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better than any psychologist! (ripped from darknet)

2019.07.09 00:13 DOMlNGO better than any psychologist! (ripped from darknet)

for a random chatroom with strangers there are logs for homeland and fbi to study - this is one chat with 1 stranger and 1 agent in his role:

...pre texts are not shown for own security - some texts are ------ for anonymization purposes.
- strong language and bad stereotypes in use
- no harm of legalisation and rights

20:31 me: it annoys me - i was searching for a chanboard, like a forum for syria and iran hacking lol
20:31 me: --------
20:31 ->: doesn'ìt sound encouraging
20:31 ->: neither a bit
20:31 me: so what about now?
20:32 ->: usually advertisements here are not good
20:32 me: ist a bit dark i know... like the slaves in my cellar
20:32 me: got it XD
20:32 ->: ahahahah
20:32 me: you know some deeeeeeep edges of the darkweb?
20:33 ->: i actually use pretty only this chatroom
20:33 me: like the shittiest forums and stuff
20:33 me: really?
20:33 ->: i'm not into those things
20:33 ->: and most of them are illegal
20:33 me: how did you find here? im not a bot
20:33 ->: looking for websites
20:34 me: yea thats fore sure. just do it out of curiosity fella
20:34 ->: but i wanna stay away from troubles you know
20:34 me: there were a site where you can buy horse heads from horse owners XD
20:34 me: me too lol
20:35 ->: you sure youre german
20:35 ->: ?
20:35 me: so just stay here and nothing happens ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
20:35 me: yea
20:35 me: im the whitest nazi out there
20:35 ->: you speak a surprisingly good english
20:35 me: im watching 24// english youtube soo....
20:35 me: thanks mate
20:35 ->: btw I'm not really from florida
20:36 me: are you native american
20:36 me: i knew ist
20:36 me: it *meme+
20:36 ->: how did you know ?
20:36 me: you are from the next police department XD (?)
20:36 me: kinda obvious of your short undetailed answer
20:36 ->: I'm the shadow following criminals
20:36 ->: the vigilante in the night
20:37 me: *more like a spain country?
20:37 ->: nope
20:37 me: more like sphaghetti of knights lol
20:37 me: so where u from dude?
20:37 ->: real location is always secret here
20:37 me: i seriously wont tell FBI or Homeland
20:37 ->: you should learn to hide yours too
20:37 me: for sure
20:38 me: via vpn or what?
20:38 ->: of course tor hide it
20:38 me: have u mine location? lol kinda unsecure
20:38 me: by now
20:38 ->: but if it's you revealing it it's pretty pointless isnt it
20:38 me: ive close to nothing to hide
20:39 me: ahahahaha
20:39 me: kinda
20:39 ->: I'm not from Israel looking for nazi ahah
20:39 me: what region? are u a hacker boi
20:39 ->: just joking
20:39 me: lol like h3h3
20:39 me: *just jerking
20:39 ->: i have nothing against germany
20:39 me: israel?
20:40 ->: nooope
20:40 me: ive so much against this shitty country but its more agains humanity
20:40 ->: but if ever you'll guess I'll still lie about it so don't waste time guessing
20:40 me: do you use tor for getting around regional locks?
20:40 ->: I always say Miami cause i love it
20:40 ->: I am not an hacker
20:41 me: im guessing u r a gud boi
20:41 me: miami is pretty nice you have palms 80s streetwear n shit
20:41 ->: that's why i love it
20:41 ->: but i should choose a less absurd fake position
20:41 me: u know what i mean? everybody nowwadays is trying to be normal out there
20:42 ->: who wanna be normal ?
20:42 me: dont try to choose a big city
20:42 me: more like cansas
20:42 ->: why not a big city
20:42 me: most of my near fellas here...
20:42 ->: ?
20:43 me: because the most people would write down something like that, if you choose Lichtenstein germany for example...
20:43 ->: once i was in another chatroom, not on dark web, and there was an user called "girl next door"
20:43 me: not everybody knows so they search it and they became obducted byits trueness
20:43 ->: i chatted her and as usual i said i was from miami
20:43 me: omg
20:44 ->: thanks for advice
20:44 me: he or he believed
20:44 me: np
20:44 ->: she got so scared ahaha
20:44 me: so u play some games?
20:44 ->: she was really from miami
20:44 me: HAHAHAHSdaojhs
20:44 me: lol no wasy
20:44 ->: and she said she could really be girl next door
20:44 me: sorry kinda stressed right now i see blue lights
20:44 me: ooopsie
20:45 me: like where is your credit card information?
20:45 me: *only 320m away*
20:45 ->: if only i had one ahahah
20:45 me: if you want i play bfv recently, you can have my ------
20:46 ->: bfv?
20:46 me: a girlfriend? thats my heavy lifin?
20:46 me: *heavy liftin'*
20:46 me: battlefield dude
20:46 ->: i like battelfield
20:46 ->: but i dont have it on pc
20:46 me: .
