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Genetics questions and possible pairing

2020.08.01 12:25 Lucy_97 Genetics questions and possible pairing

Hey guys!
I got my first corn a few days ago, when a "friend" of mine suddenly dumped hers on me, also in a terrarium that doesn't really fit her well. So, now I own a corn snake and am busting my butt to build the backing for a bigger terrarium and getting all the required electronics, so she can move into that one. She currently is in a 18 inch (45cm) cube terrarium, which I already upgraded with a lightbulb. Unfortunately, the cube shape doesn't allow for a real heat spot, because the whole thing would possibly overheat, which of course will change in her new terrarium, which will be a 35.5x18x26.5 inch (90x45x60cm, lxdxh), where she will stay until she's big enough for an adult corn snake terrarium, which will probably be at around 63x23.5x63 inch (160x60x160cm). But she is eating well and already shed once, so I'm not too concerned about her at the moment.
Yet I don't want to keep her alone. My dream would be having three different corn snakes in a 1.2 constellation. Pride is most likely an Amel Tessera Motley from 8/2019 and is most likely a female, but I don't know any hets she might have. I would love to possibly get a Charcoal (or another mostly grey/preferrable really dark morph) and an either yellow or mostly white morph. I am still looking through all the different ombinations and everything and honestly - I am pretty lost at this point.
I don't plan on breeding in the near future, but I want to keep that still optional, so I'd love to have corns who could potentially produce beautiful babys. But when I think I understood everything, I go to a genetics calcuator to test my assumptions and still get everything wrong.
So here are my questions in "short":
  1. Is it okay to keep corns in a 1.2 constellation, if they are not adults yet? I don't know if they might maybe breed too early and harm the females. Does this happen in snakes?
  2. Would the aforementined terrarium (63x23.5x63 inch or 160x60x160cm) be big enough for a 1.2 group of corn snakes?
  3. What morphs could you recommend to me that fit my colour preferrences (one mostly grey or black, one mostly white or yellow), which can still produce non-wild-type/non Amel babys with the Amel Tessera Motley I already have?
  4. Can someone recommend me a source, where I can learn about the different genes in a not too complicated fashion? I only find sites that list all the morphs with their genetics, but I think it would be easier for me to learn the genetics first and then look at all the morphs they might produce, not the other way around.
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2020.04.27 07:55 Complete_Competition Introducing Me

Hi. I guess I'm looking for some advice on coping with ADHD as a college student. I'll have a FAQ down below, but I am currently struggling to even start a routine and would like a guide on how to start turning my life around a little more academically given the restrictions listed below. I am currently a night owl but can change back and forth between night owl and morning person within a few weeks.

Basic Info: 21, female, US, no way of financially supporting myself rn, own one rabbit who I love with all my heart and have previously owned two now angel bunnies
Diagnosed? No, but the symptoms are spot on and have been for years- constantly moving a limb (usually hand, fingers or leg), easily distracted if what I'm doing is boring even if its important, terrible short term memory to the point its concerning, extreme difficulty in starting and keeping the ball rolling on homework unless its a mountain*, trouble maintaining focus in a lengthy conversation (usually resolved by poor eye contact as my eyes flick from the speakers to the background and back), I forget at least one or two things throughout my semester like my calcuator and it just never manages to get in my backpack unless the semester just started and I remember and act upon it, and probably a few more that I'm forgetting.
Been to a therapist? No, my family members don't believe in therapy unless you're suicidal; and even then my mom will try to get you to talk to her first, then go tell various family members. Happened to my sibling, but she only got therapy after screaming at my mom that she would talk to a therapist and no one else.
How are you struggling in school: struggle started in high school with history/ government, chemistry and physics (always struggled with math)- I would lack the motivation to do any work, any work I put in was met with low grades and often got C's. Graduating gpa was 3.2.
College has been a nightmare for grades. First two semesters I was very depressed after a friend died suddenly and I wasn't allowed to grieve, instead being pushed through the grieving process at an accelerated rate by my parents via them suggesting I either push through or find another career and them constantly asking about grades and what homework I had etc etc to get me to focus on school. In hindsight, I should have taken the semester off. Even after, I've always struggled with classes, even those I love, due to lack of motivation and this inward struggle with me super focusing on school stuff enough to get into a semi routine that challenges me (a good thing) just to feel like its too far off to really affect anything and quitting on the studying; or I put in a lot of work and still get low scores on the exams, repeating the cycle of me feeling down. My brain refuses to learn in a lecture format, although I recently found out I can remember things fairly well if I play a video game and listen to a podcast; as long as the podcast is radio like in energy and not audiobook style.
I currently have a 2.1 gpa and am trying to get into vet school (I won't switch paths, so don't try to convince me) and now that CV19 is here, I worry my instructor will flake out and call the final exam off, leaving me to fail this class again (my college is defined as 'take what other colleges would normally do and do the opposite'- so if an instructor would normally curve grades, my instructor will not). One good thing is I found a small outlet for some energy in my college Quiz Bowl team, but unfortunately I can't apply tournaments to increasing my gpa; and I can't retake classes at this point because my parents won't pay for them and I can't afford to move out.
After restrictions are lifted, or if I can find a different (and cheaper since it'll be out of pocket) route to an office visit, I would like to get diagnosed; but I'll probably have to do so quietly.
*I find I'm strangely motivated by large amounts of homework, packets, the gaokao (chinese entrance exam) documentaries about students studying for hours on end, and certain easy subjects that I am very interested in like horses and rabbits where I could spend hours and hours reading every tidbit on the internet about them.
What would you suggest as the first step in the pivot of my college routine?

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2020.04.18 22:22 HidaHayabusa [Standard] Sir Kurdo, the Worthy

Ikoria's release has added new toys and archetypes. I love the period when a new set is released in Magic, since new decks emerge, and old decks become playable due to new trends and strategies.
I've seen various discussions for Hero of Precint One and the Human tribal, due to two cards that were introduced in Ikoria, namely Dire Tactics and General Kudro. My take on the idea is running a Mardu shell with Kudro and Dire Tactics, while utilising the mana base and creature base of Knights. Here is the list:
So why knights instead of just Mardu humans:
Before getting in the discussion please note that 87% (26/30) creatures in the deck are humans. Also 87% of the creatures are Knights. So you get both traits and you can utilize the advantages of both.
Summing up:
By choosing Knights you get
a) Access to Tournament Grounds. b) Access to amazing one drops c) Access to Worthy Knight, which is the same thing as Hero of Precint one, but easier to play and trigger (due to the aforementioned one drops).
By going Knights also, we are designing an aggro/tempo deck, while if you focus on Hero of Precint One, you are designing a midrange deck. Personally I don't think that midrange decks are 'unfair' enough to battle the current standard consistently. At least the Knights variant can rely on speed and tempo along with the 7 different Anthems to end the game before the board maths become complicated.
Breaking down the deck is rather easy. We are playing the best and fastest knights topping up at 3 mana where we meet Kudro, and then non-creature wise we are running some good disruptive spells. Drill Bit, Dire Tactics and Embercleave. My first iteration had 2 Embercleaves and 2 Dire Tactics but my games finished well before Embercleave.
We are looking for speed, so plan A is to gain board advantage with blazing fast creatures that are boosted by Inspired Veteran, calcuate the damage you are doing per turn and ride them to victory. Most of the times a first drop and a two drop can win the game in three to four turns if you draw one of your anthems. Plan B is to create an insta-board with Worthy Knight and fuel the General with tokens and boost your army. This is especially easy to do if you expect board wipes and cast Worthy Knight afterwards. The knight can easily create a sizeable board with most topdecked creatures.
Dire Tactics has been simply devastating. Exile Thassa, Anax, funky companions that need to be Charmed/Thassa'd to create a obnoxious combo etc.Drill Bit is faster than Agonizing Remorse, and I chose it over that due to the fact that I run many good one drops and I imagine a nice turn two following up my turn 1 one-drop and then Drill-Bit and another one drop.Embercleave is probably going to go up to two copies because it's just amazing, but I think that when people return to RDW, maybe Shadowspear will make more sense.
My sideboard is a work in progress that gets tweaked as the meta stabilizes. Hushbringer is an easy answer to the popular combo that is around now, Shadowspear is there for the aggro mirror because I hit myself in the face many times with shocklands, and Unbreakable formation is there for Shatter the Sky and other board wipes, although it's a bit bad against Clarion on the draw.
Future testing will probably include the Lavabrink Venturer and depending on what decks are played even more Dire Tactics in it.
Just for reference, I have been testing this in low-Mythic, where I usually end up in most of my seasons, and the games have been fine. My toughest matchup is RDW because the manabase is very painful. For some reason people have moved away from the old Devil Sacdos to the Luura one, which makes me extremely happy because the new version can't ping my board to death.
Thanks for reading.
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2020.01.19 10:08 lnoren Question / discussion about B.A. Paris "Behind closed doors" [Spoilers]

So, I read many recommendations for this book on reddit and goodreads. The first 50 pages or so really captured me but then the story fell apart for me and it ended up just a 2 out of 5 stars for me.
Jack Angel is portrayed as this SMART calcuating every step man, always a couple of steps ahead of his enemies (and he also loves sharing his inner thoughts, desires and plans with his wife that he hates aka The All-Revealing Villain, a character that I hate because it always breaks the immersion for me).
Jack´s price is Millie and he doesn´t care about his wife and will get rid of her when he gets his price. So why did this calculating man take all that risk locking his wife up when he knew that he eventually, about a year out, would receive his price and then get rid of Grace. Better to just wait it out or work to get Millie sooner.
The plot just seem so contrived to me with a supershallow villain, the barely one-dimensional Jack. I am baffled by all the raving reviews. Please, change my mind!
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2019.06.27 05:07 Xenoprime1337 How My Ranger Became John Wick

Be me: A basic bitch human ranger with the tried and true (ahem, cliché) backstory of “hometown was murdered by a dragon, go kill it, noob”.
Be not me: My relatively new DM who loves rich and complex stories, and two players who have decided, in light of our last few sessions and for the sake of trying something new, to make their previous characters disappear in favor of new ones.
My ranger appears outside the portal he just jumped through to get out of a maze dungeon I as the player wasn’t there for. He notices his old companions are gone, and that two strange new characters stand beside him. One is a stout woman with a giant hammer that has her body covered in gaudy clothes. The other is a pirate that casually talks about things that break reality.
After brief explanations are given and the new girl tries (in some weird way) to hit on my ranger, he decides to take the disappearance of his former allies in stride and take the money he would have split with them for ending our DM’s first questline prematurely (which, funny enough, was mostly my fault). His new motley crew follow him for reasons.
He gets the gold and a new assignment, which the pirate says he’ll help complete. The shopping/errand run chapter begins as we look for potions and other supplies. Before I can do anything useful, the hammer girl drops any formalities she may have had and just drags my ranger literally by the ear to buy her food. I try to have him escape, but I roll really poorly on strength checks, allowing her to drag his ass through the dirt like a useless anime protagonist.
After pulling some Scooby-Doo levels of eating the town’s food supply level shit, the hammer chick decides she wants something to keep her company on our adventure: a pet. She and I argue about who will pay for the dog for like half an hour while the pirate tries (and fails) to trick the DM into giving him game-breaking resources.
I suddenly decide that my character (as he was one of the first characters I ever made) could use a minor revamp, so I decide to let some John Wick slip into his character and decide to buy the needy bitch a dog. After all, what’s taking care of a dog to a hunter that has slain wolves and allied with a dragon turtle? (It’s a long story.) My ranger and I figure that a hunting dog wouldn’t be a bad addition, and since my boy is now also a monster slayer ranger, I decide that the Scooby-Doo! parallels are an opportunity too good to pass up.
My ranger goes through the trouble of making a leash for what my DM describes as an adorable pit bull mixed breed with floppy ears and a cute face, then heads off to buy items. The hammer chick’s player tells the DM that they run off with the dog to do something. My DM gets a PM and very quietly tells the hammer girl’s player that he can’t be responsible for what happens next, and that he may have inadvertently killed his own character.
That gets me to start making some serious calcuations, and I catch on to what’s happening because my instincts kick in. Sure enough, five seconds later, the dog goes missing, and my ranger, now a dog person and the vengeful type, decides to hunt it down, but not before trying (and failing) to figure out why the hammer chick covers up her entire body save for her weird, mishapen eyes.
With the pirate off on errands, my ranger takes what I as the player is guessing to be a dog-murderer through town to figure out the fate of that poor puppy. With some expert Survival rolls, he follows the trail to a splotch of blood near a tree just outside ye olde crossroad town. He theorizes what happens, then puts two and two together.
“Something might have killed it and eaten it...and that something...was undoubtedly you,” he says over his shoulder like the edgy edgelord he is.
My ranger is getting vengeance for the dog. I as a player want to kill my buddy’s character out of spite for killing the dog, brazenly citing my ranger’s new John Wick side-persona as the reason. The DM allows it. The hammer girl grins wildly as my boy sizes her up and starts shooting her ass with arrows. Cut to the pirate guy’s player going, “Oh shit, it’s going down for real!”
He doesn’t get any screentime, though. It’s just me and the dog murderer. We fight to the death, and we get close to killing each other, when my boy gets some help from a mysterious stranger. Not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth, my ranger lines a headshot up on the hammer girl, who is only inches away from the tip of his drawn arrow.
Still smiling, she eats that arrow as my boy gives her a faceful of justice.
Boom, headshot.
Just for flair, and just to make sure I can sleep well that night, I describe my ranger grabbing the two halves of arrow shaft sticking out of either side of the thing’s head, using them as handholds to twist and snap her neck, then tearing her head from her body.
Satisfied, I put away my weapon just as the pirate arrives. We both regard the woman in the trench coat that helped me finish off the hammer girl, who, instead of slumping into a pool of her own blood, melts into a steaming ooze of pink, slimy, fleshy goop with multiple mouths and eyes as she perishes. All that remains when the session ends is her clothes, the wrappings she used to cover her body, and her giant maul.
Then I as the silly player break the tension by asking, “Was she a monster?”
After the session, my DM and the hammer chick’s player explain that she was a form of gibbering mouther that managed to imitate a humanoid. It had base instincts and no brainpower, only adopting the guise of a sexy, portly, covered up woman to lure victims toward it and get people to do what it wanted. Her player’s original plan was to have the chick stick around with us and be a pain in the ass before trying to kill us in our sleep a few sessions down the line.
That would have been when he revealed his other character, the woman in the trench coat, a monster hunter seeking vengeance for what the mouther did to her family. After that, he would have played as the trench coat chick. While salty for prematurely triggering the reveal, he conceded that it was a dumb move to kill the dog knowing full well that I (and by proxy my John Wick ranger boy) was a dog-lover in the highest degree.
I praised him and the DM for being clever and for fucking with me emotionally, mentally, and strategically while bending the rules of the game to tell an awesome story. Seriously, I was stunned by their creativity and dickery. I apologized profusely for stealing my buddy’s thunder and forcing him to play a second character he hadn’t finished creating yet, all while the pirate guy’s player just scratched his head.
And that is the story of how my basic ass ranger became John Wick, hunter of dragons and avenger of puppies.
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2019.06.13 03:20 chillmyfriend Well, it happened. DMT trip without DMT.

