Backdating UnitedHealth

The commission had alleged that between 1994 and 2005 UnitedHealth concealed more than $1 billion in stock option compensation by providing senior executives and other employees with “in-the-money” options while secretly backdating the grants to avoid reporting the expenses to investors. Unitedhealth Backdating le couple Unitedhealth Backdating partage une relation saine entre Unitedhealth Backdating chrétien pratiquant, a une connexion chretienne spirituelle, des valeurs communes, et croie en Dieu le Père. Google Analytics (universal) This service can install 8 cookies. On December 6, 2007, UnitedHealth Group announced that its Special Litigation Committee had concluded its review of claims relating to the company’s option backdating practices that had been brought against certain of the company’s directors and officers. The company also announced that its former CEO William McGuire had agreed surrender certain rights and interests which, together with ... The CalPERS motion is a document attempting to substantiate its allegations that backdating was a common practice at the top of UnitedHealth and that it was inappropriately accounted for in the ... UnitedHealth's ex-CEO agreed to forfeit an additional $420 million in stock-option gains and retirement pay to settle claims tied to options backdating. Backdating Stock Options. As discussed earlier, when stock options are issued, the strike price is typically set to equal the market price at the option date to avoid recording compensation expense and the incurring taxable income to the recipient. The results of a study by Erik Lie (“On the Timing ... UnitedHealth was undoubtedly eager to put a steady drip-drip-drip of revelations about the backdating scandal behind it. In one filing, lawyers for the company insisted that McGuire, a doctor, had ... A court filing says UnitedHealth Group chief Stephen Hemsley had more involvement in options backdating than had been revealed in earlier investigations. Largest Recovery Arising Out of Options Backdating Scandal. On July 1, 2008, California Public Employees’ Retirement System (“CalPERS”) and Alaska Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry Pension Trust (“Alaska”) announced a settlement with UnitedHealth Group Inc. and certain individual defendants for a record-breaking $895 million. Options Backdating Claims UnitedHealth CEO A spreading corporate scandal over stock options has claimed the chief executive of the nation's second-largest health insurer. William McGuire will ...

Local COVID-19 Update (Thu Sep 3rd)

2020.09.03 18:53 FluffyMcGee5 Local COVID-19 Update (Thu Sep 3rd)

Local COVID-19 Update (Thu Sep 3rd)
  • 3 new cases reported today (1 resident of London and 2 residents of Lucan; Ages: 1 age 20-29 and 2 ages 30-39; Exposure Source: 2 are close contacts of other cases and 1 has no known link aka "community transmission"). It looks like 2 of the cases are backdated and already resolved, so probably a health unit clean-up thing.
  • No deaths and 3 recoveries reported today.
  • 609 people visited the assessment centres yesterday (compared to 598 people last Wednesday).
COVID-19 Cases in Middlesex-London Health Region:
Date Total Cases Active Resolved Deceased
Thu Sep 3 735 (+3) 11 (same) 667 (+3) 57 (same)
Wed Sep 2 732 (+2) 11 (-2) 664 (+4) 57 (same)
Tue Sep 1 730 (same) 13 (-5) 660 (+5) 57 (same)
Mon Aug 31 730 (+2) 18 (-1) 655 (+3) 57 (same)
Sun Aug 30 728 (same) 19 (same) 652 (same) 57 (same)
Sat Aug 29 728 (+2) 19 (+2) 652 (same) 57 (same)
Fri Aug 28 726 (same) 17 (-8) 652 (+8) 57 (same)
Here is the subset related to long-term care/retirement homes:
Date Total Cases (A+B) Total Cases in Residents (A) Total Cases in Staff (B) Total Deceased
Thu Sep 3 191 (same) 106 (same) 85 (same) 37 (same)
Wed Sep 2 191 (+1) 106 (same) 85 (+1) 37 (same)
Tue Sep 1 190 (same) 106 (same) 84 (same) 37 (same)
Mon Aug 31 190 (same) 106 (same) 84 (same) 37 (same)
Sun Aug 30 190 (same) 106 (same) 84 (same) 37 (same)
Sat Aug 29 190 (same) 106 (same) 84 (same) 37 (same)
Fri Aug 28 190 (same) 106 (same) 84 (same) 37 (same)
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2020.08.28 03:26 KatL234 Insurance company paid claim and is now staying that's they won't pay.

UPDATE: Georgia here.... I have been on the phone the last two days with everyone.... Medicare, United healthcare, Social Security. Apparently now my insurance company, United healthcare, went back to February 1st and started to deny everything they had already approved and paid for. They are saying that they will not pay because I was eligible for Medicare part B. So here I am currently looking at $19,000 worth of debt for medical bills. I called the Medicare office and was informed that I needed to contact social security and to file an appeal, Medicare also informed me that United healthcare is the responsible party for everything up until my husband changed jobs in May. Even though my husband paid for health insurance through the end of May, Medicare is saying that the last day that United healthcare was primary was May 8th which was his last day at the job. United healthcare is now researching my case to see what they "can help me with". I did send United healthcare a copy of the Medicare booklet which does state that Medicare bills second United healthcare bills first as primary. I faxed a very detailed appeal letter to Social Security today. They said at most they could backdate it to June but they only backdate in the month in which the request is filed which they received the request for me to start Medicare part B (on May 27th so I had until the end of June to change it). United healthcare waited until the end of August to start denying all charges from February 1st on . I don't care what it takes but I am not backing down at all. Thank you for everyone's advice and I will keep you posted. I (46F) live in Georgia and was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017 and I have to have an injection every 3 months to keep me in menopause and to reduce the chance of the cancer coming back. In August of 2019 I got approved for disability. I was eligible to start Medicare on November 1st however I declined Medicare part B because I was on my husband's health insurance and it was going to be cheaper in the long run. Fast forward to May 2020, husband got a new job and the new health insurance was going to be $200 a week for both of us versus $58 a week for just him. His insurance kicked in on July 11th so I contacted social security at the end of May and I got set up to start Medicare part B as well as Aetna Medicare essentials on July 1st 2020. We paid $1560 to COBRA for the month of June. On June 5th I had my annual mammogram and on June 23rd I had my 3 month oncology appointment which included blood work and my injection. United healthcare paid the initial claim and now they have reversed their decision (said it came up in an audit) and they are not going to pay for my claims for June because I had Medicare part A. Now my doctor's office is coming after me for the $3,000 because insurance reversed their claim. I was covered under United healthcare from January 2015 until June 30th 2020. Is there any way for me to appeal this since I was not covered under Medicare part B during the months they are reversing the claims. They are not reversing the claims for any other doctor visits (5 in addition to Oncologist, I was trying to get as much done before Medicare kicked in) or medications. Only for the appointments related to the breast cancer. Can anyone give me any options or suggestions? I am extremely frustrated as I have been dealing with this for 5 hours today.
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2020.05.30 23:06 PM_4_Friendship List of brands making donations

Comprehensive list of direct donation and national support resources.
Post about black owned brands Post about Indigenous owned brands
If you know of any other brands, let me know and I'll add them to the list! Flaired as a PSA, but brand owner comments welcome.
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2020.04.30 21:54 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update April 30, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update April 30, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Full Notes
The rest of the questions and final word are in a stickied comment
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2020.04.20 23:24 CovidCovidovich COVID-19 patient reviewing the Moscow healthcare system

Hello there!
My name is Sasha, I am from Russia, and I am infected with coronavirus.
NOTE: This is a huge wall of text, and if you don't feel like reading it, there's tl;dr at the end, and here are some pictures for you to check out:
EDIT 1: I've updated this story to share the recent developments, please check out EDIT 1 at the very bottom, as well as the Imgur gallery.
I've been ill for slightly more than 2 weeks already, and it seems (and I hope) that I am on my way to recovery. The only symptom I have right now is the loss of my sense of smell, and my sense of taste seems to be somewhat muted, so I hope none of the more serious symptoms will reemerge.
I have a few friends in the United States, and when I tell them how much attention and care I receive from our public healthcare system, on a daily basis, and completely for free, I notice this leaves them completely speechless. They encouraged me to document my story, saying it might be interesting for other people to learn about my personal experience here in Moscow.
To clarify, I am not affiliated with any of the governments or medical organizations whatsoever - as you will see from my story, there a lot of things in our current system that I am unhappy about, and I will share all of my thoughts with you.
Now, without further ado, let's get to the story itself.

I have a bad feeling about this

My mom works at the HR department of a very big hospital in Moscow. This hospital has many different wards, including a cardiology ward.
Some time around the middle of March, the cardiology ward receives a new patient, who experiences a shortness of breath. This patient's doctor decided that that is caused by his heart condition, and prescribes him cardiological treatment. However, a week passes by, but his shortness of breath doesn't go away, yet with this kind of treatment it should have. And so the staff decides to test the patient for coronavirus - and, of course, the results are positive. Immediately, the decision is made to quarantine the whole cardiology ward. Doctors who were in contact with this patient were sent home.
Very soon afterwards, there was a very similar situation in another ward, and by that point, it became clear that the hospital has quite a few coronavirus cases. Some people proposed that they send non-medical staff home to work remotely, but the management decided that "our hospital will not be working remotely.”
My mom handles a lot documents, and doctors from all the wards come and go to her office to process paperwork. So it becomes evident that somebody could eventually bring the virus to the HR department.
On Friday, March 27th, as my mom was going to sleep, she realized that she has a fever. From that moment on, we assume she is infected.

This is outrageous, it's unfair

The next day, all the regular coronavirus symptoms showed up. Fever, dry cough, weakness, and, quite unexpectedly, very painful sensations in back muscles and joints, making it very hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. During the first two days, she also experienced an unbearable headache. For quite a few days, she had a very loud, unstoppable, and exhausting cough.Since my mom needed to get sick leave papers, on March 29th, she called for a doctor from a local public clinic. The doctor came, logged all the symptoms, and suggested symptomatic treatment. Right away, my mom was tested for coronavirus.
The testing materials look like a pair of extremely long cue tips. They insert one in the nose, and another one in the throat. They cut these cue tips to leave only a short fragment with the cotton wad, put them in the test tube, and take them away.
In Moscow, if you’re ill and call for a doctor, tests are performed free of charge.The doctor says that the results will come in in 2 days, so my mom asked:
It's a very illogical system: if your results are positive, they will call you back - if they’re negative, they won't even bother informing you.
My mom got a sick leave for 2 weeks, and the doctor left.
On March 31st, my dad got a fever as well. We called for the doctor right away. His interaction with the doctor was identical to my mom's: symptomatic treatment, testing, wait for 2 days. Aside from the fever, my dad didn't have any other symptoms.
All that time, I was staying at my parents' place. During the night, between April 2nd and 3rd, I got a fever as well. My symptoms were pretty much identical to my mom's. During the first 2 days, I felt weak and had an unbearable headache. I also experienced muscle and joint pain, which made it difficult to sit or even lie down. By the 3rd day, these symptoms started fading away. I had a dry cough, although it was mild in comparison to my mom's. However, starting on day 3, I got a horrible runny nose and sore throat.
I didn't call for a doctor, because I run my own business and don't need a sick leave.

This is where the fun begins

Fast forward to Saturday, April 4. By that date, my mom was ill for 8 days already, and it was 6 days since she was tested. We thought it must have been coronavirus, although the results still didn't come in yet, and, by the logic suggested by the doctors, you’re supposed to assume that the results are negative.
All of a sudden, my mom receives a call from some kind of a call center. They were asking my mom a lot of questions: how she feels, what her symptoms are, with whom she was in contact, where she works, with whom she lives, passport number, social security number, and so on. I am gonna refer to these questions as “the standard list of questions” from now own.
When they learned that me and my dad live in the same place, they started asking her about us as well.
My mom asked about the test results, but the response was "your results are inconclusive, so we are sending a doctor to administer another test."
We got a visit from a very nice, joyful lady in an outfit which looks somewhat like a simplified hazmat suit made of cloth. This time, the doctor tested all of us. We asked when we would get the results, and she said that we will have to wait for 3 days. Yet, it's the same principle again: they're not gonna inform you if it's negative.
The doctor left, and very soon afterwards, my mom received another call, this time informing her that a person will come and bring a so-called "decree". This decree will be dropped under the door, "to avoid contact."
My mom decided to ask once again:
And that's how we learned for sure that my mom is infected.
I do understand that the accuracy of these tests is far from ideal, but I don't understand why one person says they're inconclusive, yet another person says they're positive. I am not sure if they were trying to conceal the result, or this was just some bureaucratic mistake - could be anything, really.So, my mom finally gets the decree. This decree says that my mom is forbidden to leave home, and violating it will result in an administrative fine.
Interestingly enough, this document was backdated: my mom received it on April 4, but the document demands that she doesn't leave home beginning March 30, for 6 days, which means that she can leave home by April 5 - essentially, just one day after she received that decree, which doesn't make any sense.
I also need to point out that, at that moment, neither I, nor my dad, had received any decrees, although we were just as ill as my mom was. We weren't leaving home just because it was common sense.

Around the survivors, a perimeter create

The next day (April 5th), we received a call from the local police station. The police officer wanted to make sure that my mom was aware that she is not allowed to leave the apartment. He asked most of the questions from the standard list.
Very soon afterwards, we got a visit from the ambulance team. It was two young girls in hazmat suits. This time these were proper hazmat suits - they were synthetic, and they covered the entire body, so no body part was exposed.
The ambulance got information that my mom is infected, and according to the procedure, they're supposed to check every infected patient.
They asked the standard questions, took our temperatures, and also checked the oxygen saturation in our blood using a device called a pulse oximeter. It's a non-invasive procedure - they attach this thingy to your finger, and the device tells them how much oxygen there is. They said that our results are fine, our condition is satisfactory, and then they started writing down our symptoms, logging our condition and all sorts of legal information in what seemed like an endless stack of papers.
Eventually, the paper work was done, and the girls handed us all sorts of documents. My mom received a paper that clearly states that she has a positive result and extends her stay-at-home order to 14 days since the ambulance's visit, overriding the previously received decree.
My dad and I were classified as "persons in contact with coronavirus patient," and we received decrees that forbid us to leave our apartment until my mom recovers, plus 14 days since that moment.
Also, since it seems that we have mild cases of coronavirus, the ambulance suggested that we receive remote care. We signed papers that we all agree to stay home (instead of being hospitalized) and receive telemedicine services instead.
Finally, they handed each of us 4 professionally designed pamphlets about coronavirus which explain how to clean and disinfect your apartment, which number to call if you start feeling worse, and all sorts of other useful information for the patients and their relatives.
As they were leaving, they told us that we should take this seriously and not go outside. If we didn’t listen, the police would take us to the hospital by force, which, if you ask me, makes total sense, especially considering that some Russians don't believe that the virus exists and completely ignore self-isolation advice.

There is always a bigger fish

After the ambulance's visit on April 5, we probably didn't have a single day that our phones didn’t ring. Almost every day, each of us would receive a call from an organization checking on our condition. Initially, each of us would receive at least 3 calls daily.
Here's a list of organizations:
I've managed to count 7 organizations, but there might have been more, because some people on the phone identified themselves vaguely, or said that they were from the Moscow government call-center or something like that.

If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist!

Aside from that, Coronavirus HQ called me once, and asked all the standard questions. The next day, the very same Coronavirus HQ calls, and asked me the same questions again. Of course, I complained to the operator that I had already answered most of these questions (granted, some of the questions were new), but they said that I might have confused them with somebody else.
I am 100% sure that I wouldn't confuse an organization with such a memorable name with anybody else on the list.

I don’t think the system works

Honestly, I appreciate all that attention a lot, because I really did not expect that anybody would actually take care of us. But, sadly, there's really not much use from all that activity. They ask the same standard questions all the time, so each of us had to re-tell the whole story all over again to each and every organization. There is clearly no cooperation between them - they do not share information with each other.
Besides, we ran into a few problems, and, when none of the organizations provided any help, we had to figure something out.
Problem #1, very hard to buy groceries. In Moscow, there are a lot of food delivery services to choose from, but because of the coronavirus, many of them are completely booked at least a week in advance. The only solution we found is to wake up very early and check whether any of these services have an empty delivery timeframe and book it ASAP. Fortunately, very soon after we got our decrees, a new service called Yandex.Lavka opened in my area, and they deliver any groceries within 20 minutes after you place the order. Thankfully, this completely solved the problem, because now, if we need basic groceries, we can always order from there.
Problem #2, taking out the trash. We have a dumpster outside of our apartment building, and obviously we can't go out. Occasionally, when we get a visit from a doctor or somebody else, we ask if it's ok for them to take out our trash for us. It's unclear to me whether it's safe. There are no official guidelines regarding trash, but at least people in protective gear generally do not refuse and take out our trash for us. Yet now these visits are becoming less frequent, so there's still no elegant solution to this problem.
Problem #3, getting medicine. If you need any kind of drugs, you don't really have any option to get them. Drug stores, at least the ones we know, don't deliver orders to your apartment, and you have to pick them up somehow. When we pointed out these problems, a few organizations suggested calling the Moscow government hotline to ask for the volunteers’ help.
However, when we called them, they initially refused helping us because we're "too young.” When we mentioned that my dad needs to buys some meds and has some chronic diseases, they decided to classify us as in the at-risk group, and sent a volunteer. The volunteer paid for our order at the drug store, dropped it off in front of our door to avoid contact, and we compensated them for the order using online banking.