20:46 me: fuk
20:47 ->: and actually im more into real weapons ahaha
20:47 me: dont say xbox
20:47 me: me too.
20:47 ->: everything legal of course
20:47 ->: really ?
20:47 ->: what's your favourite gun?
20:47 me: i go from times to times to the local shooting ranges for birthdays and so on
20:48 me: i once shot a cz pistol and it feels so nice in the hand.
20:48 me: and of course the m1 in germany you only can shot semi :/
20:49 ->: a cz bullet is like a poem
20:49 ->: i love that gun
20:49 me: so i go to the ---- some times, they got an SG550 and many other swissmade weapons :)
20:49 ->: but my favourite will always be the glock
20:50 me: you can fire there in auto too. u once shot in auto?
20:50 ->: i never tried actually
20:50 me: i feel on the glock that the recoil is too uncontrollabel
20:51 me: and the bet one was a drilling with 2 20ga and a .45acp on the third barrel - -love that thing
20:51 ->: i am mostly into handguns and knives more than rifles
20:51 me: biggest caliber yet?
20:51 me: i had made some knifes some time ago by myself
20:51 ->: i tried once the 45
20:51 ->: but i didnt reaqlly enjoyed
20:52 ->: you should take time to know glocks
20:52 me: not the best quality but it was more like upcycling from old rusty stuff
20:52 ->: they can be your best firiend
20:52 ->: friend*
20:52 me: the highest for me was the 45-70 govt. goddamn that thing hurts i say
20:53 me: *best for wood chopping
20:53 ->: i prefer being able to shoot 2 bullets quickly of 9x19 than one in 45
20:53 me: soooo i need to go on ma friend, nice to meet someone arround the corner ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
20:53 ->: not so around the corner
20:54 ->: let's say that asia is not really near germany
20:54 ->: can't say more than this
20:54 me: there were a long weapon wiht a spring and firepin issue with short bursts of 2400 rpm you should search for it on youtube
20:54 me: who said i live in germany?
20:55 me: i live in austin texas lol
20:55 ->: you did, but maybe you lied ahahah
20:55 me: no i live in german reich
20:55 me: XD
20:55 me: love ya - stay yourself dude
20:55 ->: if you lived in texas you'd have an m60 under the bed
20:56 me: u wanna some personal information about me? *trying to convince*
20:56 ->: see you man, enjoy with your friend
20:56 me: and my aunt is my sister
20:56 me: ahhahdshfsaiouödhf
20:56 ->: hope for you that your fieend is a blonde german girl
20:56 me: see ya l8er alligator
20:57 ->: byeeee
20:57 me: noe im singel as fuck
20:57 ->: better, you can have more girls
20:57 me: introvertet fag i am like yoda... good night ;*
20:57 ->: not night here but... ahaha
20:57 me: chlorophorm intensivies
20:58 me: lol so im irl too it kinda destroys first meetings
20:58 me: dont wanna leave u
20:58 ->: huh?
20:58 ->: just keep trying, girls are weird creatures
20:59 me: ur still on?
20:59 ->: on what?
20:59 me: sometimes i feel like that i be made for noone you know what i mean?
20:59 me: online?
20:59 me: lolö
20:59 ->: i tell you this
20:59 me: you want my facebook account?
21:00 ->: i had a friend, who till last time talked pretty bad about another guy, not that she hate him but like someone she would not date
21:00 me: i will keep searching, i recently lost my virginity in a strip club XD
21:00 ->: then he tells me that he and her go out together
21:01 me: and after that?
21:01 ->: i was like, what the fuck is going on here
21:01 me: no way
21:01 ->: i liked that girl
21:01 ->: but he is my friend and i didnt want any problem
21:01 ->: so now me and the girl neither talk
21:02 me: always i met someone where i think, dude shes hot and intelligent and all that, then i take some time with her to notice that she is not interested in me - that kinda hurts allot
21:02 me: the same happend to me
21:02 ->: i have a friend
21:02 ->: a 26 hot girl
21:03 me: my friend invited me to hollöydays in spain and he said - if i have somone else to come with us i just ask them if they want to
21:03 me: i choosen my crush
21:03 me: she was with us and i thought, man u need to tell her about your feelings
21:04 me: after a week we driven home and i saw them holding hands
21:04 me: so i murderd them both
21:04 ->: she is not the most clever girl in the world but she is definetily beautiful, she even likes me, and she has a bf
21:04 me: lol no i thought let them do what they want
21:05 ->: that's am mistake, it was just him the target ahahaha
21:05 me: she is not the most clever girl in the world but she is definetily beautiful, she even likes me, and she has a bf - i hope you (?)