As usual, wall of text alert. Sorry my posts seem to bloat out like this, but I think there was a lot of information to process and I'm just trying to include as much context as I can. This is mostly adapted from a journal entry that I made following this experience.
This happened Friday night so I've had a bit of time to process, but if a DMT trip is difficult to process, you can only imagine how difficult it is to parse a trip that seemingly had no cause. The reality of it has also faded quickly, as if my mind doesn't know what to do with the information of this experience and is simply discarding it. I am skeptical of the value of sharing the experience with strangers on the internet, since ultimately I'm only dealing with my own mind and there's not much in the way of advice to be given here. I guess I'm mostly posting this in the interest of being open and honest in my life experience since discovering DMT, and hopefully empowering others that have experienced something similar to feel comfortable in sharing their own "out there" episodes, to hopefully open a dialog and demonstrate that there doesn't need to be feelings of embarrassment or shame surrounding experiences of non-consensus reality. I have mentioned this trip in passing in a couple comments on this sub in the last few days and have been getting downvoted for merely talking about my own experience. This isn't useful. If you're the type of reactionary skeptic that downvotes things that don't fit into your paradigm, I don't know what to tell you. Before Friday night, I would not have thought that a trip of this caliber was possible on "just" weed, and yet it happened. I was not actively seeking to trip; as I'll explain, this event was spontaneous and completely unexpected. So that's kinda the impetus for sharing this at all. Let's get on with it.
My girlfriend and I are into bad 80s sitcoms in a sort of anthropological way, and we were in bed, projecting a show onto her bedroom wall from my laptop. I had done a single bong rip (just weed) beforehand to properly prepare myself for an episode of an 80s sitcom, and no, I didn't accidentally use my DMT bowl (the trip came on almost 30 minutes after smoking, anyway). This weed is the same weed I've had for the last several weeks and there is absolutely no reason for it to have affected me the way it did. I know, it's really easy to be like "you smoked weed, case closed," but hear me out, here. So yes, I did a bong rip, we watched the episode, laughing and making jokes and observations like we do, and when the episode ended, a YouTube freeze frame was left projected on the wall while we discussed. Since beginning this series we have always joked that it is like a parody of itself, an almost Tim & Eric-style sendup of 80s sitcoms, and as we get deeper and deeper into this series this becomes more and more apparent. She and I "joke" about simulation theory quite a bit, and this time I suggested that this sitcom didn't actually exist at all, but that it is the creation of an AI that has been trained on 80s sitcoms, and that this AI is being forced to generate it on-the-fly simply because she and I choose to watch it.
It was almost as if by saying this aloud to her I had said the "password" or something, because the paused image on the wall suddenly... I'm not sure how I would describe it... fell through itself? Opened up? If you ever saw those "Magic Eye" posters that were popular in the 90s, it's like you're just looking at a nonsense image of more or less white noise, and you're promised that somewhere in there is a hidden image, so you're squinting and crossing your eyes, and looking at it from all different angles, and getting up close and moving your head back and forth and trying your damndest to see this illusion and then suddenly it "pops" and then you see it. Dolphins or dinosaurs or whatever emerge from the apparently random pattern. Once you learn the trick of seeing this image it becomes possible to flip between modes, to see and "unsee" the dolphins. So yes, there was an image on her wall of an actress standing at a counter and suddenly it "popped" and it became merely contrasting patches of light. The image itself no longer made sense to me as a collection of ideas with names, "woman," "counter," but just raw visual data. It was like the act of "unseeing" a Magic Eye poster; where once were dolphins was now just an abstract pattern. Then, as if the different colored patches were oil paints floating on water, the patches began to separate and drift away from one another. They began to rearrange themselves into new formations, formations for which I do not have words or ideas that define, characterize, or describe them.
A little overwhelmed, I believe I laid back, and the room took on a "crispness," and some part of my mind, recognizing the qualia of a DMT trip, realized "oh shit, here we go." I'm not sure for how long I dipped out, it must have just been 15 seconds maybe, but I felt those indescribable connections, where suddenly every trip I've ever had in my life, as well as many sober experiences both formative and innocuous seem to come to mind all at once. Snippets of conversations with friends from three weeks ago. A look I saw on my mom's face when I was 4. Visiting a friend in the hospital 15 years ago. A joke from one of these awful 80s sitcoms. A moment of lucidity from a trip last summer. A hundred thousand ideas, memories, and realizations all swim to the surface and effervesce. I was filled with absolute bliss; I remembered it again! The thing! Whatever the thing is, I'm not positive, I just know when I am experiencing it. I always forget!
I suddenly realized this was probably all very weird from my girlfriend's perspective and I turned in her direction to attempt to explain what was going on. The corner of her room caught my eye. It was full of so much ACTIVITY! There in the dimly lit corner, above her dresser, the walls were alive. But not in a low-dose-of-mushrooms-or-LSD way, like a moving texture. I saw six to maybe nine beings comprising the walls, EXACTLY like I have seen a maybe dozen times on DMT, particularly on the comedown. These characters, although they are constantly shifting form, have some sort of unifying "something-ness" about them that tells me that they are discrete, separate entities. They have a simultaneously eastern/Egyptian/Mayan/alien/reptilian "look" to them, but fluidly morph between all of these ideas. I would not be able to draw one of these things, yet I somehow seem to know exactly what I'm looking at when I'm looking at them.
I was startled, and a little spooked, I could feel my heart racing and that unique sort of disorientation I am used to feeling on DMT. But some part of me was like "this is it, this is what I'm looking for. This is the culmination of all this exploration, go with this." I got the overwhelming impression that I was being given an option to be shown something here, so I kinda telepathically, and, comically, out loud, said "okay, show me." This is when shit got REAL weird.
My surroundings darkened. The entities disappeared, as did the wall from which they had seemed to appear, and my body started to feel so cold I started to shiver. My mind started down the now-familiar pathways of believing myself dead, and I started to question if I was in hell or some sort of limbo. Not a fire-and-brimstone sort of Christian hell, but an alien, indifferent, possibly digital (?) Jacob's Ladder-like limbo. The "room" I was in, now almost completely black, started to writhe and slither and I suddenly realized my entire environment was made out of tight clusters of black snakes, and although they looked absolutely real they didn't seem organic. They *moved* organically, like the type of snakes we're familiar with, but had an, again, digital sort of quality to them, like the movement was a little too perfect, mathematic. Some of their bodies would slither out and away from the "walls" of this place and transform into other shapes: detail-less faces, humanoid or insectoid-like bodies, before slithering back into formation along the surface of the walls. I've had enough DMT trips at this point that normally this imagery wouldn't faze me; my rational mind, from the back of the vehicle safely strapped into the carseat can still whisper to me "hey, it's cool, you smoked a drug, this will go away soon." But this time that quiet voice was like "uhhh, dude? You didn't smoke DMT, I have no fucking clue what's going on here!"
I could hear my girlfriend asking me if I was okay, and reassuring me that she was there, but she sounded distant, like I was at the bottom of a deep well and she was yelling down from above. When I looked for her I could not find her, I could see only an inky blackness made up of... I don't know... math serpents! And I started to panic. "Oh shit, I've done it now, I broke my brain. This is what going crazy is like." I started calling out, to my girlfriend, to god, to my rational mind, to anybody that would listen "what is going on? what IS this?" and received no response, save for my girlfriend, whose voice was so distant at this point I didn't know what she was saying, except that I understood that I was probably scaring the HELL out of her, so I decided I need to find my way back to default reality somehow. I stood and walked over to the corner where the snakes were most obvious, and as I approached they seemed to retract back into the wall, but rather than allowing me to see my girlfriend's bedroom again, I saw the entities from earlier. I stood and stared at them intently, both in awe of being able to see these things so clearly, but also in a half-assed attempt to unsee them and just get back to "normal." I turned back to look at my laptop on the shelf across the room, and its screen looked like a tiny pinpoint of brilliant light an impossible distance away. Otherwise, everything was complete black. At this point, with the snakes gone, my girlfriend announced she was turning on the lights, which she did, and her room snapped back into my perception. Relief washed over me, I started trying to form apologies, inbetween frantically trying to explain what had happened, but she's no stranger to high weirdness and was very cool and understanding about the whole thing. I returned to bed with her, and, amazingly, I was able to continue to see the entities in the corner of the room with the lights on. I kept moving my eyes from her, who looked "real" as I normally understand real and "normal," then back to the corner of the room where these entities simply stood. Absolutely unsure of what to make of ANY of this, I tried talking with them, both out loud and in my mind, but didn't seem to receive any response, aside from the simple fact of the experience itself. Slowly the "visuals" began to fade and after (by my girlfriend's calcuation) about 20 minutes, I had returned to baseline, absolutely shaken to my core.
In the days since, rationally, part of me thinks, okay, by having smoked DMT before I have wired certain neurological pathways to which my brain previously didn't have access and, like the classic "LSD flashback" I maybe unwittingly drifted into this new path. For me, though, a "normal" psychedelic "flashback" is literally that: a flash, like a lightning bolt of a memory. They don't manifest as full-on trips that last several minutes that I cannot "unsee" if I try. I have not smoked DMT for nearly 4.5 months, so my memory of even my last trip is very faded by this point. I ate mushrooms a couple weeks ago, but it was a pretty mild dose at just a couple grams and I spent most of the day riding my bike and lying in grass. I barely got visuals and *definitely* didn't see anything REMOTELY as bizarre or vivid as what I saw on Friday. I had also not slept particularly well the night before, but I wouldn't consider myself "sleep deprived," but again all of these are merely explanations my mind is scrambling to come up with so that I don't believe that I am going crazy. I also don't "feel" crazy, I feel more sane, coherent, and lucid than I have in years, and this incident is entirely isolated. The event felt much more like a realizing than a de-realizing, but if that is the "truth" I think I am seeking, I am clearly not ready to handle this "truth." I even attempted, against my better judgment, to attempt to replicate this trip the next night by smoking a bowl and spacing out on that corner of her room, but of course nothing happened, except for being stoned like normal. I have experienced nothing really out of the ordinary since then.
So that's the long and short (mostly long, sorry!) of it. I present it to you only as a description of a personal experience and am not attempting to convince anybody of anything, except that maybe shit is weirder than we could possibly imagine, and I hope that if you have had a similar experience and until now have been scared to share it, consider the comments here a (hopefully) safe space to do so. I will listen to your experiences with an open heart and mind. Thanks for reading/not reading. Love y'all. <3
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2019.05.14 01:30 riversrunthroughme 1.5 Years, 430-680 GMAT, Admit to IESE Lessons Learned (Pt 1: Overview)

Preparing, applying for, and choosing an MBA has probably been the second biggest sustained commitment towards any one goal I've made in my life. While I'm immensely proud of what I've accomplished, in hindsight, there was a LOT that I could have done better and wish I had known which would have saved me thousands of dollars and many days of stress. I'm hoping that, by writing this, I can help you avoid some of the hassle and heartache that I went through.
Feel free to ask questions and I'll try to help as much as I can. I'll follow up with some later posts to cover GMAT and applications specifically.

My Background
-Admitted IE Business, IU Kelley, IESE; wait listed Virginia Darden
-Decided to get an MBA mentally in 2016 because I knew I wanted to change industry, but otherwise had no clue what to do with my life.
**-**Bachelors degree in a US state school w/unremarkable GPA and zero quant/business background
-8 years military service IE management w/out any concept of budget, advertising, or quant usage beyond counting on my fingers
-My baseline GMAT was a 430. It was half a year studying in the evening while I worked full time then a year of essentially part time work while I studied between 1.5-6 hours each day, every day, to grind out a steady 20pt improvement each month.

Biggest Lessons Learned
  1. Target programs that both give your desired end results and where you're profile is a desired commodity.
  2. Planning ahead and staying organised is vital. It helps a lot to be able to draw a paycheck, but at the same time, work with your bosses and your loved ones to help make this your No. 1 priority when its time to study and prep applications.
  3. The GMAT is the single most important thing on your application. Approach it as you would your most serious work project and it will pay dividends (less time/stress, better admits, scholarships)
  4. GMAT Club is the single best GMAT resource out there, hands down, and it is 99% free. Most books/consulting services for admissions are worthless. The Official GMAT books and most GMAT prep books are low value. The big GMAT prep services (Veritas, Manhattan, e-GMAT, etc.) are decent and can be very helpful, especially if you don't have strong study habits (like me). Tutoring can either be the absolute best value or the absolute worse.
  5. If you're not already a good writer, know how to make a great resume, and how to interview, then start prepping ahead.
  6. Never mind tuition and cost of living, prepping and applications themselves are bloody expensive.
  7. Ultimately, the application process is a black box and a lot of guesswork by people you don't know (admissions). At best, you'll be able to guess with a rough probability as to your chances, but nobody will really be able to tell you what your chances are or what got you in/out.

Deciding Whether to Get an MBA/What Programs
  1. Research potential target industries: some really value MBAs, others do not. Similarly, certain schools tend to feed specific companies and industries.
  2. Do an ROI calcuation: is it worth it to you to lose 1.5-2 years of employment, completely disrupt your life, and pay more than 100k (tuition, fees, lost income, school prep, etc.)?
  3. Read school's enrolment and employment reports (usually on their websites, also Poets & Quants)
  4. Know precisely as possible what you want - it will help you set all of your timelines/goals/limits and it will help a great deal in admissions. It will also
  5. Aim as high as possible
  6. Reach out to alumni or current candidates who fit your profile to get an accurate estimate of bar you need to meet (GMAT, resume, etc.) Linkedin cold messaging and asking an MBA's admissions office for information are both good ways to get.

Make a Timeline
After seeing this process and talking to others, I recommend you allot yourself a year from your decision to get an MBA to the point where you've turned in your application. I'm quite sure that some people can essentially walk into an MBA in a couple of months or less. However, beyond the fact that this is a massive investment even if you don't get in to anything, it's very easy for time to creep up on you as you'll see below.
  1. Take the GMAT.
    1. If it's a mock, subtract 30pts from your total or 50pts to be safe.
    2. If you're 50pts or more lower than your average cohort, then assume you need 4 months of GMAT studying.
    3. The further you get from your base score, the slower improvement will be. If you score 650, you'll likely get to 700 faster than someone who started at 550, scored a 650, then went for 700.
    4. Your first big jump is "easy". If you apply yourself, going 500->600; 600->700 in 4 months is VERY doable. However, the further you get from your base score, the slower you'll likely find progress.
    5. Similarly, improvement gets harder the higher your score.
  2. Look at your target schools applications dates.
    1. US schools heavily penalise later applicant rounds.
    2. European schools don't penalise admissions, but there is often far less scholarship money available.
  3. Mark dates for...
    1. GMAT: official test NLT 20 days prior to application deadline for processing. Ideally, give yourself at least a week of wiggle room in case you have a bad test day.
    2. Recommendation Letters: NLT 1 month prior. These are seriously a pain in the ass.
    3. Essays: NLT 1 week prior, more if you're not confident as an essay writer.
    4. Transcripts/Diplomas: your program may require additional documentation. Beware trying to figure this out with your old college during crunch time.

Average GMAT Prep Book: $20-45
Average GMAT Online Course: 6months for $300-500
Average INDIVIDUAL School Application: $150
Tutoring Fees: $100-400 an hour. Assume you need get at least 12 x 30min sessions to truly get max returns on investment.
GMAT Test: $250/official test.
Send GMAT Scores to School: Free if sent ON EXAM DAY. $45/school AFTER EXAM DAY.
School Visits: $500 (or whatever your travel costs are) + two nights local stay.

PT 3 - Essays & LoRs
PT 4 - Interviews
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2019.02.19 22:47 NOSjoker21 Role Call, Chapter 1, Vol. 5: the REAL last Rainbow Tank review, "I'm bored at work and don't have shit better to do" edition!

Grettings from a miserly F2P hoarder. The last time I did this I skipped "Baeryl" and many of you were upset. So since I'm a lazy bastard who volunteered for work on a day in which nobody is calling the help desk, I have time to sit back and poop out this final review of tanks currently avialable in GL that come from the shiniest of rainbows with the shittiest of odds.
For newcomers, or bored readers who are usually too snooty to read my shitty opinions, Role Call's purpose is to compare that 5★ rainbow that your favorite YouTuber or subreddit contributor got, to the 3★ or 4★ that YOU got because you didn't "work hard enough".
As such, after this brief review, as only three Tanks were left, I'll be dropping a subjective review of Tank ratings with moreso practicality than math (fuck math), but... that can wait.
Usually my posts are a wall of text (see first Role Call) if you have doubts, but this one is abridged for convenience and less stress on my fingers. Let's get to it:

"Goodest Boi" Chow Chow

The first time I reviewed FFBE's Goodest Boi two years running, I both A: knew that Chow's 7★ and enhancements would be coming shortly after I typed his review up, and B: I did not have Chow, seeing as how I skipped his event. Seeing as how "A" has happened now, and "B" no longer holds true - I used my GL UoC on him over Lilith, as I'm an impatient bastard - meaning that I have experience with him now, I can give better contextual info on him, having done a lap of his banner to get a dupe. This abbreviated section will cover his new abilities at 7★, since he pretty much does the same thing he did when I reviewed him before, just more gooder.
In FFBE lore Chow is a Divine Beast of fortune who... well shit. He helps Ang and Yan somehow. Gumi didn't re-run the story event so I forget.
That being said, Chow is a Support/Healer Tank, á la Cecil but better:

Role Name Effect
Healer Dispelga AoE remove *all effects from targeted party
Healer Curaja AoE Heal 2,500 (1.8x) HP
Support Strong Ecouragement Aoe buff ATK/DEF by 60% and nullify Stop for three turns [Enh. +1: ATK/DEF +80%, Enh +2: ATK/DEF +100% and increase turn count to 4]
Support Improved Focus Same as above, but MAG/SPR instead, and Charm instead of Stop. Enhancements are same as well.
Support Guardian's Blessingꭜ AoE Nullify ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR breaks for three turns, enable Sudden Wealth* to caster for four turns
ꭜfive turn cool down, available turn one
*allows W-Ability for the following: Guardian's Sacrifice, Courageous Heart, Strong Encouragement, Improved Focus

To briefly remind you of his other Magic: Curaga, Esunaga, and Full-Life round out his Magic kit.
Dispelga is key for fights with multiple enemies being buffed, as well as removing Imperils, Breaks, and Imbues for your team in certain fights as well, because it's preferable to using Bushido - Freedom on yourself.
Curaja for a 7★ Magic Tank is effectively a 7★ Healer level of healing, provided you gear them appropriately. My 1309 SPR Chow obviously outperforms my 1183 SPR Ayaka in Healing, although obviously Ayaka's in my party for different reasons than Good Boi. Also, Chow learns Dual White magic a 7★, meaning that he can combine healing, Esunaga, and a Full-Life or two in the same turn if your Healer has to do something other than Healing. Chow is mainly in your party to soak up damage but if you want a no-Healer strat for efficiency, Chow can certainly do the job, albeit not with the bells and whistles that Ayaka (multiple skills with HP barriers), LM Fina (AoE Reraise), Eiko (Summoning), and Yuna (Summoning + Element resistance), and etc. have.
The enhancements to Chow's buff abilities are significant in that they gain a turn of effect, rather than their buff value, as eSoleil, Iggy, MS Nichol, etc. can outperform him, meaning that you mainly want them for Charm and Stop resistance if you don't have those roles covered, or don't have a dedicated buffer unit. That being said, I recommend you use Chow as a Tank first and then either a support or Healer as necessary, because having a unit do three roles in a fight can be clunky. That being said, keep in mind Chow can't W-Ability these buffs unless you've used Guardian's Blessing, so use him to complement your Support rather than be the main one unless you've mastered your rotations. Also about Guardian's Blessing: Break resistance is very much a valuable asset, and scarce among units in the game (I believe Shylt and Yan are the only 4★ units to have it, and it damn sure helped me trivialize Wicked Moon and his absurd 75% AoE Full break).
Edit: Ilias, Tilith, and VoE have break resistance too.

Ability Effect & Duration
Spiritual Guardianꭜ 80% chance to AoE Cover against magic damage, with damage mitgation (50% - 70%) to caster, AoE 2,000 HP barrier for four turns
ꭜsix turn cooldown, available turn one
Chow's only other covering abilities are a useless ST cover and his standard MAG Cover, Spiritual Defender, which... did not get any enhancements. Hmm. Well, Spiritual Guardian is a cool move for thresholds and it conveniently gives HP barriers for additional bulk. Otherwise, you'll usually have his regular cover to rely on, as six turns is a long time unless you're that absolute M A D M A N who just OBAMAs trials with Medius like it's nobody's business then places his massive testicles back on the wheelbarrow to travel to the next fight. Y I K E S (but also, props).
Chow got some enhancements for his 6★ passives, and additional stat boosts at 7★ too:

Name Effect
Spiritual Core* +30% SPR, +100% SPR when HP drops below 30% [Enh. +1: SPR +40% & +120% SPR when HP is below 40%, Enh +2: +50% SPR & +150% SPR when HP below 60%]
Twin Discipline* HP +20%, +30% DEF when using Robes, +30% SPR when wearing H Armor [Enh +1: increase both DEF and SPR by 30% when wearing Robes or H Armor, Enh +2: buff now applies to L Armor as well.
Vessel of Prosperity** HP/MP/SPR +20%, nullify Stop
Reliable Protector Increase HP/SPR +30% w/ using L Shield or H Shield
Dual White Magic Those Spells in his kit? You can use those TWICE!
DEF +20% So, question, what breed is Chow based on? I'm a cat person so I don't know these thiings. Also this stat is self explanatory
True Divination HP/DEF/SPR + 20%, +10% Magic Evasion, +50% LB Gauge fill rate
*received enhancements since my previous review
**requires TMR, Lucky Ingot, to be equipped
So Chow gets bulk if you give him the otherwise underwhelming (except on LMS maybe) Lucky Ingot, gains additional bulk if he's using a shield, a small DEF buff and even more bulk plus a tiny chance of evasion. All are pretty good, since the amount of bulk can make or break a tank (see eCagnazzo for how much better things can get). Spiritual Core offers additional SPR and a better crisis buff, while Twin Discipline offers more flexibility in gearing.
Dual White magic means Chow can top off the party's HP after a nuke if necessary, or Raise, esunaga, etc.
Magic abilities and spells do not have Accuracy values, so while Chow's 10% Magical evasion is low, you'll never have to worry about "fuck you this hits anyway" logic when hoping RNG blesses you with the holy word, "Miss".

LB Effect
7★ Celestial Limit (36 LS) AoE (30% - 54%) damage mitigation, Heal 10% HP, and Refresh (45% - 75%) MP

Chow's LB is a nice source of mitigation and mana refresh. Odd that his Healing didn't scale with the LB level, but... I digress.