Time to abandon ship

This is already a huge story, so I will try to condense the rest of it.
We were tested 2 more times. Thus, my parents were tested 4 times, and I was tested 3 times in total.
On April 11th, independently from each other, me and my dad received a call from coronavirus HQ, informing us that we have positive results. They were unaware which exact test came in positive, but I assume it was the one we took a week ago, on April 4.
On April 14 (will confirm the date later), the last time they tested us, me and my dad were re-classified as “coronavirus patients” and my mom was re-classified as “person in contact with coronavirus patients.” Our stay at home orders were extended until April 24.
And, since April 17th, which is more than 2 weeks after I was infected, we have started receiving calls from the telemedicine service, which now checks on us (almost) every day.

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!

I am surprised by the amount of attention we received from our healthcare system. And I am infinitely grateful to all the people who were checking on our conditions, some of them risking their health when walking into our apartment.
But there are some things I can complain about, and they mostly have to do with the management of these organizations.
First of all: never-ending calls from all these organizations, asking the same questions over and over again. Either the list of organizations must be shorter, or they must establish some channel of communication or at least exchange information. They're wasting precious time on patients who don't really need immediate medical attention.
Second: none of our problems were really addressed. Sometimes, they suggest asking for the volunteers’ help, but if you're under 65, you're on your own. There are no guidelines regarding trash and if it should be thrown out or not. Volunteers said they're not allowed to throw out the trash, although people from the other organizations didn't mind taking it out for us - meaning, if there is some kind of guideline, only the volunteers are aware of it.
Third: absolutely no transparency when it comes to test results. You are randomly informed by some organization that you're positive, and they don't even know which particular test it was. I understand that many people are tested at the same time, that the system is overloaded, and it takes more than a week to get your results. But it's unclear why they didn't make these results available online, especially considering that our government has a very convenient website where you can get all sorts of government services - it would make a lot of sense to make our results available there.
Fourth: the unimaginable amount of bureaucracy. It takes 5 minutes to check our conditions and take the tests, yet every single doctor that visited us stayed in our apartment for at least an hour to fill out all the paperwork. When the EMTs in hazmat suits visited us, there were a few times when they didn't know what exactly they're supposed to write down in their papers, so they had to call their HQ to guide them, and the HQ started joking that the girls aren't thinking clearly. And the girls joyfully responded that they've been wearing these suits for hours, it's hard to breathe, and of course it's hard to think straight under these conditions. All this bureaucracy essentially puts their health at risk and doesn't really help achieve anything.
On the bright side, I received all of that attention for free. Well, not exactly for free - it's funded by us, the taxpayers. Still, I am glad this experience didn't turn into an additional financial burden for my family.
Aside from that, Putin announced that all businesses and organizations must keep paying salaries to their employees. Obviously, this doesn't work for the private sector - many private companies went bankrupt and had to lay off their employees. Thankfully, my parents work in the public medical sector, and although they're on sick leave, it seems they will receive 100% of their salary. There is a problem, though: they won't be able to receive their salary until they officially end their sick leave (plus a few days after that), and this might take a while.
I am less lucky, because I have my own company, and there is no support for businesses from the government at the moment, so I have to survive on my own. But, at the very least, I am glad that all my recent adventures didn't turn into another expense.
I hope you found my story interesting. If you have any friends skeptical about the effects of coronavirus, perhaps my story will somehow convince them that the whole thing should be taken seriously. If Russia as a country finally decided to treat the problem THAT seriously, maybe they should, too.
I wish you all good health, and my respect to all the essential workers whose lives are at a huge risk and who help me not to die from hunger.
Be safe!

EDIT 1: pics and recent developments

I've uploaded photos of EMTs, scans of the pamphlets they handed out, and took pictures of the "Social Monitoring" smartphones that the government supplied us with:
When EMTs visited us, we signed papers that we acknowledge that we are legally not allowed to leave home and that we agree to receive telemedicine service instead of being hospitalized.
This agreement also implies that each of us has to receive a smartphone that tracks our geolocation and asks us to take selfies every once in a while, to make sure we stay home.
They were supposed to deliver these phones shortly after EMTs' visit on April 5. We received them on April 20, when it was clear we're recovering.
The phones are manufactured by Huawei :) Soon after Huawei was banned in the US, they started befriending Russian government.
It immediately became clear that our government built the whole system very hastily - it's incredibly buggy, unintuitive and essentially useless. When you turn on this phone for the first time, it asks you to take a selfie to authorize. Then it shows you this blank home screen, and... that's it. On this screen, you can't do anything at all, you're just staring at the clock. There are no buttons to press, nothing. Good for elderly people, I guess, but at the same time you'd think they'd explain what you have to expect from this device.
Two days after we first authorized, our phones started buzzing. This time, when we unlocked our phones, they offered to take selfies again. However, all our phones failed to recognize our faces.
And then returned back to the blank home screen. They didn't even bother offering us to make another attempt.
Well, at the very least I feel safer now, because not only the Russian government checks on me, but probably the Chinese government, too.
Later that day (April 20), we received a call informing us that our last tests, taken on April 14, came in negative. They also said that thanks to negative results our stay-at-home orders will be lifted by April 24, and they promised that on April 24 we will receive a call with further instructions.
Needless to say, nobody called us that day, so now we stay in this weird limbo state - we supposedly can go outside, but at the same it's all very confusing and nobody instructed us what to do next. They are also supposed to take these smartphones back, which they haven't done yet.
TL;DR: Russian guy gets infected with coronavirus, gets tested 3 times completely for free, is checked routinely by 7 different organizations without any strings attached, still complains.
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2020.04.13 22:33 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update April 13, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update April 13, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Muted_Independent
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Full Notes
Please use these hashtags on social media (Twitter, FB, etc): #TeamKentucky #TogetherKY #Patriot #HealthyAtHome
If you have been laid off/lost your job use the following resources to get help!
KY Medicaid: (855-459-6328)
Benefind: (855-306-8959)
If you see price gouging report by calling 888-432-9257
To donate PPE call 833-GIVE-PPE (833-448-3773) or go to the website.
If you see a business or person not following the guidelines and putting others at risk call 833-KY-SAFER (833-597-2337) or report it on the website
As always our one true source of information should be the website or the hotline: 800-722-5725
You can find more information on our Wiki!
We are also up and running on Discord!
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2020.03.30 08:03 pooheygirl Summary of press conference with PM and Treasurer (30/03/2020)

Scott Morrison

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

Further clarifications during questions

For further info visit:
ATO's Jobkeeper page
Jobkeeper fact sheet (Employers)
Jobkeeper fact sheet (Employees)
PM's subsequent media release
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2020.03.23 07:58 Diotoiren [CONFLICT] WAR PLAN - FATE (4/4)


Part of the People's Federation of Canada's - WAR PLAN - 14
Approved by the National Champion - Elizabeth "WEEABOO" May
Approved by the Director of the Armed Forces - Felix Moraine
In cooperation with the United Commonwealth Realms
Note all operations are occurring concurrently
Situation: With the Invasion of Unity Russia to occur under WAR PLAN - FATE, and with knowledge of historical and present threats of Total Nuclear Annihilation against our allies - we must in no short order ensure the survival and continuity of the Canadian People, Nation, the DISCO Continent, and the World At Large.
Furthermore with the Wrestling Energies of the Universe revealing to Elizabeth "WEEABOO" May in dream form, the true potential costs of war against the Unity - all preparations must now be made.
Operational Review: As part of WAR PLAN - FATE, the People have been tasked with ensuring the security of the Canadian Nation, regardless of the results of the active peace talks. Furthermore the Peace Talks will be utilized as a way to increase the amount of time we have to ensure all necessary preparations are made.
The following operations will rely heavily on training, planning, and preparations made in some cases many decades in advance, to be used in worst-case scenarios. These preparations which have been made over the past 20+ years will allow the entire Canadian population a much higher degree of ensured survival while not suffering from the potential catastrophic economic issues that other countries will face should they implement similar methods.
The Open Road Policies, first cited in a defense plan 1: hope not document which entailed the clearing of roadways, has in no uncertain terms transformed into the OPEN ROAD operation we now have today. Through a series of continual training, both in theory and in actual practice, the entire populations of major Canadian cities and even entire regions will move to the Underground Bunkers established during the era of Commonwealth hegemony.
These bunkers which include mass-high population shelter zones underneath Canadian population centers including but not limited to, (All bunkers are rated to withstand direct surface strikes from 40+ megaton nuclear weapons
  • Vancouver+Lower Mainland
  • Victoria
  • Nanaimo
  • Kamloops
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Regina
  • Saskatoon
  • Winnipeg
  • Thunder Bay
  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • London
  • The entire Greater Toronto Area including (Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener, Brampton, Kingston, Peterborough, etc)
  • Ottawa-Gatineau
  • Montreal
  • Sherbrooke
  • Trois Rivieres
  • Quebec City
  • Halifax
  • St. Johns
  • Saint John
  • Saguenay
  • Moncton
  • Yellowknife
  • Whitehorse
  • Other high density locations.
Furthermore, those not within range of an under-city bunker will instead move to either the bunkers established within the Rocky/BC Mountain Ranges, the Prairies Deep Vaults, the Maritime Holes, or the Shield Bunkers in the Canadian Shield/Arctic.
Additionally the heavy expansion of Canadian and Alaskan Roads which has been undertaken on several occasions to see expansions in public transportation and even railways will ensure that the Canadian Population can rapidly move to their respective bunker areas. Additionally in Alaska, Guyana, Belize, and Timor Leste which all face much less bunker buildup - populations will instead be directed to the isolated and protected Wrestling Communes.
In Guyana, Belize, Timor Leste, the deployed Rapid Response Units developed first in Guyana, will work alongside members of the Canadian Guard and [People's Security in ensuring the swift movement of people.
Additionally thanks to past Canadian tests of prepardness, we expect that all programs and operations will be done rapidly - and that the entire Canadian Population will be in safe locations within a 1 week period. Additionally those not slated for Bunkers, but instead will be residing in Wrestling Communes will receive additional hazmat protections. However given the strong urban tall and rural wide divide, the Wrestling Communes which are capable of housing vast numbers of the Canadian Population will remain largely unaffected should the unfortunate occur.
Furthermore we will be distributing the safe-guarded Iodine and CBRN Kits]( to the entire Canadian Population. This will greatly increase the ensured survival of the People. Once again the extremely large force of the Canadian Guard will be tasked with distribution alongside volunteer organizations such as the Wrestling Federations.
Once all non-essential People are in place, the Canadian Guard will to join those below.
In order to ensure the survival of the Canadian Economy and People, given the fact the Population will soon be entering the bunkers, the vast wealth of the Canadian Food Vaults will be activated, which build upon continued readiness in order to ensure the full bellies of the population.
These food vaults with enough reserves for the entire population for well into 40 years, will be utilized if and when necessary. Furthermore their strategic locations placed within the Arctic/Prairies leaves them well in the clear of potential attack. Additionally strategic placement of reserves in and around Canadian Bunkers provides an immediate safety net of 2 months per bunkepopulation.
Likewise should the Unity Threat target our operational capabilities, our People's Fuel Reserve will be distributed as necessary both to ensure that all People's are capable of reaching safety locations - and that our forces are able to conduct their operations.
Above ground, the Canadian Economy must continue to mobilize itself, therefore passed preparations and planning revolving around the vastly increasing automation of factories via the use of non-sentient drones and automated factories which includes the vast expansion of automated facilities within Kelowna will ensure that the Canadian Economy will run at maximum capacity. Additionally as Canadian Bunkers are constructed to allow for the future needs and long-term use, those who have the ability to continue work will do so.
In order to ensure the continuity of the People's Government in the event of a worst-case scenario, the top officials in order of precedent will be moved across Canada to locations both secret and otherwise.
Within the Vermilion will be the Chairman of the Board - Stephen Harper, Director of Foreign Affairs - Rachael Pearson, Director of the Interior - Catherine Reid, and Director of Finance - Cameron Gardner. Given the high degree of secrecy revolving around the base (the Unity didn't even know it existed), it is expected therefore that the base being a target is highly unlikely.
Additionally stationed here will be the Director of the Armed Forces - Felix Moraine, alongside the Secretaries of Army, Navy, Air Force, Guard, and Galactic Arbiters.
Meanwhile the Director of Internal Security will be moved alongside the Chair of the National Booking Committee and Director of Space Exploration, to CFRH Yellowknife and it's subsequent underground compound.
CANSOFCOM CJIRU personnel will also be distributed strategically in various city-based bunkers in order to provide rapid response to radiated areas.
Additionally CBRN equipment is being distributed to the Canadian Fire Department, Canadian Wildlife Service, Canadian Health Service, People's Security, Canadian Border Patrol, Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Guard, CCCEOs and Canadian Police forces in order to prepare for immediate and first response. Additionally any remaining Air Force equipment will be moved into the Mountain Fortresses, while Army heads to underground nuclear bunkers in the Prairies, Shield, Mountains, and Maritimes alongside minor air parties.
EDEN has been tasked under CFD02 - BLACK OUT to begin the process of preparing Canadian operations in a limited or non-existent communication environment due to EMP or other such consequences of Nuclear Strikes.
This will include the management of EDEN-CONSTRUCT based SAI Androids on the surface to begin clean-up measures (Graphene protects them from EMP) and will include the management of underground bunker provisions alongside the Board of Directors. She will be able to maintain cross-communication between all important facilities thanks in part to extensive Canadian preparations, both as part of BLACK OUT protocols but secondarily as part of the Canadian ALERT System and Canadian Forces Way Station System.
With knowledge of the devastating potential of a nuclear armed UUV such as the Status-6. Canadian Forces has immediately started the deployment of 2,000,000 Whaitiri Multi-purpose Oceanic Drones (MINI UUVS with Depth Charges for submarine/mine destruction) - into the primary areas of concern. We will be cooperating closely the Pacific and American Republics in ensuring the most efficient system of deployment. However the primary sites of protection include,
  • West Coast
    • Anchorage
    • Vancouver
    • Victoria
    • Comox
    • Seattle
    • Portland
    • San Francisco
    • Los Angeles
    • San Diego
  • East Coast
    • Halifax
    • St. Johns
    • The Gulf of St. Lawrence
    • Bay of Fundy
    • New York
    • Norfolk
Oceanic Defenses will utilize THE FOLLOWING DEPLOYMENT MAP
Drone Deployments will be made to augment and assist other Cruisers, Frigates, submarines and UUVs in order to in essence "funnel" Unity UUVs into kill-zones which are a distance away from High Valued Targets. This will prevent the potential catastrophic destruction of DISCO infrastructure - while ensuring the destruction of potential hostiles.
Using a system of "Density Defense", Drones will be deployed in the following manner,
  • Yellow Lines: Very Low Density - utilized for listening, tracking, movement control.
  • Green Lines Low density - utilized for listening/the noose.
  • Purple Lines: Operational areas of mid-density numbers of drones acting primarily to funnel hostile vessels towards kill zones. In Anchorage specifically - this also acts as the Tan Line.
  • Tan Lines: The operational area for Kingdom Cruisers and Earldom Frigates and their anti-submarine warfare helicopters and Submarines/UUVs.
  • Red Lines: High Density Drone Deployed Zones to completely deny the use of said areas. In the west coast - given Vancouver Island creates a shield and funnels all traffic through two very slim areas, these will simply be made impassable with creeping networks of drones moving outward towards the Pacific. Around Pacific Republic High Valued Target Areas, they will again provide a shield to allow for interceptions by other UUVs or submarines. Similar procedures are in place for the Atlantic Theater.
Kingdom Class Cruisers and Earldom Class Frigates will utilize their submarine warfare helicopters to assist in hunting down potential Unity UUVs, while red-zones will once again be high-density areas to slow down the unity advance and allow for interceptions by submarines or other UUVs. Again showcasing the importance of a layered defense system.
Increasing layers (Not showcased) will be present for Halifax specifically - in order to ensure protection. The same goes for the New England/New York regions. However given the extensive naval mining by the AR - we will primarily be focusing on the defense of Canadian infrastructure first and foremost. This of course differs from our approach to the Pacific Republic who lacks significant amounts of UUV or submarine capabilities. Thus it will be spread more evenly - especially given the massive chokepoints trying to reach the high value targets of Anchorage, Vancouver, and Seattle which allows for a more efficient use of the Mini UUVs.
The United Wrestling Federation and Clarence Shipping Company will leverage it's 12+ Prince Class Carriers and thousands of shipping vessels in order to begin the immediate laying of mines. These vessels will then move to begin constant supply missions to all operations. Food from the vaults will flow to Japan, Brazil, the Pacific Republic, to our allies.
In the event of a nuclear-launch by the Unity - Naval vessels operating as part of OP GLOBAL NAVY will immediately begin counter-striking Unity nuclear launch facilities. As Silos and other nuclear vessels require time inbetween firing - it is hoped that we can outright destroy Unity launch capabilities. Likewise bombers operating as part of DARK ANGEL will do similar alongside fighters under extermination/freedom operations
The Canadian Ground Based ABM System represents perhaps the most extensive and large-scale ABM project in history.. Built initially as a small-scale program and then heavily expanded the Canadian Shield represents 179 locations built to hold between 36 (at the lowest - and 126 at the highest) ABM Hoplon Missiles (grenli-designed - think an improved SM-3 late era system for defense).
Located among Canadian Forces Stations and Bases/CFRH locations across The People's Federation it represents one of our two primary methods of defense against potential strikes from Russia.
Able to intercept well over the Arctic, our ABM system will continue to operate at maximum readiness, and will also work with the 40 GMD-US located within Fort Greely that is under our control. The location of said sites also allows us to continuously intercept missiles heading towards Brazil. We will additionally be deploying our remaining AGVs throughout strategic locations in Canada, Brazil, and Guyana. Thus representing another 25 mobile ABM systems. Likewise all Kingdom Class Cruisers/Earldom Frigates not in current use, will be armed for Hoplons and deployed in optimal interception areas to assist in defending Brazil/Guyana. Terminal defense will be provided by strategically placed THAAD and Patriot 3 Systems.
The Shield represents over 15,000 ABM missiles ready to fire and intercept Unity ICBMs flying over the Arctic or Canada as a whole. And is further augmented by the Sea Ceptor anti-HGV missile capable of killing Hypersonic Glide Vehicles. Total Interception is expected, especially given each location also features quantum Radars for ICBM detection. We will be closely coordinating with the American Republic and Pacific Republic in order to ensure total efficiency and communication.
Further the strategic placement of depth defense within the Arctic allows for continual attempts at interception.
The first focus will be the defense of Canada, followed by our allies.
Once again the full force of the Orbital Protection from Therm-Nuclear Strikes System will be activated to it's maximum readiness - alongside Canadian-Brazilian Kepler Arrays which now are also at 60% completion.
These systems will work to annihilate Unity ICBMs launching from SSBN and land based positions, being augmented by the Canadian Shield. Furthermore the Kepler Array will doubly be combating and protecting the OPTFN and ODS Systems.
Canadian Forces will be in close cooperation with the UCR's own defensive networks including JORN 2 Early Warning Radars, Monitor Targeting and Identification Radar, Dispersed Short Range Radar, Long Range Sea Patrollers, The Underwater Fence, and most importantly the ODG.
The Commonwealth Orbital Defense System (ODS) and ABM System represents one of the most formidable ABM systems constructed since the OPFTNS System itself. Given the placement and maneuvering of satellites, the Orbital Defense System and Canadian OPFTNS System will work to augment one another in effectively shooting down the 550 launched ICBMs.
These two systems which represent 12,000 and 18,000 total satellites with interceptors represents perhaps largest specialized satellite networks in history. The combined capacity of these satellites which have constant orbit over the entire globe represent potentially Humanities best hope at survival. Targets will be prioritized to ensure maximum efficiency - coordinating with EDEN and the Global Watch System which includes early warning radars in Guyana, Belize, Guatemala, Norway, Poland, UK, Falklands, Qatar, UAE, Timor Leste, Brunei, Singapore, Tuvalu, the Arctic, Antarctic, and other locations. Target priority revolves around the protection of Canada/UCR > Brazil+DISCO+Japan > Allies
The first focus will be the defense of Canada, followed by our allies.
Despite all these defenses, it is possible that ICBMs or other such Nuclear UUVs break the defense (although unlikely).
Therefore, the ultimate sacrifice will be made by the Heroes of the Nation - the Stars of the Wrestling World will adorn their armor and stand to protect the most important of buildings.
Judge Jody, will stand to protect with all her might the Temple of Kayfabe in Montreal, which itself will see the Announcers of Kayfabe coming together in holy prayer deep within the Bunker of Mount Royale. This represents the third most important institution within the Nation.
The Big King - Doug Ford, will stand to defend the single Kraft Dinner Factory in Canada, which itself is the largest Super-Factory in history, producing 80,000,000 boxes of Kraft Dinner with or without Tartrazine/Tardrazine a month. This represents the second most important institution within the Nation.
Finally, Evangelia, the National Champion, The Honorable Champion, Elizabeth WEEABOO May will armed in her Titan Armor - defend the Wrestling Superdome in Montreal. The Absolute Most Important Institution within the Nation.
Jason Kenney, Jet Engine Ambrose, and Weasel Mulcair will be operating out of the Prairies and West Coast, to provide support their from their Titan Armor.
Each Titan Armor is equipped with roughly 500 ABM missiles.