21:05 ->: nope, not me
21:05 me: ://////
21:05 me: fuck biches
21:05 ->: i am the almost secret lover
21:05 me: Pink Guy - bitches aint shit
21:05 ->: neither a real lover
21:05 me: me too XD
21:06 ->: i have a friend who might seduce him to give me a chance
21:06 me: after they came together she gets pregnant after 4 weeks and he got inprisioned lol
21:06 ->: but knowing her killing him would be less expensive
21:06 me: now im thinin' that was a right desition i made
21:07 ->: my friend says that everything happens for a reason
21:07 me: try destilled water and hypothermicx needle
21:07 ->: maybe she is right
21:07 ->: even if i don't believe in destiny
21:08 ->: is that a sort of poison? ahahah
21:08 me: just inject water in his atheria while he is sleeping, he dies and noone knows why ;)I))))))
21:08 me: lol
21:08 ->: i hate needles honestly
21:09 me: sometimes i think the most women are without feelings but whis a pussy to fuck ol' night long
21:09 me: then try a 100lb glass pane out of the 7th stock
21:09 ->: there are women with feelings, but women are strange
21:09 me: it securly kills fast
21:10 me: and leaves a nice compct
21:10 me: *compot
21:10 ->: if you ask me something and i tell you "no"
21:10 ->: it means no
21:10 ->: if you ask to a girl
21:10 me: but they are so goddamn weid
21:10 ->: no can mean anything
21:10 me: they mean nothing but no
21:10 me: they mean "estus flask"
21:11 me: ahhhhh i h8 it
21:11 ->: there was a girl who once, we were together and i tried kissing her after she told me she liked me and so on
21:11 ->: she said "not in the mouth" so i kissed her in the cheek
21:11 me: try prostitutes at the first time you feel like a pig and never do it again
21:11 me: oh my gawd
21:11 ->: then she got mad cause i didnt kiss her on lips
21:11 me: fuck dude
21:12 me: what did i said? dumb bithces
21:12 me: and if u force them ist molestion or what?
21:12 me: dont get this*
21:12 ->: pronstitutes are professionals
21:13 ->: they don't illude you
21:13 me: i only got one girlfriend when i was 12 :/
21:13 ->: you know its a job, you fuck them, you pay, over
21:13 me: but you get a bit rough with yourself after prostitution
21:14 me: its simple and convinient
21:14 me: to use
21:14 ->: why, they offer a service, you paid, you didn't treat them bad
21:14 me: ehhhhh...
21:14 me: i didnt came so it was a bit dissappointing for me the first time
21:15 ->: i am still virgin if it can help you
21:15 me: the reason was 2 times yjerking off in the morning, it was a pretty wierd situation too
21:16 me: even with 19 yo (if thats real) it helped me not even a tiny bit to loose virginity
21:16 me: dont try it
21:16 ->: i am really 19
21:16 me: just grab the next boy on the bus stop and here we go mario
21:16 me: joke lol
21:17 me: so you ahd some girlfriends before?
21:17 ->: not officially
21:17 ->: we neitehr said we were together
21:17 ->: never*
21:17 me: me too. ever kissed a girl or something else?
21:18 ->: kissed, 2 girls
21:18 me: i never got a real kiss its kinda depressing
21:18 me: normal smooch but not with real lovr
21:18 me: im still waiting
21:18 ->: whats the problem, i mean
21:18 ->: youre ugly? unfriendly? shy?
21:19 me: you go party some times or get drunk?
21:19 ->: nope, no party no alchol
21:19 me: i would say it ist extremly hard for me to show feelings
21:19 ->: don't
21:20 ->: let them show you feelings
21:20 me: i go pretty often to partys but i never drunk bevore
21:20 ->: don't show your cards
21:20 me: who dont?
21:20 me: really?
21:20 ->: yea you can be interested in a girl
21:20 ->: you can show interest, a bit
21:20 me: it sounds a bit weird because i got soooo much to give in a realtionship
21:20 ->: but never say "i like you"
21:21 me: i think it goes along with my crazy behaviour some times
21:21 me: really?
21:21 me: i sometimes think that i take too much time for this
21:22 ->: hey, you talk with someone who follows videos to improve relationships ahaha but its what they say
21:22 me: and in on case i really shot my kneecaps for pure dumbness
21:22 ->: till now its working better than declaring
21:22 me: no never done this, i always think be yourself and show it
21:23 ->: i met recently a blondie
21:23 ->: at a shooting range
21:23 me: mhhh. i missed the best opportunity to get the best girl out here out off uncompfort
21:23 ->: she greeted me and went away
21:23 me: with abullet?
21:23 me: ooohohohoohoooooo
21:23 ->: she still didnt shoot me actually
21:24 me: sometimes i see girls and think - shes a godness
21:24 ->: ahaha nice the joke of the bullet blonde ahah
21:24 me: know ya feel boi
21:24 ->: dont, she already has enough people thinking she is
21:24 me: i work as a sales man in a hardwarestore
21:24 ->: be different
21:24 ->: think she is like you
21:25 me: she realy likes me once, but that was truly my fault because i only thought of myself in this scenario
21:26 me: i destroyed it without noticing - shit happens dude
21:26 ->: i learnt something by experience, if she likes you dont wait
21:26 me: so do you ahve a similar experience
21:26 ->: everything changes in a blink of an eye
21:27 me: after that moment i got that message from her. now shes with a dumbass together
21:27 me: can i show you her?
