS V sunbaenim on stage or performance-wise," he said. "I think he gives a splendid artist-like performance."
- ‘BANGTANTV’ is now the no.1 most subscribed YouTube Channel for a Boy Group surpassing 0ne Direction
-Map of the Soul: 7 spends an 18th week at #1 on Melon Album Chart further extending its record as the album with the most weeks at #1 of all time in the chart's history! All 14 MOTS: 7 songs are still charting on Melon this week.
-Boy With Luv has now spent 50 weeks charting in the Top 30 of Melon (63 weeks total)
-"Eight" by IU(Prod. & Feat. SUGA) wins this week's MelOn Popularity Award, the song's 4th win
-BTS's "Stay Gold" is trending at no.1 on Yahoo Japan!
-Fake Love is certified RIAJ Silver in Japan! 💿 (30M streams) This is BTS's 3rd song to be certified RIAJ Silver after DNA & Boy With Luv, and they remain the only Korean Male act to receive a streaming certification
-Graphic Lyrics showcase
-Sports Seoul held a survey among music industry officials from 50 agencies "Power People" who move the industry No.1 BTS, 68 pts 👑 No.3 Bang Shihyuk
Best Boy Group No.1 @BTS_twt, 141 points
BigHit Entertainment was No.2 in Best Management Company Bang PD was No.1 in Best Kpop Producer
-Liiv M xBTS Jin
-Artist Lee Kang Hun (Andy KHUN) posted about his art work being featured in BTS's RUN! BTS 2019 - EP.57 (He also did the illustration for 'Save ME' in the BTS Graphic Lyrics Project)
-A BTS question was asked on "Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow: Strike It Lucky"!
Cr- OT7wreaked and me for additional stuff and links :)
submitted by bhishma-pitamah to bts7 [link] [comments]

2020.01.04 11:31 MADKITTIEZ Bets and Bravery: 2019 Year in Review!

Thanks for the heads-up. whew Here's to another successful year.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and everybody in between, welcome back to...

Bets and Bravery!

Welcome one, welcome all, we're glad to have you here today for a very special edition of Bets and Bravery! As you could probably tell by reading the title, and did I mention how very proud I am of my literate players? this is the special 2019 Year in Review of B&B. posted just in time to both miss 2019's end and to miss the New Year However, before we get into the Year in Review, let's get further introductions out of the way!

What is Bets and Bravery?

To everyone out there, I extend another warm welcome. To the newcomers out there, it's nice to meet you for the first time, my name is MADKITTIEZ, and I am the handsome, strong, intelligent, and ever so humble host of this here gameshow: "Bets and Bravery"! B&B, for short, has been the unofficial official gameshow of OnePiece for a couple of years now, where weekly game threads are published a couple days before the accompanying chapter and contestants bet on what they think will happen in the upcoming chapter(s) based on questions prompted by me. I keep track of all the data, the bets and payouts, in the previously linked Overview Spreadsheet and share the results with you all in the accompanying Results thread before the cycle repeats.
Now that the show's introductory section has come to an end, I'd like to kick off this look back at all the highs and lows of Bets and Bravery's 2019 year!

Bets and Bravery: 2019 Year in Review!

Compared to the regular 7 category Highlight Reel featured in every Results thread, you can think of this thread as a big brother to that system as we celebrate a myriad of different accomplishments and milestones throughout B&B's 2019 year.
So, without further ado, let's get into our first theme of the night...

Bets and Bravery

How else could we celebrate B&B's 2019 year without talking about the show itself? It's the semi weekly thread you've all come to love and play, so let's take a look at what's been up with the show this year.


Over the course of the 2019 year, there were a whopping 38 chapters officially released starting with 929 and ending with 966. That means the year started with us meeting both Yasuie and Orochi, Big Mom entered Wano as O-Lin, Sanji used his raid suit, we met Queen, Hyougoro, Kawamatsu, Gyukimaru, Yasuie was executed, we learned of the SMILE's true effects, Zoro traded Shusui for Enma, we learned the Yonkou's and old legends' bounties, and we've recently entered into the absolute chad backstory of Kozuki Oden, ending the year with the samurai joining the Roger Pirates on the final voyage.
Of those 38 published chapters, there were only 24 Bets and Bravery threads to accompany them! This means B&B had a somewhat weak year, putting out a thread about once every 1.58 chapters. Last year we also only had 24 threads, but since there were 39 chapters that year, this year was better for B&B's credibility. Suck on that, 2018 u/MADKITTIEZ!


Last year, B&B crossed 50 total editions. This year, I'm pleased to say that we've crossed 75 editions with the Chapter 956 edition. This means if the current pace is kept, we should pass 100 total editions by the end of 2020, I'm looking forward to sharing that milestone with you all!
Last year, B&B crossed 500 unique contestants, and this year we crossed 600 and also recently passed 650. We're getting closer to 700, but here's hoping we can reach 1000 eventually!
With this, we've concluded the general overview section of B&B for the year, so let's get on to our next theme...

The Bets


Over the 24 published B&B editions, a grand total of 120 bets were produced for the show this year.
Of those 120 bets, 48 were the weekly "page count" and "chapter focus" bets while the other 72 were unique bets produced for the accompanying chapter.
Exciting section we just got through there.


Looking at those 120 bets, a total of 66 (up from 63 last year) were resolved immediately on the accompanying chapter.
However, discounting the 48 weekly bets that are always resolved, only 18 of 72 unique bets were immediately resolved, meaning any one unique bet had an even 1/4 chance of being resolved in its accompanying chapter.
Of the remaining 54 bets that weren't immediately resolved, 30 of those went on to be resolved by 2019's end while 24 are still yet to be resolved.
In total, 96 of the 120 total bets produced during 2019 were resolved by the year's end, a solid 80% year-end resolution rate.
If we look at the bets from 2018, a total of 28 bets were left unresolved by the beginning of 2019. Since then, exactly half of those 28 bets have been resolved, leaving only 14 bets from 2018 still unresolved.


This section shows for the resolved 2019 bets how prominent each letter outcome (along with a percent equivalent) was in being the correct answer. The percent totals won't add up to 100% because on multiple occasions, more than one letter answer ended up being correct for a bet.
With data on the bets out of the way, let's get into our next theme...

The Weekly Mini-Game

With our total 24 editions of B&B this year, we had an accompanying 24 WMG's.
Of those 24 Mini-Games, 10 saw a contestant guess spot-on, making the chance of any WMG being perfectly guessed 41.7% for any given week.
The most common theme was guessing the total panel count for any one chapter followed by the number of panels a certain character would appear in said chapter.
In total, a whopping total of ฿25,500,000 was handed out to contestants through the WMG this year!
Next up is a fun theme, you!

The Contestants

At the start of 2019, B&B had a total of 554 unique players. 24 editions later, we now have a whopping 656 unique players, meaning we had a total of 102 new contestants stop by this year! Welcome to the show!
However, we must also pay our respects to the unfortunate souls who have left the show behind. Of the now 656 unique players who've played B&B at least once, only 132 of them played along this year. It's a somber feeling when I input the weekly data and see all those names who feel familiar on a personal level yet I've not seen them in many many months.
Despite the depressing tone, we also set a new record! The previous record for most players for a single B&B edition was 32 players, previously set back during the Chapter 894 edition. This year, for the Chapter 945 edition, we surpassed that record to have 34 players for a single B&B edition. I'm very thankful to everyone who stopped by, let's go for even more in 2020!
Of the 132 contestants who participated this year, the most active contestant was u/4rca9, who made a whopping 21 thread appearances out of the 24 published editions this year! Please, someone call the police, he has since entered my home and will not leave
Moving on, let's take a look at the many records set by our contestants this year...

Game Records

Most Spots Held on Highlight Reel

Since it was instated last year, the Highlight Reel has seen many a contestant vie for up to 7 highlights in any given week. Of those 7 categories, a whopping two contestants have managed to claim 5 of the 7 for a given week!
u/4rca9 was the first to do so during the Chapter 946 Edition, claiming the "Most Spent on Bets", "Most Earned", "WMG Winner", "Most Beli Frozen", and "Biggest Loser" categories that week! how do you earn the most money, win the weekly mini-game, and still end up being the biggest loser? I know you said you wanted to get 5 of the categories, but try for the good ones, please
u/onnsn was the next to do so during the Chapter 952 Edition, claiming the "Most Spent on Bets", "Most Earned", "Highest Net Profit", "Most Beli Frozen", and "Most Beli Won from Newly Resolved Bets" categories that week! see, u/4rca9, now this is a highlight reel winner!

Most Consecutive WMG Wins

The Weekly Mini-Game, or WMG, is a tough challenge for many players. Only an elite few get to taste victory, much less a complete victory. How it works is that a Mini-Game is thought up the benevolent host, contestants guess to be the closest to the actual answer, and money is doled out to the closest. A spot-on guess gets the lucky contestant ฿1,500,000 while the closest guess if no one guesses perfectly earns the contestant ฿750,000. In the case of ties, the prize is split equally.
Previously, 3 contestants including me held the record with 2 wins in a row each. But this year, u/AbiAra1513 went on a winning streak and won a total of 3 WMG's in a row! thanks for ruining everything

Most Frozen Beli

In the event of a bet not being immediately resolved in its accompanying chapter, the bet is deemed "frozen", any and all money bet is locked into place, and we sit on it. Once an answer to the question is eventually determined, the bet is "unfrozen", and payouts resume as normal.
One unlucky contestant or lucky, depending on how they bet has wound up with a whopping ฿99,452,000 frozen, u/4rca9! Ice job!