Type Number Notes
Whaitiri Class Multi-purpose Oceanic Drone 2,300,000 Deployed 50/50 in the pacific/atlantic
All Ground Based ABM Systems All Systems 179 locations/15,000+ Missiles Deployed throughout Canada/Alaska
Arsenal Ground Vehicles 25 Deployed in the major Canadian Population Zones and in the Major Brazilian Population Zones (top 10 for Canada/top15 for Brazil)
Base in Poland 160 ABM Hoplon Missiles First Interception
Kepler Systems 1 Full Kepler System Kepler System designed and highly capable to intercept ICBMs and also destroy Unity satellites/protecting the oPTFN/ODS systems
OPTFN System 12,000 Satellites 12,000 Satellites designed and highly capable to intercept ICBMs - Constant global coverage
Orbital Defense System 18,000 Satellites 18,000 Satellites designed and highly capable to intercept ICBMs - Constant global coverage
THAAD Systems 5 Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Toronto for terminal intercept
Patriot 3 35 for terminal intercept around major Canadian locations
Swordfish UUVs 90 As part of Defense/Executioner (50/50 split between atlantic/pacific)
Porpoise Class Submarine 9 As part of defense (6 in the Pacific/3 in the Atlantic)
Danae Class Escort 3 Running Anti-submarine operations in the Atlantic
Dolphin Class OPV 3 Runing anti-submarine operations in the Pacific (Near anchorage)
OPV 1400 8 Running anti-submarine operations along the Pacific Coast (Wash/Ore/Cali 2 each) (2 off Vancouver Island)
OPV 2400 4 Running Anti-submarine operations along the Atlantic Coast (Halifax-New York)
Earldom Class Frigate 6 Running Anti Submarine Operations in Atlantic/Pacific (3/3)
P-8 Submarine Hunters 10 Operating 50/50 from Halifax/Anchorage+Comox
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2020.02.02 20:29 Emeritus2049 Tips for calling the Pay Centre Contact Centre

As I have seen some misinformation and uncertainty on this sub, I thought I would provide some tips for getting the most out of calling the only point of contact for the Pay Centre and to also clarify some general pay related items.
  1. Details and Dates
Besides your PRI, please have all specific information about your Pay Issue ready. This includes the date range that the issue occurred. Did it affect your substantive position or an acting/secondment/etc? The more information you can provide to the agent, they will be able to create a better ticket to report the issue to the Pay Centre or be able to check and see if the issue has already been worked on.
Eg. Not helpful is, "I'm getting less pay now than last year." Helpful is, "I think my union dues are higher since September 2019." The key is finding the root cause if possible.
If you have a complex issue with many time periods and paycheques affected, you may choose to submit a Phoenix Feedback Form with all the relevant information written up. Once you have submitted the form, call the contact centre in one or two business days and ask the agent to locate the relevant ticket created from your feedback form. This way you do not have to dictate paragraphs to the agent and they can send the ticket off to the Pay Centre right away or take the necessary action right away. Please also submit one issue per feedback form.
2) Tickets vs. Cases
This distinction always seems to cause a large amount of confusion. Both start with the same PCCM- prefix which does not help either. I hope I can clarify below.
Tickets are created by the agents at the contact centre to report pay and technical issues to the Pay Centre or other relevant entity such as HR or CWA. Please note the general rule of one issue per ticket. If you submit five feedback forms for the exact same issue, the first will be sent to the Pay Centre and the rest closed as duplicates.
Cases are created by the Pay Centre and are used in the processing of pay events or issues. For example, new hires, group specific allowances, overpayments, etc. Call centre agents can see the cases on your file, but cannot action them. Please note that TrackmyCase may not have all the most up to date information on your cases, so best is to call in to get the most up to date information. *Edit: A ticket will not always result in a corresponding case being created before the issue is resolved.
3) Timelines
No, there are no timelines. No, the agent cannot simple push your case forward. There are many steps involved in the resolution of a pay issue and they are not all completed at once. If the agent could give you a timeline they would. Even if you push them, it will be the same answer. Giving false hopes would not be fair nor helpful. The best advice is to give the agent as much information about the issue as you can and let them honestly know how it is affecting you so they can see what kind of action they can take. For example, if you have a pending transfer to a new department, but your term from your old department is ending soon, let the agent know.
4) "My pay is different than my coworker's!" and variations on a theme
Everyone's pay situation and issues are unique and treated as such. Just because Susan had her transfer completed earlier than yours or Bob got his retropay before you is not a cause to panic. Every case is unique and your colleague may have a variation his pay/situation that you are not aware of, so please compare with a grain of salt.
5) Records of Employment (ROE)
Yes, the agent is aware that an ROE must be provided by the employer within 5 business days of interruption of pay. Will stating this to the agent get you your ROE, no. The agent can check if an ROE has been generated yet or not. Good advice in regards to EI is to contact Service Canada as soon as possible regardless of if your ROE is generated or not, in order to start the process. Ask if they will take your last few pay stubs in lieu of an ROE in the interim.
Edit (thank you smitty_1993):
In regards to Records of Employment, any public servant serviced by the Pay Centre should file their EI application immediately after they've stopped working and submit a Request for ROE (INS3166) to Service Canada ASAP. If the ROE is not yet on file, they are able to contact the pay liaison unit and get estimated information for an interim ROE within a few days of it getting to an agent. Paystubs are helpful, but not required to begin the process.
6) Pay Action Request Form (446-5E)
Everything coming into the Pay Centre must be accompanied by this form.
Please see this link Pay Centre documentation requirements to check if your PAR will require a manager to send it and/or Trusted Source authentication.
Fill out the entire form carefully. Yes, this includes the date and "total number of pages" on the top right hand corner. If you are unsure how to complete the form, please contact the client centre or your manager. Once the PAR has been successfully submitted, call the contact centre in a few business days to ensure that it has been received.
7) Sometimes it's not Phoenix's fault
Sometimes, you really didn't get Phoenix'd. Was your leave without pay submitted on time? Did the section 34 manager approve your overtime? Were all the necessary documents submitted correctly to the Pay Centre? Delays and errors before something even reaches the Pay Centre cause many issues. This page is helpful to see who is responsible for what. If your manager is unsure of how to proceed, they may also call into the contact centre. Remember to also reference the User Productivity Kit for Phoenix (available on the intra-net) for guides on how to use Phoenix Employee and Manager Self Service.
8) Do your homework
This can be hard, especially for those entering the Public Service for the first time, but you have to do some research. Know your collective agreement well. Ask about your benefits. Keep a copy of your letter of offer. Talk to your union rep. This information will not be given to you on a plate when you start.
Yes, you can make claims for expenses and loses due to Phoenix! Please read this link.
Read your paystubs! I cannot emphasize this enough. Just looking at the net deposit in your bank account each two weeks is not a great way to keep track of your pay. If you do not have access to your paystubs, ask your teamlead or manager to print them for you or call the contact centre to have them sent to you electronically.
Health benefits with the Public Service Health Care Plan are opt in. Apply as soon as you are eligible to apply because they take effect the first of the month following the month that you apply. If you cannot apply through Phoenix Self Service, or are trying to backdate coverage, you must submit an application form with a PAR to the Pay Centre, then call the contact centre to create a ticket. Once you have a certificate number, remember to complete positive enrollment with SunLife by filling out the online form or calling them.
9) Return from Leave Without Pay
The day you step back into the office upon returning from a LWOP that was five days or greater, your manager must submit a Pay Action Request form to the Pay Centre confirming that you have returned from your LWOP. Yes, the end date of your leave was indicated on the GC-178 you submitted, but it needs to be confirmed in order for your pay to restart.
10) Taxes
A rollout calendar for 2019 tax slips has not yet been released. Last year they were done on a staggered schedule starting February 22, 2019, so will probably be similar. Please remember that the agent on the line is not a CRA employee nor are they an accountant who can calculate if you are being taxed correctly to the dime. Please make use of resources including tax software, tax workshops, tax clinics etc. and submit any expenses as a claim to the Phoenix claims officer for your department.
**Above all, remember that the one who will have the most interest in resolving your pay issue is yourself. The Contact Centre can only provide so much advice, so please take it upon yourself to research and see what options are available to you. Reach out to who you have to. Use the resources at your disposal. The agents and compensation advisors are here to help, but ultimately always advocate for yourself.**
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2020.01.07 08:55 Diotoiren [CONFLICT] WAR PLAN - HOPE (1/2)


The People's Federation of Canada - WAR PLAN - 5
Approved by National Champion, Maxime Bernier
Approved by the Director of the Armed Forces, Felix Moraine
In cooperation with the General of the Canadian Guard and Secretaries of Navy, Army, and Air
In conjunction with EDEN


We Are Here
Note air strikes do not occur, assuming they surrender. Any forces that do not surrender will be hit, civilians are not targeted
War Protocol "Hope"
"Pursuant to Defense Protocol "Hope Not" and in line with modern Canadian Forces Doctrine (CDO#) the Canadian Forces should immediately prepare for total war against the United States Federal Government, fighting alongside the American Republic and Pacific Republic to bring an end to the Second American Civil War. As per the order of the Director of the Armed Forces with final approval from the National Champion, all necessary measures are to immediately be taken to ensure the defense of Canada's sovereignty and the security of the Canadian and now American People. Amendments should be based on the internal knowledge of US operations based on OPERATION WATCHING EYES which is an intelligence gathering operation initiated under Defense Plan Hope Not."
Situation Report
The United States Federal Government, now considered the "Rebellion" has repeatedly launched genocidal and war-crime level attacks on it's own people. It is clear that this reign of terror must come to an end and this sentiment is heavily supported by both the media and Canadians as a whole.
As such the People's Federation of Canada has recognized the American Republic both as a sovereign state and as the successor to the United States of America. This recognition marks the first major recognition by a foreign power of the American Republic, and is expected to be a floodgate-esque event. Furthermore the People's Federation of Canada has pledged itself to ensuring the safety of the American people and prevention of any further terrorist-styled events.
The United States Federal Government is surrounded on all sides, in the Great Plains and Deep South the US-FEDs are fighting a losing battle. It was therefore the plan of the United States Federalists to reinforce and secure the State of Alaska. However when the United States initially began building for a Fortress Alaska they neglected many key points and areas. Furthermore the entirety of US Alaskan capabilities have all but been destroyed following a significant military strike by the Pacific Republic. This includes the airports of Kenai, Fairbank, Kodiak, Homer, Juneau, Bethel, Ketchikan, and Sitka (but is not limited to). This has left the war-criminal federal government highly vulnerable in a number of key areas, listed below.
FOOD: For one, the issue of food, as the State of Alaska simply does not have the fertile land to produce enough food for it's population to live beyond a substance lifestyle, let alone 200,000 American Soldiers who require a much heartier and healthier diet. This meant that logistics would have to had included plans for food shipments to occur within the logistical train to Alaska, which relied on access to the US Pacific be it Hawaii or the CONUS. This they have lost, and as 85-90% of Alaska relies partially or fully on a subsistence based lifestyle the food-situation is highly fragile for American forces. Therefore it is believed that the rural populations will be suffering greatly as their foodsupplies dwindle due to USFORCES requirements and the US Skeleton crew will suffer.
MUNITIONS: The US munitions situation is not much better, as the US Feds lost most of their munition factories to either the American Republic or to the other two secessionist forces. And with the war continuing to rage on, the inability for Federalist forces to resupply will begin to strain and break the Federalist war effort. Furthermore while the US Feds built multiple marine docks for constructing large scale vessels, they never built major munitions factories. The same can be said for the US Federal Fuel Supply.
MORALE: Alaska is a harsh and brutal landscape, it's people are hearty and the environment can be sinister. For American forces still deployed in Alaska to Bases Wainright, Elemendorf-Richardson, and other bases as part of the existing deployment (any IRL stuff), morale will be extremely low. With uprisings on all sides, and the regular people of Alaska refuting the war and the Federal Government in droves, it is clear that the population of only 800,000 or so truly do not want war.
ISOLATION: Ultimately the State of Alaska is isolated, and as the US Feds neglected to beef up cyber and communication capabilities in CONUS, the same can be seen in their Alaska preparations which focused more on simply building shelters to live in and installing minor THAAD equipment. This isolation leaves US Forces with very few ways to evacuate.
It is clear that the situation in Alaska is fragile and set to break. We must avoid creating a "Alaskan ISIS" and therefore our ROE must remain controlled and precise. Furthermore we must recognize that the people in rural Alaska either don't know about the war, or don't care as they maintain their subsistence based lifestyles. Additionally those in "urban Alaska" generally are in the same boat, "Unrest in Alaska began to grow afterwards, as the strikes hammered home the reality of the war and the local population began to resent that the Federal fortress state in Alaska had made them a target." ~ Report on the War of Two Empires
With this in mind, WAR PLAN - HOPE has now been initiated.