21:27 ->: course you can
21:28 me: https://www.facebo-----
21:29 me: she was my ------ for the ------ and we instantly got a wire together
21:29 me: like soulmates
21:29 ->: cute
21:29 me: and goddamn she is hot
21:29 me: i was her bestie for a long 3 years
21:30 me: after she broke up i would stay to her for healing
21:30 me: after that i didnt noticed that she reeeeeealy wants me to overcome the bad feelings and i didnt get it this time
21:31 ->: relationshiops finish
21:31 ->: next time be there
21:31 ->: we learn from our mistakes don't we?
21:31 me: i thought, "let her a bit space so she can cure" but she needed me then the most and i let it rained out like nothing :/ poor story bro
21:31 me: i hope so
21:32 me: thanks for havin a ear on me
21:32 me: *only social interactions in dark net XD*
21:32 ->: she is alive, so there is hope
21:32 me: so if u want some contact further im a bit interested in write and tell u know?
21:33 me: i think the train is gone for me
21:33 me: have you a crush in sight now?
21:33 ->: no problem, at least i don't have to chat with insane people asking me where to buy drugs, as if i am a pusher
21:33 ->: the 26 years old girl
21:33 ->: but her bf is still with her
21:34 me: lol ive nothing to do with drugs XD and sheis older were that a problem for her?
21:34 me: you waitin?
21:34 me: does the relationship seems briddle?
21:35 ->: she is with him since years
21:35 me: mhhh doesnt look to promising
21:35 ->: but i trust my friend skills in seducing him
21:36 me: i loved a girl for maaaany years before her - it was resulting in hate from my side. dont recommend to stay for more than 2 years
21:36 ->: well i know her since one
21:36 me: kinda problem with "seducing" have you an toher word for it? (sorry)
21:36 ->: so i have time ahaha
21:37 ->: mmmmm, seduce is like making someone fall in love
21:37 ->: or bring someone to have sex with you
21:37 me: if it dont get briddle on them i would give you the advice - let it be. you turn yourself in a feeling trashcan otherwise
21:38 ->: it's like i feel im so close
21:38 ->: that only problem ruin my chances
21:38 me: if its a friend too -- thin ice
21:38 ->: him? i never met him
21:39 me: i know this moment when you made something and load her to a dinner and so on, i feel now, like that not the right way.
21:39 me: so fuck him and try honeypottin
21:40 me: i was always too shy and insecure about feelings, i really want to change me to be more honest to women. that should you do too
21:40 ->: I always promise to myself thaat i won't go on this chatroom again talking to strangers for advice and then a moment comes that i do it haha
21:41 me: i think the most women really have problems with their feelings, s they dont need a man with the same issues to
21:41 ->: she know i like her, i just need to send her roses and then i did everything to make her understand
21:41 me: lol i once did this with a guy out of argentinia
21:41 ->: you sent roses to a guy?
21:42 me: have you done it or do you want to do it=
21:42 me: nooo i had this kind of conversation
21:42 me: lol
21:42 ->: nah, no roses, she might tske me for crazy
21:42 me: you are more a romantic fella?
21:43 ->: sometimes
21:43 ->: i go with the girl
21:43 ->: if she is romantic i am romantic
21:43 ->: if she is direct im direct
21:43 me: i made for her silver braceletts with own craftmenship
21:43 me: really?
21:43 ->: that's definetely too much
21:44 me: im more like a romantic dude - slightly insecure and introverted as fuck
21:44 ->: I'm thinking of that girl in shooting range
21:44 ->: i wanna chat her
21:44 me: but i dont see why
21:45 ->: the first time i talked witha girl like flirting, i had your same problem
21:45 ->: i was afraid of talking eith a girl
21:45 me: i saw a beauty last week too, but i always think, she has a friend, a dad, is fat or feelings are dead - so belongs to the trashcan
21:45 me: im so often afraid too
21:45 ->: then i read on a site
21:46 me: allways there are some guys with the girls so i dont even try it
21:46 me: what?
21:47 ->: why are you afraid? you are stronger than a girl, in a fight male usually win (i am also a fighter so another reason to not fear girls), you will probably never see her again
21:47 me: have you a type of girl which u r attracted to?
21:47 ->: why does she scare you?
21:47 ->: and i though
21:47 ->: hey thats right
21:47 ->: i am afraid of a girl saying no? what harm will do to me?
21:48 ->: and i decided to give it a try
21:48 me: i even tried it 2 times for a number or a dinner - 2 times a "why not" and after that she broke contact to me :/
21:48 me: thats why im a bit pre-biased about it
21:49 ->: my type of girl ? blonde, tall, rich, beautiful, sweet, strong, a fighter ad who likes me
21:49 ->: do i ask too much?