Biggest Net Loss

Since net profit is calculated by subtracting money bet from money earned, sometimes poor souls wind up losing big some weeks. Also, since frozen beli doesn't pay back since no answer is determined that immediate edition, frozen bets are also considered a loss. You might be able to tell where this is going, since one unlucky contestant winded up freezing big and just having trash bets that week and setting a new record.
Smashing the previous biggest net loss of -฿9,990,000 with their -฿45,990,000, it's u/4rca9! Most gamblers know when to call it quits. I don't know if you're just overconfident or what

The Big Losers

Quite a few contestants have managed to lose money overall as compared to their initial ฿1,000,000 starting balance. A total of 58 contestants have dropped below their initial starting value due to either frozen or bad bets. The current last-place players are u/Just_luck and u/yung_sneezy33, who risked it all on their first bet and lost it all, with balances of ฿10,000 each thanks to the weekly allowance. But they needn't worry, in due time, they will gain money and some poor other souls will suffer the same fate.
With this out of the way, let's take a look at...

The Leaderboard

While this is a game, the stakes of which there are none are dangerously high! It's a fight for supremacy, for internet clout, for pride, for being able to say you've outgamed GODA! These contestants are the ones who've rose to the top!

The Top 10

On top of that, a further 7 contestants have crossed ฿10,000,000, and we'll mention these other elite players who are close to reaching the upper echelon here!
Even more crazy, a total of 44 players (including those above) have crossed ฿5,000,000 since starting their gambling addiction journey for glory!
It's a crazy race for the top, anything could happen! So, get out there and bet!
Next up, it's time to present the most coveted award of the year and the final award of the night...

The Bets and Bravery MVP

Previous Winners

This is the second time we here at B&B are handing out this award. The current third place on the leaderboard, u/offe06, was the first recipient of this award, who held a total of 7 records at the time of his coronation.
This year, we have a new contestant who's taken the crown. Let's take a look at the records they hold under their belt to see exactly why they have earned such an award.
With a total of 5 records to their name and the not-too-shabby position of #1 on the leaderboard, I'd like to congratulate u/X7Strife as this year's Bets and Bravery MVP!
Congratulations, you've earned it!

Host's Corner

Hello one, hello all! It's good to see you!
Once again, my name is u/MADKITTIEZ, and I've been your host of not just the ceremony tonight but also Bets and Bravery throughout the year. Since I took over from my prestigious colleague u/euphon22 as his successor as host of this show, I've had a blast with it. Since 2018's summer, I've put out a whopping 43 editions of B&B not to brag or anything, but that means I've been host the longest While I haven't put out an accompanying B&B thread for every chapter due to either personal issues, laziness, the question on how I can even do anything when we're in a long ass flashback where we already know how it ends or creative roadblocks, I'm still giving it my all.
Once we get out of Oden's flashback, you can expect me to get back out there pumping out issues left and right to ensure this sub gets the gambling exposure it needs!
I hope you've all enjoyed my tenure as host, whether you've been here since the beginning of the show or whether I'm the only host you've known.
I hope my epic jokes have gotten at least a couple harsh nose exhales or even a couple chuckles from you all, whether it's clearly ironic text that's crossed out, is a joke out in the open, or is a hyperlinked meme, I've enjoyed putting my all into hosting this.
So, I've created my own Highlight Reel of the artistic endeavors I'm most proud of that I created this year. Please enjoy.
Without further ado, it's been a fun one. Now it's time for the outro.

Thanks for Participating!

And with that, B&B's 2019 Year in Review has come to a close. While it didn't come out in 2019, we're still in that weird period where we have to adjust to writing "2020" as the year on dates, so we're basically good.
It's truly been a fantastic journey for B&B this year. From Wano's shores in the present to God Valley of decades past to the Ultimate Voyage of the Roger Pirates, I've enjoyed every stop along the way. We've had plenty of laughs, plenty of tears, and plenty of fun. There's so much that's happened this year that I truly cannot begin to thank you all enough.
So, if you'll let me try, thank you. Thanks to everyone out there, truly. To everyone who dropped by to read this thread, whether all the way through, just skimming, or just dropping by to see what "Bets and Bravery" was, I'm truly grateful you all come by and support my work here as much as you do, so thank you.
I wish you all good luck on your future bets here in 2020, a Happy New Year, and good fortune in whatever endeavors you undertake in your life. And, of course, I will see you all back here soon for the next edition of Bets and Bravery!
Until next time!
submitted by MADKITTIEZ to OnePiece [link] [comments]

2019.10.10 22:33 agentpanda October Democratic Party Primary Presidential Debate High-Level Rundown/Pre-Analysis

Hey guys. I'll be dropping a day-of debate discussion thread but wanted to get some generalized facts (and lots of my own nonsense opinions) out here to set the stage for this coming Tuesday.

Quick Facts:

The October debate will be hosted in Westerville, Ohio at Otterbein University on October 15 2019 on one night with twelve candidates on the same stage. This event will feature the 10 candidates from the September debate with the addition of 2- Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer who will be attending his first debate of the cycle.
The debate floor was unchanged between September and October, hence the inclusion of the two additional candidates. The event will be hosted by CNN and the New York Times, start at 8PM ET, and be moderated by Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, and NYT editor Marc Lacey.

The Last Month, editorialized:

In the past 30 days since the previous debate there's been a lot going on. Ignoring President Trump's... stuff, there has been internal movement of the candidates as well.
Taking a look at September pre-debate polling data found here (Quinnipiac, because reasons) shows a very different calculus compared to more recent results (question 2 for both):
Now that we're done with the old folks' home, the rest of the stack's comparatively low movement is probably more telling than not:
“The DNC and corporate media are trying to hijack the entire election process,” Gabbard said in a video posted on Twitter. “In order to bring attention to this serious threat to our democracy, and ensure your voice is heard, I am giving serious consideration to boycotting the next debate on October 15th.”
... so that's a thing maybe. As if it wasn't interesting enough that's she's still suing Google. I'm starting to wonder if there's a reason she's not getting poll support. Maybe she will too.


The debate stage is the largest in primary history, beating out the 11 candidates on-stage for the 2016 Republican nomination fight that was... y'know... hilarious, so I look forward to watching Burnett and Cooper attempt to wrangle with these cats for 2 and a half hours on Tuesday night.
The biggest takeaways here may be that the Tuesday night stage is slammed full of low-tier candidates that absolutely need (once again) to make a big name for themselves yet again in order to remain in the mix. The top-card flips of Biden/Warren may be very telling about the future of the party direction. Lastly- Saturday Night Live is back on the air, so I personally look forward to seeing what kind of lampooning we'll get on Saturday from Tuesday's antics and then the subsequent effect that may have on the stage in the real world.
Lastly; Tom Steyer. What is he doing, who is he running for, and what does he bring to the table? Seriously- I'm asking, I don't know.
Thanks everyone- and I look forward to seeing you Tuesday!
edited: 4:43PM ET, spelling, phrasing (boom), some grammar stuff.
submitted by agentpanda to moderatepolitics [link] [comments]

2019.09.30 01:36 gluttonousvam [H] Games from Humble and GreenManGaming with prices [W] Paypal US

Prices negotiable, anything that doesn't have a price is $0.50, willing to give you a deal if you take bundles (I'll part with all the unpriced stuff for $12 for example, about thirty games)
GMG Games:
Club Manager 2015
Data Hacker: Reboot
Save the Ninja Clan
Riaff the Spider
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD $5
Last Inua
Dead Age $2
Manual Samuel $3
Humble Games:
Punch Club $4
SpeedRunners $5
Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition $8
The First Tree $2
Tangledeep+Soundtrack $5
Rampage Knights $4
Tumblestone $2
Cities in Motion 2 $5
Crusader Kings II $5
Europa Universalis III Complete $3
Hearts of Iron III Collection $5 Majesty 2 Collection $4
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut $10
Wurm Unlimited $10
Duke Nukem Forever $4
Poker Night at the Inventory
Ultimate General: Gettysburg $3
Tomb Raider: Anniversary $2
Tomb Raider: Legend $2
Tomb Raider: Underworld $2
Hospital Tycoon
Bionic Commando: Rearmed
Warframe 7-day Credit and Affinity Booster Packs
submitted by gluttonousvam to SteamGameSwap [link] [comments]

2019.08.20 05:31 j259awesome G-H 1k-5k

g1comments G2eSports G35 G37 GAAB350 gabagoodness gabapentin gabber Gabbs70 gabbystuart GabrielDropout Gabriella_Abutbol GabriellaEllyse Gadget GAEATrading gaggingcats gaiaonline gaidhlig GakkouGurashi Gal_Pals galarpeopletwitter galatasaray Galavant Galaxy_S Galaxy_S8 galaxybuds GalaxyGear GalaxyNewsRadio GalaxyNexus GalaxyNote2 GalaxyNote3 galaxynote5 GalaxyS3 galaxys4 GalaxysEdge GalaxyTab GalCiv galiomains gallifreyan GalliumOS gallopfrey GallowBoob GalnaGossar galveston galway Gambiarra GambitPlaybook GambleCoin game_gear game_of_throne_ gameai GameArt GameAttack Gamebattles gamebooks GameboyAdvance GameboyMarketplace gamecentercx GameCreditsCrypto GameDealsFree GameDealsUK GameDev1 gamedevexpo gameDevJobs GameDevTycoon gamedex gameglitches gamegrumpsanimated gamejams GameKeyDump GameloftDHChampions GameLootNetwork gamemakertutorials GameMasterApp gamemechanics GameMods gamenostalgia Gameofdice GameOffers gameofthronefree gameofthrones_ GameOfThronesConquest GameofThronesRP 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2019.03.14 09:38 Maplebacon The Drifter and the Snitch