Note: OPERATION - WE ARE HERE will start just as Canadian Forces begin entering Alaska by land/sea, and as aircraft are within 10 minutes of target destinations
Situation: With the US Federal Government largely destroyed in CONUS, the 7th Army failing to reach Alaska to support the Fortress State, and large-scale unrest within the Alaskan Populace, it is time to initiate our WAR PLAN in support of the American Republic. OPERATION - WE ARE HERE is therefore our attempt in ensuring a peaceful ceding of power from US Federal authorities in Alaska, to Canadian Officials.
Involved Units
The People's Government of Canada
The Cyber-warfare Center of Canada
OPERATIONAL REVIEW: The Canadian Government in cooperation with the Cyber-warfare center of Canada will be attempting to see a peaceful resolution to this conflict, before it even starts. By launching a series of requests for unconditional surrender not to the war-criminal - terrorists of the ECC but to the commanding officers of the various military bases and to the cities of Alaska as a whole.
As Canadian Forces begin rushing through Alaskan territory, and as the aircraft are within 5 minutes of their targets contact will be made with the commanders of the target-bases and of the mayors, governors, and general populace of the major Alaskan cities of Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau. The message is simple and will consist of a single message to avoid confusion or interference. (Note that the 10 minute count-down is specifically for the immediate communication, additional time is provided for the lights, however if they act in bad faith - total destruction will occur)
"Surrender, lay down your arms, the Canadian Forces are entering to ensure peace and the removal of the war criminals of the ECC. The ECC has brought this war to the mountains of Alaska, the people of Alaska can end this war.
To the Soldier, lay down your arms, surrender completely. Canadian aircraft and forces are already within reach. Canadian Satellites, Radars, and reconnaissance aircraft already are locked onto all bases and locations of Alaska. Submit via the confirmed communication cable - an unconditional surrender and light your runway or open area (parking lot, whatever) in a plus sign, in addition to responding to this message. This will confirm your surrender and you will be met with a Canadian force to cede control of the base, followed by entering Canadian captivity for debriefing from this war, before being permitted to return to wherever your home might be. As we have total eyes on your movements and actions, we will be aware if anything beyond this is conducted. Should you fail to respond to this message within 5 minutes, Canadian aircraft will destroy the base. Should you fail to light up the area in a plus sign, Canadian forces will strike the base. Should vehicles or other types of equipment or personnel attempt to leave or otherwise move within the base, the base will be destroyed. You are outnumbered, and unlike the US Federal forces, we come bringing food, medical supplies, and other essentials for the Alaskan people and for you
To the Individual (cities), Canadian forces will be momentarily taking control of your cities and towns, please cooperate fully as we distribute humanitarian aid, food, and other essentials to ensure the survival of All Alaskan People during this winter. We seek no conflict with the civilians of Alaska, our issue remains solely with the war criminals of the ECC that have allowed the American People to burn in CONUS." ~ Full Message
This message will be distributed to all Alaskan military installations and to the major cities and towns of Alaska.


Note: All operations are occurring concurrently
Situation: With news that the US Federalists are attempting to eliminate and destroy the Pacific Republic and American Republic the Canadian Forces has deemed it important that the threats to our immediate allies and ourselves are eliminated efficiently while minimizing civilian casualties.
Timing: Forces under OPERATION WINGS OF FREEDOM will be within 5 minutes of targets, should the US bases fail to surrender, they will be destroyed.
Involved Units
Tactical Air Group Three "Wings of Freedom": Consisting of one of 4 premier F-35A Battle Groups, and accompanied by 5 Mosquito-wingmen Battle Groups, the Air Tactical Group 3 is primarily based out of CFRH Vancouver and secondarily out of CFRH Whitehorse for command purposes, with access to a multitude of Canadian Pacific Bases and locations.
3rd Battle Group "Red Eagle"
11th Mosquito Battle Group
12th Mosquito Battle Group
13th Mosquito Battle Group
14th Mosquito Battle Group
15th Mosquito Battle Group
Tactical Air Group Four "Flying Victory": Air Tactical Group Four consists of one of 4 premier F-35A Battle Groups and 5 Mosquito wingmen Battle Groups, and is primarily used on rotation depending on operation. As it pertains to Operation Wings of Freedom, "Flying Victory" will be primarily operating out of CFRH Vancouver (for administrative purposes) and multiple Canadian bases in the Pacific Region of CFAR.
4th Battle Group "Soaring Falcon"
16th Mosquito Battle Group
20th Mosquito Battle Group
The Canadian Aerial Hotshots "Pacific": The Canadian Aerial Hotshots are the premier aerial firefighting unit of Canada, comprising 20 CL215/CL415. They are primarily based out of CFRH Vancouver, and utilize Canadian Forces locations in the Pacific CFAR.
The Canadian Aerial Hotshots "Prairies": The Canadian Aerial Hotshots are the premier aerial firefighting unit of Canada, comprising 20 CL215/CL415. They are primarily based out of CFRH Edmonton and utilize Canadian Forces locations in the Prairie CFAR region.
The Canadian Aerial Communications Warfare Group: The Canadian ACWG is the premier Electronic Warfare, Early Warning, SEAD, units, taking part will be the CFAR Pacific Units.
Strategic Air Group One "Dark Angels": Are one of two premier strategic long-range strike units operated by the Canadian Air Force, and including a variety of strategic bombers.
MUNITIONS USED: AAM-125(125km air to aisurface missile active secondary SEAD), AAM-52(125km air to air missile active secondary SEAD), SDB II(GBU-53/B)(110km Bomb, 110kg warhead), AGM-158C( Long range anti ship missile). Munitions obviously varying per mission, and we won't use anti-ship missiles on land based targets, obviously. Note the AAM-125 is a dual air-to-air and air-to-surface missile, and as it is carried by all forms of aircraft, including F-35, Mosquito D.2 etc, it can be used to kill SAM locations. The AAM-52 will be used to destroy larger targets (anything larger than a fighter).
OPERATIONAL REVIEW: The Canadian Air Force has been tasked with eliminating the entirety of US Federalist war-waging capabilities in Alaska. Given the previously outlined situation of the US forces, we believe strongly that the US Alaska forces can and will be crippled following a first strike. Orders have been given to eliminate all US Forces capabilities in Alaska, alongside an operation to alleviate the Pacific Republic and it's fight against the Federalists.
First Strike of the Dark Angels
The Strategic Air Group One "Dark Angels" will take off from CFB Whitehorse and CFS Prince Rupert and will launch first-strikes against the US Federalists, raining down hail and brimstone. Equipped with previously listed munitions (based on mission), the Dark Angels will destroy crucial targets including but not limited to,
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Alaska: Total Destruction of infrastructure and operational capabilities, destruction of all US Navy/marine dock capabilities, destruction and targeting of American Airfields within the Joint Base (that includes Elmendorf AFB). Focus is also being placed on the total destruction of US Forces Assets based in the area, with specific focus being placed on the destruction of the vast majority of American equipment and of the bases operational capabilities in both acting as an ECC headquarters and as a potential location for an exiled US Federal government.
Wasalia-Palmer-Anchorage Bridge: The WPA-Bridge is the only connection that the city of Anchorage has to the greater continent. The destruction of the bridge will prevent any American Forces from escaping. Furthermore the smaller land masses will also be destroyed to prevent an immediate rebuilding of the bridge. Additionally strategic areas of the highway between Anchorage and the Bridge will also be destroyed (remote areas eliminating the risk of civilian casualties). NOTE THIS IS THE ONLY LOCATION BEING DESTROYED REGARDLESS OF THE SURRENDER NOTICE RESULTS - this is largely due to the Canadian Forces deeming that a potential breakout of US forces from Anchorage (which most US forces in Alaska had moved to beyond Wainwright) to reinforce the mountains (akin to Afghanistan) would be far to great a risk.
Anchorage-Portage Highway Area: The Anchorage Portage Highway links the city of Anchorage to the last route that leads to any form of escape, the highway along this remote and uninhabited stretch of road will be destroyed to prevent the mass-use of escape.
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport & Merill Field Airport : It is presumed and likely that additional airfields and airports will and would be used by Federalist forces to launch counter attacks. Therefore the airstrips of these airfields will also be destroyed in the first strike.
Fort Wainwright: Destruction of airfields and operational capabilities, alongside the targeting of US Soldiers.
Eareckson Air Station: Airfield and operational capabilities (saving the Radar).
Eielson Air Force Base: Destruction of stored aircraft, airfields/runway capabilities.
Fairbanks International Airport: Destruction of the airfield as a basing and operations location for US Federalist forces. (Primarily striking to prevent it's use/repair following Pacific Strikes)
Bethel Airport: Destruction of the airfield as a basing and operations location for US Federalist Forces. (Primarily striking to prevent it's use/repair following Pacific Strikes)
Allen Army Airfield: Destruction of the airfield as a basing and operations location for US federal forces.
Kodiac Air Station and Base: Destruction of the airfield as a basing and operations location for US federal forces. (Primarily striking to prevent it's use/repair following Pacific Strikes)
Ketchikan Navy Range/Base:Destruction of the airfield as a basing and operations location for US federal forces. (Primarily striking to prevent it's use/repair following Pacific Strikes)
Valdez Station: Destruction of the location as a basing and operations location for US federal forces.
Sitka Air Station: Destruction of the airfield as a basing and operations location for US federal forces. (Primarily striking to prevent it's use/repair following Pacific Strikes)
Clear Base (NORAD): Is not a TARGET
Secondary targets will be provided as the operation continues, provided by the WARMIND - EDEN in conjunction with Canadian War-time planning officials.
Note: Aircraft will be provided missions based on range, capabilities, and munitions.
The Wings of Freedom
Concurrently with the Dark Angels, the Wings of Freedom alongside their loyal wingmen will begin launching operations from CFRH/CFB Whitehorse, CFBs Comox, Esquimalt, Kelowna, and CFSs Cassiar, Prince Rupert, Winter Harbor, Ulukhaktok, and Eagle Plains (along with other regional CFAR-CFS stations). These forces will work to secure total air superiority and domination of the skies enforcing a no-fly zone over the entirety of civilized Alaska. Furthermore they will begin mobile harassment and targeting of American equipment on the move to create defenses, and additionally will cover Canadian Army and naval personnel. They will also begin to establish a no-naval entrance zone over the Knik Arm and greater bay utilizing previously listed anti-ship missiles. They will also immediately begin SEAD, EW, and other similar operations (many munitions have secondary SEAD functions) and will attempt to completely disable the American Federalists capability to wage an air campaign, or to receive further supplies. Finally they will defend Canadian airspace and bases from attack. Once air superiority is secured, they will focus on enforcing the no-fly zone, destroying straggling US Federalist forces, and supporting the ground and naval operations.
Note: Targets remain largely the same, however with more freedom to choose targets as they appear in regards to THAAD and other installations/equipment. Strict adherence to the ROE to minimize civilian casualties is being put in place.
Note: The Wings of Freedom will be dropping Whaitiri Multi Purpose Drones into the waters (around Anchorage), which can act both as mines and depth charges/anti-mines. Additionally they will be dropping pamphlets (after securing air superiority) to the various non-Canadian controlled cities, that still have American Forces presence (presuming a no-surrender scenario) instructing that if they surrender, food and other resources will flow from the vaults of Canada to support the hurting populace.
Note: Should Canadian aircraft somehow fail to make the first strikes, fallback strikes will be initiated hitting the roadways between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Fairbanks and Yukon, and etc. The goal being then to prevent a surge of American forces. (Assuming a no-surrender)
Soaring Victory
Alongside the Wings of Freedom, units from the Soaring Falcons will immediately begin cooperating with American Republic and non-war time deployed Canadian air units to establish a defense of Canada, her bases, and air space. Soaring Victory will also begin initiating an air superiority campaign in support of the Pacific Republic, harassing the limited air power of the US Federalists along the border of the Pacific Republic and American Federalists and will cooperate and interface with American Republic aircraft to avoid any issues. Additionally Soaring Falcon Units utilizing previously listed anti-ship missiles and other munitions will run coastal defense of both Canada and Washington+Oregon+California (whatever is in range). (Operations only on the Pacific/Western Prairies regions of CFAR)
The Cascades on Fire
After Air superiority has been ensured over the remaining Great Plains/Pacific West, units of the Aerial Hotshots will begin attacking and destroying the fires set by Donald Trump. Furthermore they will take proactive steps to soak areas of Canadian forests to prevent spread.