STMR Effect
Everlasting Kindness +20% HP/MP, +80% SPR when wearing a Robe

Chow's STMR has a formidable amount of SPR, and a respectable amount of HP & MP, making it great for Healers, magic Tanks (duh), and if you have Support units who's Healing buffs are based on SPR, them too.
Fun fact: if you're chasing Ang (like I was, because I had ignored him entirely until a blue crystal turned gold, then spectrum, and then WHADDAYA KNOW, I have an Ang now and need a second... damn you Goomie), and the game gives you more Good Bois instead, this is quite obtainable. Yet it will hurt your Lapis.
So to be brief, Chow got a CD HP barrier ability, better buffs in case your buffer is busy or non-existent, and he got more HP, MP, DEF, and SPR. Now compared to similar units, Chow is more comparable to A. Rain in that they notably favor SPR over DEF, whereas units like WKN and Lilith can have 900+ or 1,000+ values in both DEF and SPR. What this means is WKN or Lilith can be used as a Provoke tank and they'll shrug it off, whereas you don't necessarily want Chow to be a physical provoke tank, even though he tecnically can do it with a Moogle Plushie and Golem's Provoke.
For our builds, keep in mind these don't take Item World into account, so expect that you can add on average about 10% HP/DEF/SPR depending on how Steel castle Melfuckya feels today.
Here's our 7★ Good Boi build:
L Paw: Magi Staff (we've had this shat on us for a good few events now)
R Paw: Flax Shield (gives 10% Magical evade when held by CNY 2018 units)
Snoot: Frozen Crown
Floofy back: Cure Robe
Leash: Lucky Ingot
Collar: Arsha's Talisman
Materia: Mog Rise
Materia: Staff Mastery
Materia: Great Mage's Chant
Materia: Mechanical Heart
Esper: Alexander
HP: 17,187 MP: 633 ATK: 271 DEF: 608 MAG: 278 SPR: 1,238
Chow with older gear is pretty solid. His HP is great considering the Mag tanks we have thus far, and is comparable to the lower end of physical tanks. His MP is comfortable, his DEF is solid to take a stray hit or two (don't make a habit of it in current content, but for older content this is plenty), and HELL YES is that SPR stat the good shit. Keep in mind that once Chow's Twin Discipline is enhanced, he gains +30% DEF/SPR regardless of what armor or robes he's wearing, a feature that was unavailable for most of his 6★ lifespan.
As a note, Magic Tanks unlike Physical tanks have a few different Espers to choose from, as Carbuncle, Lakshmi, Phoenix, and recently Alexander are all available with varying amounts of HP/MP/SPR buffs to choose from. Throw on Carbuncle for bulk, Lakshmi for HP and... well Chow already does Stop/Charm resist. Phoenix is redundant as Chow already has an auto-revive skill, and Alexander is just for making Chow 100% Light resistant with some stat boosts.
Here's the 7★ Best boi build:
L Paw: Dragon's Destiny
R Paw: Asfales
Snoot: Mirochu Cap
Floofy back: Sara's Robe
Leash: Lucky Ingot
Collar: Genbu Ring
Materia: Everlasting Kindness
Materia: Thirst for Survival
Materia: Staff Mastery
Materia: Mechanical Heart (nothing wrong with GM's Chant here either)
Esper: Alexander
HP: 18,726 MP: 617 ATK: 258 DEF: 683 MAG: 266 SPR: 1,529
Chow's 7★ with vet gear is quite bulky and has the highest SPR stat currently obtainable in GL, I believe (requires verification). Magical AoE threshold concerns are a thing of the past. Expect Chow to take a beating and then poop in the bosses' yard, unless the boss has a ridiculous mag stat that you didn't Break. Shit happens.
A note for both of these, if you swap in something like Ozetta's armor for the robe, Chow will gain 60 - 100 points in the DEF stat and lose the same in the SPR stat. Once you put his STMR on him, however, Robes are solidly preferred against armor. However, if you have his STMR, consider using a HP/DEF materia somewhere in there too, as this is a nonsensical amount of SPR to deal with Magic attacks and more DEF is never a bad thing, unless you're running two tanks and don't want Chow taking animal cruelty.
I'm terrible at being concise. All I did was cover his new skills and this was still a wall of text. Damn it.
Thus concludes the glory of Good Boi's 7★. Now, we're on to the second non-human 5★ of this review:

Beryl Beryl

"... yeah I was looking for "Baeryl!"
- u/spaceasteroid, on not seeing his fave tank in my previous Role Call. Reddit character limit be DAMNED!

Beryl is a Tonberry who in FFBE canon, appeared as a savior for the Tonberry race which was struggling against human globalization, that destabilized their people and environment just like humans currently struggle against other humans who pretend climate change is a lie. For those of you who are Final Fantasy n00bs, Tonberries are hooded, cave-dwelling, knife-wielding reptilians that specialize in stabbing the protagonist to death while carrying lanterns that conveniently give away their position. Not that this fact matters since in most FF games, encountering enemies is done via RNG rather than actually seeing them.
Also this bugs me when y'all get it wrong so I have to say it: Beryl is female. STOP MISGENDERING HER, DAMN IT! Whew. Apparently I was wrong and this is "other". Hmm.
Beryl can equip Knives (duh), Swords, and Greatswords which at first glance isn't GREAT for a tank unit, as you figure DEF and SPR are preferred, but Beryl isn't a conventional Tank. Additionally, you may seek weapons in these categories that favor MAG. More on this below.
Beryl can wear Hats, Clothes, Robes, and accessories. She's a Magic Tank, so this is standard fare.
Now, similar to Viktor Marchenko and therefore unlike most other tanks, Beryl can be used in a dedicated non-Tank role, which is in her case is a Magical Attacker. So I don't have to type it out every time, several of Beryl's offense abilities are Physical attacks that deal Magical damage to the enemy, so henceforth I'll refer to this as "Beryl" damage. And no, Beryl doesn't deal this damage to herself.
According to the Wiki - and if I've interpreted this incorrectly, feel free to correct me - what this means is these attacks perform the same as a physical attack, meaning they take Dual Wield into account, are affected by Killers, Chains, wake a sleeping target, and will be affected by general and physical mitigation, but will use Beryl's MAG stat scaling against the enemy's SPR rather than ATK scaling against DEF, and use the total MAG calcuation when dual wielding.
Whew. Mouthful.

Role Name Effect & Description
Magical Attacker Exposed Guilt ST "Beryl" damage (2.5x), -50% ATK/MAG for three turns
Magical Attacker Exposed Sins Same as above, but DEF/SPR instead
Support Paint it Black AoE +70% Dark resistance and, imbue Dark to physical attacks for five turns
Support Bathed in Light Same as above, but Light resistance/imbue
Support Heaven Mode Self nullify all buffs, +130% MAG, +100% LB Gauge fill rate, Refresh 100 MP (.5x) and enable Seraphic Call** for three turns to caster
Magical Attacker Heaven - Penance Pokeꟸ ST "Beryl" damage (2.5x) w/ ignore SPR (50%)
Magical Attacker Heaven - Judgement AoE "Beryl" damage (2.4x) with 1.2x consecutive use increase to 8.4x max
Magical Attacker Heaven - Force of Lightꟸꟸ ST "Beryl" damage (4.8x), -60% Light resistance for three turns.
Magical Attacker Heaven - Ye Not Guiltyꟸꟸꟸ AoE "Beryl" damage (3x) with 1.5x consecutive increase to 10.5x max
Magical Attacker Born to Die - Heaven Mode AoE "Beryl" damage (12x), -100% Light resistance, and -70% DEF/SPR for four turns, self 1 turn auto-revive for one turn, KO self to recover 30% HP and 20% to all allies except caster
Support Seraphic Install - Heaven Modeꭜ Self remove all buffs, +200% MAG, and +100% LB Gauge fill, enable Seraphic Redemption*** and Seraphic Call** for three turns
*physical attack, but with Magic damage... weird.
**Seraphic Call: use Heaven Skills twice in one turn
***Seraphic Redemption: use Heaven Skills thrice in one turn
ꟸOctoslash chaining family
ꟸꟸDivine Ruination chaining family
ꟸꟸꟸChaos Wave chaining family
ꭜFive turn cooldown, available turn one

Not gonna lie. That is... a lot. Beryl is of course, a Tank, but has significant abilities to dish out damage. She's able to chain with the DR, 8S, and CW families, all of which have a significant presence in GL, albeit the last two mostly consist of Rainbow units and DR does not. Elsewhere, she has "meh" 50% Breaks, a serviceable 70% DEF/SPR break, a 60% Light Imperil, and some abilities that unlock self sustain shenanigans for herself at the cost of removing pre-existing buffs.
Now that we know Beryl can do all kinds of tricks, let's look at her actual primary job:

Name Effect & Duration
Alone in the Dark Self +100% targeting chance and 30% mitigation for three turns
Everyone's Grudge Self +100% targeting chance for three turns, 3,000 HP barrier for two turns, 100% chance to counter physical damage w/ physical damage (6x) w/ SPR scaling for two turns, max three counter attacks per turn
Total Eclispe 80% chance to AoE Cover allies from magical damage w/ 50% - 70% mitigation for three turns
Seraphic Install - Hell Modeꭜ Self 90% magical damage mitigation for one turn
ꭜFive turn cooldown, available turn one

Beryl's two Provokes offer a choice between mitigation, and CounteHP Barrier shenanigans. One is better for general use, the other is cool for LB generation. If you have an external source of AoE mitigation buffs from another unit or Pod accessory, then use that so it stacks with Everyone's Grudge. Total Eclipse is standard AoE cover, and Seraphic Install - Hell Mode can make Trial Boss nukes turn into Derringer bullets. Beryl's got a kit for solid Provoking and Magical Cover, just like WKN.

Name Effect
Shadow Counter 30% to counter attacks with Magical damage (4x) w/ SPR scaling, maximum one turn
Cast in the Name of God Auto-Refresh 10% MP, +50% Magical and Physical damage against Humans
Everyone's Hope 30% to counter attacks with AoE 1,000 (3.4x) HP Heal
Heart of a Tonberry +30% HP and +20% DEF/SPR, +100% Counter chance
Soul of a Saint +30% MAG/SPR, nullify Blind, Paralyze, Confuse, Petrify
Kitchen Knife Mastery +30% MAG/SPR when using Dagger, +100% equipment MAG and 25% SPR when single wielding any weapon
Karmic Rhythm At start of battle, +100% LB Gauge fill rate, 20% damage mitigation, and +150% SPR for three turns
Unstoppable Martyr* +30% HP/MP, +30% Physical evasion, +30% Dark and Light resistance, nullify Stop
MP +20% If Beryl was in a certain Nickelodeon cartoon she'd be called Thornberry the Tonberry
Judge the Guilty +40% MAG/SPR when wearing a Robe, +2x Modifier to Heaven - Force of Light, +1x modifier to Heaven - Penance Poke
*requires TMR, Light's Vengeance equipped
Beryl's passives generally favor HP, MAG, and SPR, to complement both taking abuse and dishing it back out. Soul of a Saint means that none of the bad ailments can stop her, she's got a bit of evasion for dealing with physical hits (remember that Provoke?), and a convenient immunity to Stop. Ideally, you'd prolly wanna give her a Dagger that hasaninnate MAG boost on it, then run it through Item world. Currently, that is restricted to Defender's Daggers (which is ideally on a Support, or Rem), Lightning Dagger, Breath of Rose, Necro Dagger, Zwill Crossblade, and Fallen Angle. Most of these have forgettable MAG stats except for the last two, which are Ignis' and Beryl's STMRs, respectively.

LB Effect & Duration
Final Doink 5★ (20 LS) ST "Beryl" damage (4x - 7.8x), (-35% to -54%) ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for three turns
Final Doink 6★ (24 LS) ST "Beryl" damage (6x - 10.8x), (-40% to -64%) ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for three turns
Final Doink 7★ (30 LS) ST "Beryl" damage (9.5x - 15.3x), (-45% to -74%) ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for three turns

The primary value of Beryl's LB at 7★ is a Meta Full Break. Not to write off the damage, but if you can keep her LB in rotation, it's pretty solid. HT Lid, YorHa Waifu, etc. can maintain their LB's easily due to the former having plenty of LS boost options (provided you have Limit gear) and the latter having a move that can literally fill her gauge in a single turn, but Beryl has Seraphic Install - Heaven Mode and Karmic Rhythm to help ker keep it topped off.

Reward Effect
Light's Vengeance (TMR) +30% HP, +20% MAG/SPR
Fallen Angle (STMR) Dagger - ATK +10, MAG/SPR +142, +40% Dark/Light Resistance, Enable Sines of the Father (Beryl only): +50% equipment MAG when single wielding any weapon
Light's Vengeance is an awesome TMR, which is stackable, meaning that if you have Beryl at 7★, tossing two of them on her isn't a bad idea. Additionally, you can toss this on a support unit for bulk, or ideally a Summoner, as Evocation damage takes MAG and SPR into account, and the 30% HP is a warm sight for Yuna, Kydia, and Eiko's frail asses (if you use Garnet still, then her too :D). Fallen Angle, with only Ignis' Zwill Crossblade TMR a close second, is the best weapon to put on Beryl, however unless you've got four of her, it's likely you're running around with one of the (mediocre at best) MAG daggers instead. Woe is you.
So let's give Beryl a shitty VectoCutco pyramid scheme MLM bullshit knife set:
L Arm: Breath of Rose
R Arm: Tonberries don't carry two knives you NOOB
Head: Cat Ear Hood
Body: Siren's Robe (this is from a power crept trial, shut it)
Accessory 1: Arsha's Talisman
Accessory 2: Magistral Crest
Materia: Light's Vengeance
Materia: Strategist's Ingenuity
Materia: Great Mage's Chant
Materia: Mog Rise
Esper: Phoenix
HP: 13,151 MP: 622 ATK: 318 DEF: 361 MAG: 982 SPR: 1,034
Of the magical Espers we have in Global, Ramuh is too frail for a Tank unit, Shiva is okay but she's mainly a stat tick. Diabolos syncs well with Beryl for Man-Eater purposes, Alexander favors the tank stats, Lakshimi has HP boosts with her stats and resistances, and Phoenix is a decent mix of HP/MP/MAG/SPR. Carbuncle is recommended only if you're using Beryl as a dedicated Tank.
If you take Breath of Rose, Lightning Dagger, etc. through IW, try to gain boosts of HP/MP/MAG/SPR as necessary, unless you have Ignis or Beryl's STMRs, the pickin's is slim. With this build, she has okay-ish (for a MAG tank, for a physical 7★ Tank this would be pretty bad) HP, enough MP to do her various jobs, DEF is kinda low to be running Provokes, her MAG is decent enough for chaining purposes and her SPR is great for Tanking.
Now let's give her the Æsahettr build:
L Arm: Fallen Angle
R Arm: to carry your decapitated head away.
Head: Chic Summer Hat
Body: Siren's Robe
Accessory 1: Jake's Pirate Ring
Accessory 2: Magic Amplifier
Materia: Light's Vengeance
Materia: Thirst for Survival
Materia: Magical Potential
Materia: Malboro's Whisper
Esper: Phoenix
HP: 14,264 MP: 638 ATK: 256 DEF: 380 MAG: 1,410 SPR: 1,176
Beryl is cool that she can be configured for MAG damage or SPR tanking, but both of these builds, I've attempted to be balanced with these, but you can skew them however you desire. If you have a Sieg and are going into a fight with her as your MAG tank, throw his TMR on her instead of Magical Potential for better HP/DEF/SPR and a LB fill rate boost. If you're using her as an assassin, use perhaps Sage of Mysidia instead.
That being said, this HP stat is noticeably lower than eWKN, A. Rain, and the Boi above. Beryl isn't weak by any means, but at pure tanking, the other three rainbow Mag tanks have more defensive buffs and self support as they're tanks first and Support/Healing second; Beryl is here to kill shit.
With this build, Beryl has very capable MAG and a SPR stat that is perfectly fine in the current Meta. The ability to take hits and dish punishment back out is the reason units like Viktor, Lilith, and Beryl are considered great for slot-efficient fights.
Now onto this review's only conventional Tank:

The Transcendent, Radiant, Magnificent Sieghard CG Sieghart

Yes that title is absolutely necessary and if you didn't play his Story event then fuck you and your fat fingers, and I hope your next 10+1 pull consists of Bedile, Shadow, Ponelo, Maria, Aiden, Maria, Gilbert, Ovelia, Gau, Rasler, and... okay that's too evil.
In FFBE lore, Sieg is formerly Veritas of the Earth, and then before that, an aristocratic nobleman along with his sister Dietlinde (that 84% DEF break is tits for OTKO strats), and his brother Theobold (pretty decent MAG Whip TMR). When not trying to smash Majiin Fina's face in with Demon Wall, he is a vain aesthetician who constantly grinds Incest Grandma Folka's and Thirst for Reagan Citra's nerves, but along with Ignacio is not fond of children being put into less-than-ethical situations.
Naked out of the box, Sieg has no innate weaknesses or resistances to any elements or ailments, but gains them leveling up, obviously becoming resistant to Earth, being Earthlord and all.
He can equip Daggers, Swords, Staves, Axes, Hammers, and Whips. With Steel Castle Melfuckya currently active, this means Sieg can ideally gear Gigantaxe, Mighty Hammer, Sledgehammer (DQ), etc. for sweet HP/DEF boosts.
Sieg can wear whatever the Hell his radiant ass pleases, as long as it's not a robe because that's not beautiful.
... no I wasn't showing a bias, Sieg can wear any Shield, Armor, Hat, Helm, or Clothing in the game. Robes are the only thing he can't dress with.
As his clothing options may tell, Sieg is a physical Tank who ideally is just your Tank, but can serve as a backup breaker if necessary. He has a handful of offensive moves as well.

Role Name Effect & Duration
Breaker Mind Charm ST inflict Charm (5% chance), physical damage (2x) w/ DEF scaling, -60% SPR for five turns
Breaker Block Charm Same as above, but with -60% DEF
Physical Attacker Dangerous Roseꟸ AoE (2.8x) physical damage w/ DEF scaling
Breaker Full Break Charm Same as the first two "Charm" abilities, but (2.5x) mod, three turns instead of five, and -50% to all stats.
Support Bar-Stonaga AoE 70% Earth resist for three turns
Physical Attacker Earthboundꟸꟸ ST physical damage (2x) with DEF scaling, -100% Earth imperil for one turn
ꟸFree energy chaining family
ꟸꟸPiledriver chaining family
As far as breaks go, Sieg is a direct upgrade over say, WoL, and they function the same way: they aren't meant to be your main Breaks, but they're there if you need them. The Mind and Block charms are decent-ish at 60% for SPR and DEF, which isn't terrible but the Full Break Charm 50% value is now fairly in the "oh shit, it's better than nothing" tier along with 45%.
Dangerous Rose has a chaining family but Sieg, even with the DEF scaling, shouldn't be your DPS and he should NOT be dual wielding. Earthbound - which I've never used, as eAileen, much as I love her, has fallen in the current meta - has a 100% Earth imperil if you need burst damage with Earth users, even though it's only one turn. Sieg's Bar-Stonaga move has situational usefulness and this rounds out his non-tanking kit.
Not written above, he has the Stone spells up to -aja level, but I needn't tell you that these are useless except for "deal Earth damage" missions.
Now for the Tanking, which is solid, yet also weird.