“So what’s it gonna be, kid? Me, or them?”
Drifter knew the answer as soon as the guardian looked at him. THE Guardian, capital G. She smirked at him without humor, matching his expression, and sadly shook her head.
“Sorry, Drifter,” she said in her Scandinavian lilt. “I like you, but I do not trust you.”
Drifter sighed. Of course she’d side with the Vanguard. No one had logged more strike hours, more Cabal leadership taken out, or lost engrams found. Besides, she was a Titan, cut from the same cloth as Zavala and Sloane. The self-styled Fylla Skorrisdottir she called herself, one part of the most glorious and celebrated fireteam in the City. ‘Skorrisdottir,’ after one a’ them dead Iron Lords. Her armored frame stood nearly a foot taller than him, arms crossed, her body encased in shimmering dark-blue armor of clearly Awoken make. Drifter liked her better in his Gambit duds, of course. He realized the fact she rarely wore them should have tipped him off to her allegiance.
She noticed him looking her over, and arched an eyebrow. “More to say? I almost hoped you’d be angry.”
Drifter smiled at her in his easy, winning way, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Oh I’m not angry,” he said, with a gesture as to wave the idea away. “Just, disappointed is all. I thought we were tight, you and me.”
The Titan shook her head again, more resigned than sad. “As I said, I cannot trust you.” She had been tricked before, too often, and was tired of being used as a pawn. “For your own sake, I hope what they’re saying about you isn’t true. One shred of proof that it isn’t true, and I would be honored to stand beside you. But you keep too many secrets.”
Drifter laughed, hard-edged and humorless. “That’s what you’re worried about? You think your pal Zavala ain’t got any secrets? Or hell, Osiris? Mara?” He leaned in, grinning. “They’ve got secrets like you wouldn’t imagine.”
“But I know where they stand. You play like a gameshow host, but I don’t know what you stand for.” Fylla leaned away from him, with a look on her face like his breath smelled like Cabal underarmor. “Or what you stand against.”
“I stand against the darkness, sister!” Drifter cried, spreading his arms to gesture at the room around them, and by extension the City. “You’ve seen what’s out there. You know what’s comin’! You tellin’ me you’d rather sit and wait for ‘em?”
The Titan shook her head again, dismissing him. “Then what are you doing? What is Gambit for, practice?” Drifter grimaced as she continued. “Keeping secrets is one thing, Drifter. But what they say about you, what they say you are up to… frankly, it scares me. And the Vanguard have always been up front with me.”
Drifter couldn’t help but laugh. “I scare ya? Hell, I’ve seen you and your pals walk unflinching through Taken fire, shooting your guns made outta the bones of a wish-dragon. And you’re saying you’re afraid of little ol’ Drifter?” He leaned in again, the picture of innocence, smiling sweetly. Fylla opened her mouth to speak, but he cut her off.
“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it then,” he said, turning away and pretending to look busy. “I get it: ya got principles. A duty,” he practically spat. “I admire that, stickin’ to your guns.” He turned back and sized her up, his eyes unreadable. “You won’t mind then that I’m stickin’ to mine.”
Again, Fylla opened her mouth, and evidently thought better of it. She gave him a wry smile, and a different expression that Drifter hated: pity. “I will see you in Gambit, yeah?” She said finally, before turning to walk away. The Drifter watched her go, her heavy footfalls muffled by thick dust.
Then she broke into a short sprint, hopped, and flew away, speeding just above the ground and out of sight.
Drifter snorted. Titans. “As long as you play it right, snitch!” he called after her.
Some time later, while reviewing his latest performance data, the Drifter heard the telltale sounds of footsteps approaching his Annex. He turned in time to see a shiny blue Exo come bounding around the corner, yellow eyes glowing in the dim light of the bank behind him. “Ay yo, Drifter!” said the figure, his voice metallic and modulated.
Ah, now this one Drifter liked. Pariah-1, this one called himself. Chose the name because it sounded cool, just like the Drifter. The second part of the Fireteam of Godslayers, an Exo Hunter just like the late Cayde-6. Even blue, too.
Pariah-1 looked as excitable as ever as he approached, a handful of glowing Prime Synths in his outstretched hand, but Drifter knew he’d been going through something of a hard time. Everyone in the City mourned the loss of the well-known Hunter Vanguard, but (it seemed to the Drifter) no one took it harder than the Hunters. Cayde had been something of a father figure to most, if not all, of the wayward explorers, and Pariah-1 looked up to no one more. He had seen Cayde as a mentor and friend, and gave him a much-needed feeling of belonging after waking up alone in Old Russia those years ago. Pariah-1 had just as many epic feats to his name as Fylla, perhaps even more, but she was a Titan, and reveled in stand-up, knock-down drag-out fights, and Pariah-1 was more inclined to explore, poking around abandoned places and whittling down his enemies with guile and ambush. Without Cayde, Pariah-1 threw himself into his work more than ever, sometimes being absent from the City for months at a time. Despite all that, Drifter noted, he’d always show up for some Gambit.
The Exo handed off some bounties, picked a few more, and spread some gossip about useless teammates and close calls. The conversation moved on to current events, and Drifter figured it was time to ask the question.
“So what’s it gonna be, kid? Me, or them?”
Pariah-1 glanced around the chamber, his robotic brow furrowed. “Has Fylla come through here yet?”
“Nope,” Drifter lied. Pariah-1 was a good kid, a good Hunter, but he made few decisions on his own. Drifter didn’t want them coming to any kind of consensus. Drifter hated that word.
“I’m with you.” The Exo’s yellow eyes burned in the darkness. “I know the stakes. Besides, I can’t just turn my back on a fellow Guardian!” He threw an arm around the Drifter, who matched the gesture good-naturedly.
“Now that’s what I like to hear! You and me, we’re thick as thieves.” He produced a jade coin from nowhere and tucked it into Pariah-1’s vest, then patted the spot a few times. “You’ll see,” he said, the two of them admiring the soft glow of the Motes of Dark suspended in their bank. “Just trust in ol’ Drifter, and we’ll make this place right as rain.”
He glanced sidelong at Pariah-1, who was staring hard into the bank. Exo faces were hard to read, but this one had ‘righteous fury’ written all over it.
“They investigated me too, you know,” said Pariah-1 after a moment. He made a noise in his non-throat like a scoff. “Me and Fylla both. Said it was suspicious, the way Cayde died with us there.” The Exo glowered even more, turning to look at the Drifter. “Suspicious! Us! They wasted who knows how much time and energy making sure we didn’t murder our friend!”
Drifter smiled softly, knowingly. “Oh, I know. They sure got a strange way of rewarding service, don’t they.”
Pariah-1 looked at the ground. “I just don’t know where their loyalties lie. One minute they’re declaring this a new golden age, gonna take humanity to the stars. The next, they chastise like schoolteachers and refuse to bring justice to those who deserve it.” His hand idly went to the big hand cannon on his hip, one Drifter had seen before only in nightmares. Pariah-1 looked up at the Drifter and smirked, patting the gun. “Guess I got the justice now, huh?”
The Drifter eyed the gun, but looked back up to the Exo’s face. “Glad to have you on my side, brother.”
“Anytime, Drifter.”
They stood for a moment, then Pariah-1 stuck out his hand. Drifter grinned and took it, shaking it firmly. “See you on the Derelict,” he said, in his comfortable drawl.
Pariah-1 nodded and began to saunter away. Then he broke into a short sprint, slid halfway out the door, and leapt high into the air. He was still jumping as he disappeared around the corner.
Drifter smirked to himself. Hunters.
Fylla Skorrisdottir
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2019.02.27 02:07 7FigureMarketer Sweet Baby Jesus This Is How You Find An Audience To Target On Facebook

I originally intended to write this as a response to this post
And thought.
7FM. Bro? What can YOU do for your Country? You've taken so much. It's time to give!
This is it. I'm tossing this advice out into the wild and I'm using everyone's favorite, polarizing topic - religion!
I'll show you in less than 2 minutes how anyone can find their ideal audience on Facebook even if (and especially if) you don't already have a FB page full of people that like you, AKA "An audience". Don't worry. You don't need it. You only need to know an interest. Any interest will do. As long as you know this interest relates to your audience, you good bruh.
Ready? Let's do this, homies!
First rule of Facebook Club? You need to be using Audience Insights in Facebook Business Manager if you really want to discover your ideal demographic.
With this lovely tool you have access to aggregate stats on billions of people and how they relate to what they do on Facebook. We're not talking intimate details, or anything with personal info, but we are talking about Age/Sex/Location, Interests & Devices.
Basically, all I need to know to get started!
Speaking of, let's go! Just don't forget to actually be logged into FB's kind of a requirement.
On the initial popup click the box that says Everyone on Facebook, unless you already have a massive audience on a FB page you control. Which, if that's the case. Go away you're no fun.
On the left-hand sidebar, under the Interests section type in Christian Music and hit enter.
You want a nice, big audience to start with. You can use whatever you want, but this is a good interest to target when targeting Christians because if there's one thing I know about religious peeps, they love their music...and also the bible, so you can go ahead and target that instead if you like, I'm choosing to go the music route because it's more commercial in intent than the bible is.
On the main page you'll see it refresh under the default Demographics tab and load up with pretty bar charts. Yay!
Right away I know that 65% are female. I'm not even gonna mess with targeting males if I want to maximize my ROI. I might split test that 36% just to see, but my hopes will be low because the data tells me so.
52% of all people that like Christian Music are married. Done. I'd throw in the 29% that are single as well into a different ad set and test that, too. They just aren't married yet, ya know?
Now, skip on over to the Page Likes tab near the top of the main page. This is where the gold is, and no, I'm not willing to go in order and I'll omit any that I've seen multiple times in other unrelated searches (they can't all like Mint Julep Boutique!)
and on and on. The lower down on the list, the less relevant as a whole it is.
These are the pages that are most liked as an aggregate, and now, you don't just have to target Christian Music, you can target married females that like country music, or CMT or Paula Deen, .etc.
Just so we're clear here, we're gathering these demographics to target later in our ad campaigns. So don't just look at them and say "wow, cool, so that's who they are and where they hang out!" - you have to actually use them in your ad targeting.
Now let's go to the Location tab.
Well, well. What do you know? The great state of Texas is home to BBQ, High School Football & a good percentage of our core audience!
Cities like Dallas & San Antonio stand out as heavy hitters in this report. Do I trust it? Meh. It's a good baseline to work with. We can start there.
I'm not saying ignore other cities, just make a special attempt to focus here or even regionally.
NOTE: Up to you if you want to make Texas specific ads or not, that's your call. (it would be more relevant and would lead to higher CTR in most cases. The tradeoff is that they're more labor intensive to create)
I wouldn't say treat Location with a grain of salt, however, I will say that it's best not to ignore certain locations just because they're not on this list. Maybe NYC isn't home to a bunch of country music fans, but does that mean there aren't millions of Christians? Probably not. Just because the results skew South doesn't mean you should ignore the other directions on the compass.
OK. Let's go to the final tab, Activity.
As you can probably guess, the world is mobile. They went mobile years ago and never looked back. So, don't be surprised that 64% of your entire audience is mobile!
NOTE: If you don't have a mobile-responsive website and funnel that's on you. You've been warned.
Now, let's check those device splits!
Ah, yes. Nearly 50/50 iOS & Android. Figures.
Well, here's a little tip from your boy 7FM. You need to split-test both of those OS's, because they don't perform the same and they never will.
I see dramatically different results when targeting one OS over another and it really varies from product to product. I've found that free products, free signups, free anything will get that Android crowd going. If it requires paying for something, iOS typically wins out.
Without going into crazy conspiracy theories, Android devices are cheaper. People who own Android devices (as an aggregate) have less money. I'm not talking about feature devices like Galaxy's, Note's and Pixels. I'm talking mass-market Android phones that you impulse buy for your entire family at Walmart.
Android users get a lot of apps for free and as a whole, typically don't have the purchasing power, nor intent of iOS users. iOS users have a 2x higher AOV than Android users, and it's technically closer to 3x.
Wait...I just said phones. What about tablets? "Lord, please tell me he didn't forget about the almighty tablet!" you say.
Ahhhh, man I don't want to give too much away here but PAID PLATFORM Tablet users in almost every case are dead money. Your gameshow network loving grandmother uses it to play Scrabble online and mass-click ads that get in her way.
Test it, try it, absolutely never take my word for it; but, just know I told you so ;)
There you have it. You've found your demographic like a boss and all you had to do was know one interest that your desired demographic might have.
Quick Tip: When you're done with this try it again for a different interest and see if you can cross match. You want to find the overlapping results to know you really hit it.
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2019.02.12 08:04 MADKITTIEZ Bets and Bravery: Chapter 933!