Note: All operations are occurring concurrently
Situation: With news that the US Federalists are attempting to eliminate and destroy the Pacific Republic and American Republic, alongside the building up of forces located solely within the Anchorage Area, we must begin to break down the fabric of Federalist Forces, uprooting them from their mountain castle and bringing them to their knees. (Assuming US Forces fail to surrender)
Involved Units
Canadian Cyber-warfare Center: Located and based in the Vermillion, the Canadian Cyber-warfare Center is the premier cyber-warfare division of the Canadian Forces.
Mobile Task Force 4 "Black Hats": MTF-4 "Black Hats" are the special operations cyber force, excelling in hacking and precision decapitation strikes, the MTF-4 expands upon the cyber-warfare capabilities of Canada, which can be seen throughout the specific Cyber-warfare division, within the army, etc.
Mobile Task Force 5 "Smoke": MTF-5 is specifically designed to create a smoke-screen for Canadian operations at home an abroad. Another "digital" special force, they are capable of operating both in and away from the field during active combat to create "confusion and disaray" within Enemy lines and communication networks. Thus providing a major level of security to all precision operations by the Canadian Forces.
Mobile Task Force 6 "Mirrors": MTF-6 "Mirrors" works in tandem with MTF-5, but has a very different mission objective. The MTF-6's goal is to replicate and mirror the styles and patterns of cyberwarfare of hostile forces. Using Lion_CONSTRUCT analysts and human professionals, they can observe and then replicate hostile cyber-warfare and digital signatures and patterns of enemy forces, conducting operations under these guises. This is especially interesting in that they can mirror attacks back upon the hostile forces, by replicating the same patterns creating disruption within enemy attacks.
Operational Review: As Defense Plan - Mother (classified) continues to remain in affect, (but presumably is winding down now), the Canadian Cyber-warfare center alongside new units and EDEN will launch a wide-sweeping cyber-warfare and information warfare campaign against the US Federalists in Alaska. (Assuming US Forces fail to surrender)
Solar Eclipse
EDEN and a large number of her constructs (ANT/managed by Spiders, and Dogs) will begin launching a total blackout attack on US Federalist Communication and Networks in Alaska, with the intent to completely inhibit and or outright destroy the Federalist's capability to coordinate a counter-attack of any kind. They will also begin immediately launching a Deepfake attack based on the successes through MOTHER and the American Republic's own operations to begin creating additional confusion within the American Federalists forces.
Furthermore EDEN in conjunction with the Cyberwarfare Center will launch an information-campaign geared towards the civilians within Alaska who have access to social media, TV, etc, by broadcasting commercials, ads, and social media posts/videos to showcase the Canadian Forces in a positive manner, standing alongside the American Republic to save the citizens from a genocidal and Trump-Terrorist supporting Federal Government.
Emphasis will be placed on the showcasing of US Federal forces supporting Trump and also conducting actions which completely harmed and hurt the American people. The goal being not to lie but to showcase the simple fact that the US Federalists supported a genocidal maniac. TV Stars from the hit Alaskan TV Show will also be used in spreading the message to rural Alaskans and those who are fans of the show.
EDEN and the Canadian Cyberwarfare Center will also be utilizing our high-quality satellites (taken from the UCR) to ensure all operations remain up to date with information. This includes the Canadian Positioning Satellites, NOVASAR, and others.
Mobile Task Force 4 "Black Hats" who specialize in decapitation strikes, will also launch cyber-warfare attacks against US Federalist Forces in an attempt to decapitate the ECC leadership based out of Alaska. The Black Hats which specialize in hacking and precision decapitation strikes will focus their efforts alongside the broader attacks of EDEN and the Canadian Cyberwarfare Center.
False Sun
Mobile Task Forces 5 and 6 will be utilized in providing confusion among the US Federalist forces. MTF-5 "Smoke" will be utilized to create a smoke-screen for Canadian Army and Naval personnel pushing into the Alaskan frontier, preventing US Federalist forces from pinpointing operation areas, objectives, and Canadian forces movements. They as part of the JTF-2 and specializing in this form of warfare, will most likely excel at such operations to create confusion and disarray within the enemy lines of communication, (including social media). Whereas MTF-6 "Mirrors" will work in tandem with MTF-5 but with the goal of completely eroding and destroying US Federalist trust in their own communication networks and with each other. By replicating US Federalist communication patterns, styles, and cyber-warfare patterns, we will effectively cripple the US Federalists as they turn on each other, suspecting one another of being traitors. This will of course include the need for the MTF-4 Black Hats and MTF-6 to work together in creating social-engineering of the paranoid, underfed, and demoralized American forces. Additionally it will build distrust within the Commanders of important equipment, so that if they receive orders that may destroy the world as we know it, they would consider ignoring the order as they cannot be sure of its verification.


Note: All operations are occurring concurrently-This operation will begin regardless of Alaskan operations
Situation: With news that the US Federalists are attempting to eliminate and destroy the Pacific Republic and American Republic the Canadian Forces has deemed it important that the threats to our immediate allies and ourselves are eliminated efficiently while minimizing civilian casualties. Furthermore the US Federalist use of the USN assets they still control in the pacific will pose an immediate danger to the Canadian coast and our operations. Halting and preventing the freedom of movement that the USN once enjoyed must be a top priority.
Involved Units
The Canadian Pacific Fleet "Determined Victorious"
PSC "Ever Glorious" - Leviathan Class Carrier (36x F-35C, 30x Sea Mosquito D.1, 4x Quartermaster K.5, 4x AW101 Merlin)
PSC "Always Standing" - Kingdom Class Cruiser (5x AW101 Merlin, 15x Sea Mosquito D.1)
PSC "United Strength" - Daring Class Destroyer
PSC "Rising Star" - Daring Class Destroyer
PSC "Standing Tall" - City Class Frigate
PSC "Flowing Power" - City Class Frigate
PSC "Shining Will" - Earldom Class Frigate (2x AW101 Merlin, 6x Sea Mosquito D.1)
PSC "Loyal Warrior" - Earldom Class Frigate (2x AW101 Merlin, 6x Sea Mosquito D.1)
The 1st Canadian Submarine Group "Hunting Victory"
PSC "Depth Walker" - Upgraded Astute Class Submarine
PSC "Angling Victory" - Upgraded Astute Class Submarine
PSC "Shadow Hunter" - Upgraded Astute Class Submarine
The 2nd Canadian Submarine Group "Close Call"
PSC "Angler" - Upgraded Astute Class Submarine
PSC "Crab King" - Upgraded Astute Class Submarine
PSC "Merlin" - Upgraded Astute Class Submarine
The 1st Canadian Support Group "Healing Time"
PSC "Vitality" - Rill Class Supply Ship
PSC "Virility" - Rill Class Supply Ship
PSC "Protecting" - Protecteur Class Auxiliary Vessel
The 2nd Canadian Support Group "Replenishing Strength"
PSC "Virtue" - Rill Class Supply Ship
PSC "Health" - Rill Class Supply Ship
PSC "Protector" - Protecteur Class Auxiliary Vessel
The 3rd Canadian Patrol Group "Searching Soul"
PSC "Dolphin" - Dolphin Class OPV
PSC "Wanderlust" - Dolphin Class OPV
PSC "Fourteen Hundred" - 1400 OPV
PSC "Shadow Sprint" - 1400 OPV
PSC "Riptide" - 2400 OPV
PSC "Wave Breaker" - 2400 OPV
1st Canadian Whaitiri Tactical Group "Depth Hunters"
2nd Canadian Whaitiri Tactical Group "Darkwind"
Operational Review: The United States Navy both in the Atlantic and Pacific pose a major threat and should other naval powers become involved, our own forces will be outmatched numerically. However our goal is the total destruction of US Federalist capabilities to wage war, by controlling Anchorage, we control the last true bastion of American Defense, as Federalists already began the process of evacuating by sea in the Atlantic. Furthermore the Pacific Republic has made us aware of certain operations which turn parts of Alaskan coastline into danger zones, as such we will avoid them.
Cat and Mouse
With the Pacific Republic fighting for it's life in the Pacific Ocean, the Canadian Pacific Fleet will join in on the cat and mouse games, and begin interfacing and cooperating with the Pacific Republic naval assets coordinating the hit and run games against the USN. Evasion and stealth will become the key to ensuring the safety of the Canadian Pacific Fleet, however with this new and fully equipped and armed fleet facing off against a USN that has almost 0 supplies at this point, we believe fully that our chances are good. Decy Missiles and Jammer missiles (SEAD as listed in the air-campaign) will be utilized to full effect. Additionally the 1st Canadian Submarine Group will begin working in tandem with the Pacific Republic's own submarine forces in both safeguarding the SSBNs and eliminating USN surface vessels and submarines in the Pacific. Furthermore one of the submarines will safeguard the Army forces assaulting Juneau. (Should the USN re-enter the Pacific Theater)
The primary objective of the Pacific fleet (assuming the USN Pacific remains in Japan) is maintaining control of the Alaskan Islands (Aleutians) to prevent a hostile takeover of said islands, retaining them strongly within Canadian control. Naval Tactical Operations Group will be tasked with securing the various islands supported by the Canadian Navy as a whole.
The USN has created itself a bottleneck within the Mediterranean sea. We are aware that a large number of USN vessels have retreated to the Crete naval base, additionally rumor has it that some submarines also went. Therefore the 2nd Canadian Submarine Group will form a hunting party waiting just outside the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, (and far enough away from Ascension Island (UCR Base and the Gibraltar Base) to ensure that we can fire into the sea and kill anything attempting to flee. Once we fire, we will begin another cat and mouse game in the Atlantic, the USN will be drained of it's supplies slowly but surely. The Canadian Atlantic Fleet will also at this time be remaining in Brazilian bases, which should make it legally difficult to attack, however if we even think a threat may be possible, we will break out into the Atlantic and begin a cat and mouse game. It should be known we are aware of all current UCR bases and will be staying well away from range.
Additionally the Atlantic Fleet will assist in protecting the American Republic's coastline and begin protecting the flow of international goods. While also beginning in preparation for naval-air operations against US - SOUTHERN forces.
Little Boat
Utilizing the 3rd Canadian Patrol Group, we will begin dumping large numbers of Whaitiri Multi-purpose Drones into the waters around Juneau and the Canadian Pacific Islands. Vancouver island which provides a shield of protection to the rest of the lower-mainland will have it's two primary entrances loaded with Whaitiri drones which are both mines/depth charges that have an additional function of being able to identify targets due to the ANT_CONSTRUCT. The mines being placed near and around Juneau will prevent US Federal attempts to retake it. The 3rd Canadian Patrol Group will then be utilized in taking and securing the Juneau Archipelago.


OPERATION - Wings of Freedom

Unit Type Amount Notes
Tactical Air Group Three "Wings of Freedom" Air-formation Various Aircraft Conducting operations pursuant to WoF based on the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
= F-35A Lighting II 100 Split into squadrons of 10
= Mosquito D.2 500 Split into 5 battle groups for ease of logistics (using dozens of bases) - Additionally has AI-CONSTRUCT upgraded pilots
Tactical Air Group Four "Flying Victory" Air-formation Various aircraft Conducting Operations pursuant to OP-WoF based-regardless of the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
= F-35A Lighting II 100 Split into squadrons of 10
= Mosquito D.2 200 Additionally has AI-CONSTRUCT upgraded pilots (remaining 3 battle groups held in reserve as any more would be overkill)
Canadian Aerial Hotshots Pacific/Prairies Air-formation Various aircraft Conducting Operations pursuant to OP-WoF based-regardless of the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
= CL215/CL415 40 split into squadrons of 10
The Canadian Aerial Communications Warfare Group Air Administration Group Various aircraft Conduction Operations pursuant to OP-WoF
= Lockheed EC-130H Compass Call 1 =
= AC-130J Ghostrider 1 =
= Boeing E-767 2 =
= Boeing Sentry AEW1 2 =
= Boeing E7 Wedgetail 8 =
= EA-18G 2 =
Strategic Air Group One "Dark Angels" Air-formation Various Aircraft Conducting operations pursuant to WoF based on the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
= Goshawk Bomber 20 =
= B-2B Bomber 6 =
= B-1 Bomber 4 =
Support Aircraft Air-formations Various Aircraft Supporting ALL OPERATIONS
= C-17 Globemaster III 10 Supporting all operations where needed
= C130J Super Hercules 16 Supporting all operations where needed
= C27J 5 Supporting all operations where needed
= Airbus Voyager A300 MRTT 7 Supporting all operations where needed
= KC-130 Tanker 5 Supporting all operations where needed
= KC-46 Tanker 8 Supporting all operations where needed
= Thales Watchkeeper 12 Supporting all operations where needed

OPERATION - Day of Black Sun

Unit Type Amount Notes
Canadian Cyber-warfare Center Cyber-warfare personnel 20,000+AI support Conducting operations pursuant to OP-DBS based on the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
EDEN + CONSTRUCTS EDEN AI + AI_CONSTRUCTS EDEN+AI_CONSTRUCTS Conducting operations pursuant to OP-DBS based on the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
Mobile Task Force 4 "Black Hats" CANSOFCOM 100 Conducting operations pursuant to OP-DBS based on the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
Mobile Task Force 5 "Smoke CANSOFCOM 100 Conducting operations pursuant to OP-DBS based on the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
Mobile Task Force 6 "Mirrors" CANSOFCOM 100 Conducting operations pursuant to OP-DBS based on the results of OP-WE ARE HERE
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2019.12.17 18:42 CharredPC What American "Choice" Actually Looks Like

To anyone not living in this country, the process I am about to describe might seem insane. But no matter how dysfunctional, it's our normalized reality, being actively defended by politicians.
Our family met its deadline of choosing healthcare insurance plans during an open enrollment period. We sifted through the options- do I want a $5,000 deductible up front, or do we want a smaller network plan (pool of included doctors)? How much monthly tribute can we afford for medical problems? Is mental health covered, how many visits do we get, how much are the per visit co-pays? Can we actually afford to be seen this year, or just pay for prescription discount?
We got it filed like we're supposed to, picking out the least bad option for all three of us (which is myself, my partner and her special needs adult son). Being low income, we got a Community Plan run by United Healthcare. It seemed only fitting, since we go to a local Community Health Services office (well, 45 minutes away) along with many other lower income residents. So with that formality out of the way, we scheduled our appointments and were done for a year. Right?
Wrong. Yesterday, just after the re-enrollment deadline passed, we each got letters stating the office we go to will no longer be covered by our insurance- as of 8/3/2019. Yes, it's backdated. I and my family have to now cancel our appointments (or have the choice to pay out of pocket in full at time of visit) and find another facility accepting new patients. My partner must wait til a new place has an opening to be seen; her son's counseling must start over with some stranger.
They automatically reassigned us each new Primary Care Providers in our area based on an old online list they compile but don't maintain for accuracy. Once our new cards are received, we'll begin the process of calling each one and seeing who is still in-network, who is willing to accept more clients, and then wait to establish new care with whatever doctors are available. Because, sadly, we've been through the process multiple times before. And it gets tougher each instance.
We pay our taxes. We pay our premiums. We pay our co-pays, our deductibles, our emergency and out-of-network fees, and we still don't have care. This is that "choice" candidates like Pete Buttigieg insist is what Americans want instead of one flat fee and total coverage of a Universal Healthcare system (like every other major country on earth). He is funded by those who profit off this system, paid to fight us all against removal of the middlemen whose job is to tell us No.
American healthcare is an industry run by businessmen and legitimized by lobbyists. Providing actual care is the bait, not the goal. It's another example of profit before people being sold to us as Free Market Choice, while it finances political slander advertising against superior solutions. We pay more than most other countries while getting much, much less- effectively subsidizing defense of the current broken system. Top tiers might have choice; we have legalized extortion.
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2019.12.13 22:24 hikusar You just got a job offer! - here are some new employee tips

Here are some tips I've learned working for the state:
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2019.07.08 20:28 honeybadger808 All the Jony Ive Drama: Explained

A week ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article that alleged a high level of disfunction in Apple's design department, from Tim Cook's relationship with Jony Ive, to how Jony Ive ran — or didn't run — the design organization, and how all of that led to Jony's departure.
The following evening, Tim Cook emailed NBC to call the story absurd, distorted, and not recognizable as the company it claimed to describe.
Rather watch than listen? Hit play on the video above.
And, ever since, we've seen so many tea quotes, hot takes, sides taken, and… It's exhausting. I'm exhausted and I do this for a living. I can't even imagine how tired and over it you all now.
But, we haven't seen any real progress either. The Wall Street Journal is sticking by its story, and a week later, is continuing to promote it with blurbs like "Why hasn't Apple had a hit product in years? A look at the internal drama around the departure of its design chief helps explain".
For their part, Apple hasn't elaborated any further.
Nilay Patel from the Verge has said he thinks every word of the piece is true and well reported, even if he doesn't think change is bad. Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch said bits and pieces in the various stories over the past few days that are not, as he understands them, accurate, or represented in an accurate context.
And, of course, since this is the internet, People who delighted in the account have been labeled as haters and those who recoiled at it, dismissed as apologists.
But neither the original Journal story nor Cook's retort provided enough context to reconcile those two radically different points of view.
So, rather than punish the world with yet another tea spill or hot take, I'm going to try something different.
A cool take. That's right, as an opportunity to share information. And, hopefully, insight.