Name Effect & Duration
Noble Stance 50% chance to ST cover ally from physical damage w/ 50% mitigation
Stylish Charm AoE inflict Charm (5%), 75% chance to AoE cover allies from physical damage w/ 50% - 70% mitigation for three turns
I'm Gorgeous! AoE Charm (30% chance), self +100% targeting chance and mitigate damage by 40% for two turns. If used consecutive turns, turns into Gorgeous Pose: AoE inflict Charm (50% chance), 80% chance to AoE cover allies from physical damage with 60% - 75%, negate three physical damage taken for one turn to self
Super Winkꭜ AoE inflict Charm (5%), 75% chance to AoE cover allies from magical damage w/ 50% - 70% mitigation for two turns
Sexy Smileꭜꭜ AoE inflict Charm (5%), mitigate magic damage to self by 90% for one turn
Glorious Guardꭜꭜꭜ AoE inflict Charm (5%), mitigate physical damage to self by 90% for one turn
ꭜthree turn cool down, available turn one
ꭜꭜseven turn cool down, avialable turn one
ꭜꭜꭜsix turn cool down, available turn one

Sieg's kit includes a standard AoE physical cover which we're all used to. His Provoke is the oddity, however. Using it on one turn makes a 40% mitigated taunt, which is pretty good, albeit two turns only. Using it on the next turn means that you activate an AoE cover that's stronger mitigation and proc chance than his regular cover, however you'd have to refresh the mitigated provoke the next turn, meaning it's possible to just hit "I'm Gorgeous!" over and over again and he'd have constant cover and provoke up the whole time, although he'd be able to do nothing else That being said, the three hit nullification every other turn makes for better survivability. Super Wink means that Sieg can function as an emergency Mag tank, however you'd likely want an actual Mag tank to deal with nukes, as you'll see later Sieg's SPR isn't great. Sexy Smile and Glorious Guard round out his Tanking kit as threshold moves with can render enemy nukes insignificant.
Sieg has a buttload of passives. Let's get funky:

Name Effect
Draw Attacks Self +50% targeting chance
Edelschild +50% SPR when using L Shield, +50% DEF when using H Shield, +50% Earth resistance
Sibling's Teachings +20% DEF, Nullify Confuse and Petrify
He Who Thrives in Adversity +30% HP, +20% DEF/SPR, 30% chance to counter magic damage with He Who Trives in Adversity: self restore 25% HP & MP, max one time per turn
Noblesse Oblige +30% HP, +20% DEF/SPR, Nullify Charm
Man of Many Rivals* +30% DEF/HP, 50% chance to ignore fatal damage once, when HP is above 5%. +200% DEF/SPR when HP is below 1%
Brilliant Rose +30% HP/SPR when wearing L Armor, +30% HP/DEF when wearing H Armor, +100 LB Gauge fill rate
*requires TMR, Hero's Vow - Earth to be equipped

For those of you not keeping count, Sieg can have a total of 120% in HP passives and 170% in DEF passives (if using his TMR, which is honestly stupid not to, and H Shield/Armor, which is usally preferred), and at least 50% SPR for just existing, 110% SPR if you're wearing L Shield/Armor instead. Sieg, when fully kitted for DEF passives reaches phenomenal bulk. SPR kitted, he isn't really impressive and his DEF will still likely be higher than his SPR. HWTIA is a nice self survivability move and the Charm immunity is great when combined with ST charm moves - he has an innate 50% Draw but can easily hit 100% with Moogle Plushie, K Producer's Jacket, and... whatever the Hell that FFBE Gift thing was with 20% Draw chance. I forget.

Reward Effect
Hero's Vow - Earth (TMR) +30% HP and Earth resistance, +20% DEF/SPR, +50% LB fill rate +50%
Attractive Shield (STMR) L Shield - HP +30%, DEF +85, +80% Earth resistance

The STMR has the highest DEF in the game currently, I believe, as well as the highest innate HP stat. HV - Earth is a solid materia for any tank with the boosts to HP/DEF/SPR. Supports can use it as well for the bulk and LB fill rate. That being said, Sieg, as far as tanks go, has a pretty solid LB:

LB Effect & Duration
Beauteous Sanctuary 5★ (20 LS) AoE physical damage (6x - 7.9x) w/ DEF scaling and (25% - 34%) damage mitigation for three turns
Beauteous Sanctuary 6★ (24 LS) AoE physical damage (8x - 10.4x) w/ DEF scaling and (30% - 42%) damage mitigation for three turns
Beauteous Sanctuary 7★ (30 LS) AoE physical damage (14x - 16.9x) w/ DEF scaling and (30% - 45%) damage mitigation for three turns

With Sieg's DEF stat, this is a pretty decent nuke. While it won't do much against bosses perhaps unless it's at the end of a chain, it'll likely wipe mobs. Additionally, the mitigation goes to a respectable 42% if you max it at 6★, and it can be solid to use at thresholds, but if Sieg can tank the threshold nuke, you'll prefer to use his cover the previous turn in combination with one of the 90% mitigation moves. That being said, it isn't a bad LB by any means, but I wouldn't max it at 7★, use the pots elsewhere.
Let's see Sieghard with a faint radiance:
L Arm: Mighty Hammer
R Arm: Genji Shield (what else are you even doing with your Star Quartz?)
Head: Grand Helm
Body: Maximilian (old, and also freely given recently)
Accessory 1: Arsha's Talisman
Accessory 2: Domino's Boots
Materia: Hero's Vow - Earth
Materia: Mechanical Heart
Materia: Seed of Hope (recent Star Ocean event, yo)
Materia: Seed of Hope
Esper: Golem
HP: 19,563 MP: 386 ATK: 341 DEF: 1,184 MAG: 216 SPR: 527
We use two Seeds of Hope here because two of them net a +20% HP (not bad) and ailment immunity (yoooo!), in addition to the Death immunity offered by Genji Shield, Sieg is naturally immune to Charm, meaning that only Stop concerns him.
His HP is perfectly fine here, albeit without an HP enhancement on a weapon. MP isn't really an issue as none of Sieg's moves are overly expensive and he can't use multiple moves per turn. His DEF stat is excellent and his SPR stat means that should you be using him as a backup MAG tank, expect results akin to using Shylt/Mystea, although better, since they don't have the preposterous HP stat that Sieg does. Additionally, he has the 90% damage cooldown for thresholds, just keep it in mind.
Now let's give Sieghard some brilliance:
L Arm: Sledgehammer (DQ)
R Arm: Malboro Shield (LMS shield is an okay ailment replacement, Impervious shield helps with elements)
Head: Grand Helm+
Body: King's Armor
Accessory 1: Jake's Pirate Ring
Accessory 2: Genbu Ring
Materia: Hero's Vow - Earth
Materia: Energy Converter
Materia: H Armor Arts
Materia: Gust Mane
Esper: Golem
HP: 23,179 MP: 386 ATK: 372 DEF: 1,474 MAG: 216 SPR: 610
Sieg's HP stat exceeds Willy's but is slightly behind Viktor's. However, his DEF peaks above theirs and is even higher if you're lucky enough to get Seal of Life and Arms on a Hammer or Axe during IW this week. I used Malboro Shield for ailent resistance, but using King's Armor in combination with a SoH, or using Impervious Shield with King's Armor for element resistance is a solid idea as well. The latter combination, and using Gust Mane - Leopold's TMR, which is the same as Patriotic recall but offers Wind resistance instead of Light - will give Sieg +20% Wind, +40% Fire, Water, Thunder, Water, Light, and Dark, and +170% Earth resistance in total. Pretty sweet, although this combo is available to anyone with use of H Armor and H Shield. If you use Ozetta's Armor or something instead, Sieg's DEF stat will remain in the same area while giving his SPR a boost of +65, which isn't a bad thing by any means. However... you'll still prefer that an actual magic tank deal with magical nukes. That being said, if you're in a trial fight where you can predict the different AoE mag/physical nukes on different turns, it's feasible that Sieg can be a Provoke, Magic, and Physical tank all in one fight, although Merc Ramza is a better choice for this type of turn management.
Note that if you give Sieg L Armor and an L Shield, his SPR gets boosts instead, although not tot he levels of DEF that he has.
Good luck with that mental gymnasium every turn though.
Now that my fingers may finally rest, I promised rankings amongst the tanks in my prevous Role Call. Now, before we proceed, I must say the following:
I dunno what I'll be doing next. A handful of Redditors have covered Healers already, Breakers and Buffers are in a spot in which either they suck, or they're great, with no real middle ground, and DPS is another animal entirely.
I'll figure something out.
Also, I preivously promised to do rankings, but I'm not sure how to do so in regards to Budget tanks. WoL, LMS, VoE, Barusa, and Cagnazzo are the only serviceable 4★ physical Tanks in the game. Ozetta has no enhancements and is othewise meh, Libertus gets enhancements down the line that can make him an okay-ish unit, and Rasler... well, if you have WoL, you shouldn't be using Rasler. Period.
Mag tanks on the other hand only come in three flavors at the moment: Mystea, who has a self-heal, AoE ailment immunity, and her sassier palette swap, Shylt, who offers Magical mitigation on top of whatever mitigation you already have, with the far more rare (and unlike ailments, you can't gear against it) Break resistance. Shatal is the last, and... no. Just no.
Now, as to 5★ Tanks...
Willy and Sieg are dedicated physical Tanks, as such, they have the highest HP and DEF to deal with physical hits, although Sieg can be used as a faux-Mag tank with the right setup. Viktor is an awesome DPS unit if necessary, and he has a five turn mitigated provoke, but no Cover, in a meta where that is absolutely necessary for most fights, unless CG Sara comes to bless us with Enhanced Retreat command (DO IT YOU COWARDS!).
Blending the lines of these are Lilith, Basch, and M. Ramza, who offer DPS, Break Resistance, and element resistance for the former and Breaks for the latter two. All three can be fairly unkillable with balanced stats, although neither of the first two has a Provoke and Merc Ramza's requires enhancements to be good.
Magic Tanks currently come in four flavors: A. Rain, Good Boi, Beryl, and White Knight Noel. And honestly... none of these are bad at their job. A. Rain can provide ailment resistance, buffs, and support, Good Boi has Buffs, Stop/Charm resistance, and has very high raw Heal output. Beryl is a weapon of mass destruction if geared right and has many chaining partners, White Knight Noel just has beastly stats and can out put magic damage as well, even if Tornado chains aren't ideal magical DPS at the moment (Barbie and Lexa I still love y'all).
I had to edit out the rankings due to character limit, they'll be in a comment below.
Index of my FFBE poop:
Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 1: Intro to Physical Tanks
Role Call Spec Edition: Tornado Hoes
Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 2: Limited Provoke Tanks
Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 3: Magic Tanks and You
Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 4: Almost last of the Rainbow Tanks!
Edit: formatting and proofreading. Old to new Reddit and vice versa is poop.
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2019.02.17 19:11 Shurgosa Any hidden gems made by SSI?

I have a theory that among all the games that SSI has made, all the piles of nerdy war strategy games, there is some hidden gem of a game that I would love today. specifically, instead of being layered in large scale crisp calcuation of unit stats and budgets etc, it is more layered in randomized outcomes, and has a sense of discovery all throughout, instead.
a "rogue like" made by "strategic simulations incorporated" if you will....
I have never played one of their games, but the company always looked interesting...
so does anyone remember any old games like this I might enjoy? or even have ANY SSI titles that stand out that were released long ago?
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2019.01.10 07:52 santerton Scarlet Speedster (My DC universe movie #4)

If you have seen my other works you know the thrill.

Okay, here we go:

Act 1:
Movie starts up with house on suburban neighborhood at night. Nora Allen (Amanda Peet) and Henry Allen (Ethan Hawke) are tugging in their 11-year old son, Barry. They wish him good night and Nora kisses him on forhead. When Barry has almost fell asleep, he hears strange noise downstairs. Then he hears his mother screaming. Barry rushes downstairs and sees his knocked out dad and something yellow and red circling his mom with very high speed. Nora yells to Barry to run, but Barry can't and is in shock and looking terrified. Then yellow and red streak stabs Nora into heart multiple times as it runs. It throws his knife near Henry and finally runs away from house. Barry rushes to his mother. Last words Nora says to Barry are "Be brave". Barry starts to cry hysteriacly at his mother's corpse. When Henry gets up, at same time police gets in and see corpse of Nora. They assume that Henry did it and arrest him. Barry tries to tell them that he didn't do it. Police doesn't litsen to him. When Darryl Frye (Bill Pullman) comes in and sees Barry, he goes to him and hugs him, telling him that everything is going to be fine.
Cut to 20 years after, Barry Allen (Dave Franco) has woken up in his apartment and notices his clock. He is late from work. It is his first day as forensic scientist, working for Central City Police. He arrieves at station and is right away confronted by Captain David Singh (Ajay Naidu). "You are late, Allen" Singh says to him. Barry apologizes. Singh says to Barry that he can make up for it in crime scene. Singh there has been robbery in local museum late at night.
Barry with few others arrive at crime scene. 3 guards are dead. Two of them has been shot and one was burned alive, most likely with flamethrower. Security cameras have been destroyed. As do security rooms recordings. Alarm also was destroyed. Barry goes to invastigate bodies. He finds that one of the shooters shot golden coverd bullets. Somewhile after, detective Edward Shawn (Michael C. Hall) comes to scene. He is certain that robbers are Leonard Snart (Misha Collins), Lisa Snart (Claire Holt) and Mick Rory (Steven Ogg). Trio has been one of the most efficent criminals in Central City and Keystone City. In last 3 months, they have robbed dozens of museums, banks, etc. Shawn tells that Rory is sociopathic pyromaniac, that burned and killed his alleged abusive parents when he was 12-years old. Lisa Snart followed in his brothers footsteps to criminal career, when her dreams about Olympic figure skating were shattered. She is also obsessed with golden valuables and other material. Leonard and his sister were abused by their alcoholic father and Leonard turned into life of crime since he was 14. Also, Leonard on other hand does not have according to Shawn "have a gimmick", but is known to be cold and calcuating. He is leader of trio. Barry takes bullet into his plastic bag to invastigate it more in his lab.
Barry is in his lab invastigating the golden bullet. Barry finds out that bullet is most likely done by trio themselfs, because all it doesn't match any bullet brands that are in his files. At same time, Barry's long time friend, Iris West (Vanessa Hudgens) comes to meet him and brings Barry and herself lunch from Big Belly Burger. Two sit down and talk. Iris asks from Barry, how has his first day at work gone. Barry replies that it has been pretty good, but Singh has been pretty very strict. "Hah. I doubt he is more harsh than my boss" Iris replies to him. In converstation it is revealed that Iris works for Central City Picture News. After they have eaten, Iris leaves. Barry is looking after her and smiling. Then he slams his head to wall and thinking in his head "When are you gonna say it to her? Why is it so damn hard". After while, Barry gets back to working.
Later at night, thunderstorm and rain is upon Central City. Barry is searching more information about members of trio, but finds nothing that would help him catch them. Then he looks some other files. These are not about trio, but murder of his mother, Nora. He looks at them and says "Don't worry. I'll find whoever did this to you and set dad free. I promise". Storm is getting worse. When Barry looks up from his roof window, suddenly lightning strucks him and he falls on top of some chemicals. Shawn hears this and goes check on Barry. He sees him and tries to waken Barry up. Just when Shawn is ready to call an ambulance, Barry opens his eyes and gets up. "How on world, you are not dead?" Shawn asks him. "Just lucky, I guess.." Barry replies to him. Then Shawn takes him to occupational health physician.
Act 2a:
There, when doctor litsens to Barry's heartbeat, she is astonishd. "Your heartbeat sounds little bit faster than usual, but nothing alarming" doctor says to Barry. She tells that she has never seen anything like this and tells that Barry was very lucky. She says to Barry that he can go, but to take contact to hospital if something would change. Singh comes to also see Barry and says he can have couple days off. Barry tells him, he is fine, but Singh doesn't take no for an answer. Iris also comes to see Barry and hugs him. She tells him that she was terrified what might happen to him. Barry ensures Iris that he is fine.
Next morning, Barry first goes to see his adoptive father, Darryl Frye. Darryl Frye was captain for Central City Police, but retired few years ago. He took care of Barry after his mother died and dad went to jail, because Darryl was good family friends with Allens. Darryl was also the one who talked to Singh to hire him. "Well, that sure was one hell of an first day at work" Darryl says to Barry after he hears his story. Two talk some more and they end up talking about Henry. Barry is still trying to prove that his father isn't the murderer and that he will find that "yellow man".
Meanwhile somewhere in underground hideout, Leonard Snart is counting all the money he and Lisa and Mick have stolen, Mick is drinking beer and watching American football and Lisa is throwing knifes at dartboard. Leonard has counted that from all robberies and sold goods, they have about 70k dollars. Next up Leonard is searching new places to rob. Lisa tells him to relax and trying to enjoy money they have now. "Why stop here, when we can be even more rich, sis" Leonard replies to her. Then Leonard gets idea. They would rob S.T.A.R Labs. Apperently one in Central City has done some major inventions, some that are used to take on metahumans. All agree to strike it same night.

After seeing Frye, Barry goes to see his best friend, Hartley Rathaway (Miles Teller). Hartley was born to rich family and deaf, but with help of his dad, he got Hartley most advanced and high quality hearing devices in world. Ever since Hartley has been huge music fan and is part of band. He is also highly intelligent and is mechanical engineer . He also has knowledge in physics, machine building and so on. They are meeting in their usual hangout place, storage owned by Hartley. There is a lot computers and televisions, sofa, minifridge, billiard table, lab, etc. Hartley tells Barry that he might get job from laboratory owned by Lexcorp, but is not sure yet. Barry encourages him to get it. Two are talking and joking around, but suddenly Hartley accidentaly knocks his coffee mug with his elbow and time around Barry suddenly gets slower. Before mug can hit the floor Barry catches it. Time is running normal again. Both Hartley and Barry look at each other like "wtf just happend". Both are astonished and unsure what to do. Barry starts to speculate that lightning that struck him gave him those powers. Hartley replies that thunderstrucks usually don't give people superspeed. Barry tests his new found skills more and runs from corner to at very high speed with also lightning following him. Hartley can't believe his eyes. Hartley recommends they should do more tests. They go outside to running field near their storage. No one else is there. Hartley will measure Barry's speed with speedometer. Barry starts to run and when Hartley tries to measure his speed, his speedometer just brakes. Hartley however was able to calcuate that he could run entire field in just 0.1 seconds. He ran 400m. Barry is amazed by this put soon starts to feel bit exhausted. Hartley realizes since he is running so much he needs to eat way more food so he wouldn't undernourish.
Two get some Big Belly Burgers from drive-through. Two are eating in parking lot and Barry is thinking what to do with his new found powers. Then they see how two robbers get inside of fast food joint and pull their guns at cashieer. Barry runs from car, takes robbers outside and tangles them to some rope on pole. He gets back into car before anyone can notice and takes sip from his drink. Hartley looks at him and Barry says to him "I think I know what I wanna do".
Later the same night, trio is breaking in S.T.A.R Labs. Lisa is able to take out 2 guards with her martial artams skills. Trio gets to stealing. Leonard stumbles to laboratory and sees weird looking gun. Blueprints near it call it "Cold Gun". It is said to be more modified and efficent than invention of Victor Fries and can shoot blast which tempature is absolute zero. It was designed to military. Leonard takes it and sees as police have arrived. Lab most likely had silent alarm. Trio have gotten a lot of expensive and advanced tech with in their bags. Leonard tests his gun for first time and is able to freeze multiple cops. Mick on other hand uses flamethrower to burn his enemies "Burn you fucking pigs!" he shouts at them. Lisa sticks to her golden gun. After they have taked out all cops, Mick suggests that they should get more help and he knows two guys who are serving time in Iron Heights who would be perfect for the team. Leonard agrees, but says its mission for tomorrow.
Next morning, Barry is using his speed to help him doing his chores on apartment. He is cleaning and making breakfast at same time. He gets all done in seconds. Then he gets call from Hartley. He tells Barry to come to their hangout lair. After Hartley puts his phone down, Barry is already behind him and gets scared. "Jesus Christ, Barry!" He shouts at Barry. Barry asks from Hartley that why did he want to meet this early. Hartley says that he remembers that Barry told him that he wanted to use his powers to help people, but anonymously to keep his loved ones safe. He reveals mannequin that has red suit on it with lightning bolt symbol. "This beauty is made of reinforced tripolymer. It's also heat resistant, so it can help you, when running. Also those wings on your head don't only look cool and have refrence for Hermes, but they also have radio transmiter, so I can assist you when needed or when I can" Hartley explains about suit. Barry is impressed and puts it on and right away runs outside to explore Central City. He sees mugging taking a place. He knocks mugger down and returns womans purse back to her. After this Barry runs back to lair with huge excitment on him. "Well, you certinaly were back in flash". Both look at each other. "You thinking what I'm thinking" Hartley says to him. "Yep" Barry replies. They both start to laugh. After this Hartley gets idea to litsen to police radio to keep ears on crimes happening on city. Then Barry gets call from Iris. She offers him coffee at Jitters. Barry agrees and takes his Flash suit off and takes his regular clothes on.
Barry meets up with Iris. Iris asks from him how has he been since lightning struck him. Barry tells her that its been great. Iris tells him that weird things have started happening on city. She heard that something fast stopped robbery at Big Belly Burger yesterday. Iris also tells him that she would love to meet that person. After while Iris gets call from work and she is needed there. Iris leaves. Barry is still looking after her and still mumbling in his head for not telling his feelings for her.
Act 2b:
At Iron Heights, Leonard and Mick have disguised themselfs as guards and are "bringing in" Lisa Snart. When they get inside, they are able to knock out all near guards. Trio pulls out their guns. Mick leads them to cells. Mick points out at one door "Here". Leonard freezes door and is able to shatter it with kick. They are releasing two other criminals, George "Digger" Harkness aka Captain Boomerang (Joel Edgerton) and James Jesse aka Trickster (James McAvoy). It is revealed that Mick and Digger go way back and have done a lot of missions together. Same with Trickster, but Mick likes him because "he is one crazy son of a bitch" according to his words. Trio has also got new members their weapons. Special set of boomerangs for Digger and multiple different weapons for Trickster (acid guns, explosive marbles, etc.). Criminals are able to escape with team work and they all realize that with this team they could be kings and queens of Central City. They meet up in their hideout and are planning their next robbery. Trickster brings up news about "mysterious speedster" and what about he would go after them. Leonard isn't sure is he real, but is confident that he can be defeated. Leonard also tells to new members of team that they don't kill civilians since it doesn't help their case if they would be catched. So, only cops, guards and possible speedster guy are allowed to kill, but only if necessary. Boomerang questions Leonard's leading and thinks he should be leader, because he is CAPTAIN Boomerang. Leonard tells him that he has always been leader and that media is calling him "Captain Cold" and shows newspaper about their robbery at S.T.A.R Labs. "Well, there can't be two captains on same boat" Boomerang replies to him. Two intensely stare at each other, but Lisa intervenes. She thinks that they were total badasses on field and that unnecessary fighting doesn't bring them anywhere. Leonard agrees and tells he has to work on couple things before they strike anywhere.