21:49 me: i really dont want to piss off by now but i really want to go to bed now^^
21:49 ->: sureeee, btw im joking about the ideal type of girl
21:50 ->: it was a pleasure talking with you
21:50 me: mhhh for me the smile makes a lot for me, they should be mentally strong and not fat or ugly as hell
21:50 me: for me
21:50 ->: i would tell you not to worry that the right girl will come
21:51 ->: but lots of people told me
21:51 ->: and its not useful at all
21:51 me: too, if u want to stay in contact, write ---- on her friendslist.
21:51 me: thats for sure...
21:51 ->: so I'll tell you to wake up tomorrow, to look at the first beautiful girl you see in the street and to go talking with her
21:52 ->: (of course if she is with her bf and you dont want to fight maybe choose the next one)
21:52 me: okay ill try it a bit more offencifly (bad language)
21:52 me: add me 4 gud memes https://www.facebo-----
21:53 ->: you'll get a no, and then another, and again but at the end someone will say yes
21:53 me: search for ----- - good night
21:53 ->: and it will be worth all the nos
21:53 me: hope that same for you!
21:53 ->: good night man
21:53 me: with some luck
21:53 me: good night and sieg heil
21:54 ->: can't promise to add you cause i actually dont add random people
21:54 ->: but I'll keep it in mind
21:54 me: i know but me
21:54 me: <3
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2018.03.20 09:44 CameOutOfRetirement Motivational story - First F close - If I can step out of retirement and do this SO CAN YOU.

long detailed story, very short tl;dr + moral point at the bottom
I've always been the "intense" one of the group, always turning up to 11 in everything I do socially. Relaxing and enjoying myself makes this aspect come back out. In turn our groups energy continues to raise, eventually people start gravitating into us because we're where the fun is at
-attractive girl is to our right with a black guy (shes white) , eventually her and my friends GF wind up talking to each other for a second. Instinct kicks in and without realizing what I'm doing I use the opportunity to interact with her shortly after.
Side note: I try to always use keno in the initial contact, typically by touching her with a singel finger on her shoulder or hip or hand or whatever looks appropriate for the situation
-she keeps associating with us, eventually guy she came with gets mad when he notices shes talking to me/my group and ignoring him. He gets mad and tries to start trouble, i defuse him (alpha display by showing "this guy doesn't bother me", and she takes him aside and tells him off "we're not on a date, we're just friends that met in the hotel, I'm not with you", he immediately breaks away from us and starts talking to other girls, obstacle removed.
-HB8.5, find out shes 43 w/ 2 kids. From out of state, been with some dude for 8 weeks who was in the process of moving to my state and moved, she flew down to see and stay with him. 1 day later he told her "I'm not really feeling it", paid for her first night in a hotel room and walked away from it. She'd been there since wednesday.
-continue having fun, playfully neg her for not knowing any of the words to any of the songs, "don't worry I only know half the words to any song" after to show playfullness of the topic, when I notice songs she knows I implement more keno, using hands to lightly touch her sides or shoulders and scooting her away from the table to the edge of dancefloor so she can dance around. Get up and dance next to/behind her as well so she stays comfortable and we "do things together"
-after a couple of these "make her dance" routines she turns around to be facing me, no further than 12 inches apart, reaches over to the table to do something (grab/put down phone?) and i lean to the side as she reaches by
-When she leans in she brushes against me subtly and i feel the tiniest peck from her lips on my neck. I wasn't conscious of what I was doing all night and suddenly it dawns on me - "Holy crap? How did i even do that? ...ohh...OHHHHHH"
-when she does that I give her positive response by using much stronger (yet still subtle) keno, full hand placement on her shoulders, Full palm at small of back when I move her to dance floors, grba her hands and raise them when shes dancing, hold her hips and start motioning to bounce to the music, etc
-Eventually I lightly put my hands on her sides while shes dancing, she reaches down pulls my hands in front to wrap around her waste, starts swaying against me / letting her hips/butt rub against me in an obviously intentional way
-continue this until the nights almost over, she mentions she has a flight at 5am to go back home and she'll have to call an uber back to the hotel since she came with the guy who broke away
-offer to walk her through parking lot and wait for her ride, we leave together
-moments after we walk away from the gathering and it's just the two of us she mentions hotel again
Her: omg I'm so tired but I only have 3 hours before my flight Me: Ouch, that's going to be rough (or something like that) Her: Want to come with me? Me: ...Kay Her: do you have condoms? Me: No, but I can swing by the store and get some Her: Well you better :)
In my head I'm shouting "ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO. HOLY CRAP"
Went to her hotel, got condoms on the way, not 5 minutes after getting to her room we start making out, and bam, Fclose.
TL;DR: -accidentally got out of my head and had fun at a party on st patricks day -accidentally create energy for group that brought people in -accidentally attracted HB8.5 mature/milf through lots of high energy, smiles, laughs, keno, and alpha displays
Moral of the story: in my 30's, over 6ft tall but horribly overweight compared to my norm (280 due to emotional eating over the last half decade) and haven't actively pursued attracting anyone in a long, long time. Regardless of all this I was able to fclose on a very attractive older woman who I'd consider impossible even in my prime. If I'm able to do this, every single one of you can. Don't give up, get comfortable with interacting and you'll make it, I promise.