The Battery

From the Wall Street Journal:
As the deadline loomed for the 10th anniversary iPhone, Apple Inc.'s top software designers gathered in the penthouse of an exclusive San Francisco club called The Battery.
Apple, like other companies, routinely holds offsites. They're meant to get teams together, outside the distractions of the main offices, to focus on specific projects — everything from brainstorming ideas to setting deliverables to presenting to executives.
Sometimes they're held nearby in South Bay. Sometimes in the city. Sometimes much further away.
Jony Ive lived in SF. So did a lot of the designers.
They had been summoned some 50 miles from the company's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters to demonstrate planned features of the product to Jony Ive, Apple's design chief, who seldom came to the office anymore from his San Francisco home.
Steve Jobs used to work with Jony Ive on industrial design and Scott Forstall on iOS software, which included Greg Christie's human interface team.
When Steve passed away, Jony couldn't work with Scott Forstall. So, long story short, Scott ended up leaving and Jony ended up taking over design responsibility for software as well.
That included iOS 7, which was a complete redesign turned around in 9 months, less time than most incremental updates, but also on Apple Watch, an all-new product that Jony threw himself into to the point of mental and physical exhaustion.
When the Watch finally shipped, something had to change.
Managing the much larger human interface team was a lot more work than collaborating with the much smaller industrial design team, and traveling back and forth from Pacifica to Cupertino each day had become increasingly frustrating given the increased demands on his time.
Not having to deal with the day-to-day management of the new unified design team, and not having to go back and forth to Infinite Loop, especially as he shifted to working on Apple Park and Apple Retail, were seen as ways to give Ive back some of his own design time.
For nearly three hours on that afternoon in January 2017, the group of about 20 designers stood around waiting for Mr. Ive to show, according to people familiar with the episode. After he arrived and listened to the presentations, he left without ruling on their key questions, leaving attendees frustrated.
There were certainly big decisions to be made for iPhone X, like would it use a digital home button on the bottom of the screen for familiarity's sake, or would it risk an entirely new, gesture-based navigation system?
But it's hard to tell what to make of this story. Why arrive three hours late rather than not go at all, why listen to the presentations and not provide feedback rather than not listen at all?
The episode was emblematic of a widening disconnect at the top of Apple that, invisible outside the company, was eroding the product magic created by Mr. Ive and the late Steve Jobs that helped turn Apple into America's pre-eminent corporation.
The episode, if accurate, talks about how Ive interacted with his human interface team but doesn't reference the top of Apple at all.
And I say "if accurate" because TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino said:
But the more important point is that no one I know felt that Jony had checked out or abandoned the team.
For what it's worth, no one I know felt that way either.
As to the product magic of Ive and Jobs, they certainly collaborated on a staggering number of iconic products, from the iMac to the iBook, the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the Titanium Powerbook to the wedge-shaped MacBook Air… Also, some misses like the G4 Cube, iPod Hi-Fi, fatty nano, buttonless shuffle, the iPhone 4 antenna, and basically every mouse ever.
But Steve Jobs died in 2011. That's not an erosion. That's an ending… Everything Jony and Apple have done since, both magic and tragic, have been the result of something new and different.

The Portégés

Few on the outside knew that for years, Mr. Ive had been growing more distant from Apple's leadership, say people close to the company. Mr. Jobs's protégé—and Apple's closest thing to a living embodiment of his spirit—grew frustrated inside a more operations-focused company led by Chief Executive Tim Cook.
Ive was Apple's leadership. Jobs had a few proteges, in a way one for each facet of his intense interests. Ive for hardware design. Scott Forstall for software. Tim Cook for Apple itself as a product.
Jobs was the glue that had held them all together but, post-Jobs, they had to all find their own relationships. And operations were always a function of design at Apple. Like we went over in the show last week with former Apple designer May-Li, you can't separate the two. You can't just make a drawing or CNC a part and expect a hundred million of them to just manufacture themselves.
As she said: People do not realize machines had to be invented and molecules had to be rearranged in order to support a great design.
When materials were hard to come by or changed at the last minute, or yields weren't as high as they needed to be, operations is what made sure they still shipped in days or weeks rather than weeks or months.
Look no further than the delays we've seen with some products, even after announcements, over the last few years. If anything, there's been a need for more operations-focus at the company.
Steve Jobs made sure Jony and design had almost unlimited power at Apple. You can see it in iOS 7. In the 18K gold Apple Watch. In the Designed by Apple in California book.
But even then, operations is what enabled that gold watch and those printed pages to ship. Same as they had during the Jobs era with products like the iPhone and iPad.
Mr. Ive, 52, withdrew from routine management of Apple's elite design team, leaving it rudderless, increasingly inefficient, and ultimately weakened by a string of departures, people close to the company say.
Before he passed away in 2011, Steve Jobs — the man who usually made every decision about everything he cared about at Apple — went on several medical leaves. During those times, he stayed as involved as he could, but he also trusted people he trusted to make those decisions when he couldn't. People like Cook, Ive, and Forestall.
Even when he was there, Jobs trusted people like Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue enough to let them do things he himself was initially against, like put iTunes and Safari on Windows and make the iPad mini.
Part of Apple's culture, the part that mitigates them against ever being rudderless, is having people responsible for everything important. People who might want and value sign-offs when they can get them but who know how to ship without them when and if they have to as well.
That's why, when Ive withdrew from routine management, he left them intentionally ruddered with new Vice Presidents. Industrial design with longtime team member Richard Howarth, and human interface with Alan Dye, who Ive had brought over from the graphic design group to spearhead the new look of iOS 7, irking a lot of feathers along with way.
One look at how many versions of iOS, watchOS, and versions of iPhone, iPad, and more recently even Mac that have shipped during the last few years shows that that culture is still alive and well.

Product Performance

The internal drama explains a lot about Apple's dilemma. Its one major new product of the post-Jobs era, the Apple Watch, made its debut five years ago.
I'm not sure what drama is explaining what dilemma. Apple is a profoundly different company than it was a decade ago. One of the other things Steve Jobs did before he passed away was recruiting chipmakers into Apple, including Johny Srouji.
So, over the last ten years, we've gone from Macs using commodity components distinguished from commodity PCs by their hardware and software aesthetics alone, to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and more, that run almost entirely on custom components.
John Gruber and Ben Thompson spoke about that at length last week, link in the description.
What didn't change so much is Apple's cadence when it comes to major new products.
The iMac debuted in 1993. It wasn't a new category but a modern re-interpretation of the all-in-one Steve Jobs introduced back in 1984. After, sure, first introducing the Lisa in 1983.
The iPod debuted in 2001, 17 years after the Mac and 8 years after the iMac.
The iPhone and iPad, which both spun out of Project Experience Purple, debuted in 2007 and 2010, some 6 and 9 years after the iPod.
The post-Jobs era started in 2011.
The Apple Watch debuted in 2015 and shipped in 2016, roughly 8 and 5 years after the iPhone and iPad respectively.
AirPods debuted in 2016, around a year after the Apple Watch.
The HomePod debuted in 2017, about a year later. And we can certainly argue it's major-ness but it is a category Apple was accused of completely missing out on up until the moment of its launch.
Then there's Apple's augmented reality glasses, which rumor has it will debut sometime next year or the year after. Their automotive efforts, if they don't ultimately choose to shelve it like they did the television set, sometime after that.
You could include the 1999 iBook, which rejuvenated Apple's laptops, and 2008 MacBook Air, which redefined all modern laptops, in the Jobs-era list, and the 2019 Pro Display XRD, which seeks to redefine the reference monitor, in the post-Jobs list, maybe the 2015 Apple Pencil as well.
If we go beyond atoms and include packets, there's Apple Music, Apple News, and Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ on the horizon.
Like in the Jobs years, there were misses as well. HomePod, I just mentioned. The butterfly keyboards, obviously. The 2013 Mac Pro. The years without Mac updates. Still every mouse ever.
I'm not sure speed between major products is the best measure, but for the sake of context and how Apple fits into the industry at large, I can't think of many or any other company that's managed to put together a string of products with bigger cultural impact over as long period of time.
Its iPhone business is faltering, and more recent releases like its wireless AirPods haven't been enough to shore up falling sales. It hasn't had a megahit new product since the iPad that started selling in 2010.
The Apple Watch, released in 2016, had the second biggest acceleration of any product in Apple history, behind only the iPad.
AirPods may not retail at a high enough price to move the revenue needle as much, but they've been so successful they've become a meme, and like the iPod and iPhone before them, they're shaping the next generation of products in their category.
Taken together, Apple has said the revenue for wearables is already 50 percent more than iPod was at its peak.
I know that's not iPhone money but, really, nothing is. Take away the massive distortion and seemingly mass confusion of one of the most profitable products in history, and you see Apple's other businesses are really pretty damn good businesses.
Yet his departure from the company cements the triumph of operations over design at Apple, a fundamental shift from a business driven by hardware wizardry to one focused on maintaining profit margins and leveraging Apple's past hardware success to sell software and services.
There's a story from 2010, when Apple introduced the iPad. It went like this — Only Steve and Jony could make the iPad. Only Tim could figure out how to sell it for $500.
Again, I'll refer everyone back to last week's show with May-Li, who worked on the original iPhone and other projects after Steve had passed away, for a first-hand account of how operations has always supported design at Apple. Because it had to.

Happiness at Home

Mr. Cook, an industrial engineer who made his name perfecting Apple's supply chain, sought to keep Mr. Ive happy over the years, but people in the design studio rarely saw Mr. Cook, who they say showed little interest in the product development process—a fact that dispirited Mr. Ive.
It's interesting to read about disconnects at the top, drama, and dilemmas, and Tim Cook trying to keep Jony Ive happy over the years.
And there certainly must have been something terrifying and energizing knowing Jobs would be coming to the ID studio for his regular check-in, everyone racing to get everything ready to show him. But, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Cook isn't Jobs any more than Ive is Cook. Something they all knew and appreciated deeply. Which is why Apple had them both.
That said, it is fun to watch the reactions when Cook pauses to describe the intricacies of a staircase at an Apple Store, or grabs an iPad Pro from someone in marketing to give a full-on demo to a special guest in the hands-on area.
Almost as though what he apparently lacks in attention to design he makes up for in attention to design.
Mr. Ive grew frustrated as Apple's board became increasingly populated by directors with backgrounds in finance and operations rather than technology or other areas of the company's core business, said people close to him and to the company.
Arthur Levinson of Genentech, Ronald Sugar of Northrop Grumman, Andrea Jung formerly of Avon, now Grameen American, and Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States, joined the board during the Jobs era and remain on it today. As does Tim Cook who joined just before Jobs passed away.
Robert Iger of Disney joined a very short time later. Since then, Bill Campbell of Intuit retired in 2014 and Millard Drexler of J Crew in 2015.
Apple did replace their software and retail experience with two new, finance-centric directors in James Bell of Boeing and Susan Wagner of Blackrock,
But it was also after a series of controversies from no-poaching agreements to stock backdating, and a period of rapid financial activity, including a 7 to 1 stock split in 2014 and the launch of a massive repurchasing and dividend program.
The country's most valuable company for years, Apple recently ceded top status to Microsoft Corp., and its stock remains 15% below its record high in October.
Apple's stock is 15% below its record high… which was just 8 months ago. Not back during the Steve Jobs era or when the iPad launched or before Jony went off to work on Apple Park… But while Apple was rudderless, filled with drama, and in the midst of a dilemma?
A person who worked closely with Mr. Ive for many years said Apple employees who were "newer see [that], 'Oh wow, Jony has gone away a bit,' but I don't look at it as him being distant."
After many product releases over the years, including the iMac and iPhone, this person said Mr. Ive took time to recharge, adding that the company tried to create a different model where the designer could work remotely more often. "The reality was he worked just as hard and got just as tired."
This better matches what I and other people who cover Apple closely have heard. It would have been great to hear more of this perspective throughout.

The Watch

Mr. Ive was devastated by Mr. Jobs's death. The studio's cadence slowed.
The former goes without saying. The latter is hard to reconcile. Even if we leave out all the software, including the massive iOS 7 redesign and the launch of watchOS, tvOS, and just now, iPadOS, and focus only on the industrial design side, that still leaves the Apple Watch, the original iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the new Apple TV, iPhone 5, iPhone Plus models, AirPods, HomePods, iPhone X, the 2015 MacBook, 2016 MacBook Pro, 2018 MacBook Air, the 2018 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and the new Mac Pro and Pro Display.
If anything, the scale and cadence have only escalated over the last 8 years.
Mr. Ive had begun pushing to make a watch. He was intrigued by the potential to further miniaturize the iPhone's powerful technology into a wearable device.
Some executives pushed back, questioning if a device so small could ever have a killer app that would compel people to buy it.
This is how product development works at Apple. There were two purple projects, P1, an iPod phone led by Tony Fadell and P2, an OS X phone led by Scott Forstall. P1 never shipped. P2 became the iPhone.
Steve Jobs didn't believe in the iPad mini. Eddy Cue fought for it and eventually Steve relented and said they'd do it, but it was on Eddy if it failed.
Like May-Li attested to last week, a thousand nos for every yes isn't make believe. Everything is considered and reconsidered, factored and refactored.
If no one had pushed back it literally wouldn't have been Apple.
He disagreed over how to position the Watch with some Apple leaders, who wanted to sell it as an extension of the iPhone. Mr. Ive saw it as a fashion accessory.
The result was a compromise. The watch was electronically tethered to the iPhone, and started at $349. Apple also created a $17,000 gold version and partnered with Hermès.
Here's a thunker — What could the first few couple of Apple Watches have done if they weren't paired with iPhones? Not even tell time in the precise Mickey-foot-tapping way they were designed to do.
Like early iPods and iPhones that had to sync with a PC to do much of anything, the Apple Watch was just too highly constrained to handle even basic computing functions on its own. And it's safe to say everyone knew it.
There were disagreements about which specific features it should and shouldn't ship with, and frankly, there probably should have been more given the lack of focus of the first generation, but again, it's the kind of arguments we all want people inside Apple to have.
The fashion aspect, though, is what got the Apple Watch attention beyond just the computer industry and early adopters.
It was different than iPod fashion, which tweaked colors and designs at the low end almost every holiday shopping season. It was high-end fashion. Something that got fashion press to the events and got Apple Watch into Vogue and other fashion magazines, and onto the wrists of celebrities.
The gold Apple Watch was quickly retired but the Hermes one persists to this day — as does the Nike one. Because, as we've seen over the last few years, it's the fitness and now the health features that have given it that clarity of purpose.

Bus Throws

Mr. Ive told Mr. Cook he wanted to step back from day-to-day management responsibilities. The staff beneath him had ballooned to hundreds of people. He didn't want to leave, but wanted time and space to think, he told several people.
This, again, resonates with me, and is in line with what I've also heard, but again this simple rationality just doesn't get as much ink as the insinuations of drama.
It's easy to look back and say that, following the death of Steve Jobs, Jony Ive leaving Apple was inevitable. But, does that mean Apple has spent the last 8 years carefully planning and managing that departure, or has everyone involved spent that time doing everything they could to try and stave off that inevitability?
Ahead of one design week in 2016, Johnnie Manzari, who was in charge of Apple's camera app, stood before more than a dozen 11-inch-by-17-inch images of changes he planned to pitch when word trickled through the studio that Mr. Ive wasn't going to come.
"What am I going to do now?" Mr. Manzari said.
It's weird to see a non-executive name-dropped in an article like this. As far as I can recall or Google, Manzari has only ever been in the press once before, when he joined Phil Schiller to talk about Portrait Lighting with Buzzfeed in 2017.
When I do see something like this, it always feels dirty, like some servicing of agenda or settling of accounts. Otherwise, why grant everyone else anonymity but not this one fairly obscure person?
Who gains from that and what do they gain, exactly?
Also, according to people directly familiar with the matter, this anecdote is completely false anyway, which only makes it curiouser.
I'm going to skip ahead here, otherwise this will end up being as long as my Catalina video and no one wants that.
The Journal ends on this:
Mr. Ive's old design team—a group of aesthetes once thought of as gods inside Apple—will report to COO Jeff Williams, a mechanical engineer with an M.B.A.
Jony's old design team reports to Evans Hankey, a long time member of the team who, according to everyone I've ever spoken with, and to quote May-Li from last week's show, gets stuff done. In other words, she's a force of nature.
Evans reports to Jeff Williams just like, before Jony's brief return to day-to-day management, she and before her Richard Howarth, and before and between them, technically Jony himself, reported to Tim Cook, an industrial engineer with an M.B.A.
But, with Sabih Khan now taking over as senior Vice President of operations at Apple, it's best to think of Jeff Williams being more like what Tim Cook became to Steve Jobs — a complement.
In this case, someone to run product, at least for now, who knows, as we begin the era at least partially after Jony Ive.