I'm still firmly of the mindset that Orochi is actually stronger than he looks. After all, that Yamata no Orochi form looks pretty fierce and could probably pack a punch. And, yes, I know Komurasaki landed a clean slap on Orochi, but c'mon, it barely made a scratch on him. If something like a slap from a girl he made angry didn't seem to phase him, you have a u/MADKITTIEZ guarantee that Orochi could take on the admirals with ease!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and everybody in between, welcome back to...

Bets and Bravery!

Welcome one, welcome all, we're glad to have you! If you're new to Bets and Bravery, B&B is a weekly thread on this subreddit where users bet with fake currency, the Beli from in-universe, on what they think will happen in each week's chapter in a series of bets made by yours truly. I keep track of everyone's money in a giant Google Sheet, which is available in the links above. So, if you're new, enjoy your time! But, if you're a regular on this thread, we're glad to see you back!

Where's That Results Thread for 932?

Before we jump into this week's edition for real, I'd like to explain myself a little here. As you've probably noticed if you avidly follow my world-famous gameshow, Bets and Bravery patent pending, you might be wondering "where's that results thread for 932?" Let me tell you, there isn't one!
The simple answer is that I was busy this weekend from Saturday to mid-Sunday, which is when I usually sit down and write up each edition's results thread, and didn't get it out on time. I slacked off last Thursday and Friday, after the chapter had dropped, when I could've worked on the thread, so I apologize. And today I didn't feel like uploading two Bets and Bravery posts within 24 hours of each other would work well, as people might miss this actual edition once they see the results thread. A silly concern, yes, but a concern of mine nonetheless.
However, worry not, as I have uploaded all the data on earnings and bets from last week's edition into the Overview Spreadsheet, so the numbers should indeed be your correct current balances! And, in regards to the missing Results thread that I've now created, I will make an actual thread for it this weekend in a joint Results thread accompanying this chapter's results!
Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused! So, let's get back on schedule now with last chapter's summary!

Last Time on One Piece

Robin, confronted by Orochi's Oniwabanshu Ninja Squad, attempted to lie her way out of the situation by claiming she was the witching hour boy, but since the person she was claiming she was had already been spotted elsewhere, the Ninja Squad saw through her lie and captured her. But, it was just a body double Robin had prepared in advance, and she was able to escape back to the main party room, the Ninjas searching for her in tow. Orochi detailed to all his party guests of the upcoming time of Toki's prophecy regarding the warriors of the Kozuki, but all the guests save Kyoshiro and Robin believed in Orochi's story. Toko, Komurasaki's accompanying courtesan who ate Sanji's soba not long ago, burst into laughter at the story, prompting Orochi to attack her. Komurasaki, defending Toko, slapped Orochi, who transformed into his Yamata no Orochi form in response to intimidate the self-proclaimed daughter of a samurai. Robin swooped in and grabbed Toko, but was spotted by a Ninja all while Kyoshiro prepared to unsheath his sword for the upcoming bloodbath.
Last chapter was a thrilling adventure. But, with that out of the way, let's get into the real meat of the thread...

The Bets of the Week

Bet 265

Chapter 932 was distinctly focused on two plotlines, Orochi and his party and Robin's evasion of the Ninja Squad. While she was able to briefly escape the Oniwabanshu, Robin was spotted during her escape with Toko from Orochi. Shinobu this chapter, after Robin contacted her and Nami, mentioned how capable Orochi's Oniwabanshu were in their job, which spells trouble for our favorite geisha.
Although she already briefly escaped their grasp once before, Robin now has Toko under her care, meaning no more body doubles can fake out the Oniwabanshu. On top of that, they know that she's hiding something, so she can't lie her way out a second time if they catch up to her. Dear audience, will the Oniwabanshu successfully chase after Robin?

Bet 266

Although Robin has entrance access into Orochi's castle, three other members of the Strawhat Alliance have also managed to infiltrate the castle as well: Nami, Brook, and Shinobu! Among the three, two teams were formed: Nami and Shinobu as one team while Brook is going solo as the other. Brook seemed to be gathering food provisions in the castle's well while Nami and Shinobu were holed up in the attic. But, while both teams were working on their own missions, Robin informed the hidden Alliance members that she had been spotted by the Oniwabanshu.
Shinobu quickly declared her interest in determining Robin's location while both Nami and Brook seemed shocked that Robin was caught. We've seen just how much the Strawhats care about their nakama, so with Robin in a tight situation soon exasterbated by Komurasaki and Orochi's argument, it's not out of the question for these teams to jump in to save their friend although Shinobu probably won't be much help with her fear of sharp things. Dear audience, will Nami, Brook, and Shinobu rush to Robin's aid at Orochi's banquet?

Bet 267

Komurasaki is a mysterious character with an even more mysterious and totally not obvious secret identity background, and she was one of Chapter 932's stars. After Orochi's story about the ghosts of Kozuki past brought out laughter from Toko and the shogun attempted to cut the small kamuro down, Komurasaki personally saw to it that Orochi wouldn't lay a hand on her attendant.
While a bold move, it may not have been a smart one, as Komurasaki has now grabbed the ire of Orochi in his Zoan form and Kyoshiro. But, Komurasaki did reveal a shocking piece of information, that she is the daughter of a samurai, and that she will kneel to no one, not even Orochi. With a bloodbath on the horizon and her already declaring her stance on the matter, the question should be obvious. Dear audience, will Komurasaki take up arms against Orochi and fight?

Bet 268

This bet is where you can bet how many pages Chapter 933 will feature!
Note: Shounen Jump covers, color spreads, or fan art pages from either Jaimini's Box or Mangastream are not counted here. Double page spreads are counted as two separate pages. Cover story serials or fan requests are counted as a page.

Bet 269 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Our final bet this week is about the main focus of this week's chapter! The chapter may cover multiple storylines, in which case, the correct answer will be whichever storyline the chapter gave the most attention to in terms of pages or panels, should it get that close!

Weekly Mini-Game

Considering how last week's mini-game, where you had to guess how many panels Big Mom would appear, was a complete swing and a miss, we're gonna try again this week with another character-focused WMG! please Oda don't screw me over two weeks in a row Dear audience, I want you to guess in how many panels the Shogun of Wano Country, Kurozumi Orochi himself, will appear in Chapter 933!
Guess 100% correctly on this, and you'll receive a whopping 1,500,000 Beli! If nobody guesses correctly, the closest answer receives 750,000 Beli! If multiple people guess correctly or are evenly close to the correct answer, the bounty is evenly split among them to the nearest 1,000 Beli!

End of This Week's Bets

And with that, we've made it through another exciting week of Bets and Bravery! I hope you all enjoyed what we had this week, as I enjoyed making B&B for you!

Here's an example of a good comment:

There's a saying: "A wise man hides his bets in a spoiler tag".
200K on 265B!
100K on 266C!
250K on 267A!
500K on 268C!
300K on 269A!
If what you want is a gambler with weak bets... then go ahead. Cut me down and dispose of me.
I am the child of a gambler!! I will not live shamefully!!

Notes and Reminders

Thanks for Participating!

Thanks to everyone out there who dropped by to read this thread, whether all the way through, just skimming, or just dropping by to see what this thread was. I'm truly grateufl you all come by and support my work here as much as you do, so thank you. I hope I can keep living up to your expectations as host!
I wish you all good luck on this week's bets, and I will see you all back later this week after the chapter drops and the results thread is out (for real this time) for you all to see how you did! Until next time!
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2018.08.24 14:21 MrFingersEU [Gamescom]Q&A with our wild German MrConway and our tamed Russian Sub_Octavian. CV rework will be shown soon-soon (no tm).