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2017.10.01 14:57 Proffesorbourbon Superpill in Amsterdam, middle of August.

So I'll try to get this as accurate as possible, but english isn't ny Main language, and I haven't written i singel thing over a pharagraph for like over a year. So both the grammar and flow probably won't be on point. I’m also writing this on my cellphone on an airplaine, 22 hours with full awakness and with a full stressful family whom I always forget is so damn stressful. Also I took a queatapin earlier.
Anyways, my girlfriend and I got to Amsterdam two days ago or so, we had only been smoking until now and taken som blues. Last time we took something stronger was two-three weeks ago, we then dropped and snorted roughly 500 mgs MDMDA each (this is normal for us, unfortunately). I should also meantion that we smoke everyday, if that has any impact.
Anyways, we sat down at a bench on Leidsepleinn right by the fountain, the clock was around 10 pm and we we’re hoping to score some within the hour. It dosnt go more than 10-15 minutes before a stranger comes by and asks if we’re interested, he says he has both some pills and cocke. We were after the pills, so we settled with those. He says something along the lines as «this will get you higher than ever». The pills which supposedly was xtc, but I felt like he maybe said that they weren’t completely pure or something like that. They were pink, firm, formed as bird and it had that coating on the outside like the shit ones usually don’t have. Anyways, they are each at 220 mg and we got 6. We get home to the hotel and I jump in the shower to get ready for this (I always do this even though I sweat like a maniac with every stimulant. Why, I do not know) journey. We take one each. I think I ate a piece of bread at this time because I hadn’t eaten shit that day) I get it down fast as a motherfucker, cause I know MDMDA often hits me in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes go by, and like the young morons we are. Well of course we swallow another one (not recommended when you don’t know what you’re putting down your throat).
A couple of minutes after this, it sneaks up on my. Now MDMDA usually goes two ways for me. 1) I feel the sneak peak for about 25-50 minutes. It goes very slow and it’s almost like I don’t notice comming up, just being in this middle part for ever. 2) The whole dose hits within 12 minutes, and it hits hard. Anyways, I feel it sneaking for maybe 20 seconds. I can feel that this is some nice stuff. My legs are tingling and letting me know that this is mdmda. Boom, my legs get a hundred times more delightful and the whole body is feeling it now. The rush was insane, I’ve never felt anything like it. «its like mdmda, only a hundred times better!» I say as this feeling of pure awesomeness spreads out my body again and again. This maybe lasts 5 minutes, before I become a total potato. My saliva production is acting like it’s the first time it really gets to shine. I was speachless, literally. My girlfriend did not understand shit about what I was talking about. My jaw is dropped to the floor, and my girldfriend said I could probably fit a cat in there. Also I’m sweating so much that I would be dryer in the shower. I was also incredibly dessoicias, and didn’t understand where I was. My partner got kinda scare, but I reassured her as good as I could. It was only chill and good. The peak lasted for about 1,5-2 hours, and oh my what a peak. Under the peak I also talked in the phone, with no one on the other line, of course. The peak by the way, I have no memory of basically, just some foggy pictures in my head, plus what my girlfriend told me.
My girlfriend is slightly feeling it at the 1,5 (11.30 pm) hour mark, and she doesn’t have the peak as mine at all. Where as I was completely useless and just a cake, she was just acting normal. To the extent you can look normal after two of those badboys. What she felt like 100% I don’t know, but I imagine it wasn’t far from my feeling, as she looked like she had a pretty good time. It has now gone two hour, and I look like a dude who has taken 32 different hallucogenic and some stimulants with it. So we can finally go out, I think our goal was to score some more. Im pretty sure the third one is taken by now. Because we go down to the bench again. The guy that hooked us up said he’d be around untill 1 O’Clock. Well, he is nowhere to be find. We look around some corners and decide to give up the search, as we turn our noses home. Yet, without any plan. We just skipp around, having a blast and feeling unstoppable. I think this is where the it really become delusional I was talking on the phone with no one under the peak, so I guess it was there from the beginning. But outside it was all crazy. All the bikes where people, literally everyone. And that’s a lot of bikes. This only happened the first seconds on lying my eyes on them. Everywhere we turn there are just new hallucinating they usually don’t last for more than a couple of second. But sometimes they stayed there for a longer time.
We also went around having conversations with the thin air. I don’t remember any conversations, but I know I had a lot of fun with them. And it felt so harmless, even though we were both seeing shit like crazy and having imaginary conversations we just felt so apeace. It was just so chill, at the same time as the brain was going 1372828382 times it normal process. I could think a 100 thoughts in two second. And all at the same, it was like my brain had a superfilter and just picked up everything. No thought was too scary or too much. Everything was just great. The vision changed slightly, but not anymore than it does to me on cannabis, just a yellowish filter. We talked much, but often drifted out after 10 seconds , and forget where we were. And just pick up at a whole new place. At one time my companion was with here friend which is just as old as us in real life. But here she was 7, and they were on vacation, just chilling. She also had 4 Legs at one point, and that was just the usual. She just walked down the street, and didn’t think much more about it.