Barry is walking on street and sees that there is building on fire. He rushes to get his suit on and runs back to help. He is able to save many lifes and then he hears how little girl is screaming. With few stepbacks, Barry is able to save her and Barry rushes back to lair.
Then Barry is called by Singh and told they will need his expertice and that there has been brakeout on Iron Heights. Barry comes to the scene. He is told that security cameras have been destroyed, so suspects have not been indentified yet, but they do know that Captain Boomerang and Trickster are the ones who were released. Barry investigates door and sees that somehow door was frozen. He takes sample from that and is certain that it is doing of Leonard Snart and his crew, because news told that they stole the Cold Gun. Barry gets to know more about inmates from Shawn. "George Harkness aka Captain Boomerang is one of Australia's most efficent robbers and mercenaries. He immigrated to US when he wanted to find more challenges." Shawn explains to Barry. "Then there is James Jesse aka Trickster. That lunatic first worked with Clown Prince of Crime in Gotham. After two had some disagreements, it turned into a gang war. After Batman caught both of them, James spent some time in Arkham, but was transfered here after countless fights he had with his former boss" Shawn tells about Trickster. After this warden of Iron Heights, Gregory Wolfe (Wesley Snipes) comes to talk with police. According to him, Harkness and Jesse are their most dangerous non-metahuman inmates and need to be catched fast.
After this Barry goes to meet his father who is also sitting time in Iron Heights. Two talk about how have they been and so on. Henry tells Barry that he only heard inmates brakeout, but didn't see anything. Barry promises to his father to find "yellow man" one day. Henry tells Barry that fear of "yellow man" shouldn't overtake him and to move on.
Meanwhile in hideout, Leonard has been building some new weapons with tech they stole from S.T.A.R Labs. He built handheld flamethrower to Mick to make it easier to carry. It's tempature can be manually changed and can even reach to 900 degrees Farenheit (482 °C). Mick is more than happy about this and can't wait to use it "to grill pigs" according to his own words. He also gives his sister, Lisa boots that have retractable ice skates. Leonard has few plans how to use them. He also found anti gravitational boots which came with blueprints. When they are on, it can look like person wearing them would be walking in air. They were also ment to be used by military. Trickster immedatly wants them. Boomerang does not get anything new, because he basicly has every kind of boomerang possible. Finally Cold shows his team plan where the should strike. Central City National Museum (different museum that in start of the story) has gotten its most expensive item yet, Diamond of Bialya. It's worth of 200 million dollars. All agree that as their mission.
Barry is hanging out with Hartley, but then they hear call from police radio. Robbery is taking place in Central City National Museum. There is five robbers. Barry gets his suit on and runs into action. He is ready to show Flash to entire world.
At museum, Cold is freezing the guards and Mick is burning them. Mick is having time of his life. Trickster is loading his acid gun and when one guards tries to jump on him, Trickster kicks him and shoots acid to his face. Guard is screaming in pain and Trickster laughs. Boomerang finds Diamond of Bialya and brakes the glass protecting it. Guards try to shoot at Boomerang, but he throws boomerang that slits their throats and Boomerang is able to walk away. "Man, this is too easy" Mick says. "Let's not celebrate yet. If that fast one comes, we are fucked" Lisa replies. "We don't even know is he even real. So relax, sheila" Boomerang replies to her. Then Flash appears to them. "Would you look at that" Cold says. "Surrender now" Flash commands team. Then team attacks the Flash. After while unable to hit Flash, Cold is able to shoot him with his gun and is slowed down. This gives Lisa opportunity to stab him to chest. After this after dodging Flash's attacks with help of his boots, Trickster throws some explosive marbles which send Flash flying. Hartley tells to Barry via radio, that cold seems to be his weakness. "Thanks, Captain Obvious" Flash replies to him. Then Mick is able to shoot him with his flamethrower and Boomerang is able to throw very sharp boomerang to his leg. Flash is down and Rogues start to beat him up while he is on ground (kind of like Sinister Six does to Spider-Man in that PS4 game). "Get up and escape!" Hartley yells to him. "I... never... quit.." Flash mumbles. When Cold is almost able to shoot Flash with possible fatal attack. Shawn gets in. He pulls his gun. Cold turns his gun into him and freezes his body except for the head. Then Boomerang throws his boomerang at Shawn, Leonard trying to stop him. Before boomerang can hit Shawn, Flash runs fast enough to catch boomerang and save his life. Then Flash knocks out Boomerang. Trickster tries to shoot him with acid gun, but Flash dodges it and start to taunt him. He even calls Trickster "Bootleg Joker" which enrages him and Flash is able to knock him out. "Sis, the diamond!" Cold yells to Lisa and creates icey floor with Cold Gun. Mick shoots at Flash and Lisa is able to catch diamond that was dropped by Boomerang and skate on ice to back door. After struggling with Mick, Flash is finally able to fight his way out and punch out Mick. He starts to chase Lisa, but she starts to shoot at Flash. Cold also creates slippery floor for Flash and he trips. Cold and Lisa are outside and Cold freezes the back door. "You sure are golden glider" Cold compliments his sister as they get into car.
Flash gets up and sees frozen door. Barry tries to brake the door, but is unable to do so. Hartley gets an idea, but thinks it brakes basic laws of physics. "So does running fast as me, what do I do?" Flash replies to him. Hartley suggests that if he could vibrate fast enough, he could phase trough solid objects. Barry tries this and is able to do it. He starts to run again chasing Snart siblings' car. Flash removes tires from car and they are stopped. Snarts are not giving up yet. Both Cold and Glider are shooting at Flash. Flash dodges shots and is able to beat Lisa. Only Cold is left. Cold starts to shoot at Flash, but can't hit him. Cold is able to trick Flash into slipping in ice and then freezes his leg. "You gave us a good fight, but now.. There is no one to save your ass". When Cold is almost ready to serve final blow, time around Flash slows down. He is able to vibrate ice off his leg and then tackles Cold, knocking him out. Rogues are defeated. Many citizens see the Flash, including Iris. Iris asks Flash for interview, but he runs way.
Later the same day Iris is telling story in news about "man in red" stopping Rogues. In story its revealed that everyone is going back to Iron Heights, except for Captain Boomerang, who will be transfered to secret location. Barry is watching news with Hartley and they clink with beer cans, celebrating Flash's first big job. Hartley tells Barry that he is working on upgrades to Flash suit, like thermo-threading to heat the suit, in case, if somebody tries to use ice against him again. Barry is grateful about this.
Act 3:
Next day, Barry comes to work. His colleges are talking about "man in red", they have mixed feelings about him. Some think he is hero, some think he is taking their jobs. One of his supporters is James Forrest (Charles S. Dutton), DNA specialist. Forrest trusts "man in red" to be even more active, after he retires. Singh on other hand thinks world doesn't need any more vigilantes and is considering putting arrest warrant on "man in red".

Later that day, Barry is in his lab and doing some work and Shawn comes to meet him. Shawn asks from Barry, what he thinks of new costumed hero. Barry replies that he thinks its good that there is someone looking out on people, like Superman. Shawn is not sure what to make of him, but soon he is certain. Barry is confused and asks what he means. Then suddenly, Shawn pushes Barry with high speed. Barry is shocked. Then Shawn runs away and back and now is wearing similiar suit like of Flash's, but colors are reversed. Suit is yellow and lightning symbol and earpices are red. "Long time, no see, Flash" Shawn tells him. Then Barry runs away and back, wearing his own suit. "How did you.. how are you.. I don't understand" Flash is mumbling. "Oh, Barry.. I have known you for centuries. I know enerything about you" Shawn replies to him. Then Barry realizes something and says "It was you.. You killed my mom" Flash says to him in rage and flashback from Nora's death is shown. "For man fast as you, that was pretty slow" Shawn replies to him and is laughing. "Why.. Why?!" Flash shouts at him and trys to attack Shawn, but Shawn is able to dodge him and kick him to back. "You left me no choice" Shawn tells him. "What the fuck are you talking about? I thought we were friends, Edward" Flash shouts at him in rage. "I am not Edward. My name is Eobard Thawne, scientist from 25th century and I'm not your friend" Eobard revealing about himself. He also tells Barry that he is from future. Then Eobard reveales his motives. "I actully was once your biggest fan. I always dreamed of having powers and fame as you had. One day I found time capsule. It had your suit on it, then I took it to research it and found the way to recreate same event that gave you the powers. I have never been so happy. More and more I trained, faster I got. In few months, I was fast enough to travel in time. I wanted to meet you, Barry, but accidentaly I ended up in time few years after your death. I found out that I was destined to be your greatest nemesis. Apperently information about me disappered after few centuries. I was devestated, but I knew what I had to do. I would make your life living hell andI became reverse of you". "Why didn't you just come kill me? Why did you have to murder my mom?!" Barry shouts at him. "Because without you, there couldn't be me. It would create a paradox. Even I want do so. So, I do the next best thing. I would take a away everyone you hold dear. I remembered reading how important person your mother was to you. It was pretty logical step" Eobard tells him. "You mean.. there has been chance of me being Flash and my mom living?!" Barry asks him. Eobard nods his head while having smug face. Flash then tackles Eobard sending them both out of window. They start to chase each other.
They end up fighting in baseball arena. "I'm actully bit disappointed, Allen. Those dimwits took so much juice from you?" Eobard teases him. Then Eobard tells Barry that he actully build Cold Gun and gravitational boots and placed them to S.T.A.R Labs under military weapon titles, because he remembered Barry having hard time with them also in time/reality where Eobard is from. Flash and Eobard continue fighting and Eobard gets upperhand. "Which hurts more? This beating, that I have pretended to be your pal or that night when I struck that knife to that bitch's stomach." Eobard teasing him. This makes Flash enrages and tries to punch him many times, but Eobard easily dodges them. Then Eobard kicks Flash and he falls to ground. "Also, I need you alive to compleate my goal" Eobard says to him. "I have been trapped in here for 20 years and you are my key, to return to my time" he continues. "Do you really think I would let you go? You have to pay for your crimes and let my dad out of from jail" Flash angrily replies. "Your opinion doesn't matter. Because I have this" Eobard replies and pulls out needle from his belt. "With help of this, I can drain all of your speed here and inject myself with it. I may be faster than you, but still not fast enough to brake time barrier. It was drained from me using time travelling too much. When I have your speed, my connection to speed force would be stronger than you would ever have" he continues. "What the hell is speed force?" Flash asks from him. "Might as well tell you when you won't need it much longer. It is source of our speed. Have you ever wondered, why we don't burn the world or brake windows while we are running? That is doings of speed force. It is energy that powers our speed, enhances our strenght, makes us smarter. Speed force, makes us gods amoung men" he continues and then puts needle back in his pocket. "Let's save this for later" Eobard says. "As much as fun killing her was.. I have good feeling that killing your one true love will feel even more better" Eobard tells him. Flash looks at him confused. "Let's see who gets to Miss West first, shall we?" Eobard continues and starts to run away. Barry runs after him.
They both arrive at Central City Picture News and two fight about who gets to her first. Eobard is able to catch Iris and runs with her on rooftop. Building is about 280 feet tall, so fall from that would most likely be fatal. Flash follows them and sees that Eobard is with Iris on edge of the building. Iris is screaming for help and Eobard yells her to keep her mouth shut. "You don't have to do this" Flash tells him. "Of course I do. I want you to suffer as people you love die and you are too slow to save them" Eobard replies. Iris regonizes Flash's voice and asks "Barry?". Flash is suprised and takes his mask of, revealing to Iris that he intead is Barry. Iris is in shock. Eobard is grinning. "But not to make this task too easy.." Eobard says and pulls detonator. "See that barrack over there? Entrie barrack is filled with random civilians and if you are not fast enough, they will be crushed by that wrecking ball" Eobard explains to Barry as he points to construction site. "You are not fast enough to save both so which is it? Ten civilians or love of your life" he continues. Iris is crying and telling Barry to save civilians. Barry is in shock and doesn't know what to do. "Time to choose, Allen aaaand go!" Eobard tells to Barry as he drops Iris and presses detonator at same time. Time and people (except for Eobard) around Barry is slowing. He runs faster than he has ever run and punches Eobard, who is knocked down for while. Barry saves Iris from falling. When Iris is safely on ground, he runs to construction site and is able to save all civilians, but just in seconds. Barry runs back to Iris to make sure she is alright. Iris tells Barry to go get him. Barry hugs her and runs back to top of the building.
Eobard gets up and is like "This is impossible.. how on hell are you so fast already". "I'm full of suprises, Thawne" Barry snarkly replies. Two start fighting again. Hartley contacts to Barry that he has an idea to stop "Reverse-Flash", but needs few minutes and says he will contact when he is ready. Barry and Eobard are chasing each other on highway and dodging cars and fighting at same time (kind of the same way like in cutscene in Injustice 2).

Two end up in abonnded warehouse. Fight is still going on. Flash is giving Reverse-Flash run for his money, but Reverse-Flash is way faster than him. Reverse-Flash pins down Flash and is ready to strike him with his needle. Flash is able to kick his way ot from pin and snatches needle from him. Flash smashes it to ground and grinds his feet on it. "Have you any idea what you have done?!" Reverse-Flash angrily yells at Flash. "Yes. I'm making sure that you will face actions" Flash replies. Reverse-Flash runs towards Flash and starts to strangle him. "It was made with last future tech I had with me! You have ruined my life!" Reverse-Flash tells him. "I guess then we are even" Flash replies. Then Reverse-Flash kicks Flash and sends him flying trough wall and hitting to ground. Hartley contacts Barry and tells that he is ready and should lead Eobard to their lair. Barry is hessitant, but ends up agreeing.
Barry and Eobard chase each other and they end up in lair. When Eobard doesn't notice and is distracted fighting with Flash, Hartley sneaks behind him and shoots Reverse-Flash with some kind of electronic gun. Hartley explains that this gun drains electrical energy which makes makes Eobard slower. Barry asks when did he have time making it, which to Hartley replies that at same time as he build Flash's suit. Flash looks at him in disbelief. "Just to be sure" Hartley awkwardly replies. Eobard gets up and tackles Hartley. He indeed is much slower now. They continue fighting. When it starts to look bad for Flash, Hartley throws handcuffs which block superspeed and makes speedster wearing them about averege human speed. Flash catches them and then punches Eobard and then is able to cuff him. Reverse-Flash is defeated. Then Barry takes voice recorder from his belt and reveales that he has his confession about murder of Nora.
Police come to arrest him and Warden of Iron Heights takes intrest on Hartley's invention and wants him to build something that could be attatched to Eobard's cell. Hartley agrees and shakes Wolfe's hand. Wolfe and Singh also thank Flash for his work and Flash runs off.
After few days, Hartley has instalted special kind of lamps to Eobard's cell which block his superspeed. Eobard is going to his cell. Guards have those electrical draining guns. Flash is witnessing his lock up. Eobard looks at him and says "Till we meet again, Flash" and goes to his cell. Then Flash changes back to his civilian clothes and meets up with Iris on parking lot of prison. They talk and Iris remembers how Eobard talked about her as "love of Flash's life". Barry blushes and when Iris tells him, she has something to confess, doors of prison open and Henry is released from jail. Barry hugs Henry.
Movie ends up in Flash's narration and camera pants to his symbol.
The End
Post-credit scene:
It is revealed that Captain Boomerang has been transfered to prision called Belle Reve. He is sitting in his cell looking at celling, but suddenly mysterious woman walks in. She introduces her as Amanda Waller (Octavia Spencer) and tells Digger that she has an offer for him that he can't refuse.
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2018.09.24 07:30 Weed233 Biggest decrease in Regular Season vs Playoffs impact by current NBA All Stars

1.Karl Anthony Towns
Regular Season PIPM +4.54
Playoffs PIPM -1.35

Decrease -5.89

2.Damian Lillard
Regular Season PIPM = +4.02 [10th best O-PIPM since 2000]
Playoffs PIPM -1.14

Decrease -5.16

3.Rudy Gobert
Regular Seasons PIPM = +6.03 [3rd best D-PIPM since 2000]
Playoffs PIPM +1.95

Decrease -5.08

4.Kemba Walker
Regular Season PIPM +3.77
Playoffs PIPM -0.06

Decrease -4.83

5.Joel Embiid
Regular Season PIPM +7.18 [7th best PIPM since 2000]
Playoffs PIPM +2.94

Decrease -4.24

6.LaMarcus Aldridge
Regular Seaon PIPM +3.13
Playoffs PIPM -1.15

Decrease -4.18

7.Stephen Curry
Regular Season PIPM = +8.49 [1st/best O-PIPM since 2000]
Playoffs PIPM +5.22