What is the Preliminary Feedback from Clanbattles last season. The devs are quite happy with what they saw in terms of activity, given the weather was so nice, everyone was outside BBQing and stuff, but that people still found the time to play, so for this season they are very happy in terms of participation, given the circumstances.
What about the issue of getting your clanteam assembled for Clanwars, is that a reason to go international and make a global Clanwar? The background/reason is twofold.
What did the devs think about the USS Helena camouflage competition? There were a lot of very high quality of submissions, and a lot of submissions in general as well. The devs were amazed by it, since creative contests generally does not attract too much of an audience, but this really surpassed their expectations, and they wish to thank everyone that participated, and there will be more of those contests in the future (for making in-game content like camouflages). The USS Helena mission will very likely come as a chain of daily missions the same as the missions in July & August.
What about the Kitakami? It's "single facepalm"-time. There is a very low probability, but there are deepwater torpedoes now, so that opens a door. Still a very low probability of it ever coming back in the game, but... higher than before there were DW torpedoes.
What is the current state of CV rework? It's becoming a living meme of a topic, but they are approaching the time that they can show some gameplay and explain the principle. It was planned for unveiling at Gamescom, but they didn't make that deadline (they did not want to risk a Zeppeling-debacle again). But it's now ready for "external testing" by ST, staff, unicum-clans,... and then it's ready for general public testing. But more information about that, as well as some footage & explanation of concept will be coming soon, maybe next week.
What server clashes are there planned for next KOTS-tournament? They are talking to the organisers for this autumn, but it's not yet decided if there will be a clash with another server. But if so: it will be very likely the EU versus the Russians, since it was fun last time, and the Russians are eager for vengeance. Sub was happy to participate in the previous season. Even the Russians were entertained and surprised, and while there was some drama, but there were no hard feelings about the absolute pandering.
What about the testing of improvements of render speed (spotting-delay). Current status? It's an annoying and stupid bug that annoyed everyone for a long time. It's also quite complicated, and intertwined with data-reception of the client from the server, with multiple data being needed before the ship would render in the first place. They tried multiple solutions, and they fixed it. It will very very very likely come in 0.7.9, they just need to polish it and see it doesn't make more bugs.
The Stalingrad, and the state of that ship. Are the devs happy or not? Isn't it too Strong? No-one can be fully objective, nor testers or devs. Therefore it needs live gameplay to gather data. There is reason for concern with it having the railguns and being tough to kill, but it has distinct weaknesses. The tricky situation with this ship was that it is a reward for an enormous effort, so it should be decent and worthwhile. But it's going to be played by the most hardcore players, so it shouldn't be too good so that they don't piss on every other player. For now they assume it's fine, but they are following it up daily, and will see how it work competitively.
About the Royal Navy Heavy cruisers, are there any plans? Noooo, don't ask such questions. WG considers every ship that fits in the era. Plans: maybe.
Will Betatesters get an ingame patche like alpha-testers? Phil is very enthusiastic about it, and they are indeed coming for CBT/Weekend/... It will very likely be based on the Iwaki & Arkansas. It will be sorted out soon.
Will WoWS-team come to Paris game week? Not from the EU-office as far as they know, but if they are invited, the devs might come. But the EU team will look into it if they can join as well. They will be coming to the Vienna gameshow though.
What about HMS Vanguard? Idem as for British heavy cruisers.
Did the devs consider a reliability-factor for torpedoes? Not really, the only random factor is a small deviation (the gaps) in the spreads, and even that is controversial. So they don't want to add more randomness to torpedoes, it's already hard enough to land them successfully.
Can there be a captain's office, with a visual representation of everything you earned so far, like collections, patches, medals,... They're not working on that, but it has potential. The idea is cool though. But it's not core gameplay, so they're not devoting a lot of resources to such extravaganza's. The player should not be too distracted from stuff in port/client.
What's the Update on BB-AP vs DD's. They've tried a couple of solutions, which solved the issue, but they created some whole new issues and that wrecked game balance. The idea of arming/not arming of the shells was an option, but that wrecked the cruisers in some way. So they've found a third solution, which they are now working on, and will then try it if it works satisfactory.
+/-1 matchmaker: is it being considering for testing? They are not yet ready to seriously test/try that matchmaking, for obvious reasons which were already discussed. They don't think their current matchmaker is perfect, but they are not ready to go +/-1 yet. They will to implement better balance per nation first, stuff like consumables,... They are all in for improving, but not that drastic.
Will CV's be kept out of clanbattles until rework, and then be allowed? Getting CV's into clanbattles is the very reason for the CV-rework in the first place. So once the rework is completed, and the balance is found, there should be no issue in having CV's in clanbattles, if they do not wreck the balance.
Why is it technically possible to create faildivisions? Why not disable it entirely. It's a two-sided question, it's better for game-perspective indeed, but it will greatly hamper the social aspect of divisioning. They don't want to interrupt the social aspect from it, even if they know it sees some abuse (faildivisioning and anchoring) in some way or another, but that does not outweigh the social benefits.
Can we have a chat-notificiation of usage of consumables by team-members? They really consider it. They are planning on upgrading & overhauling the ingame communications anyway, so it might be implemented that way.
What is it about BB dispersion, especially in T4/6. On top they are sitting ducks from torpedobombers. If they buff the dispersion, there will be nothing else than BB's in those games, so no. If you don't hit anything, you're too far away from the battle. Same for torpedobombers: use your team to protect you from those.
Will there be balancing of radar in matchmaker? They don't want to introduce new factors for the matchmaker, since it would mean it would take too long to assemble a team (there are already enough requirements for it), the waiting time would really be too long. Some players don't mind the longer waittime, but most are annoyed by it. Additionally they think if a consumable is too influential in winning, they will rebalance said consumable in general. They did research from statistics on the EU regarding radar & winning, and it's not THAT influential as such as a consumable, but some ships that have radar are influential on their own, with or without radar. One of those ships is Missouri. That ship has too much influence, and is strong (but not truly OP). They are looking into changing radar, including a LOS-method. But nothing that can be shared yet. But they are aware of the issue of radar, and the "nuke"-factor it has because of focus-fire. But it's all still very early, with no final solution yet known.
Are there potential changes to next season of clanbattles? It's still way too early to confirm any changes. The devs are still running analysis of the data. They do A LOT of analysis on data, and that takes time. There is a balance between data & subjective feelings. Like Conqueror, the data says its fine, the feeling says it's horrendously unfun.
Why will there be a Pan European nation? It's there for the same reason there is one for the PanAsian. Various countries that have some (popular) ships, but can't make a full line on their own, so they need to be combined in order to be implemented in the game. For the EU: don't expect full lines, like Polish CV's, the Swiss Mountain Navy. But they now have a "container-nation" that allows them to introduce (premium) ships of minor nations like Poland, The Netherlands & Austro-Hungary (for the time being, other nations can/will follow). If such a minor nation gets a techtree of their own later on, those ships from the Pan-European nation will merge to their nation techtree.
Will there be an historic German captain like Halsey/Yamamoto, but for Germany There are always issues with getting permissions from the estates of said persons, or the government,... But they plan to have such a captain for every major nation, so that includes Germany.
With the rework of the spotting mechanic bug, will that have balance implications? Maybe. But they will address it when it turns out to be a real issue. Spotting delay will not be used as a balancing mechanic.
Will there be a possibility for submarines (note from me: really? REALLY???) When Octavian joined the team, the first thing he learned was: no, there will never be submarines in the game. New classes are a huge deal, and that is not a priority at all. It would mean a total redesign of all the maps.
Any news on WOWS-legends (console) They are now in Alpha-test, for more info, visit the legends website. There will no PC-accounts for the console-version. Even Xbox and PS4 won't be merged.
Will ARP-ships make a return? Devs have nothing against it, but it's not owned by WG, so it depends on an agreement with the licenseholders.
Are you concerned about DD's in the current meta, with Worcester taking the spot of DD's They are concerned, like Worcester, the AP pens, the radar-investation. When these problems are solved first, then they might look at DD's themselves. But the devs think the DD's as such are fine.
Will the Enterprise be unavailable for purchase until the CV rework, isn't that fair for the later adopters who don't have the chance to play that ship? Exactly. There will be no premium CV's until the rework is completely rolled out. They are aware of the malcontent it creates, and they know people want to play with premium CV's, but with the CV-issues, they are not taking any risks, also with the new rework around the bend. Idem for the Graf Zeppelin, Saipain & Kaga.

Also, Sub_Octavian got stung by a wasp in the tongue when drinking some German beer. It was more painful as being a T8 in a battle with 22 T10's.
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2018.08.21 00:53 jophisbird KINIT Trivia...YES!!!

I really like the quizzes where you earn KIN for each correct answer, however I did catch my wife Googling some of the answers, so I think it incentivizes cheating. At first, this seemed like it would throw off the data collected, but this could be a good thing if you are trying to educate someone. For example: if Pepsi wanted to advertise with Kinit, it could pay for quizzes about the history of Pepsi.
"What year was Pepsi first created?" What 3 colors compose the Pepsi logo? "What is Pepsi's newest drink?" "What soda was originally called 'BRAD'S DRINK'?" I think this would be extremely effective in a marketing campaign.
This led me to the thought...what if KINIT were to market itself as a trivia game and reward correct answers with KIN? Everyone loves trivia. Imagine the platform for advertizing...half of the questions are random trivia, the other half are sponsered (but fun or interesting) questions about a product or company.
It would also be a great way for charities to educate people about their causes. American Heart Association's ad:
Q: What is the leading cause of death in the USA?
A: Correct/Incorrect! Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. and also the leading cause of death worldwide. About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that's 1 in every 4 deaths!
KINIT is a good idea, but the content certainly isn't entertaining enough for me to consider it "fun" currently. Tell me you'll pay me to play a trivia game and learn interesting facts though...I'll play that all day long and challenge my friends to play too. And not because I'm invested in KIN, but because it's fun!
Edit: Before the hate flows in :') - I know that one of the apps in the developer program is called Trivia KINg, but I couldn't find any details on how it would actually bring money INTO crypto. I love the idea, but it seems like a KIN version of "Confetti" which Facebook is using as a test case for awarding money directly to users. (Maybe they are using it as a test case for crypto in the future, who knows?) I see this as an evolution of the KINIT app, and different from the "grand prize, gameshow", concept of Triva KINg.
If you made it through my rambling, you are a champion, thank you.
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2018.07.18 11:43 gluttonousvam [H] Games, Paypal [W] Wishlist, Paypal