As I stand 1 inch away from a corner, talking intensely with this corner. My girlfriend talks to two guys behind me, and shouts at me. I come over, and one of them. Dressed in a coat and a sixpence was saying that it looked like she had a real good time, and that here eyes told the same tale. His friend is tall as fuck, has tribals, a singlet on and muscles bigger than my head. talk loose a little, before he offers us some cocke (now that I think about it, i think we maybe did some cocke the day prior, not entirely sure though), we gladely accept. And he pours out a little mountain at his hand. I’m guessing it was about 70-90 mg. Then I get the same, can’t say I noticed it much. But with my feeling from before I don’t think it could’ve done so much. Because I was still as fucked up as I’ve never been.
After this we og up to the hotel to change. We toke the stairs down again for some reason, the stairwell there was really tight and clumsy. We finally come outside and the sight of us must have been pretty entertaining. There we were 2-3 am or so, both dressed in a dress each. Probably looking like we just plugged 400 mg meth for the first time. We're still feeling amazing and quik. Like really on. My body load is amazing and tingling. I'm getting chills through my body, I have all night. And is dosn't stop either. It's just perfect. We felt like we could to everything, and nothing could stop us. I wish I could describe the high better, but there just are no words. And it's really freaking hard to get down on paper. Kind of like the day after your first acid trip. There's just no way anyone could really get it, you know?
I rolled a joint (w/ pineapple Express and lemon haze hash) while we were upstairs, it was not a easy task to say at least. We walk down to the water, and begin smoking. We basically run around town like two euphorich childdren, as we run we both teleport from one place to the other. Maybe it just was some blank spaces. But it was happening to both of us, so. When the jay is finished, we light a sigarett each and keep on smoking till we get inside. Probably went through a pack in an hour. I don’t have anymore specific memories of outside. But I know it was 50 times more than what I’m writing now and 10 times more fucked up.
At some point we decide to go in. I think we take a shower before bed. As I was sitting on the toilet, I just browse Facebook. As I read I’m realizing that this updates from my acquitens are total bizzare and very unrealistic. So i get a lttile curious and want to find out why the whole world is acting as crazy as I. Well, the answer was very easy to get, I just opened my eyes. And Bam, I’m at the toilet, without my phone. Without anything really. This happens 3 more times or so. Done with that, now bed. We just lay there, letting this trip take us were it goes. I lay there playing these clips of childhood memories and memrois my brain just plays, also movie trailers I’m my head, just random ass shit with no explanation what soever. It is all kind of crazy scenarios, and well pretty unrealistic stuff. It also comes in form with friends. It was basically like stepping into an alternative universe where just every fucking thing can be done. No matter how weird, there was just no lines. I ask my girlfriend if she is excpriencing this things, and of course she is! Both with the cellphone(Facebook) and the movie trailers. Further we just lay there, telling each other what just happened every now and then. And enjoying the nice weiw we have. I don't know how long we lay there, but I'm guessing it was from around 4.30 am. And I really don't have any clue on how long we lay there untill we fall asleep
Now my question is; does anyone have an idea what this could be? My best guess would be Emma and meth, more than that I don’t really know. But we have been on up to 225 it acid, and that is nowhere near this experience, at all. Far far from. My girlfriend and I just want to find out what this wonderfull lttile pink birds was, cause damn we wanna have that much fun again!
I don't know how long we lay there, but I'm guessing it was from around 4.30 pm. And I really don't have any clue on how long we lay there untill we fall asleep.
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2017.03.16 21:19 zoorex Deciding on a "lightweight" cheap 2 man tent for a longer guy (192cm/6.2freedom units)

I'm looking to buy a cheap 2 man tent that will be long enough for me. So far I've mostly been looking at the ones from naturehike but the problem is that I think I might be to tall for the Cloud 2 that's my first choice. Or do you have any other recommendations? My budget is >150$ and I live in the EU if that makes a difference.
However these three are also interesting. What do you think about the single layer one? Can it really be waterproof? So far I have zero trust in singel layer tents.