Decrease -3.27

8.DeMar DeRozan
Regular Season PIPM -0.86
Playoffs PIPM -3.84

Decrease -2.98

9.Gordon Hayward
Regular Season PIPM +0.85
Playoffs PIPM -2.09

Decrease -2.94

10.Jimmy Butler
Regular Season PIPM +3.06
Playoffs PIPM +0.46

Decrease -2.60

11.Klay Thompson
Regular Season PIPM +3.69
Playoffs PIPM +1.33

Decrease -2.36

12.Blake Griffin
Regular Season PIPM +3.79
Playoffs PIPM +1.28

Decrease -2.51

13.Al Horford
Regular Season PIPM +3.23
Playoffs PIPM +1.05

Decrease -2.28

14.Isaiah Thomas
Regular Season PIPM +2.31
Playoffs PIPM +0.43

Decrease -1.88

15.Kevin Love
Regular Season PIPM +4.51
Playoffs PIPM +2.82

Decrease -1.69

16.Giannis Antetokounmpo
Regular Season PIPM +3.71
Playoffs PIPM +2.30

Decrease -1.41

17.Kyle Lowry
Regular Seasons PIPM +4.40
Playoffs PIPM +3.03

Decrease -1.37

18.James Harden
Regular Season PIPM +4.43 [5th best O-PIPM since 2000]
Playoffs PIPM +3.37

Decrease -1.06

19.Kawhi Leonard
Regular Season PIPM +6.78 [9th best PIPM since 2000]
Playoffs PIPM +5.88

Decrease -0.90

20.Russell Westbrook
Regular Seasons PIPM +3.93
Playoffs PIPM +3.08

Decrease -0.85

21.John Wall
Regular Season PIPM +2.78
Playoffs PIPM +2.32

Decrease -0.56

22.Kevin Durant
Regular Season PIPM +4.90
Playoffs PIPM +4.64

Decrease -0.26

23.LeBron James
Regular Season PIPM +8.09
Playoffs PIPM +7.84

Decrease -0.25

24.Bradley Beal
Regular Season PIPM +1.80
Playoffs PIPM +1.58

Decrease -0.22

25.Kyrie Irving
Regular Season PIPM +3.07
Playoffs PIPM +3.71

Increase +0.64

26.Paul George
Regular Season PIPM +4.42
Playoffs PIPM +5.12

Increase +0.70

27.Draymond Green
Regular Season PIPM +6.43
Playoffs PIPM +7.54

Increase +1.11

28.Victor Oladipo
Regular Season PIPM +2.35
Playoffs PIPM +3.75

Increase +1.40

a) If player A has better PIPM than player B it doesn't mean that player A is better . It means that he performed in his role better than player B - for example Draymond [as role playedefensive anchor] over Durant [first option]
b) Small sample size for few players - Embiid,Towns,Oladipo, Kemba
c) Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge are worst playoffs performers in the league
d) Curry's defense in playoffs is much worse than his regular season defense
e) Green,George,Kyrie and Oladipo are only all stars with increase value from RS to PO. It's small sample size for Oladipo but really impressive for all of them
e) Fact that Kyrie increase his offensive impact from Regular Season to Playoffs is most impressive for me [He has 3rd best playoff O-PIMP and 11th best RS O-PIMP]
f) Derozan from ''fake superstar'' [my opinion] goes into absolute garbage in playoffs. No suprise here
g) Only all star that i couldn't compare is DeMarcus Cousins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
h) Sorry for language or decrease/increase calcuation mistakes [if any]
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2018.08.04 21:03 the_true_solvaring Upgrade from 4GB R9 290x to RX 580 8GB, performance increase minimal?! Corrupt BIOS splash screen?!

TL;DR Upgrade from R9 290x 4GB to RX 580 8GB is not giving the performance increase I expected. I used a bottleneck calc and found no bottlenecks in my system. You will find my specs below. Shouldn’t I be able to run everything near ultra with 60FPS on a 2k freesync monitor @ 2k resolution, or am I expecting too much and I should dial down to 1080?
I recently upgraded my gpu from a 4GB XFX Double-D R9 290x to an 8GB XFX RX 580 GTS Black Edition (I love XFX because they're great for overclocking)
I'm not getting the performance increases that I thought I would get, I run my games at 2k resolution on a freesync monitor. For instance right now I'm playing Dragon's Dogma, I have all the settings at absolute max plus Reshade with SweetFX. The GPU is running at 105% on the core clock and i'm working my way up on the memory clock. Dragon's Dogma to me doesn't look like a very graphically demanding game compared to others i've played.
I recently ran into a bug in Ark survival Evolved where the game just crashes about 2 minutes after entering a server, it wasn't doing that for the first week i had the card, and i never had problems with my r9 290x, although when Ark was running, it looked beautiful.
However my main gripe is that in both dragons dogma, and ark when it was running, my FPS isn't stellar. In dragon's dogma I'm averaging about 30 fps it's pretty steady but can drop to 25FPS, however I never notice much graphical lag it always seems comfortable and the only way i know my FPS is dropping that low is because of the FPS counter I have running.
I get an FPS increase in Dragons Dogma when I disable SweetFX, and of course the more effects I add and the more i tweak them for increased quality, the lower my FPS goes. I'm hoping I can get Ark working again some day because I had a lot of good dinos on my server and they're probably gonna die. :(
Right now though I'm super excited for monster hunter world, and i'm going to play the Witcher 3 again now that I have a new card. I used a bottleneck calcuator and put my system specs in and it told me that my hardware should work great together with an average of a 1% bottleneck which is as close to perfection as you can get.
here are my system specs, please ask me any questions you need to ask and maybe I can figure out why I'm not getting better FPS. I thought with 8GB of GDDR5 memory i should be able to run most everything near ultra with 60FPS because before i upgraded, it seemed like the wall i was hitting was that with high graphics settings, I was using up all of my 4GB of VRAM and once it ate through that 4GB, my FPS would drop dramatically.
System Specs:
AMD FX-8350 @ 4.4GHz approx 116% of normal Liquid Cooled
AMD XFX RX 580 GTS Black Edition 1475Mhz Core 2020Mhz Memory, dialing up to 2100 for a 105% increase across the board
ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Motherboard
AMD 990FX (RD990) + SB920/SB950 Chipset
GPU is a PCIe 3.0 GPU, but my MoBo has PCIe 2.0 interface, I’ve read however that it shouldn’t pose a problem as no GPU has yet managed to take up all of the bandwidth offered by a PCIe 2.0 16x slot.
24GB DDR3-1600 SDRAM: 2x 4GB Kingston and 2x 8GB Corsair chips I customized the timings a bit a while back to: 11-11-11-30
The Kingston chips default timings are 10-10-10-30
The Corsair chips default timings are 10-10-10-27
It’s been a while since I’ve read up on overclocking RAM and now that I take a look at it, I’m wondering why I had to set it to 11 for the first 3 since smaller numbers are better for RAM timings. *Scratching my head*
My case is of monster size, Rosewill Thor V2, completely decked out with fans, my temperatures are always excellent, I’m never in danger of overheating. I’m about to set my gpu memory clock to 2100 and run 3dMark.
Another problem I’ve had since I’ve installed the RX580 which I’ve seen reported in other places, is that my BIOS splash screen is corrupted. When I first power on the computer, my BIOS logo (Customized to an image of green code streaming down the screen from the Matrix using a feature included in my motherboard bios options) is all pixilated and purple. The Windows logo splash screen when windows loads is also purple and corrupted but once it gets to the login screen, everything is normal. I’m using Windows 10. From what I read, I think I need to upgrade my motherboard, but that would mean new mobo, ddr4 ram, and a new processor.
I got the card about a month ago, I may still be able to return it, or contact XFX and exchange it or get it fixed via warranty, however I have a suspicion that my other hardware just isn’t playing nice with this card. I love XFX so I would just want to replace it or get it fixed if it does have a problem.
Another issue I have which I fixed, and then it returned when I updated my drivers, is that when I run my 4th monitor which is a DVI-D interface, it’s an old monitor that doesn’t even do 1080, I use an adapter which is DP to DVI to give me the required DVI port to hook up the monitor, the mouse lags so absolutely terribly that my PC is basically unusable. I need to go into windows display settings and disable that monitor and then everything works perfectly. I’ve read that some users of the RX 580 also have that mouse stuttering problem, I’m not sure how I fixed it before, but my 2 monitor setup is fine for me. The 3rd display is an HD TV that plugs into the card via an adapter DVI to HDMI, my two main monitors are DP and HDMI, the HDMI monitor occupies the only native HDMI port. Anyways, that’s my system, I really just want to know why my FPS isn’t higher.
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2018.05.18 20:49 exrdna123 Questions from the Expansion Unboxing

My questions and comments are below. Add yours questions and answers to the comments ...
  1. Strange choice why rebel Sabine crew blurs the "scummy" faction idendity that they claim to try to preserve. I wonder why? (Although I do like the new skill)
  2. Why not directly build in the S-Foils upgrade as a ship ability? Why make it a separate upgrade card?
  3. With vectored thrusters built in as a ship ability on an A-Wing, Why don't they simply just show them as red linked actions?
  4. Did you notice the Falcon title said "Rebel Modified YT-1300"? ... "Rebel" looks like confirmation that a Scum version is (obvisouly) coming out.
  5. Holy eff E-wing dial and actions batman! ... Right?
  6. Alex specifically called out bringing the "clone war era" ARC-170 into the rebel faction. This seems to be a tacit confirmation that a dedicated clone faction is not in the (immediate) plans.
  7. I love how they thematically gave Han the Tailgnner a 7 initiative, but c'mon, they broke the new 6 cap aready!
  8. M.Doni stil has unlimited regen (even if limited). Unfortunate?
  9. I'm so sad Palp can't create crits. I'm okay with the rest of his redesign.
  10. Generic force powered Inquisitor ... gimmie gimmie gimmie!
  11. With autothrusters built in as a ship ability on the TIE Interceptor, Why don't they simply just show them as red linked actions?
  12. HLC in the b/e arc is great design choice. Makes it so more interesting.
  13. I missed the adv sensor text. Did anyone catch it?
  14. Is the HWK acctually viable? My brian can't handle that option.
  15. I didn't see but bomb tokens included. Boo. Did I miss them?
  16. Love how they are thematically treating Guri as both a human and a droid. Both calcuate and focus. Also, IG88 can pass calculates to Guri. So cool.
  17. Pilots (lie Dengar) have charges now. Great for design space, but doesn't make force users feel a little less special?
  18. Can tractor beams move ships in all 4 directions now?
  19. Is there a difference between dealing and suffering damage?
  20. Do the dotted colored circles around the akt/agility/icons mean anything?
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2018.01.03 22:52 Suniahk Damage 2.75 and enemy scaling: Suggestions and Thoughts

After seeing a lot of reactions to damage 2.5, as well as the general opinion about damage and enemy scaling, I figured I would throw my two cents into the pool and see what people had to say. My biggest issue is that while people are quick to complain, there haven't been a lot of concrete suggestions made (at least that I've seen, but I'm blind, soooo). So, without further ado, let's jump in!
Problem One: Corrosive outshines most other status procs. Solution: In short, replace corrosive's proc effect with a different effect. Something more utilitarian. Maybe %health damage to targets with armor stripped (.1% per 10% armor stripped, to a max of 1%?). I'd love to see some discussion on this though, balance here is key for late game. 1% doesn't seem too bad when normal weapons hit for thousands of damage a shot but I could be very wrong. I'm also aiming to keep it balanced with other elemental procs. See problem two for more details on why.
EDIT: Mentioned by u/Metal_Sign
Every weapon can have any element, but only physical weapons can ever do physical damage.
I wouldn't want to limit status effects to effective against only specific factions. That would feel like only making > myself weaker, rather than my enemies better.
The answer to this I suggested was having two procs per element, one being their normal proc and one being either an armor strip proc for toxin and electric and a bonus dot damage for fire and cold (as examples)
Problem Two: IPS Seems like a great idea in certain cases but fails short for a variety of reasons. Solution: Remove armor stripping from corrosive and add it to IPS. The major caveat is that each damage type would only trigger it's proc against specific factions. Impact against Corpus, Puncture against Grineer, Slash against Infested. This would be IN ADDITION to the current damage 2.5 proposed changes. This removes the dominence of corrosive damage as the be all, end all mid/late game elemental mod, while still maintaining the usefulness of armor stripping. Armor Stripping proc durations would reset on a new proc (to keep machine guns in line with shotgun procs).
Problem Three: Enemy Armor at high levels feels arbitrary and isn't fun to fight against. Solution: Honestly? I don't mind the armor as much. Especially if IPS were changed to help with stripping. Currently though, the only way armor feels balanced is if you actually know the numbers and calcuations and balance everything you do around that. Part of what makes warframe fun for a lot of people (imo) is the ability to just throw bullets and sponges and do well enough to get by. There are two possible routes to enable this without making it braindead easy. The first is to either mitigate armor entirely and replace it with something else. Sure, this could work, but there's really no sure-fire way to balance a replacement without a lot of bickering from everyone involved. Then you have to make sure that your replacement system is balanced with every new weapon added. Alternatively (and my preferred idea), is to treat a unit's level as a sliding scale, to allow for easy reading of expected effects. For instance, No armor up to level 20, then 1% damage reduction up to a max of 80% reduction at level 100. Then, after 100, there are two ways I can think of to handle it. Either a) 1% bonus health per level, or additional random effects based on level, maybe every 10 or so. Hell, a combined system would probably work better. The biggest issue here is that lack of visibility is frustrating to fight against. Without having any way to gauge damage reduction on enemies, it's frustrating to see my numbers constantly being reduced for what seems like no reason.
Now, when I suggest random effects, I mean stuff like 2% more electric damage, 1% more armor(stacking multiplicatively, not additively, in a way so as to approach 100% DR without hitting. You know, Limits, for you math affictionados), 1% faster move speed, or even having random warframe abilities (hysteria without immunity, rhino stomp with an instant knockdown rather than the timeslow, etc). There should be a bunch of these modifiers at multiple tiers rather than at static intervals (warframe abilities can only show up once every 50 levels, while armor and health at 25 and move speed and bonus elemental damage at 10). However, the most important thing to consider is that each effect should be VISIBLE. More armor has additional plating similar to tenno armor. More damage should give the weapons a glow as well as particle effects (with this idea, either weapons can only have a single bonus damage type that stacks it's own modifiers, or there would need to be a way to have multiple effects). Move speed should have speed trails. Health modifiers should glow red. That sort of thing. This system also enables new modifiers to be added over time, or per faction, to allow for new, interesting late game play. More importantly, it creates a new difficulty without the need for bullet sponges. I'm not trying to suggest that level 9999 enemies should be impossible, but they should pose a much more imposing challenge than just Sponge #1421526.
EDIT: Suggested by u/Metal_Sign
Additional damage would probably need to stay following the theme, Corpus suddenly using Magnetic when they usually use anti-armour weapons might be annoying, but random Corrosive Techs or Radiation Snipers might make sense, and be significantly more dangerous. even if it was just an increased status chance, it could work if it is visible enough to players.
Now, a few things to finish this off.
First, these three things aren't the only issues with the game (obviously), but they're the things I've been thinking the most about so that's why I decided to address these ones in particular. I'm looking forward to Damage 2.5 changes (especially elemental, I'm really curious about those ones), and posts calling the horse lame before it's even had a chance to run don't help things. I'm simply providing my thoughts.
Second, my design goals for this were simple. One was to make anything other that corrosive feel useful, without sacrificing that courtesy to corrosive as well, and without sacrificing the usefulness that corrosive brings to the table. I'd love to see all damage types used equally, and for different reasons. I also wanted to make end-game content feel challenging in a middle ground between endless bullet sponges and complete glass cannons that you can easily one-shot. Maybe armor as a modifier isn't great for that in retrospect, but it's just an example.
Third, I'm not a hardcore player. I log on with event or with clanmates, mess around in whatever content we feel like, and leave it at that. So take my experience with the game as you will. However, regardless of how we think DE treats suggestions, if we feel like there's a problem, discussion is key to seeing it fixed. Which leads to...
Last, please, please, PLEASE discuss this! Do you agree? Great! What's your favourite part? I'd love to know. Do you hate it? Why? What's wrong with it? How could it be done better? I would love to hear feedback on this, and will happily edit in ideas. Like I said, discussion is king. The more constructive discussion we have, the more DE has to work with. Watching the dev streams, as well as meeting them at Tennocon, it's insanely easy to see that these guys are passionate about this game. That goes both ways, though. It's a fantastic thing for the game, but it's also easy to get tilted. It's easy for us to say "this part sucks", but that also makes it easy for them to get really defensive about the idea saying "well you'll get used to it, we thought it was good so let's see how it goes". The more constructive we can be without pouring salt, the better.
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2017.12.13 17:31 Corgilicious Help me improve my routine for a great 2018?