This is Tim

Now, Tim Cook's response to the Wall Street Journal article pulled no punches. From Dan Byers:
"The story is absurd. A lot of the reporting, and certainly the conclusions, just don't match with reality."
"At a base level, it shows a lack of understanding about how the design team works and how Apple works. It distorts relationships, decisions and events to the point that we just don't recognize the company it claims to describe."
"The design team is phenomenally talented,. As Jony has said, they're stronger than ever, and I have complete confidence that they will thrive under Jeff, Evans and Alan's leadership. We know the truth, and we know the incredible things they're capable of doing. The projects they're working on will blow you away."
It's incredibly rare for Tim Cook to so publicly rebut a story. Most of the time, when faced with what they consider to be negative, even false press, they'll typically just stay quiet and take it. Anything less, to them, is punching down.
And that's usually a good strategy. Wait a day and another sensational story will come up and our ever-shortening attention spans will spin around and take momentary distraction in that instead.
When Apple or Tim Cook do speak out, it keeps the story going in the news cycle and it ups the stakes considerably by putting Tim Cook's name, reputation, and credibility on the line.
The last time Apple responded this forcefully was when Bloomberg published its Big Hack story claiming Apple, Amazon and many other companies were running servers that had been compromised at a hardware level by Chinese Intelligence. Bloomberg has stuck by that story even as independent audits have come back showing no evidence or support for it at all.
But why do it in this case?
I think many people probably read the Journal story as a hit piece. On the eve of Jony Ive leaving Apple, after 30 years of service, 30 years that reshaped not just Apple but the entire industry, they read it as an effort by a few frustrated, thirty, disenfranchised individuals to paint Ive as having abandoned his peers and his team, and as a consequence having failed to keep the magic or success of Steve Jobs alive.
And, for many in the company, that's not only ridiculous but reprehensible. They're not allowed to speak publicly on Apple's behalf. But Tim Cook certainly can.
And by sending that email, rather than this story simply becoming accepted as fact and woven into urban legend, they make sure that email dogs it with every reference and in every b-roll, every time it gets regurgitated now and into the future.
Whether you ultimately choose to believe the Journal's account or Cook's, or you recognize that simple narratives seldom if ever capture the true complexity of human relationships, is of course entirely up to you.
But I'd love to know what you think now, at the end of all of this. So, hit up the comments and give me your coldest of cold takes.

VECTOR Rene Ritchie

* More Details Here
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2018.03.01 12:44 WRODavid Carer's Allowance/Carer's Premium - #4 of 5

Hello once again UKPF'rs,
Sorry for the delay in this post. I've been snowed in for work today so finally had a chance to write this
Further to my posts last week which you can find on the links below, I've now written guide number 4 to cover carer's premium, however it can be quite complicated unless you know about carer's allowance so I have decided to combine this with a post about carer's allowance. Hopefully this will help those who provide care to a disabled family member, friend or neighbour.
Disclaimer Once again, although care has been taken to make sure that the advice below is accurate, it would be near impossible for me to list every situation and circumstance. I'm happy to answer questions but it may be worthwhile speaking with your local CAB office or local welfare rights unit which you can find here. With that said, let's dive in with carer's allowance, followed by carer's premium.
Carer's Allowance - Introduction
Carer's allowance is a taxable, non-means tested (to an extent) benefit that is payable to people who provide at least 35 hours care per week to a person in receipt of a qualifying benefit. The person you care for doesn't need to live with you, nor do they need to be a family member, you can claim for looking after your neighbour, a family friend or anybody, granted you provide the care for at least 35 hours. The full criteria to claim carer's allowance is as follows;
The care you provide isn't legally defined, so it falls under general terms: "the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something".
Carer's Allowance - Payment
Carer's allowance is paid at a rate of £62.70 per week. You can request backdating of 3 months if you have been entitled prior to claiming. However, if you have been waiting for someone to receive an award of one of the above qualifying benefits then your claim can be backdated to the start of that benefit as long as you have met all other criteria for that time.
For example; Mr Evans has been looking after his neighbour, Mrs Evans, for as long as he can remember as her husband works shifts. Mrs Evans has never claimed personal independence payment before, however she has finally decided to do so. She makes a claim for PIP in January 2017 but due to the processing times she does not receive word until November 2017. Mr Evans has met all the criteria for carer's allowance during this period so his claim would be treated from January 2017.
Carer's Allowance - Calculation Of Earnings
As above, if you are working and earning over £116 per week net, you will not qualify for carer's allowance or carer's premium. This unfortunately means that if you work over 15 hours at minimum wage, you will not qualify. However it also means you may be able to drop from 16-23 hours per week at minimum wage to 15 hours and either be better off or much the same for working the same hours. I'd recommend getting a full benefit check done by CAB or similar organisation to double check as there's a number of other factors that may come into play here.
Additionally, if you are paying someone other than a close relative to look after a child under the age of 16, you can disregard this cost from your net earnings. You can only disregard a maximum of half your net earnings, for example:
Mrs Walker works 24 hours per week at a local shop for national minimum wage, earning a net weekly income of £180. She wants to claim carer's allowance for looking after Mr Roberts, an old family friend who receives attendance allowance. Mrs Walker pays her neighbour Miss Johnston £70 per week to look after her 7 year old son while she is at work. She can therefore disregard this £70 from her earnings, taking her 'net' income (for carer's allowance purposes) down to £110. She would then qualify for carer's allowance
Carer's Allowance - Overlapping Benefits Rule
As carer's allowance is a taxable benefit, it cannot be paid at the same time as the following benefits unless you receive any of them at a rate lower than carer's allowance. In that case, you would receive the difference between the two as a top up;
If you cannot be paid carer's allowance due to entitlement to the above benefits, you may qualify for a carer's premium instead which is covered below.
Carer's Allowance - Other Benefits
Carer's allowance can be counted as income for other benefits, such as income support, income-related employment and support allowance, housing benefit, tax credits (etc). However, generally you will be better off claiming carer's allowance as you will also receive a carer's premium. Which essentially means that you will receive £62.70 per week but only £34.95 per week is counted as income (for housing benefit, they deduct 65% of your 'excess earnings' rather than the full 100% therefore they will deduct £12.48 while you receive £62.70.
This part is very important to remember: If the person you care for gets a severe disability premium and you claim carer's allowance (and it is actually paid) then they will lose that entitlement. However if you are only awarded a carer's premium, then the severe disability premium is unaffected.
Carer's Allowance - Claiming
The easiest way to claim carer's allowance is here on the government's website. The process is usually straightforward and this allows you to request any relevant backdating. You can also pick up a form DS700 (or DS700(SP) if you are in receipt of state pension to claim carer's premium only) from your local job centre. If you do not qualify because of the overlapping benefit rule, you still need to apply via these routes. You will get a letter that basically says "we cannot pay you carer's allowance because you receive overlapping benefit but you can qualify for a 'carer's premium'"
Now that we have an understanding of carer's allowance and it's criteria, let's move onto the carer's premium and how this can affect certain benefits.
What is a premium?
A premium is an additional element which is included in the calculations of:
It is worth noting that premiums do not apply to Universal Credit.
What are the premiums available?
Carer's Premium
As above, this is an additional premium for those who receive carer's allowance or don't receive carer's allowance due to the overlapping benefit rule. It can be applied to the above benefits and is worth £34.95 per week in the calculation of those benefits. The most common time this would be applied is when somebody claims carer's allowance and claims for a top up of income support as a carer. Without the carer's premium, they would only get £62.45 per week carer's allowance and £10.40 income support (bringing them up to the £73.10 personal allowance). However, with this premium, they would be entitled to £45.35 per week income support. This premium can be paid along with the other premiums listed, if applicable.
This can potentially increase someones income by a substantial amount once these premiums start to stack up. Let's take Mr and Mrs Hughes for example. They have both reached state retirement age and live together as husband and wife. Mr Hughes has mental health issues and receives disability living allowance at the highest rate of care, he relies on Mrs Hughes to care for him, providing prompting and motivations to do day to day tasks. Mrs Hughes is physically disabled and received low rate attendance allowance. She relies on Mr Hughes to provide physical care for her. Combining what we have learnt between this and the severe disability premium, what will they qualify for?
Well first of all, they would both qualify for a severe disability premium as they 'technically count as living alone'. This would be worth £124.90 per week. As they both receive state pension, they cannot be paid carer's allowance but can receive the two carer's premiums. This would be worth £69.90 per week. From premiums alone, they are now going to be better off by £194.80 on top of any pension credit they may already receive.
Sorry for the long post! The premium itself is straightforward but without the basic understandings of carer's allowance it can get quite confusing.
As always, I'm here to answer any questions either below or in messages. I have one more post to write regarding disabled child premium which hopefully I can get completed tomorrow if I'm snowed in again!
Thanks again,
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2018.02.20 20:05 WRODavid Severe Disability Premium - are you missing out?

Hi UKPF'rs,
I work in a Welfare Rights role and on a daily basis help people maximise their income. The most common thing I come across that people in receipt of benefits aren't aware of is a premium called the Severe Disability Premium (SDP). I'm posting this in the hope that it can assist even one person to get the money they are entitled to.
What is a premium?
A premium is an additional element which is included in the calculations of:
What are the premiums available?
What is a SDP?
The SDP is worth £62.45 per week and can be applied to any of the above as long as you meet the following criteria:
Counting as living alone
As above, you must count as living alone which is straightforward if you are the only person in your household. However, certain people can be disregarded from you "household" and therefore you can still count as living alone with a house full of people.
For this purpose, disregard the following:
'Applying' and backdating
Because a premium is added into the calculation of benefit, it's not something you technically apply for. Which also means it doesn't carry the same restrictions for backdating (usually limited to 1 month backdating of benefit claims). When you are awarded any of the qualifying benefits (AA/DLA/PIP), in theory, the DWP should share this information with the Jobcentre, Pension Service, Local Authority to check for this extra premium but this doesn't always happen in practice.
To apply for ESA/IS/JSA SDP
To inform them that you qualify, you need fill out a form called an "IS10" which you can download and print here. The issue I've found in my professional capacity is that they will only include the SDP in your ongoing calculation and ignore the fact you've been due this since all the above criteria has been met.
For example, Mr Smith has been on income-related ESA since June 2015. He applied for PIP and was awarded the standard rate of the daily livng component from August 2016. He lives alone and nobody claims Carer's Allowance for looking after him. He would qualify for this premium from August 2016 which means he has been underpaid by just over £5,000. £62.45 per week can really add up to a lot of money, especially for those on these benefits.
The way to overcome the lack of backdate is to remind them that they have an obligation to include the premium from the start of entitlement. I've written a standard covering letter that quotes the legislation and has helped gain all of my clients the correct backdate which you can download here. You can check the correct address to send it to here and then post along with the IS10.
To apply for Pension Credit SDP
To inform them that you qualify, you need fill out a form called an "PC10" which you can download and print here. The issue I've found in my professional capacity is that they will only include the SDP in your ongoing calculation and ignore the fact you've been due this since all the above criteria has been met.
For example, Mrs Jones has been on Pension Credit since retiring in April 2013. She applied for Attendance Allowance and was awarded lower rate from May 2014. She lives alone and nobody claims Carer's Allowance for looking after Her. She would qualify for this premium from May 2014 which means she has been underpaid by just over £12,500. £62.45 per week can really add up to a lot of money, especially for those on these benefits.
The way to overcome the lack of backdate is to remind them that they have an obligation to include the premium from the start of entitlement. I've written a standard covering letter that quotes the legislation and has helped gain all of my clients the correct backdate which you can download here. You can check the correct address to send it to here and then post along with the PC10.
Sorry, quick edit as I forgot to mention a couple of things.
Like above, hopefully this helps someone. I'll be happy to answer any questions either below or by PM.
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2016.12.04 16:29 emememaker73 The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (12/4/16)