Rampage Knights
Cities in Motion 2
Crusader Kings II
Europa Universalis III Complete
Hearts of Iron III Collection
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
Wurm Unlimited
The Walking Dead: Michonne
Duke Nukem Forever
Poker Night at the Inventory
Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse
Ultimate General Gettysburg
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Tomb Raider: Legend
Tomb Raider: Underworld
Hospital Tycoon
Bionic Commando: Rearmed
Age of Empires II HD Edition: The Forgotten Expansion
WildStar Standard Edition
Club Manager 2015
Data Hacker: Reboot
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2018.06.23 12:31 Fishering HQ Trivia vs Cash Show vs SwagIQ vs Gravy vs Ripkord vs Majority Rules vs Out Of Tune vs Qriket vs Sports Apps (Live Game Show Apps Comparison 2018)

Hey guys :)
It's been a while since I've made a mega post like this one, and I feel like since tomorrow's This Week in Beermoney episode is going to be talking about the recent trend that is the "gamification" of beermoney, I'd write this post today talking about all/most of the mobile game shows that exist now. The first mobile game show was Qriket, but the largest one you all probably know about by now is HQ. In this post I'm going to be talking about the pros and cons for each app, and whether or not I think it is worth downloading.
If you like this post, you're probably also going to enjoy what themightyox and I will be talking about tonight on our podcast. You can watch it live here at 8:00 PM EST on Saturdays.
Okay, enough self promotion. Let's get started.

16 Live Game Show Apps Comparison

Before I get into this, the one thing I want to add is that while in these types of posts I typically like to go in no particular order, for this post I'm going to be starting off at the top with more unique apps, and as you go down, apps will be more alike with the simple 'trivia' meta.

HQ Trivia (iOS Android)

HQ Trivia is by far the most popular of the live game shows. The app brings in over 500,000 every day during its shows, and sees almost as many players as 2,000,000 during a large game. Prizes range from $5000 during a non-sponsored game, to as high as $400,000 being the highest game with sponsors.
If you scroll down (or CTRL + F "how to win") you'll find my write up which provides a lot of advice for someone who has never won HQ trivia or any of these trivia apps before. But if you're someone who hasn't heard of HQ trivia before, I'll go into more details in this little blurb :).
HQ Trivia is a live trivia game where the host will typically ask you 12 questions, ranging from easy to hard. The questions range from "even flat earthers could get this right" to "you might as well pull up and pick a number from 1-3." If you answer all the questions correctly you will win or split the prize with everyone else who got them all right.
At first you might think you have what it takes to answer them all correctly, but you'll quickly realize that you won't be able to win HQ easily, and especially if you're just going based on your personal intellect and gut thoughts.
Oh, but let me tell you that it is insanely fun to get your first win.
HQ is a must-have. Not only is the game fun, but the actual show is entertaining. You'll probably never feel your palms sweat more than when you're playing for your share of $400,000 in just 15 minutes.

Cash Show (iOS Android)

Since you probably already know what HQ is (assuming you read what I wrote above, or you just already knew), there really isn't much to add about Cash Show. Cash Show is another live trivia game show by Zentertain Ltd, which has developed several other apps for iOS and Android that have millions of downloads... So, of course, they're hosting trivia with no sponsors (yet--or rather--still) just for the fuck of it. What's nice about Cash Show is that they have many different shows during different times for different countries, so if you're outside of the US and you're reading this, Cash Show might have a local variant for you :)
There are a few other things about Cash Show that are worth pointing out.
Cash Show usually will only have a ~$0.75-$3.00 prize for those who answer all questions correctly, but it is nice that just about everyone can win something on Cash Show, even if you're terrible at trivia.

SwagIQ (Download info below)

SwagIQ is Swagbucks' take on the trivia app trend, and they do things a bit more unique, and that's why I have them up on this list so high.
First of all, if you have not downloaded SwagIQ yet, I encourage you to check your favorite GPT site's AdGate wall (or other offer walls) to see if you have a download offer for this app, why not get yourself an easy $1-5 (I forgot what this offer is usually worth) for trying a new trivia app? If you're not interested in looking for an offer to download this app, here's the link to the site you can download it from.
SwagIQ is very similar to HQ and Cash Show, so I'll just make some more bullet points to talk about the differences again.
Overall I think SwagIQ is a pretty good app to have because it does help hit the Swagbucks daily goals, and whenever there's a Swago or team challenge, playing SwagIQ is usually worth a lot.

Gravy (iOS Android Soon)

Gravy is by far my favorite app on this list. Not even going to hide it.
Gravy is very different from the other trivia apps on this list because Gravy is actually a mobile shopping game where you can actually play two games at once.
Some people call it 'price is right' mixed with QVC. When a game begins there will be a product featured which will start selling on the app at full retail price, and every second the price will go down at a constant rate. Before the price falls you get 60 seconds to guess what percentage the product will sell out at. What makes the game fun is that they also don't tell you how many of that product they have, and the quantity remains hidden until it sells out. If you're able to guess closest you'll win $50 (unless it is a Sunday show, then $100) other closes will split the grand prize as well ($200 usually, or $400 on Sundays).
In addition to the price guessing game, you actually might be interested in the product that they are featuring. Yesterday they had 8 Nintendo Switches which sold out at just under 30% off (I think), so you'll be able to buy a product at a discount as well :). It's always exciting to see what product they'll feature.
If you want a demo of this app, we actually featured Gravy as the App of the week on the TWIB podcast. Here's a link.
I really like how innovative Gravy is, and it really is the most unique app on this list. I really recommend this app. Oh, and once they hit 1000 viewers they'll be doing a massive Sunday night show. Currently average players per show peaks at about 700, but I feel like since this post will probably see ~10,000 views, we can give them a little hug of death, eh? (iOS Android)

Ripkord.TV is also similar to some of the trivia apps, but it still has a unique touch that makes it interesting.
If you check out their site, you'll actually see that they call themselves "Live, Interactive Mobile TV." And of their games are different. The app is still really new and sees only about 1000 players per game, but I have seem them host 'On the Money' and 'Raise the Bar'. I played On the Money once but it felt too much like all the other trivia apps and I kinda want to play something different so I don't even remember what that game is like, but Raise the Bar is actually a really fun and unique game.
In Raise the Bar you'll go through 5 rounds where each round you'll answer a question based on your personal opinion and after you'll "raise the bar" to the percentage of people you think picked one of the answer choices. If you guess the percentage correctly you'll lose 0 points, and for each percent off you'll lose one point. Everyone starts with 500 points and after 5 rounds the people who have the most points remaining are the winners. It's really a unique concept and I really like it.

Majority Rules

This app is slightly triggering because a couple years back I created /MajorityRules for giveaways that are basically the exact same thing as what this app is doing. Same name too.
In this app you'll go through several rounds where they will ask a question, like "something you'll usually drink at a party" and then you'll type in what answer you think the majority of the viewers would respond with. So for this one I'd type in "beer" and if the majority of the players also thought "beer" was the right answer, you'd move on. It's a really fun game and it's fun to try and get into the minds of other people.

Out Of Tune (iOS)

Out Of Tune is probably the most unique game show on this list, and based on the description, this app sounds fucking cool.
This game is kinda just a huge challenge. They'll play songs and you'll just have to guess what the name of the song they just played was. Sounds easy, right? Well, guess what. You're wrong. Not easy. No. The songs are actually played.. out of tune (shocker). The app is invite only and there's no way I found an invite, and I don't have instagram to DM them for an invite, so I have actually never played this game... yet. But it seems really fun, and the reviews are good.


I have said a lot of bad things about Qriket in the past, and I have a lot to say, but for most of it I'll save it for another post. This post is just supposed to show off the different live game shows there are. And, well, there's Qriket.
Qriket is a game where you simple guess a color. Blue or gold. The host will then spin a wheel and if the wheel lands on your color you'll either gain or lose points (usually gain). After 10 rounds the people with the most points win the cash prize. All prizes are paid in CAD, and the minimum cashout is $25 CAD.
Qriket Bullet Points:
I don't want to complain about this app too much here, but I do want to point out and ask if anyone else noticed this too.... For months Qriket was getting 3000-4000 players and 3000-4000 viewers on Twitch... Then all of a sudden they bump the prize from $500 to $4500 and over the span of just a few days they find over 40,000 players for a game. Does that not confuse anyone? Oh, and just a week or two back they had a $10000 game and they had over 100,000 players. Meanwhile twitch is not seeing more than 5000 viewers. Hmmmm. Interesting. Oh, and google trends for "Qriket" certainly do not reflect a 3000% player increase. Oh well. I'm going to move on now.

Sports Trivia

I honestly just decided to bundle sports trivia together here because I know a lot of people would be happy to know that there's several trivia options for sports apps. I'm not going to go into details on these apps, but I do just want to bring them to your attention so you know they exist.

More Information + How To Win

These Live Gameshows have recently become a huge thing, and they're probably some of the most popular beermoney apps that exist, regardless if people consider them beermoney or not, but a lot of people don't know the right way to play these apps, so here are some resources and tips to try and help you get further in your games. Most of these tips will only help for the trivia apps though...


TriviaTrckr is probably the best resource for someone who has a lot of trivia apps installed, or if you're someone who is outside of the US or just someone looking to download more apps, this is a great resource. You can set this to show games for specific regions or specific apps only. It will show you the time of the game (locally) as well as prizes and pretty much everything you could want to know about the games. Considering that there are like 100 apps (okay maybe 50-75), this is a great way to see them all and the schedule. This site is an absolute must.

Discord Servers

There's really no direct link to this one, but getting yourself in a discord server can almost certainly get you much closer to a win. There was a huge discord server that recently closed literally because the kid who made the server smoked some weed and his mom made him shut it down, which I think is really funny. /triviaapps has some nice options in the sidebar.
The issue with a discord server is that there will be trolls, and if you have a group of friends who have microphones and fast typing speeds, you might want to just hop on a call with them and skip the discord altogether.