BACKGROUND There's a long emotional backstory, which I'll shorten to this: In June 2017 I was driven to the gym to self-treat for depression brought on by grief. A coworker who has been lifting for a few years gave it to me straight: "Want to burn more fat? Build muscle." I was hating going to the gym and getting on a treadmill, and thought that lifting heavy was something I'd do "after I got a little healthier." He talked me into it and showed me the basics...
And I finally found something at the gym that I LOVED. Holy shit do I love picking up heavy shit and putting it down. LOL.
The workout suits me very well. I'm a 45 year old woman, highest weight 340. Started this at 305, now 265. When I started lifting, over the summer I lost 40 lbs, and saw my core strength and overall health bloom. And under the fat that's left (still lots of it), I've got some muscle. Rawr! And I loved every minute of it.
I entered the gym honestly not sure I could do an air squat. (I can. Now I back squat 100 lbs) I feel like I've just barely broken out of the "deconditioned cube veal" category, and in 2018 I want to make some real gains. Right now I cannot afford a trainer, and I try to not bother my friend/coworkeCoach too much because he's got his own thing to do.
In short, I want to get serious. I just took delivery of a Rogue squat rack and all the goodies for home, so there will never be an excuse to miss a lift. There are accessories and other fun stuff I want to do that I can't/won't do in the gym. I will still do the lunchtime lifting with my crew at least twice a week for form tips, accountability and overall fun, too.
My goal is body recomposition. Yes, I want to lose fat, but that happens naturally as I pursue strength.
To make matters interesting, last week I returned to the gym after being out for almost two months due to bronchitis that went into pneumonia. I'm still not 100%, but I'm doing it anyway. LOL. I lifted for two days in the middle of this hiatus, too. Last week was a deload, and I went back into a new cycle this week. I'm doing ok.
Essentially I went straight into a 5/3/1 routine on overhead, bench, deadlift and squat. (I'm sure there will be lots of opinions on that, there always is. It was what I was guided to when I knew nothing.) First few weeks were all on form [it's always about form, really], and it was easy and accessible for me... let's not argue about it.
Do a good warm-up: bit of treadmill or rowing, some planks, then stretches and light rep movements to warm things up. Do the core lift: three sets of warm-up, three sets of working, all guided by a spreadsheet. BAM pat myself on the back.
Weights were really really low. Still are, really, but... they are higher than when I started. I haven't usually done deload weeks because I'm not really to that point where I'm really pushing myself and need that much time to recover. I understand at some point that time will come.
Do the three week cycle, increase 5 lb and start over. I had one or two times where things developed well and my AMRAPS were high, so I went up 10 lb.
(Like once I did a few cycles of goblet squats such that I didn't fall over under the 45 lb bar--yes, it happened--I kinda took off. When I hit an AMRAP of 31 I thought I should jump up. LOL.)
After feeling comfortable with the form, I felt like I wanted to do MORE, so with each lift I added Boring But Big, five sets of 10 at 60% of my training weight. Loved the results -- lots of sweat and more time with good target heart rate.
A solid week looks like this:
Monday: Deadlift w/ BBB - 1RM is 190 Tuesday: Bench w/ BBB - 1RM is 105 Wednesday: Overhead press w/ BBB - 1RM is 85 Thursday: Back squat w/ BBB - 1RM is 100 Friday: Front rack static hold (three warm ups, then 235 x 20 sec for five reps, misc accessory futzing around. This lift was recommended to me for core strength and it rocks!
Saturday and Sunday are ideally "backup" days where if I have to miss something during the week, I would just push the plan back a day and continue. Won't be an issue with the tools at home, though! But for now I want to work 5 days/wk, rest two, however hey fall.
When I started, I slowly made changes to dial diet in for lifting. I keep to a calorie ceiling of 1700 cals/day (using My Fitness Pal) and trying to hit 160g protein/day. 160 lb is a long term goal weight, probably a low estimate actually. Prefer fat to carbs but aside from the protein I don't care much.
I have gone back and forth on "eating my exercise," and by that I mean allowing My Fitness Pal to ADD calories to my daily goal as measured by my Apple Watch. That usually puts me more into the 2100 cal range, and I honestly think I lose more body fat in that range, as backwards as that still seems to me.
I learned already that eating less does not get me more of what I want (EITHER more weight loss or more strength), and that gains are often totally independent of the scale. I've went down a pants size and lifted more while the scale stayed firm. Whatever.
Post workout drink is Chain'd Reaction BCAAs/Ammos/Recovery from APS or Intra Blast from NutraBio. I found through experimentation that these DO help me avoid soreness. I was skeptical at first.
I've started using Rule 1 Lean 5 (thermogenic non-stimulant weight loss) at the recommendation of the guy behind the counter where I buy the rest of my stuff. Not sure it's doing much for me.
Truetein protein powders for shakes because I finally gave in to the fact that you just can't eat that much protein no matter how hard you try. LOL. A cup of whole milk with a scoop of one of these is delish.
Clff Lifter Bars when I want something tasty but haven't meal prepped (I know, they are more like candy bars).
Overall, continue to build strength, and continue to lose fat. Pretty simple.
Using for my sex and weight, this puts me mid Novice for most lifts, except for squat which is really low. I could probably push this more than I am.
I would like to develop each of these lifts over the next 12 months so that I reach into the Intermediate range. Is that reasonable?
And what's the best way to do that? Just the slow-and-steady of the linear progression I'm still enjoying as a beginner, doing this simple approach?
I know there will be lots of opinions out there. I'm happy to hear them. :) Especially those with experience from women who have traveled a similar road as I!
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2017.07.17 12:41 RockettheMinifig [Thriller, Mystery, Twin-Peaks-esk, Repost] N O A I R

Hi all! I'd normally put my introduction at the end of the post but considering I haven't been here in 8 months... hahaha well you can see how'd that be different. I'm not sure if this is allowed but I'm reposting an older thread that I wrote last time I was here (found here ) that didn't get a lot of traction but I really liked in hopes to get fresher eyes on the thread and try keep it going until the someone finishes: I almost always aim to end a story be it keeping a thread going for weeks or longer.
I've copy-pasted the entire body of the post from before beyond this point, but the rules at the bottom are slightly altered since before. If you have any questions be sure to ask Out of Character and I'll be happy to help.


GAS Next Exit 50 miles FAR
The sign was the first sign of life for anything going out thus far, sloppy spray painted over probably by some thug- more likely a braindead kid- long since past. You bet they graduated college by now; you wish you'd have as well.
"Hey, Moss..."
Rita calls, the loud sound of the road still bellowing through the thin walls of the department's van, forcing her to speak up even though she doesn't want to yell. He doesn't hear her- not for that, but for the shite patchwork foam headphones suspended over the arch of his baseball cap.
"Hey, Moss!" she slams his shoulder, him flinching- the headphones roll back down between his moist polo and the upholstry of the seat, him contorting uncomfortably while his personal cassette player is dragged down between the cup-holder and the hand break in a tangle-
"Ah- wha- what!?" He bats her back with his free hand while one remains on the wheel, before fishing hus headphones free once more.
"When we gonna get there? The grass we were watching eleven hours ago has grown up and had kids already, I mean c'mon."
"Okay, first of all, it was eight hours- and second the map says were supposed to be close. Another hour best." He gives her a funny look, "The lake's not going anywhere toots. Three days in backwater midwestern glades- or wait, do you want to be the one calcuating all our research while I get to flippy-floppy around time?"
She lets out an exasperating sigh reminiscent dragon breaking fire on a small town, but ultimately her pouting leads to nothing ventured or lost, and she goes back to staring longingly out the window...
And, that's, been your whole summer. You, Moss, Rita, Samone and Max (the two love birds were supposed to make sure the oxygen tanks or computer didn't rattle around in the back- but have been asleep since hour zero) hopping from place to place, gathering research data, investigating, exploring, and whining about just about everything thats gone right or wrong along the way.
Moss is a analytical research and data's major, and the only one with permission by the college to drive; Rita is a Meteorologist, but so all over with her studies you'd be surprised if she graduated in six years. Max is Marine Biology and Samone is Micro-Bio, and joined at the hip ever since you introduced them. And you, well...
Lets start there: what are you focusing on?
Some rules:
  • your character is typical college-goer age, although I'm removing the restriction on college majofocus since last time. You can choose to think or write of it on your own, I really don't care. Be creative!
  • There isn't any magic, any combat system really, no dice rolls or skill checks or saving throws. Its all kind of by the cuff writing so don't go super unwieldy- I know its a thriller but don't go fisticuffs into everything expecting a goon behind every door. You'll know danger when you see it.
  • If you would like a character sheet with skills and dice rolls, let me know. I have a system in place that I'm playtesting in other places but I'm not geared towards using them (but that doesn't mean it can't be fun!) My default is without, but I can quickly explain the rules for it upon request.
  • I will try to respond as often as I can but at worst it will be once a night or two. Please keep that in mind and I appologize for my lack of rigidity in that matter as I do have other daily priorities.
See you lakeside!
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2017.05.24 06:01 TheWildWolfe My observations after completing my first Ironman run of FE7.

Hey everyone. This is my first post in this subreddit, so I hope I am posting properly here.
I thought I would share my own thoughts about my first Ironman run of FE7 that I just finished a few days ago. If you do not know what an Ironman run is, it is basically a playthrough of a Fire Emblem game without any restarts or resets. You have to play through every battle and chapter the first go around, accepting any faults or mistakes on your part. This includes missed chests, villages, and even killed characters.
I've always wanted to try out an Ironman run of my own and thought it was a good time as any to pass the time until the release of Fire Emblem Echoes. Now that it's arrived, I thought I'd share my thoughts on my Ironman run before diving right in.
It's easy to let your guard down...until it's too late.
I didn't know what terror was until I accidently triggered an army of bloodthirsty pirates charging down en masse with Silver and Killer weapons.
This may because I've beaten FE7 more times than I could count, but I always found it too easy to let your guard down at times because I've completed these maps countless times. Unfortunately, I also forgotten how punishing Fire Emblem can be if you fuck up.
Fire Emblem is notable among other SRPGS (and perhaps most other RPGs in general) is permadeath; if a character falls, that character is gone for good and isn't coming back. This isn't a hard and fast rule, some games do allow character revival, however I've always found their prices to be steep.
In normal runs, you never really pay attention of this since you can always restart a map if you lose someone. Granted, you still have to replay the chapter, but it's always more of an annoyance than a burden. However, in an ironman run, losing a character is a very big deal. Not only do you only have a finite number of characters, but there's also the investment you place upon them too, not just in experience and equipment, but in your overall strategy and synergy. Losing a flier means you lose out on character who can ignore terrain effects to rescue villages or to support characters on the ground. Losing a healer means you're forced to rely on vulneraries to patch up injuries and you're now forced to promote your mage ASAP just to get a healer on board. Losing a link in your support chain breaks it, and it damages the combat ability of everyone involved. Losing a bulky tank from a boss who suddenly charges into you means the rest of your party hiding behind him could all get mercilessly cut down, and damage could be catastrophic, possibly demolishing your entire run for good.
Thankfully, I did manage to complete my Ironman run without losing a single character (although I did come dangerously close at times). My previous two attempts were not so lucky.
It made me appreciate how mortal my characters are.
Playing my Ironman run reminded me of the Pokemon Nuzlocke runs people would do, specifically where they caught a specific team of Pokemon and bonded with each individual member, even "vendor trash" Pokemon nobody would think twice about, yet they were all given a face and a nickname due to how valuable they were.
In the same vein, playing my Ironman run made me really appreciate just how valuable and mortal my characters were in the game. While they were still powerful as ever, just the fact they could be slain through bad placement and/or error meant I needed to really consider my options with greater care than just simply farming experience. This was the first run where I didn't bother with keeping everyone's levels the same and focused more of which characters really were the best for the task at hand, even if they "ate" all the experience points. Placement was far more important than just simply farming out experience just to level everyone up.
Not only did I respect my characters more, I also respected my opposition as well. I learned to realize just how powerful they could be and how they could wipe out one of my key units if I played carelessly. As a mentioned earlier, it's easy to let your guard down until it's too late, and there were points where I was anxious about losing a character from overextending them just a little too far away.
The Funds ranking is stupid as all hell.
As much as I love FE7, the Funds ranking is stupid as all hell. I could see the intention behind it (not being careless with your funds and blowing it all on useless items), the implemenation is awful.
The Funds ranking works is that the game calcuates how much you have in assets, including gold as well as all the items in your characters' inventory and convoy. The higher your value in total assets, the higher the ranking goes up. Unfortunately, this leads to a big problem - if you decide to use any of the fancy weapons, staves, and tools you find on your quest to power up your army, your funds ranking takes a hit.
This is awful game design, especially for a SRPG like Fire Emblem, because for a strategy game where you find powerful weapons and treasure, you should be incentivized to use them to maximum effect for victory, not hoard it away like some kind of packrat. Other Fire Emblem games encourages you use powerful weapons and tools such as Warp staves and stat boosters to great effect, yet in this game, you're being punished for using the treasure you find? Does this make any sense or am I the crazy one here?
I decided to flip the bird and eagerly consume up as many stat boosters I could find, feeding all my Dracoshields to Hector, gave Fiora my Boots (Can Pegasi wear boots?), and went nuts with Bolting and Fortify.
Granted, this has less to do with the Ironman run as a whole, but it was still important to note that I didn't want to take chances, and was willing to kill it just to secure victory.
Promoting earlier isn't so bad after all.
This was also the first run I decided to promote at Level 15 (instead of 20) as an experiment. It didn't bother me at all, and in fact worked out even better since my characters could take on the mid-game bosses easier. It also helped out a lot with weapon ranks, which do not grow if you decide to promote them late. I managed to get Erk to C rank staves, allowing him to use the invaluable Restore staff. Sadly, Sage gains aren't too great otherwise, but you can't win them all.
I also noticed that many of my character weren't so bad off in the long run either, and still performed just fine in the late game even if I promoted them later. Too bad you don't get enough promotion items in the mid-game, although it'd be too broken to have an army of five Paladins running around too early in the game.
Again, this didn't have much to do with the Ironman run, but again, I was willing to cut down my late game potential a bit because I couldn't afford to lose.
And that's about it. Here's to Fire Emblem Echoes.
EDIT: How do you put flairs into posts? I can't seem to do that here without nuking the whole thread.
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2017.03.24 16:02 broomballs custom sticks

Would love to hear any custom sticks people have created!
my newest stick is an old red powershot head, one corner cut. Here is a link to the shaft
Had the hockey shop cut the shaft and glue the head on (wish i hadn't had them use the glue, i think it added quite a bit of weight). I drilled one screw at home.
Very light. 424 grams total by my calcuation (42 inches/60 inches = 70% x 320 = 224 grams for the shaft, plus estimated 200 grams for the head). It top heavy at the head. Will use this weekend for first time. My only worry is the stick will be too weak and bend easily.
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2017.02.28 06:18 splatterghost Devising the best destruction method

Action Footage Click Me!
So in my opinion I find that destruction is a very important game mechanic. I really want players to be able to take advantage of it and am still not quite done with it but it's getting there. As such I've spent some time researching and checking out how others achieved it in their engines. While a lot of people will turn each block into a rigidbody it doesn't scale very good as it can create quite a bit of lag in large structures, and others will turn the entire structure into a single rigidbody. To try to find a happy medium I'm doing something in the middle of the two.
Basically each object is broken down into single cubes if it is of size 5x5x5 or smaller. Anything larger than that it will still create 5x5x5 parts but each will be a fragments that contain multiple blocks. The algorithm is able to split different sizes based on axis and does not create only cubes. In the event that one of the dimensions of the original object is not evenly divisible by 5 it will attempt to space out the remainder nice.
For example the following dimensions will be broken into fragments of sizes:
I think you get the picture at this point. It's basically attempting to find the most even and uniform way to divide up the blocks. From there each fragment is populated with it's blocks and checked to make sure it's not a pure air fragment. In the event it is empty, the fragment is simply not spawned to reduce lag.
Now the process still isn't quite done as I wish to add the ability for falling fragments to damage world blocks and I want to add the ability for players to break apart fragments. And there will be the addition of some particle effects to help give it a more realistic feel. Personally I feel this method is the best for the game due to how the blocks still stay part of the world for a bit. A player in the building will realized their screwed when everything becomes fragmented and they know their either going to be crushed to death by the fragments or will die from the fall.
Interested in some code?
 ///  /// Takes a list of blocks and generates one giant world fragment for it. /// This handles the mass, and colliders too. ///  /// Blocks. public GameObject[, ,] GenerateFragments(List blockPositions){ WorldPos spawnPos = new WorldPos (0, 0, 0); //Get the blocks we need from the world. Block[, ,] blocks = GetBlocksFromWorld(blockPositions, ref spawnPos); //Get how big each fragment should be. WorldPos blockDimensions = new WorldPos (blocks.GetLength (0), blocks.GetLength (1), blocks.GetLength (2)); //Figure out how many fragments we need to make. WorldPos splitCounts = new WorldPos (0, 0, 0); splitCounts.x = (int) Mathf.Min (blockDimensions.x, 5); splitCounts.y = (int) Mathf.Min (blockDimensions.y, 5); splitCounts.z = (int) Mathf.Min (blockDimensions.z, 5); //Determine their dimensions and create a gameobject array WorldPos[, ,] fragmentDimensions = GetFragmentDimensions (blockDimensions, splitCounts); GameObject[, ,] fragmentGOs = new GameObject[splitCounts.x, splitCounts.y, splitCounts.z]; //Calcuate their spawn offsets. WorldPos[, ,] spawnOffsets = CalculateFragmentSpawnOffsets(fragmentDimensions); //Iterate through each object to spawn. for (int x = 0; x < spawnOffsets.GetLength (0); x++) { for (int y = 0; y < spawnOffsets.GetLength (1); y++) { for (int z = 0; z < spawnOffsets.GetLength (2); z++) { //Generate spawn point. WorldPos currSpawnOff = spawnOffsets[x,y,z]; WorldPos currSpawnPos = new WorldPos (0, 0, 0); currSpawnPos.x += currSpawnOff.x + spawnPos.x; currSpawnPos.y += currSpawnOff.y + spawnPos.y; currSpawnPos.z += currSpawnOff.z + spawnPos.z; //Find the blocks we want WorldPos currDims = fragmentDimensions[x,y,z]; Block[, ,] currBlocks = new Block[currDims.x, currDims.y, currDims.z]; bool isOnlyAir = true; //Get the blocks for it and make sure we want to spawn it. for (int bX = 0; bX < currDims.x; bX++) { for (int bY = 0; bY < currDims.y; bY++) { for (int bZ = 0; bZ < currDims.z; bZ++) { currBlocks [bX, bY, bZ] = blocks [bX + currSpawnOff.x, bY + currSpawnOff.y, bZ + currSpawnOff.z]; //If we hit a non air block this fragment is worth instantiating. if (!currBlocks [bX, bY, bZ].IsAir () && isOnlyAir) isOnlyAir = false; } } } //Ensure the fragment is not just air. if (isOnlyAir) continue; //Instantiate object and get reference to world fragment script GameObject worldFragGO = Instantiate (worldFragment, currSpawnPos.ToVector3 (), Quaternion.identity) as GameObject; fragmentGOs [x, y, z] = worldFragGO; WorldFragment currFrag = worldFragGO.GetComponent (); currFrag.worldEffects = this; //Give the fragment the blocks. Fragments love blocks currFrag.GenerateBlockMesh (currBlocks); } } } return fragmentGOs; } 
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2016.11.10 06:09 RockettheMinifig [Short, Thriller] N O A I R

GAS Next Exit 50 miles FAR
The sign was the first sign of life for anything going out thus far, sloppy spray painted over probably by some thug- more likely a braindead kid- long since past. You bet they graduated college by now; you wish you'd have as well.
"Hey, Moss..."
Rita calls, the loud sound of the road still bellowing through the thin walls of the department's van, forcing her to speak up even though she doesn't want to yell. He doesn't hear her- not for that, but for the shite patchwork foam headphones suspended over the arch of his baseball cap.
"Hey, Moss!" she slams his shoulder, him flinching- the headphones roll back down between his moist polo and the upholstry of the seat, him contorting uncomfortably while his personal cassette player is dragged down between the cup-holder and the hand break in a tangle-
"Ah- wha- what!?" He bats her back with his free hand while one remains on the wheel, before fishing hus headphones free once more.
"When we gonna get there? The grass we were watching eleven hours ago has grown up and had kids already, I mean c'mon."
"Okay, first of all, it was eight hours- and second the map says were supposed to be close. Another hour best." He gives her a funny look, "The lake's not going anywhere toots. Three days in backwater midwestern glades- or wait, do you want to be the one calcuating all our research while I get to flippy-floppy around time?"
She lets out an exasperating sigh reminiscent dragon breaking fire on a small town, but ultimately her pouting leads to nothing ventured or lost, and she goes back to staring longingly out the window...
And, that's, been your whole summer. You, Moss, Rita, Samone and Max (the two love birds were supposed to make sure the oxygen tanks or computer didn't rattle around in the back- but have been asleep since hour zero) hopping from place to place, gathering research data, investigating, exploring, and whining about just about everything thats gone right or wrong along the way.
Moss is a analytical research and data's major, and the only one with permission by the college to drive; Rita is a Meteorologist, but so all over with her studies you'd be surprised if she graduated in six years. Max is Marine Biology and Samone is Micro-Bio, and joined at the hip ever since you introduced them. And you, well...
Lets start there: what are you majoring in?
Hello! Its been a while since i posted one of these; I aimed to keep this one rather short(er than my typical.)
Some rules:
  • your character is typical college-goer age, majoring in something sciency or watery-naturey-related (it doesn't really matter that much, just for sake that your matching this trope of character's backgrounds.)
  • There isn't any magic, any combat system really, no dice rolls or skill checks or saving throws. Its all kind of by the cuff writing so don't go super unwieldy- I know its a thriller but don't go fisticuffs into everything expecting a goon behind every door. You'll know danger when you see it.
  • I tend to have a lengthy responce time (at worst 1 week) but typically don't give up on a story without saying why. Also at this current time I am prepping for sleep so while you may respond now I won't be able t reply until tomorrow evening.
See you lakeside!
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2016.11.04 16:42 Elytor My journey to duna.