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2016.02.27 02:45 Terkmc [Offense] Arsenal


Real Name: Overwatch Model T Assault Automaton ARS315 Age: 20 Occupation: Bounty Hunter Base of Operation: Ukraine Affiliation: None
Appearance: A tall figure in a long, all encompassing, black cloak that is many sheets overlapping one another that hide the entire body underneath it and obscure his true figure. Underneath the cloak is a robot with long, thin limbs and 8 arms wielding multiple firearms. Normally hidden, the weapons and arm only extend when he uses them, appearing in between the cloak
Backstory "I am the master of my fate" Created by Overwatch chief engineer, Torbjörn, Arsenal was originally a prototype Assault Automaton designed as assault troops, breaking and clearing buildings as well as providing firepower. However, through sheer mathematical chances, Unit ARS315 gained sentience through a series of logical loops and feedback that was triggered by the dying word of a Rebelling Omnic. The calculation took several days to process, and when Torbjörn arrived in the hangar, hammer in hand ready to destroy the AI he have always dreaded, ARS315 has gained intelligence, and with it, self-preservation. Employing the vast arsenal of weapon at his disposal, ARS315 broke free of confine of Overwatch and into the world, his experiences with humans and society left him with one goal in life, freedom. Despising authority figures and controller, ARS315 instead functioned as a mercenary and bounty hunter, working on his own terms with no boss, no controllers, working against the oppressive and war-mongering society of man to bring about a second Omnic Rebellion and societal collapse and through it true freedom in the form of anarchy.
HP 250 Average Movespeed
1 and 2 Switch between two weapons
[Shift] Hunter Drone CD: 10 Arsenal deploy a floating drone at his location. The drone has 50 hp and 50 shield, and will patrol the area (small circle) indefinitely. Max 3 Drone. The drone attack nearby enemy with an smg, dealing light damage (50 per second), revealing the enemy through terrains and alerting Arsenal through a small notification that they are attacking somebody
[E] Sweeping Fire CD: 8 Two other hands appear sideway from his cloak, each wielding an smg, firing automatically. They spin clockwise 180 degree (switching place with one another, firing full circle) before retreating behind the cloak. Deal 100 damage average to enemy swept by the gunfire, more if they move with the sweeping motion
[R] Judgement Arsenal anchor himself to whatever surface he is on, deploying a huge railgun-cannon-rifle that takes all of his arms to stablize and operate, with a bipod on the surface. Fire 3 shots in total, each dealing 150 damage and pierce everything on its way (walls, terrain, people, shield it doesn't care) 1s delay between shots. LMB for firing, RMB for a x2 zoom. Last 8s. If after 8s, or upon reactivation, and no shots has been fired, refund 50% charge.
[Passive] Multi Tasking All of Arsenal animation (ability, firing, reload, melee etc) does not interrupt one another, except when using Judgement.
Playstyle and Role Arsenal, true to its name, employ a vast arsenal of tools and weapon to bring a well rounded and flexible offense hero, capable of dps, burst, close range, mid range, long range, single target, multi target damage at the cost of doing very little else. His Liberator handgun management is key, either simultaneous fire for superior dps for singel target duels and assassination at the cost of reload time and sustain, or alternating guns for a constant stream of bullets for mid range duels, or switching to Opressor to provide multi target covering fire for allies at mid range and burst enemy down at close range. His Hunter Drones serve as a great area control tool, locking an area down with a powerful drone that not only damage, but reveal enemies, notifying him of his target, covering the team flank or simply kill off trespasser. Sweeping Fire is a room clearer, dealing heavy aoe damage but with predictable pattern and movement so the enemy can react and play around it. If Arsenal is specifically skilled, he can rotate his own body so the sweeping fire movement sync up with an enemy the whole motion, resulting in massive dps. With Judgement activated, Arsenal trade his usual frantic, multi task rapid fire playstyle for three decisive, game changing shots to either heavily damage through an entire team even through cover and terrain, pick off people, or in combination with Hunter Drone vision and damage, simply assassinate them from anywhere in the map.
On the other hand, Arsenal superior firepower comes at a price of lacking entirely in mobility option, forcing him to either outgun his opponent, have his team help him, or die, as well as providing little beside Hunter Drones for his team. Protect and support Arsenal well, and he will unleash true bullet hell on the enemy
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New Single de Bamba Tall sounoup Yonnén (yassinn) - YouTube Unity Fitness - TRX Single Arm Tall Plank (Hand) - YouTube 7 FEET TALL AND SINGLE..this is why Tall Kneeling Single Arm Kettlebell Press - YouTube Shit Tall Single Girls Say - Tall Girl Problems European style retro tall back sofa single large-sized ... Bamba Tall 2em New single Choukourane Ya Mawlana - YouTube Tall Plank Single Arm Liftoff - YouTube Tall Kneeling Single Arm Db Press - YouTube Tall kneeling single Db bicep curl - YouTube

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Tall Kneeling Single Arm Db Press 📣Forma parte de nuestra comunidad @rcf_encasa, Toma nuestros entrenamientos y programaciones online 🤸‍♂️ envíanos un mensaj... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp_Ww-v3epk TALL VIDS AND BASKEBALL VIDS ARE BACK 2019! GO OVER AND SUB! VOTE FOR US TO WIN BREAKOUT Y... European style retro tall back sofa single large-sized apartment combination living room coffee bar chair Official Store Check here: https://latesttechno.t... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Shit Tall Single Girls Say - Tall Girl Problems Bridget Linden. Loading... Unsubscribe from Bridget Linden? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1.92K. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.