Seriously, google is your best friend, and the only resource you can be extremely confident when playing trivia with. With some practice you'll likely get really good with it.


HelpMeTrivia is a site that started a while back and once you sign up you'll start to see answers that "smart people" think are the answers to certain trivia games. They have support for Cash Show and SwagIQ and QuizBiz. The downside is that to use the service you'll need to pay $2 per week, and since the accuracy the site gets is somewhat low (like 70% correctness) is it really worth the bonus SB?
Oh, and yes, HMT is actually in line with the TOS in every one of the apps it runs on. I think it's worth mentioning that all of these tips/resources are in line with the rules of these apps.

Extra Lives

Extra Lives are something that are honestly a must for these apps.
I actually just want to give you some math here. The odds of winning a game of HQ on accident (12 question game) without an extra life is 1 in 531,441, but if you're playing randomly your odds of winning HQ with an extra life is about 1 in 177,147. I say it's about because you can't use an extra life on the last round.
Make sure you refer your friends, because there are a lot of benefits to having extra lives.


Hopefully you got something out of this post, whether you're new to beermoney, or if you've been around for a while but now feel like getting into some of these live game shows. They really are fun, and they actually have fit into part of my day (at least Gravy has).
If you would like specific advice on anything, or personal recommendations about game show apps or anything in beermoney, don't hesitate to send me a PM :) If I don't respond to you within 24 hours, just send me another PM. I get lots of them and sometimes my convos get lost.

Check out some of my other posts!

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2018.02.01 13:59 djweswalz Things to do this Weekend 2/1 - 2/4

Looking for events during the week, or things not listed here? Check out:
CultureMap Houston
Houston on the Cheap
Space City Rock
Ongoing Events
Mardi Gras Galveston
School of Rock @ Hobby Center
Thursday February 1st
National Achievers Congress @ NRG Arena
Yonder Mountain String Band @ WOMH
Y&T @ Proof
The Kill Tony Podcast @ The Secret Group
Tony Hinchcliffe @ The Secret Group
Friday February 2nd
Katt Williams @ NRG Arena
Barry Manilow @ Smart Financial Centre
The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute @ Revention Music Center
They Might Be Giants @ WOMH
Rapture: Inception
Trivial Objections - Comedy Quiz Debate Show @ Sterling House
Houston Pipe Club Meeting @ Stogies on Westheimer. 6pm to Close.
Brenham Quilt Show
Saturday February 3rd
Kid Rock @ Toyota Center
Katt Williams @ NRG Arena
Houston Coffee & Cars @ Memorial City Mall
August Burns Red @ Warehouse Live
Mr Carmack @ WOMH
Mardi Gras Gumbo Cookoff @ Sterling House
Train Show @ NRG Center
Wheelhouse stand up comedy gameshow @ The Secret Group
The Wind + The Wave @ The Secret Group
Brenham Quilt Show
Sunday February 4th
Train Show @ NRG Center
Super Beef Sunday @ Saint Arnold
Super Bowl Watch Party & Pot Luck @ The Secret Group
If you wish to add to this list, please reply with a formatted text link to the event website or fb event page. If you do not know how to format, click formatting help under the reply box.
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2017.11.17 21:49 gluttonousvam [H] Steam codes from GMG, Paypal [W] Duck Game, Mighty No.9, Shadowrun Returns, Kholat, Cuphead

I have:
Club Manager 2015
Data Hacker: Reboot
I want: Duck Game Mighty No.9 Shadowrun Returns Kholat Cuphead
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2017.11.17 21:48 gluttonousvam [H] Steam codes from GMG, Paypal [W] Duck Game, Mighty No.9, Shadowrun Returns, Kholat, Cuphead

I have:
Club Manager 2015
Data Hacker: Reboot
I want: Duck Game Mighty No.9 Shadowrun Returns Kholat Cuphead
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2017.10.19 04:47 gluttonousvam [H] Steam games (US) [W] Cuphead, Paypal, Offers

I have:
Club Manager 2015
Data Hacker: Reboot
I want:
Cuphead, for any number of games that total 19.99 USD (More or less depending on the rating of the game, I won't expect anyone to take a game with a poor rating for its value on Steam, and for Cuphead I'm willing to give substantially more)
Otherwise, I'll take paypal for the value of the game in USD (more or less, see above), or for any other game key (Steam, GOG, etc.)
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2017.10.19 03:42 gluttonousvam [H] Steam games (US) [W] Cuphead, Paypal, Offers

I have:
Club Manager 2015
Data Hacker: Reboot
I want:
Cuphead, for any number of games that total 19.99 USD (More or less depending on the rating of the game, I won't expect anyone to take a game with a poor rating for its value on Steam, and for Cuphead I'm willing to give substantially more)
Otherwise, I'll take paypal for the value of the game in USD (more or less, see above), or for any other game key (Steam, GOG, etc.)
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2017.09.14 01:27 DoctOct Doc Ock #6 - The Doppler Effect