I started playing the game a couple of weeks ago, mastered the mun and minimus rather early but interplanetary travel was still a big unknown for me. Flew by duna once very early and barely made it back, then I found out it has an atmosphere and gravity more like kerbin so I was scared off of landing on it. Then, like a week back, I got a contract of planting a flag there and was determined to make it, informed myself about what I would need. Found contradicting information, and ended up eyeballing about most of the resources like fuel and chutes. Then, 2 days ago, I started constructing my dunar lander completely from scratch, and spent maybe 8h building it. Today, I was ready. Or, maybe I wasn't.
Launch day. Fastforwarding in the tracking center to the optimal transfer window, hoping the information I found was correct. Liftoff! Orbiting goes smoothly, better than expected. Even have a tiny bit of fuel left for the transit burn, I cheer internally. Then, decoupling the booster stage, I get discouraged when I see the initial burn time (After fiddling with the maneuver node for what felt like hours): 9 MINUTES. I admit, I was using atomic engines and knew they were weak, but still this is another level of burntime for me. I calculated in my head that I had about 23mins of fuel in my tank for transfer to low duna orbit and back to kerbin. I am unsecure about just turning, no going back now. I set off into the unknown.
Lots of planets pass by and I am watching the sun as I timeaccelerate my way to duna orbit. Halfway there I make a correction, so i come in to peralapsis of 60km, my desired orbit altitude. Perfect. Strangely enough the burn on the way there took 1 second only. I know why, still fascinates me. Rushing into duna orbit, hoping I will not get sucked into Ikes orbit. I didn't, phew. Now, the breaking burn to get a circular orbit around duna. Expected time: 6 mins. I calcuate in my head of how much i need to get back and debate to just fly by! Not today. I break and circularize as much as I can bring myself to, in the end I stop my burn at an egg-ular orbit. Close enough. Thinking if I just made docking for my lander a lot harder...doubts start to rise again. I wash them away, and bravely decouple my lander from my transfer stage. It will remain in Orbit, I am wondering if this will be the last time I see it. I set my maneuver node to deorbit, veeery flat. Wondering if my peralapsis is low enough to get sucked into the atmosphere and landing. Theres only one way to find out...
I make my burn, and timeaccelerate until I'm about 50km from the surface. I see flickering glows of red beams around my lander, and cheer internally. However, I feel like I'm not slowing down fast enough. Panicking, I burn some of the fuel I actually calculated for takeoff in hope of slowing down. It doesn't help a lot, so I just stop it and hope for the best. And it happens. I slow down faster and faster, and can deploy my drogue chutes. Soon afterwards my main chutes. Was worrying about not having enough, worked like a charm in the end. I deploy my landing gear, and forget to turn off the SAS fixed to retrograde...which I get reminded on when I burn for a softer landing, overburn just a bit, and my lander flips 180°. Panic. Split-second decision to turn off SAS and bring my craft back up manually. Too late, and I touch down on my side. Something explodes, and I don't want to know what. Laying on my side in despair and no hope of ever getting back up, I see my service bay. An "if it looks stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"-type of idea and a few flips due to opening and closing my service bay later, I manage to stabilize my lander in the middle of a flip and let it stay on its feet. I feel proud. I made it!
I try to decide longer than I'd like to admit who of my 3 best Kerbals that i brought is worthy of taking the first step onto duna. My decision falls on Valentina Kerman, for the crazy maneuver she just provided to bring the lander on its legs. I collect all my science from my tools in the service bay, and plant 3 flags, because I can. Surface samples and EVA reports all stored up, I let Bill Kerman repack the chutes, wondering if I will even come far enough to use them again...I pack away my doubts as well as my chutes and board back into the capsule. Now the part I was most afraid of, docking with the transfer stage back in orbit (or more likely departing at the right time with the right angle to not miss its orbit). I open the map and am surprisingly seeing that my transfer stage is almost above me already. I must've spent more time on duna than I thought...
I try to orient myself on the navball...which way do I have to burn now, to meet up with my Transfer stage? I set it as a target and take off towards the target marker....only to realize its moving towards me, so i quickly change the direction to the opposite. Did I just screw up badly? I burn towards the prograde marker, and see my speed to the target getting smaller. And my scale of fuel. I bring it to zero, about 10km away. I burn towards the target marker, very slowly and with a lot of time acceleration. Don't want to make no mistakes. When I'm close, I start to relax. Docking is one of my strengths, I've done it many times before. This time won't be different, will it? Eyeballing and RCS-thrusting, I dock my lander back onto the transfer stage. The smoothest docking maneuver I've ever managed to pull off, I feel proud. I transfer the leftover fuel from the lander to the transfer stage (all 3 units of it), and decouple the tank and landing legs from my capsule. Just my capsule, service bay with my science experiments, and of course my transfer stage left. Ditch everything that isn't absolutely necessary, and I plan my way back home to Kerbin.
I fiddle with the maneuver nodes for a long time. Try to get a burn as small as possible with an intercept with kerbin influence. After some trying and pulling nodes far and wide, I set for a course. 6min burn...I look at my fuel display and start to get nervous. I timewarp to the maneuver node, start my burn...and see the burntime go upwards, not down. My deltav too. I stop burning, try again just a little bit...same result. I am confused, my wrong burn got me onto an orbit with the peralapsis somewhere deep inside duna, I panic again. Try to find my mistake. Curse Heinlein for a Bug in the system. Then I find my mistake: I was controlling my craft from my capsule, which I docked onto my transfer stage head-first - I quickly select "Control from here" on the probe on my transfer stage, and start my burn. Wondering if I already screwed up again, one time too much on this mission...
My burn was successful, and I am on solar orbit and on my way to intercept Kerbin. I worry that I won't have enough fuel to slow down once I reach it, and enjoy watching duna race beside me around the sun. Timewarp towards Kerbin encounter. Almost home, in Kerbin influence now. Setting my maneuver node at the peralapsis, and I pull the retrograde icon...2 Mins burn, 3, 4,5...and it stops at 8 Minutes with an 40km peralapsis. I swallow empty. Starting my burn, my final burn on this mission. I watch the delta-v number and my fuel number race against eachother. 2 minutes into burning, I remember I can use my RCS too. Putting those RCS thrusters on the capsule and not the lander fuel tank was the best decision i made that day. I see my burntime go down by 30seconds, hoped it would be more. Well, nothing I can do about it now.
I see the burntimer and my fuel scale go down more and more...8 minutes rarely have ever felt that long. I decide to close the map view and just look at my ship for the duration of the burn until I run out of fuel. The engines go silent, and I can't even look at my Orbit when opening the map, I am scared of it. I dare to take a peek - Peralapsis of 50km! That should be enough, right?! This mission just doesn't let me rest. I debate if its rather beneficial to stay with the transfer stage for descent or if I shall ditch it before I dip into the atmosphere...I decide to keep it. Timewarping to about 80km altitude over kerbin, I just watch and hope, try to find the perfect moment to undock and let my stage crash down itself. As soon as the flames turn from a soft red into a glowing yellow, I undock. In the windshield of my transfer module, I turn 180 degrees so my heatshield faces the front. I am still more than 2800m/s fast, and start to think about Bill, Bob and Valentinas funeral. I see my ablator go down on my heatshield, and curse myself for setting it so low. I closely monitor my speed and the icon of the drogue chutes...please turn grey, please turn grey, please turn grey! At under 1000m/s, it turns grey and I immediately deploy them. One of them doesn't open, and now I know what exploded back on duna when i landed on my side. The capsule spins and tumbles, and the G-forces go up and down. Just a handful of km over the water, I finally slow down. Below 200m/s I deploy my main chutes. They finally stabilize my craft. I get slower. And slower. I splash down into the shores of KSC. I made it. I recover my pod and in my head a parade for Valentina, Bill and Bob is being held. And I get rewarded with almost 4000 science, and priceless knowledge for future missions.
If you stayed with me this whole journey, my respect to you. This was one of the most intense gaming experiences I ever witnessed, and I absolutely loved it. Just felt the need to share it, and would love to hear your stories about first trips too. Next goal: EVE! But not today. Today i rest, and have a drink on Valentina.
TL;DR: My first duna mission was pretty intense.
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2016.10.05 19:09 aagpeng Zarya vs. Armor Mathematical Findings.

So, I saw a thread earlier about how Zarya was really good against D.Va and one of the top comments was about how Zarya's beam was only being reduced by 28% against armor vs. the 50% it should be. The user referenced this forum post where a guy did some math behind it and presented his information. As someone who loves math and numbers, I was intrigued and I followed the link. I read the post and I was a bit puzzled by it. He never shows any of the math he does, he assumes that a 0 charge Zarya deals ~80 damage when it's actually 95 (according to this source), and goes with what seems like a very flat, basic mathematical approach to the damage calculation. On top of that his test seems to be really inadequate. He described his test as:
Start a custom game, grab D.Va o another character with armor, go to Lijang tower, with one Zarya as an enemy, and lure them to your base.
From the way he described it, it seems like he used a bot as his zarya opponent which to me seems like he made a lot of assumptions in his tests that could lead to some very critical inaccuracies. For instance, how did he know when zarya was at 100 charge? Of course, this is me infering how the test was carried out based on the fact that he said he set zarya as his enemy and had to lure them to his base. He could have had another person playing zarya to convey information to him but since there were not videos posted and he seemed to be very discreet about how he carried out his test, I can't know for certain.
Another alarming thing to me is that he kind of glazed over the fact that the charge degrades per second because "it would be frustrating" for him to do but really that's an important bit of information to include if you ask me. So I did the math and here were my results
Assumptions and Givens
Here's my assumptions made and the given information which was used in my calculations:
  1. Zarya's beam "hits" 20 times per second
  2. The base damage of the beam is 95 DPS. This was a huge factor of my work so if this is outdated infromation or mislisted, then it's safe to say my work is incorrect.
  3. Armor reduces damage by 50% and caps off at a reduction of 5
  4. Each tick is uniform in magnitude. So I can assume that the base tick damage is equal to 95/20 which equals 4.75 and lines up with the information in the database I am using.
  5. Charge degrades at a rate of -2 every second
  6. Each point of charge gives Zarya a 1% damage boost
With all of that out of the way, we can get into the methods used.
So I started out by finding what would be the damage output of a zarya who has 100% charge for 5 seconds straight with 0 charge degradation. This would give me a "measuring stick" for how accurate my calculations were. Kind of like a ball park. If my calculations that included charge degrade as a factor were above that number, I would know that something is wrong with my methodology. So that number was calcuated as follows
which gave me a number of 950 damage. With that I then set up the formula that could be used to determine a Zarya's dps at a given time. That is as follows:
DPS = Base Damage*(1+[Charge/100])
This is pretty simple stuff and it is accurate. From here I adjusted it to account for the degrading of time and set it to an integral that was as follows
Damage = [integral 0,5](Base Damage*(1+ [Starting Charge - 2x]/100))dx
If you're having a hard time picturing this here's a picture of the formula.
From this I got that a zarya with perfect tracking that initiates her first hit as soon as she gains 100 energy without receiving any further charge would deal 926.25 damage over a 5 second period. While still a substantial number, this is pretty solid difference from 950. Keep in mind this is completely raw damage that doesn't take buffs or debuffs into account and measures the damage dealt by the entire beam and not just one tick.
From here I scaled the damage out put down to one tick. I found that a single tick should deal 2.375 damage against armored health and since the max damage a tick could do against unarmored HP is <10, it's safe to say that the damage output of a tick from zarya's beam will always be half of her damage output/20. This makes things very easy on me. I simply reused equation 2 and set my base damage value equal to 2.375 while still retaining the same endpoints and starting charge value.
The result was that over a 5 second interval, the damage out put of each tick would amount to 23.1563 damage. To give you some sort of reference for how much of a difference this is, this number would be 23.75 if we didn't account for charge degrading. For anyone confused about what this number represents, think about each tick being a hit that grows weaker over time. If you hit someone continuously over a 5 second period of time and then add up the numbers you would get this. To put it in more simple terms, it's a 20th of the damage output of the beam as a whole. So, if we multiply this number by 20 we should get the full damage that a zarya can deal against armor over a 5 second period. 23.1563*20 comes out to 463.125 damage. This is again, against nothing but armor for 5 seconds. Edit: I explain this down below in edit 3.
Given that D.Va has 400 hp of armor and 100 natrual hp, that should mean that, according to these findings, Zarya should be able to burn through D.Va's armor easily in a full clip provided she has perfect aim and starts the encounter with 100 energy. I don't have time to calculate the following but i feel that it would be safe to assume even that Zarya would be able to not only burn through the 400 shield in this situation but also burn the 100 unprotected HP that D.Va has left over. Even at 90 charge on her gun, she will deal 180.5 damage per second from the beam so as long as Zarya burns through the armor with >= 0.6 seconds of time remaining, she can kill D.Va easily without reloading.
Possible sources of error
  1. My source for base damage could be inaccurate
  2. I could be wrong about how the damage is calculated in game
  3. Obviously I could have hit a number wrong in my calculator but that's a rare issue.
This is all theoretical but it makes sense from a mathematical stand point. I don't have time to go compare my results to actual in game testing so any discrepancy between what actually happens in game vs. what my findings show are a reflection of this. If zarya can kill at full hp and still have half her clip left, then there's a problem but from what I've found in my math, I don't think there's an issue. It's just a lot of damage.
My main point for doing all of this is to possibly stop bad information from spreading. I saw that post on the forums and after reading it I was concerned about the lack of evidence presented and it seemed very much like it was relying on you to believe what he is saying is correct. He could be completely right and I could be completely wrong but I don't think he's accurately depicting this information and I'd rather not make blizzard waste time trying to find problems if they don't exist.
Edit 1: This got a lot more attention than I anticipated and sparked some discussion about zarya's beam here's a summary of what we've got so far for those jumping in late. Thank you edwahgezhuck for putting together this concise summary for me. I've been replying to direct posts but I haven't been able to follow the discussion as closely as I would like due to course work so for that I thank you for putting together this nice concise summary of what's going on.
From what we can gather it appears that Zarya's beam at 0 charge does 95 dps and at full charge does 190 dps. The attack is calculated at 5hz or 5 hits per second.
95 / 5 = 19 dmg per hit. So this means armor reduces each hit by 5 instead of half. Against armor it is 14 dmg per hit. Which brings the dps against armor to 70 dps. So armor only reduces dps by about 27%.
You do more damage per hit as charge increases so at higher charges, armor becomes less effective. The damage from a full clip against armor is slightly lower than expected probably caused by how the game handles rounding.
Credit to cosmicwatermelon daedriclord Ardentfrost
One thing I would like to state: I originally went with a value of 95 damage for my base value since I was using gamepedia as my source. I was later told by another user down below that gamepedia can be inaccurate so my calculations could be completely off. So take all of this in with a grain of salt. This is also the source I used to get the information of 20 hits per second but from what has been discussed and shown, it seems as if the number might actually be 5 hits per second and that makes her beam significantly more powerful against armor.
What the fuck does all this mean and can I get a TLDR?????
I'm including a TLDR now since I'm terrible at explaining things and I've been asked several times what all this data means and how to interpret it.
I'll start off by giving a concise explanation of my process that I told another user here and it seemed to suffice. For those of you who understand how integrals work you can skip this bit.
Incase you want a quick explanation, basically zarya's damage output is tied to how much charge she builds times her base damage. Her base damage is a constant number that doesn't change but her charge is a variable. Now, this variable decreases at a rate of 2/second so, because of that, you can't say that a 100 charge zarya does 100 charge worth of damage over 5 seconds because during that time of her dealing damage, her dps is going down. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that her charge decreases in a smooth line. There are times where she has a charge of 95.7 but the game will only show you the number 96 for simplicity sake. So what I did is used a mathematical process called integrating. The best way to explain this is to imagine a bar graph. Say that the first bar tells you how much damage she did in the first second of firing. The second bar tells you how much damage she did in the second second and so on and so forth up until the last bar that tells you how much damage she did between seconds 4 and 5. If someone said, "How much damage did she do over that 5 second period?" You would just add up the damage at each bar and tell them what you found. Think of it like a runner who is jogging around a track 4 times and every time he completes a lap he measures how long that lap took him and in the end. Each lap might be a little longer than the previious one because he is getting tired but if he adds up all the individual lap times, he will get the time it took him to run the full course. Now, back to the bar graph I was talking about, what if instead of recording the amount of damage she did every 1 second, you wrote down the amount of damage she inflicted every .5 seconds. Now you've more bars to use and you have a better idea of how fast her damage decays but you could still tell someone how much total damage she did over that 5 second period by just adding up all the bars. Basically, this mathematical operation called integrating takes an equation and does exact same thing except it uses infinitesimally small intervals and adds those up. So I took that bar graph that measured how much damage she did after every second and then made those intervals so tiny that they are instantaneous. This makes the data much more accurate and I can tell you things like, exactly how much damage she did after 3.5938 instead of having to estimate the amount to be in between 2 seconds of damage and 4 seconds of damage.
Quicker explanation because I'm an idiot who needs someone else to point out that 500 words is not very "quick":
Imagine a line graph that shows how much damage zarya does from 100 energy to 0 energy continuously. The time is the x axis and the damage is the y. I took a section of that graph that was from x=0 to x=5. I found the area under the line in that section. That told me how much total damage she did over that time interval
Interpretation of the data
It should be noted that I'm not trying to make a statement of balance. I'm just trying to get information circulating that has evidence to back it up. The forum post that I was refering to in the beinning made a lot of assumptions and stated a lot of information but didn't seem to back it up with much else other than a "I did the math, trust me". I had no idea if he was right or not but in the interest of getting correct information circulating and not letting potentially false information from spreading viral, I decided to do some math to back it up. Differences between my findings and his can be attributed to different sources of information used (he said the damage was close to 80, my source said the damage was 95) or testing/mathematical processes used. From my findings I found that, unlike what the forum post declared, you could indeed kill D.Va at full HP if the beam hits at 20 ticks/second and the base damage is 95 even when you account for the degrading charge and the benefits of armor working properly. From what was later discussed in the comments, it seems as if her beam actually hits at a rate of 5 per second which would significantly boost her effectiveness against armor. If this is the case then perhaps there is a bugged interaction between Zarya's beam and armor or it could just be that zarya hits so hard that the armoring doesn't really matter. Either way, it's in the game right now and it's worth addressing.
Edit 3: Clearing up some shit
So Friendly_Fire pointed out that this bit doesn't make much sense and I'm going to address that real quick
The result was that over a 5 second interval, the damage out put of each tick would amount to 23.1563 damage. To give you some sort of reference for how much of a difference this is, this number would be 23.75 if we didn't account for charge degrading.
So basically this piece of information is kinda useless but it helped me think so I included it. Here's what this is all about. It's difficult to explain but the best way I can put it is to imagine a tick as a 20th of the total damage dealt over a second. From there, I pictured the continuous beam being held on to its target as if it's damage output were fixed and would yield the same damage as it normally would over a 5 second period of time and accounting for charge degrade. A single tick of that imaginary situation would be 23.1563. So if it did all the damage from the entire 5 seconds in one second, still divided into 20 ticks per second, then this 'super tick' would average at 23.1563 damage. Sorry if that created a lot of confusion.
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