· 1. Bodies of woman, dog found along shore of Nippersink Lake in Fox Lake (Chicago Tribune)
· 2. Gas station on U.S. 45 near Lake Villa robbed at gunpoint (CBS 2)
· 3. Maine South High School football team ends No. 1-ranked Loyola Academy's 30-game winning streak to win Class 8A championship (Chicago Tribune)
· 4. Civil-rights complaint against Waukegan School District 60 will mean staff, students to go through anti-sexual-harassment training, changes to policy on gender discrimination (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 5. Three people, including an infant, injured in crash on Eisenhower in Forest Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 6. Neuqua Valley High School students unveil new Naperville city flag during TEDx Naperville speakers conference (Daily Herald)
· 7. Plainfield South High School loses Class 7A football game to East St. Louis, following lawsuit by Fenwick High School over miscalled play (Chicago Tribune)
· 8. Man wearing Cubs World Series Champions sweatshirt robs Willow Springs bank on Black Friday (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 9. Northwest Indiana seeing hotel-building boom (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Prompt Ambulance to discontinue serving Merrillville after contract expires Feb. 1, 2017 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Portage police officer injured after driver runs red light, T-bones squad car at Old Porter Road (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 12. Indiana Department of Natural Resources police investigate hunter's death in tree stand in Schererville (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 13. LaPorte County moves to take control of plans for Kingsbury Industrial Park rail spur (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 14. Merrillville reaches agreement with Gary Public Transportation Corp. that may bring shuttle-bus service to Broadway by mid-summer 2017 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 15. Indiana Dunes Tourism doles out $26,250 in grants to 15 organizations to promote festivals, other events during 2017 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 16. Lake County Sheriff's Office investigating report of gunshots fired in Beach Park on early Sunday morning (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 17. Waukegan police seek man who stole running vehicle from gas station, left the vehicle in Waukegan two days later (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 18. Round Lake man arrested after Lake County Sheriff's dog bites him; faces DUI, other charges (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 19. Two men sought in robbery of Waukegan motel (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 20. Libertyville High School mourns loss of two students, one 2016 graduate, retired school worker who passed away over Thanksgiving weekend (Daily Herald)
· 21. Kenosha police dog euthanized after sudden illness (ABC 7)
· 22. One person in critical condition following shooting at Fox View Apartment Complex in Carpentersville (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 23. Rolling Meadows teen sentenced to two years probation, must register as sex offender after molesting friend during sleepover (Daily Herald)
· 24. Elk Grove Village police issue 382 seat-belt citation during stepped-up Click It or Ticket campaign between Nov. 14-27 (Daily Herald)
· 25. Chicago man arrested in Riverside for third DUI after police officer sees him driving the wrong way on a one-way street (CBS 2)
· 26. Students from Oak Park and River Forest High School seek stronger sexual-assault regulations after revelation of investigation into off-campus party (Chicago Tribune/Oak Park)
· 27. Student from Aurora killed in house fire in Carbondale on Nov. 23 (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 28. Four guards at Illinois Youth Center-St. Charles accused of encouraging inmates to fight (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 29. AT&T worker shot during attempted robbery in Berwyn (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 30. Loyola Medicine Home Care and Hospice moves offices from Melrose Park to Oak Brook (Daily Herald)
· 31. Family donates replacement after winds knock down Aurora's Christmas tree (WBBM AM 780)
· 32. $1,000 reward offered for information on suspect in Naperville road-rage incident on Thanksgiving Day (ABC 7)
· 33. Two women arrested for stealing packages from Wheaton apartment building (ABC 7)
· 34. Sheridan man killed in three-vehicle crash on Route 71 near Newark Road in Kendall County (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 35. Old Plank Trail Community Bank in Frankfort robbed at gunpoint (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 36. Dolton man killed in Chicago Heights crash (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 37. Tri-Creek School Corp. approves bids for solar panels as part of 2017 project to reduce energy costs (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 38. Munster Town Council adopts resolution making Veterans Day a paid day off for employees (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 39. Harry Flournoy, history-making basketball standout from Gary, passes away at 72 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 40. Chesterton man charged with sexually assaulting girl from age 6 to 10 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 41. Two men shot in separate incidents in Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 42. Dyer man, who has owned strip clubs in Bedford Park and Harvey, accused of conspiracy to commit aggravated battery in business dispute (Chicago Tribune)
· 43. IDOT: Illinois needs to prepare for driverless cars (CBS 2/WBBM AM 780)
· 44. Cook County pays $600,000 to man who accidentally got locked in a cell at county jail for 32 hours in 2015 (CBS 2)
· 45. Portion of Wauconda health-care facility evacuated after heater releases carbon monoxide (Daily Herald)
· 46. Lake County Sheriff's Office, Lindenhurst police investigate armed robberies in Lake Villa, Lindenhurst; crimes may have been done by same suspect (Daily Herald)
· 47. Hawthorn Woods approves 39-house/commercial development at corner of Illinois Route 22, Quentin Road (Daily Herald)
· 48. Northbrook-based Allstate to buy electronics-warranty provider SquareTrade for $1.4 billion (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 49. Highland Park parent of special-needs student sues North Shore School District 112 to prevent closure of school, layoff of teachers (Chicago Tribune/Highland Park News)
· 50. Barrington, Riverside filmmakers produce documentary on 1988 championship football game between Notre Dame and University of Miami for ESPN (Daily Herald)
· 51. Pedestrian struck by Metra Northwest Line train in Cary (CBS 2)
· 52. Glenview man charged with kidnapping, assaulting nurse, attacking two other employees at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 53. Driver charged after his car is struck by Metra train after going under railroad cross arms in Mount Prospect (Daily Herald)
· 54. Oak Park and River Forest High School coach suspended as school officials, police investigate party that resulted in sexual assault at his home while he was out of town (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
· 55. Carol Stream to lease space at Glendale Heights Civic Center for some police operations; temporary village hall likely to be set up in warehouse (Daily Herald)
· 56. DuPage County Sheriff's Office, Winfield Township Road District create garden in memory of baby found dead in unincorporated Wheaton in June (CBS 2)
· 57. Target plans flexible-format store at Lake and Maple streets in Oak Park (NBC 5)
· 58. DuPage County prosecutors drop charges against 'Simpsons' graffiti artist (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 58. Bodies of two workers found at townhouse under construction in Lockport (ABC 7)
· 59. Calumet City man charged with soliciting sex from two children (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
· 60. Michigan City to study needs for new city hall, where it might be located (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 61. Harry Potter-themed, board-game-oriented The Librarium Cafe opens in downtown Hobart (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 62. Kingsford Heights man charged with cheating Portage resident out of $3,102 in home-repair scam (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 63. Griffith man accused of illegally dumping hazardous material in Gary garbage facility (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 64. Man sought for aggravated robbery in Fox Lake is arrested in Lake Geneva, Wis., resort (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 65. Diamond Lake Elementary School District 76 board approves four-year teachers contract backdated to 2015-16 school year (Daily Herald)
· 66. Volo seeks volunteers to conduct special census (Daily Herald)
· 67. Des Plaines man arrested after trying to push his way into Arlington Heights restaurant's kitchen to prepare his own food; he stands accused of assaulting employees (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 68. Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights certified as comprehensive stroke center, recognized for neurological care services (Daily Herald)
· 69. New long-term Palatine downtown plan calls for more multifamily housing near Metra station, better access to public transit for pedestrians and cyclists (Daily Herald)
· 70. Wheeling High School graduate the driving force behind Professor Watchlist website (Daily Herald)
· 71. Barrington Children's Charities give $10,000 to Barrington High School student group that filled 700 duffel bags with supplies for foster children (Daily Herald)
· 72. Car jumps curb, crashes into fitness club in Arlington Heights (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 73. Ex-Crystal Lake Central High School choir director accused of groping two students, plying one with alcohol, at his home in October (Chicago Tribune)
· 74. CEO, CFO of Schaumburg software company arrested on charges of wire fraud, falsifying financial reports (Chicago Tribune)
· 75. Ground broken for 270-unit apartment building at former Littelfuse industrial site in Des Plaines (Daily Herald)
· 76. Bald eagle believed to be nesting in Prospect Heights (Daily Herald)
· 77. Schaumburg promotes fire captain to deputy chief (Daily Herald)
· 78. Pace to install five bus shelters along Gary Avenue in Carol Stream (Daily Herald)
· 79. Glendale Heights man charged with burglary, possession of controlled substance after report of suspicious person looking into parked cars (Daily Herald)
· 80. Aurora man sentenced to 48 years in prison for ex-girlfriend's beating death in Aurora (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 81. Geneva alderman putting $75,000 into his bid to unseat incumbent mayor (Daily Herald)
· 82. Glen Ellyn Elementary School District 41 survey shows support plan to add onto Hadley Junior High School; full-day kindergarten less likely to get voter approval (Daily Herald)
· 83. Elk Grove Village promotes deputy police chief to top-cop post (Daily Herald)
· 84. Riverside doctor's license suspended as he's accused of running 'pill mill' that prescribed 1.6 million doses of pills to people in 10 states (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 85. Men found dead at Lockport construction site were brothers and both were shot to death (CBS 2)
· 86. Suspects in Joliet pet-store robbery reportedly shoplifted $1,400 worth of makeup from beauty store in Joliet before hitting pet store (CBS 2)
· 87. Driver arrested following hit-and-run crash in Lansing that left Lansing man dead (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 88. Mother of LaPorte native urges city to institute mandate for carbon-monoxide detectors after daughter's death (CBS 2)
· 89. St. John woman killed when her vehicle hit a tree off U.S. 41 near West 97th Place (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 90. Two people injured in head-on crash on Michigan Street in Hammond (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 91. Man charged in string of home burglaries in Hammond (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 92. Cook County officials agree to demolish three buildings in jail complex to save $188 million during next 10 years (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 93. Evanston man, Mississippi man arrested for bank heists in Zion, Northbrook (CBS 2)
· 94. O'Hare Airport to end six-month night-flight rotation on Christmas, despite pleas from Harwood Heights, Schiller Park mayors (CBS 2)
· 95. Metra trains temporarily halted in Mount Prospect after train strikes vehicle (NBC 5)
· 96. Mount Prospect woman sentenced to 13 years in prison for running over Illinois State Trooper, crashing into another vehicle while drunk on I-294 (ABC 7)
· 97. DaVinci Academy in Elgin closing doors at end of school year; officials blame decision on insufficient enrollment (CBS 2)
· 98. Arlington Heights woman charged with child endangerment after 6-year-old son calls police to report being left home while mother was out grocery-shopping (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 99. Five Palatine elected officials running unopposed in April 4, 2017 election (Daily Herald)
· 100. Des Plaines police investigating possible arson to a car along Northwest Highway (Daily Herald)
· 101. Former supply-chain manager from McHenry charged with embezzling more than $1 million from Itasca company (Daily Herald)
· 102. Former Bellwood village manageCFO pleads guilty to stealing money from village; sentence includes two years probation, repaying $100,000 (CBS 2)
· 103. Former Bellwood village manager pleads guilty to theft in plea deal which will reduce his pension to $100,000 annually (Chicago Tribune)
· 104. Downers Grove-based Sharing Connections, an organization that helps struggling families and veterans make their houses feel like homes, celebrates 30th anniversary (CBS 2)
· 105. No charges filed in fatal crash that killed Aurora cyclist in Hinsdale (Chicago Tribune/The Doings)
· 106. Western Springs man charged with battery after allegedly punching Uber driver; police tracked him down using Uber subscriber information (Chicago Tribune/The Doings)
· 107. Wheaton-Warrenville Unit School District 200 to have $132.5 million capital/educational funding referendum on April ballot (Daily Herald)
· 108. Naperville man dies from fall I-355 overpass in Lemont (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 109. Illinois Department of Corrections closes Stateville Correctional Center's 'roundhouse' as move to save state money (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 110. Customer sues Tinley Park massage parlor, claiming masseuse sexually assaulted her (CBS 2)
· 111. Ford Heights School District 169 put on lockdown while police search for suspect in murder of security guard in Harvey (NBC 5)
· 112. Michigan City's Shoreline Brewery and Restaurant plans expansion to double seating area, 50 percent more brewing capacity (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 113. Developer proposes seven-office-building/hotel complex in Highland (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 114. National Association for Town Watch gives Hammond award for outstanding participation in National Night Out in August (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 115. Elkhart man arrested in shooting death of Goshen man whose body was found at Kingsbury Fish and Wildlife Area near LaPorte (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 116. FBI agents interview Portage police chief in wake of mayor's indictment on bribery, obstruction charges (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 117. Gavit Middle-High School in Hammond named 2016 National Title I Distinguished School for Growth and Closing the Achievement Gap (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 118. Three homes in downtown Valparaiso burglarized while occupants slept (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 119. Zion man sues Lake County Sheriff's Office and Mundelein and North Chicago police over wrongful arrest that was part of probe into street-gang activity (CBS 2)
· 120. Man struck by CTA Purple Line train in Evanston dies (ABC 7)
· 121. Increased security planned for two-day festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Des Plaines (Chicago Tribune)
· 122. McHenry man taken to hospital in critical condition after being shot in Hoffman Estates (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 123. East Dundee banquet hall facing revocation or suspension of liquor license after 60 noise complaints lodged against it (Daily Herald)
· 124. Village of Arlington Heights puts up wayfinding signs in hopes of encouraging more walking, better health (Daily Herald)
· 125. Park Ridge holiday-lights display honors last pop star Prince (FOX 32)
· 126. Elgin woman charged with aggravated battery and home invasion after attacking Elgin man in his home (Daily Herald)
· 127. Carpentersville manufacturer buys former Haeger Potteries property in East Dundee, plans to move operations there (Daily Herald)
· 128. Barrington man created 'chicken coop of the 21st century,' is launching Indiegogo campaign (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 129. 27-house development proposed for former Musselman Lumber site in Warrenville (Daily Herald)
· 130. West Chicago church housing Elgin man facing deportation forced to bring building up to code after firefighters respond to smoke alarm (Daily Herald)
· 131. Batavia man arrested for sexual abuse of teenage girl, possession of child porn (Daily Herald)
· 132. Two students stabbed in fight across the street from East Aurora High School (FOX 32)
· 133. Naperville retiree fatally shot in Chicago's North Austin neighborhood (FOX 32)
· 134. Naperville Marine driving wife and friend killed by wrong-way drunk driver on I-88 in Naperville (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 135. Owner of Felony Franks to run for Oak Park Village Board (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
· 136. Lisle man sentenced to seven years in prison for traveling to Aurora to pay for sex with two minors in 2013 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 137. Two men in custody for kidnapping ride-share driver, stealing his car in Glen Ellyn (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 138. Employee of Batavia spa accused of offering to perform sex act for money, practicing massage therapy without a license (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 139. Comfort dogs allowed on the witness stand at Will County Courthouse (FOX 32)
· 140. Judge who allowed law clerk to wear judicial robe, hear traffic cases at Markham courthouse diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease; state board says she's unfit to do her job (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 141. Lake County Council makes appointments, swears in a number of people to Circuit Court system (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 142. Crown Point Police Department raises $2,000 while participating in No-Shave November cancer awareness campaign (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 143. Man found shot to death in 4200 block of Kentucky Street in Gary (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 144. LaCrosse man sentenced to 52 years in prison for molesting two girls that he adopted away from mother who pimped them in exchange for drugs (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 145. Six people arrested on charges of dealing cocaine in East Chicago (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 146. Police investigate fatal shooting of East Chicago man (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 147. Great Lakes Basin seeks to suspend environmental review of proposed 260-mile freight-train bypass of Chicago area; project still expected to remain on track (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 148. Solar panels being installed at two Grayslake High School District 127 buildings (Daily Herald)
· 149. Fox Lake woman going to prison for one year for waving gun, shooting at police during standoff in Wonder Lake (Chicago Tribune)
· 150. Fire extensively damages Elgin dollar store (Daily Herald)
· 151. Man killed when his car went off the road and struck a tree in Elgin (Daily Herald)
· 152. Aurora man sentenced to 15 years in prison for trafficking heroin, which he picked up at Aurora bus depot (Daily Herald)
· 153. Kane County sees decline in electronics-recycling dropoffs after restarting program at three sites (Daily Herald)
· 154. Teen arrested for attempted battery outside Batavia McDonald's after trying to rob another juvenile (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 155. Naperville police seek two woman accused of stealing another woman's purse, then beating her before escaping from store (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 156. Two teenage girls arrested on charges of stealing clothing from Dick's Sporting Goods in Bloomingdale and Naperville; they Maced an employee of Naperville store (Daily Herald)
· 157. Mother, son die after being found with multiple stab wounds in Posen home; son's death ruled suicide (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 158. Reports of voyeur continue to plague Michigan City neighborhood (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 159. Federal judge sentences Merrillville woman to one year in prison for extorting bribes while she was Calumet Township deputy assessor (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 160. Hammond mayor to close city court in wake of Gov. Pence;s appointment of non-attorney as judge (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
· 161. Portage may loosen taxi regulations in face of competition with Uber, Lyft (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 162. Cook County to outsource most of its toxicology testing to a private company to save $1 million next year (Chicago Sun-Times)
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2012.04.20 12:22 throwaway568799 There's not much point anymore. I already know how the rest of my life goes.

I'm not sure how much longer I can keep trying. Everything I've ever tried, everything I've ever wanted, life has told me "no, fuck you" and made sure I could never have it.
I joined the army five years ago as a medic to pay for school, but they lied to me and changed my contract to infantry, and then the tuition assistance budget "ran out" 6 months after I started school so I had to drop out. Then they decided to send me to Afghanistan because I was no longer in school. It sounded like as good a place as any to die, but I didn't make it that long. I did not fit into the infantry well at all. They made fun of me constantly for being feminine, and eventually I attempted suicide. I spent two weeks in the hospital, and when I got out, my unit told me that they would cover my hospital bills and help me get out of the military. That lasted until an incompetent mental health practitioner leaked to them that I was transgender. Suddenly they started making up things to accuse me of, and filing backdated paperwork to "prove it." I got an other than honorable discharge and now have $20,000 in medical debt that's been unpaid for a year.
I've been homeless for about 6 months of the last year, working a few jobs here and there, sometimes suicidal, sometimes not, but I'm always alone. I don't have it in me to trust people anymore. The months are dragging on and all I do is sleep and work. I'm not exactly getting ahead. I'm just barely breaking even, and I have no prospects to improve things. I work extremely hard, but my boss just promoted the new guy ahead of me because he makes better small talk, in spite of the fact that he's a lazy fuck. People are stupid. I can't take out student loans with my debt which I can't ever pay off, and I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. It's just so... bleak and empty. And I know people like me who are still alone and haven't improved anything by age 50, so don't tell me it gets better.
As much as I hate my parents for what they did to me as a kid, I don't want to bring more suffering into the world. If they found out I killed myself, my mom would probably kill herself as well. She's a lot like me with the depression. I'd rather that not happen. I might just pack my car and drive into Mexico, and do it somewhere down there where no one would ever find my body or care to identify it.
I don't know, I just don't see any way to crawl out of the hole. Hell knows I've been giving it my best shot.
EDIT: So I've about made up my mind that I'm leaving the country. It's the last thing I haven't tried. How do I tell my family that I'm disappearing?
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2011.10.16 07:06 nbass668 To the citizens of the United States of America

In light of your immediate failure to financially manage yourselves and also in recent years your tendency to elect incompetent Presidents of the USA and therefore not able to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately. (You should look up ‘revocation’ in the Oxford English Dictionary.)
Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths, and territories (except Kansas, which she does not fancy).
Your new Prime Minister, David Cameron, will appoint a Governor for America without the need for further elections.
Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire may be circulated sometime next year to determine whether any of you noticed.
To aid in the transition to a British Crown dependency, the following rules are introduced with immediate effect:
God Save the Queen!
PS: Only share this with friends who have a good sense of humour (NOT humor)!
PPS: With a spot of luck, she might also decide to recolonise Africa!
PPPS: We will install the NHS as the single payer Health Provider. All you medical facilities belong to the crown (Look Up Eminent Domain), and all your Doctors, Nurses and others are now state employees.
** PPPPS: There is no tl;dr stop being lazy and read it all **
Credit the source
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Backdated Referrals: UNITED HEALTHCARE Universal Credit: Backdating of claim protection scrapped! Visit to United Health Care CEO Stephen Hemsley's Mansion BadgerCare Plus (Wisconsin Medicaid) Renewals Crushing Atlas: The Takedown of UnitedHealth's Bill McGuire Backdating BadgerCare Plus

UnitedHealth Derivative Settlement 'Largest Ever' The D ...

  1. Backdated Referrals: UNITED HEALTHCARE
  3. Universal Credit: Backdating of claim protection scrapped!
  4. Visit to United Health Care CEO Stephen Hemsley's Mansion
  5. BadgerCare Plus (Wisconsin Medicaid) Renewals
  6. Crushing Atlas: The Takedown of UnitedHealth's Bill McGuire
  7. Backdating BadgerCare Plus

Dominating the Wall Street Journal’s backdated options scandal was its takedown of UnitedHealth Group’s Bill McGuire. Of the 18 stories the Journal submitted to the Pulitzer committee, four ... Join Brynne as she discusses renewing BadgerCare Plus (Medicaid) in Wisconsin. In this video, she talks about what a renewal means, when to renew, what backdating is, and 'grace periods.' The claim date used to be when you first made the application, but this protection has been scrapped. It will mean a lot of people losing out on a lot of backdated pay. ----- CREDIT ROLL ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Visit to United Health Care CEO Stephen Hemsley's Mansion ... Hemsley is also the former CFO for Arthur Anderson and is alleged to have been involved in the backdating of stock options by former ... This video is part of a micro-learning video series addressing United Healthcare backdated referral requests for healthcare call center agents at Centura Heath Connections. Credit: Medical icons ... In this video, we cover the rule for making coverage “retroactive.” There are different rules for children and adults. We share the rule and links to read more.