Doc Ock

Volume One: Cosmological Constant
Issue 6: Doppler Effect
Author: DoctOct
Doppler Effect - an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as the source and observer move toward (or away from) each other.
Doctor Octopus bent over, with laser in hand as he made careful incisions in his own arms. Not the puny, fleshy ones, but his better, newer arms. During his time on the run, several ideas for improvements has come to him in moments of inspiration, and he finally has the chance to implement them. Not all of his ideas, some of them would require a full laboratory. But some. Right now he was adding an interface into the palms of his tentacles that would allow him to access various machines and be able to store and transmit data that can be stored into small processors that were added into the joints. In layman terms, he was adding a USB bus that can extend outwards with a small snekt sound. Anna Maria was sitting on his bed, arms folded and her head turned noticeably away from the good doctor. That was the only thing that she did when she bothered to appear nowadays.
“Are you still upset about that silly old thing,” Otto called over, “It was over a month ago.”
“117,” She said quietly. It was the number of people who died in the accident. Not just from the helicarrier, but there was a small town on the ground that it had crashed into. All in all, it was remarkable that more people had not died.
“Yes, well, I had no choice.” He replied, still preoccupied from his work.
“This isn’t you, the Otto I knew wouldn’t-”
“And what do you know?” Ock shot back, getting up and wheeling around to face her. “You’re just a figment of my mind, so when I say that I’ve gotten over it, then so shall you. Now leave, and only apparate back when you’re more agreeable.”
There was a knock on the door, Ock looked at it, and when he turned back, Anna was gone.
“Enter.” Ock commanded. In walked a young man, visibly shaking. There was a decent chance that he had heard him yelling at nobody. Or perhaps he was just scared of someone as impressive as himself. That must be it.
“The boss wants to talk wit’ you.”
Otto stalked forward before he finished talking. He knew what he was going to say anyway. After the helicopter dropped him off in Westchester, he had gone to ground, lying low. SHIELD intelligence was still uncertain whether or not he had survived the crash (at least, that is what they told the media, and if they did know that he was alive, they weren’t all that great at finding him. Because, admittedly, he had gone to the first place he thought of). The aftermath was actually lighter than he had expected; there was no panic in the street, no statement from the president, no “where were you when the helicarrier crashed”, no “if SHIELD allowed this to happen then maybe we should re-examine our faith in them”. The world was constantly shocking him with their ineptitude.
Ock walked into the room that the goon pointed out. No windows, dull green painted walls, it was an ugly room; that’s why it fit his kind host so well.
“Otto, how are you feeling this morning.” He asked, his bald head still turned away from him, examining the corkboard that filled one of the walls. On it were maps of New York, with pins at various locations, pictures of people and buildings, some of them connected with red strings, documents and sketches, the like. Otto walked over and stood next to him, examining some of the papers that he was looking at.
“Fine, Adrian. I will only stay here for a few more days. And believe me, one day you will be rewarded greatly for your services.”
“Don’t worry about it, after all, we were roommates.”
“...yes.” It was a strange remark. Why bring it up...unless he wanted something.
“I want to show you something, my friend, I think you’ll like it.” Adrian Tooms walked out of the room quickly and quietly, leaving Otto to follow. However, Otto follows no one, so he caught up and walked side-by-side with his old friend. Adrian was perhaps his oldest, and first, friend. They had met at Uni, where they were roommates. He had introduced him to his beloved Anna Maria. After they had graduated, him with a degree in particle physics, Adrian in aerospace engineering, they had gone their separate ways. There was just nowhere else to go for Otto Octavius once his reputation as the world’s greatest supervillain was cemented. Otto wanted to see Doom try what he just did, the hack.
Tooms showed him to a door, brandishing a key and letting it catch the light dramatically before opening the door. Inside, front and center, was a large...contraption. Otto cocked his head as he tried to make sense of the large metal thing in front of him. It looked like it was put together by a four year old, with large blackish-gray metal scraps attached to bare wires and exposed microchips and circuitry thrown together in a oblong shape; it didn’t serve any obvious purpose, it just sat there. Tooms spread his arms like a showgirl on a gameshow.
“You like it?” Tooms was wide-eyed and looking at him expectantly.
“No. What is this thing?”
Tooms frowned but then nodded. “One tick,” he said as he rushed over to a computer that sat on a desk to the side. With a few keystrokes, the thing activated. Green and brown lights that ran around and into the metal shape lit up and the sounds of motors whirring and whizzing filled the room, but other then that, nothing much happened. Adrian pressed the enter key once more and the thing popped open. Two protrusions unwrapped themselves on either side of it and the middle flattened and extended downwards, unrolling itself into a the rough shape of a spinal column while on the top, two spindly pieces of metal clicked into place, forming a neck-brace. The main protrusions were finished, now they looked like segmented, and sharp...wings. There were two cylindrical pipes towards the top that was clearly where the rider would put his arms, it even had a break where the elbows would be so that they can bend, and there was a bar at the ends where the rider would grab on. It had its own three-sixty degree axis, and now that Otto could see the damn thing, he saw that the wingsuit was filled with axis and joints, even in places that made no sense. There were small turbines on each wing and a larger one jutting out of the back. It was inefficient, just from a cursory look, he could see that the winged turbines would be partially blocked by the rider’s arms if the arms were at a maximum angle to the...but either way, it was impressive. It would fly at the very least.
“Did you build this?” He asked after a while.
“Yeah, pretty cool, huh?”
“How were you able to afford this?” Ock asked suspiciously.
“Oh, you know. A bit of this, a bit of that.” He said, looking up at the ceiling.
“Power source?”
“Ah, well. Right now it runs on state of the art Vanadium cation batteries, taken straight from Stark Enterprises, but they won’t last forever. That’s what I…” He took a breath and started again, “I was wondering…”
Otto usually didn’t stomach people that couldn’t get their words out of their mouths. If they couldn’t master speaking, something that people could normally do without instruction, what hope was it that they could do anything else? However, at the moment, he owed a debt of gratitude to Adrian Tooms, and regardless, Otto knew what he wanted. He wanted to be able to power his wings the same way Otto powered his arms. With his mind. He wanted the Marconis.
“You are asking for more than I owe.” He said flatly.
“Oh come on, Otto-”
“However…” He twiddled his thumbs behind his back, thinking. There was little chance that Adrian would figure out the way the Marconis worked, and thus he wouldn’t be able to reproduce it. The knowledge wouldn’t get out, so...Otto supposed there was no harm in doing him a favor. It would more than pay his debt, and Otto disliked being in anyone’s debt. “I shall do it, friend. Let it not be said that Otto Octavius is not generous.”
“Well, that’s real big of you, mate--”
“Quiet. I shall need my things. I will need to go back to my lab in Oscorp, as well as --”
Doc Ock was interrupted when a large muscle-bound man walked in and whispered in Adrian’s ear. He recognized him as one of Adrian’s goons, complete with a Hunter’s green jacket and white fur collar. Tooms has taken on the ridiculous moniker of the Vulture and made all of his workers dress as he did, although Tooms’ collar was larger and furrier and his jacket was a few shades darker. It was all a little over-the-top for Otto’s taste, after all, you didn’t see him walk around in green spandex and an octopus mask. Otto grumbled at being interrupted, but then he noticed Adrian’s smile. “Come with me, Otto, we have a guest.”
Carlie Cooper was so close. After finding out that the leader of the drug ring was none other than Adrian Tooms, an engineer that lost his license after an ethics debacle (a classic conflict-of-interest case), she had pulled in every favor she had , pulled on some strings, and exhausted all of her resources. It was all for naught though, as soon as she found out where his base was, she rushed in without calling anything in, and got caught. Now she was surely going to get shot and the NYPD would be none the wiser. Why? Because she was an idiot, she chastised herself as they brought her somewhere. There was a bag over her head so who knows where they were bringing her. Life sucks, she decided. And now she would never get vengeance on the man who killed her partner…. Wait, no. That was Octavius, not Tooms. She forgot that sometimes.
A goon kicked the back of her knee, causing her to fall to the floor. They whipped off the burlap sack, and brought her up to her knees,. She looked up and immediately spit on the face of the man before her. He was a tall, lanky, bald man with a large nose. He was wearing a special, big-boy version of the outfit that the rest of his goons wore. Adrian Tooms, the Vulture...and who was that behind him? He was a large, fat man with short brown hair in a bowl cut, wearing a dirty lab coat above an orange tee and sunglasses even though they were indoors. Even though he stood behind Tooms, he stood straighter, and prouder, as if he was in charge. But the most noticeable feature of the second man was the four metal arms attached at his middle and poking out of precut holes in his lab coat. They were trailing idly behind him, moving in slow circles and opening and closing their pincers for no reason and in no recognizable pattern. She had looked over enough pictures to know who he was, but it still took her a moment to make it click. That was mostly because she thought he was dead, as did everybody. He was Doctor Otto Octavius, otherwise known as Doc Ock.
“You,” she hissed at him.
Tooms looked back at him, “You know her,”
“Hmm?” He was deep in thought when Tooms called to him, and it took a second to refocus, “No. I’ve never seen this woman in my life.”
“The name’s Carlie Cooper, NYPD, asshole. You killed my partner and five other officers,” she snarled.
“I’ve killed a lot of people,” he said simply.
“Ms. Cooper has been giving my men quite a bit of trouble.” Tooms said, narrowing his eyes.
“Well maybe I wouldn’t have to if you weren’t such an evil asshole.” She said, “Using kids as drug runners? That shit’ll keep you in a jail cell for awhile.”
“Children?” Otto said, suddenly interested.
“Just a few,” Adrian said, raising his hands to him in appeasement. He knew full well that Otto had had a rough childhood, which was why he made sure to keep him away from his workshops, where dozens of teenagers weighed, packaged, and sold his special Vulture brand cocaine. “They’re just...more efficient at distribution than adults. You can appreciate efficiency can’t you Otto? I assure you, they’re treated well.”
Otto frowned and gave Adrian a death glare. This was not what he expected. Adrian was always...shifty, but at the very least he used to have a certain classiness to him. This...this was problematic, Otto thought.
Meanwhile, Carlie smirked. She had hit the right button. While the men were arguing, she reached behind her and deftly retrieved her service weapon that was taken from her from one of the goons, who was distracted from the bickering. Keeping the weapon low to the ground to avoid it being noticed, she tilted it up and shot off a round, catching the goon under the chin and out the top of the head. Adrain and Otto turned in time to see Carlie beat the shit of the other goon that dragged her in. Adrian grimaced and pulled out his own, much larger weapon as Carlie wheeled and aimed at him. It was a standoff, Carlie tensed but didn’t pull the trigger. Instead she flared her nostrils in annoyance as Adrian spoke up, “Drop it, girlie.”
“Wow, Ok, since you asked nicely,” she retorted, not making a move.
“NYPD, GET ON THE GROUND!.” The door was kicked open, and a cannister of tear gas was thrown in. Four or five officers in full riot gear stormed in, firing shots randomly. Idiots, Otto thought as he saw a round graze Adrian’s forehead and another one clip his arm, causing him to drop the gun. In the confusion, Otto grabbed Adrian with a metal tentacle and raced off to the back, still glowering the whole way as he entered the room that Adrian showed him before. He tossed Adrian in the Vulture wingsuit and pressed a few keys on the computer with one of his other arms. As the suit started up, he grabbed Adrian by the collar and pulled his head forward. “My debt is paid,” He said simply, “Next time, do not use children. I will know.” He let go in time to see the suit take off, Adrian in it, still dazed and confused, not to mention bleeding. It burst through the ceiling, causing rubble to rain down lightly and went straight up until it was out of sight.
“Stay right there.” A voice behind him said. That Ms. Cooper really was a persistent pain. But Otto figured her out by now, at least… he thought that he did. With a small grin he turned around and saw her pointing her gun right at him. His grin spread as he raised his arms. “I surrender.” he said, slowly and theatrically.
Carlie scrunched her eyebrows, confused. “What?”
“I surrender. I guess you’ll have to arrest me now. Take me back to the precinct, then to trial, and then to a special prison where I’ll rot the rest of my days. In comfort, might I add.”
She cocked her head to the side and thought this over. He was right, that was what would happen to him, and that was awful...and yet, that was the law. New York doesn’t have the death penalty. He was going to live while so many people have died because of him. Unless…. She cocked the hammer on her gun back once more.
“You’re not going anywhere,” she said, squeezing off a bullet one last time. It travelled in a line with a deathly spin, as it made its way to Otto’s forehead...whereby one of his tentacles swatted it away like it was nothing. Not only that, but it sent it back the way it came. Suddenly the wind was taken out of Carlie’s lungs, it was impossible to breath. Looking down, there was a red stain on her shirt by her stomach. And it was...Carlie collapsed on the floor, a red puddle leaking onto the dirty floor.
Otto smiled and climbed up the walls, making his escape via the hole in the ceiling. “We’re not so different after all, Carlie,” he called over his shoulder. He.
pain... Pain
Was getting.
Oh god, my legs. Why can’t I feel---
Carlie blacked out.
Carlie Cooper woke up in a hospital bed. The room was covered in balloons, saying various variations of Get Well Soon, and flowers. Brett Mahone was dozing off in a chair next to her bed. Testily, she cleared her throat.
“Wha-?” Brett woke up. Over the next half hour he gave the ‘full force of the NYPD is behind you and wishing you a speedy recovery’ shpiel and debriefed her on what had happened. He got away. But, Brett reassured, they knew he was out there, and they were working cooperatively with SHIELD to take him in. It was only a matter of time, he said.
Bullshit, she thought, that monster always gets away. Was she the only one to see that? And yet, she had her chance, and she failed. And now the doctors said that she’ll probably never walk again. So at least she had that going for her. Before he left, Brett gripped her shoulder, “ I just want you to know,” he started, “that I’m glad you called in for reinforcements. It’s just that, you know, you can be impulsive. And I fear that if you hadn’t...well, let’s not talk about that.” He gave her a sad smile and left. When he left, she dropped the fake smile she wore. The thing is….she didn’t call for reinforcements. So who did?
Otto Octavius was sitting on a bench in Central Park, feeding some pigeons. He had stealthily acquired a brown trench coat and hat to disguise himself. His metal arms were curled in on themselves and hidden under the coat. Things were too hot right now, the police came out and announced a full scale search for him in conjunction with SHIELD. He was going to have to lie low, which was particularly irksome since that was what he had been doing for the last month. Yet, life was sometimes a cycle of tedious activities.
Next to him, Anna Maria appeared, looking smug. “I knew there was good in you,” she said. Otto ignored her.
“Don’t try that,” she continued, “I’m you. So I know that you called in the police.”
“There were children involved.” He mumbled.
“Uh-huh. You have a soft spot.” They sat there for a few moments. “What are you going to do now?” she asked.
Otto took a deep breath and drew himself up. “I do not know” he said confidently.
Next Time: The Finisher!!
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